Aunt Veronica Ch. 04


Veronica wasn’t about to make him wait until the move to Michigan before they made love. She wanted him badly. Perhaps more so than he wanted her. He was at times an easily manipulated boy. She wasn’t interested in that other than getting him to do things for her for nothing more than a handjob. Even then he came so intensely. At first she thought his infatuation with her was just a taboo fantasy. There was something more, however. He really was turned on by her body. And her face. When he told her that the first time she thought he was just being nice. He never stopped gazing at her in admiration, however.

The boy was also a man. He had courage and determination like no man she had ever met. He wasn’t led by his cock all of the time. They had been working hard with Anna to locate a great practice in Michigan, find an estate, and migrate her practice to other Docs in the community. The care he showed for her patients. It was a maturity boys his age rarely had.

Tonight she would open up to him. No fancy dinner. No teasing or foreplay. Just drag him in her room and fuck him until he had no brains left.

Leo surprised her. When she took him by the hand and led him to her room, he steered her another way. To the helipad.

“The room is part of your past,” he said. “Tonight you start anew. One of the most impressive bahis siteleri things about you I noticed when I first arrived here was that you own and can fly your own helicopter. I haven’t lost that admiration.”

“We will rub ourselves raw on the concrete,” she said. “Don’t think tonight will be a quick thing.”

“Good thing I set us up, then.”

He led her over the edge of the helipad to where he had spread a blanket on the soft grass. Next to it stood a table with candles and wine. He lit the candles.

“How have you not been taken by some young woman in your class at Wake?” she asked.

“They tried a lot, I’m just glad I held out. You are worth it.”

He looked at her and she melted. His eyes said everything. He meant it. This was no infatuation. He loved her. Something she never felt before. She felt her heart open slightly and she peeked out for the first time in her life.

“Don’t bother with the wine,” she said. “I don’t want to dull this moment.” In one deft move she was naked other than a simmering red pair of panties. She dropped them quickly and eagerly lay back on the blanket.

He was almost as deft at removing his clothes. He struggled with his shorts because he had an enormous erection.

“You are harder than I’ve ever seen you,” she said. “You have anticipated this for some time.”

“Either canlı bahis siteleri that, or the helicopter above us has me really turned on.” He smiled. Even after she swatted his dick playfully.

He lightly caressed her thigh. She pulled her hand up and placed it on her pussy lips. She was soaking wet. “Fuck me now,” she cooed.

He fumbled near the table and pulled out a condom. She gently held his hand down. “No,” she said.


“It’s OK.”

“Are you on birth control?”


His eyes got wider. Then he ignited like a Roman Candle. He wanted this woman more than anything he ever wanted in his life.

He tried to enter her gently, but she pulled him in all the way to the hilt. She was tight. There had to be some pain involved in doing that, but then he saw her eyes. As badly as he wanted her, she wanted him. Their eyes made a connection, and it hasn’t broken to this day.

She positioned him and thrust up to meet him with each stroke as he pistoned away. The candlelight bounced off her eyes and hair as they labored in pleasure. He had no urge to cum. Neither did she. She eventually pulled him down and rolled him over his side, never letting him slip out. She was now on top. As she writhed and clutched at her hair and breasts, he did feel a spark shoot up his spine.

She canlı bahis felt the same spark. Clutching at his side she leaned down and started kissing him deeply. He had never felt anything so intense. She was so limber she could rock her hips and still bury him deep inside her. What she was doing with her tongue inside his mouth was driving him insane. She darted her tongue, bit his lips, and even sucked his tongue so deep in her mouth he felt like it was getting a blowjob.

Then she whispered in his ear. “Cum with me.” Her hair had fallen across his face. It smelled fantastic. It smelled of her.

Suddenly her pussy latched onto his cock and started pulling him in tight. She sat straight up and seemed to go into some sort of spasm. He went into the same spasm as he felt his orgasm wash over his body.

And hers.

They became one. Her body and his. She pulled on his cock with every blast, their bodies writhing and working together. He couldn’t close his eyes. She was so beautiful. She didn’t close hers either. As she looked down at him he seemed to enter her.

A more peaceful bliss he couldn’t imagine. All of the pain from the losses in his life – gone. All of the anxiety of being without family – gone. All of the strangeness of being in a house with a beautiful woman he never knew – gone. He kept filling her with his seed. Just as his orgasm started to wane he felt another one coming on.

She looked down at him and smiled. She finally closed her eyes, and squeezed his cock even harder than before.

She was coming again too.

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