Australian Beach Sex


Finally the weather is warming up here and it is time for Kip to spend some more time on the beach in his speedo.

So yesterday Kip and I got stuck into some work early, then packed up the car with the usual beach stuff, beer, towels, sunscreen….. but we also packed other stuff like condoms and lube. Before we left I got onto Grindr and updated our profile saying that we’d be at Birdie Beach, from the carpark walk south a couple of kms and we’d be there. If I was on my own I probably wouldn’t give such an open invitation but it was two of us and to be honest I didn’t think anything would come of it at lunch time on a Friday.

So Kip and I drove up to Birdie Beach and it was just perfect.

There were a few cars around and I always find it a little odd because some people are there just surfing, some people are tourists and obviously have no idea it is a nude/swingers hang out and there are other people that might be there for a hookup. Kip and I got our stuff and got down to the beach, we didn’t see anyone that stood out or was checking us out. We started walking down the beach, shirtless but wearing shorts over our speedos. As usual, there wasn’t another soul on the beach.

I think everyone hangs out at the northern end near the headland.

Once we got away from the carpark Kip and I removed our boardies and were both down to our speedos and backpack each. Kip was wearing a black speedo brand speedo and I was wearing my AussieBum Portseas (they have a history of resulting in some pretty hot sessions in the past).

Another 5 minutes or so down the beach, there was nobody in sight and we were starting to look for a place to setup when we saw a guy sun baking just in the dunes overlooking the beach. He was still 50m or so away when we passed him but he was on his stomach reading a book, facing the ocean and wearing a black speedo.

As we passed him we gave him a wave and he waved back.

Now I wanted to find somewhere to camp up real quick. So about 200m down the beach Kip and I setup at the top of the dunes over looking the beach. We were still in sight of the sun baking guy so he knew where we were although he couldn’t see us from his position.

We unpacked, I went for a quick swim, we cracked a beer and started enjoying the sun.

From our spot in the dunes we had just shy of 180 degree view of the beach, we couldn’t see very far in the dunes, there was nothing artemisbet yeni giriş but bush (scrub) behind us and we couldn’t see a single person looking down the beach.

The warm sun was drying me from my swim quickly and Kip was looking pretty good in his speedo.

I reached over and started rubbing the front of Kip’s speedo. Since I still had half a beer left I rubbed the lycra covering Kip’s quickly hardening cock with my right hand and I kept sipping my beer with my left.

Kip was rather nonchalant about it but his cock was telling a different story as it pushed against the waistband of his speedo. We were talking about some random work stuff and I could tell that Kip was starting to struggle to keep his line of thought now that his cock was rock hard.

My beer was finished so it was time to get some cock in my mouth. I got up on my knees and moved around between Kips legs.

I released his cock from the strain of the black lycra of his speedo and it was standing at full mast. We had a long afternoon so I took my time and started by just licking the head of Kip’s cock.

I’m not sure about you guys but I really love sucking cock. I don’t think I’ve ever had a fair dinkum craving, I’m never smoked or drank that much, I enjoy a coffee of a morning but if I run out I can go weeks and not notice it, but sucking cock…. after not sucking cock for a few months, I will start having dreams of sucking cock. Once it is all lathered up I can suck cock for hours too.

Back to Kips cock.

I spent a good 5 minutes or more licking the head of Kips cock and he was enjoying it. This isn’t enough to make him cum and I was enjoying hearing Kips moans. By now I was pretty hard too and since I was on my stomach, on the huge picnic blanket I was grinding my hips against the sand.

Then, between moans Kip said, “Dave, don’t look up or stop…. but we’ve got company.”

I guessed that it was the guy that we waved to about half an hour ago although I couldn’t see him out of my peripheral vision as I worked the head of Kips cock.

By now I thought that the head of Kips penis had enjoyed enough of my attention, I grabbed the shaft of his engorged member, angled it towards his belly button and started working on his balls. I love having my balls played with and both Kip and I are completely shaved which makes sucking balls great. For you guys out there, even artemisbet giriş if you don’t shave the rest of your pubic hair, SHAVE YOUR BALLS!!! The difference is night and day between sporadic hairy balls and nice smooth balls.

While sucking Kips balls I still had my right hand gripped on his cock and I didn’t realise it but subconsciously I must have been slowly jerking him off because all of a sudden I hear….

“Dave, I’m getting really close.”

“Do you want to cum?”

“I wanna cuummmmmmmm.”

Normally I am a swallower, but since I figured we had an audience I wanted Kip to porn star it up and shoot his load and make a mess. I kept my right hand on the base of Kip’s cock and I started intentionally stroking it. I also moved from his nuts up to his shaft with my tongue and licked the backside of his cock. With that single change Kip really started moaning.

Then Kip’s hips rose off the picnic blanket and he started the spasming that we all know so well.

Kip had a good load of cum and his first ‘rope’ reached his belly button. He was definitely enjoying it as well with his heavy breathing. By the time Kip’s cock has stopped pulsing there was cum from his belly button down to the waist line of his black speedos, then it was soaking into the black lycra material between the waist band and here I had pulled his cock out of the leg of his speedos. I tucked him back into his now dirty speedo.

I got up onto my knees after being on my tummy for probably about 15 minutes. I stretched my neck and adjusted the front of my speedos which contained my rock hard cock.

It was then that I noticed the guy…. he was about 10m away to my right, on his knees and stroking the front of his black speedos.

“How are you going? Is it your turn?”

“Great show guys…. but I think it might be your turn Mr. AussieBums.”

Kip broke into the conversation and said that he was going for a swim to clean up, he’d join us in a minute. I was still on my knees and the guy walked towards me. I reached up and touched the black speedo brand speedo on his hip and he got down on his knees opposite me.

It was pretty hot, hot of us face to face, me fully erected straining the front of my AussieBum Portsea’s and this stranger who I didn’t even know his name opposite me, fully erect training the front of his black speedos.

My hand was still on his hip and I was artemisbet güvenilirmi about to go in for a kiss but the strange put his hand on my chest and pushed me gently back. I made myself comfortable right where Kip was 3 minutes earlier and I enjoyed the view – looking down between my legs at the stranger who was just kneeling there enjoying the sight. It felt like ages that he just knelt there looking at the front of my AussieBums. Finally he reached out with the right hand and started rubbing the front of my speedo. His other hand moved to my thigh and he kept rubbing.

I had been hard now for 10, maybe 15 minutes and I was just busting to cum. I reached down and pulled the drawstring which undid it. Those of you who have worn AussieBum’s they aren’t elastic in the waist so once the drawstring was undone, my cock was released.

The stranger took the hint and took my cock in his mouth. He wasn’t interested in going slow like I was with Kip and it wasn’t going to take me 15 minutes to cum at this rate. Instead of being on his tummy like I was with Kip, the stranger was on his knees and I could see that the white drawstring on his speedos was undone and his hand was down the front of his speedo pounding away on his own cock.

As expected, it wasn’t long until I was on the edge. I told the stranger that I was cumming and he backed his mouth off my cock and kept stroking it. My hands were behind my head and it was just at that time that Kip walked back from the surf.

I exploded!!!

While my cock was still pulsing, the stranger, who was on his knees between my legs, with a hand down the front of his speedo was getting close himself. Then he threw his head back and moans escaped his mouth and he came. Although I hadn’t seen his cock yet I could see the cum oozing through the black lycra of his speedo.

Then the stranger got up from his knees and walked back through the dunes the same way he arrived.

Kip sat on the picnic blanket next to me and I pulled my AussieBums up and tied the drawstring. It was time for me to go for a swim in the surf and clean up.

When I came back Kip had settled back in with his laptop and had a fresh beer. Of course I told Kip that what just happened, it is normal at Aussie beaches – hahaha. Just between us though, that has never happened to me before although I’ve watched people and had other people watch me but never join in like that.

Kip and I ended up hanging out for about 3 hours, we went for a few swims, saw like 3 people the entire time just walking past on the on the beach. We did fuck each other before we left, there is something about fucking outdoors that adds just something a little more naughty.

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