Subject: At the Pool in the Park part 6 At The pool in the park and the older men Part 6 Thankyou for reading the story so far and I am sure you are enjoying it and in this the sixth part and there is a little bit of difference, and don’t worry it continues the fun and the exploring and all the things I was learning when I was younger. Please remember that a lot of people write this wonderful stories and as we do get a lot of “pleasure” from the stories, and it takes a lot of space and storage and fees and so any donations heading their way, I know they would appreciate that everybody. And I know that both Dave and James had work things to do and our camping trips, and so around things like school and chores and if I wasn’t at home with nan and grandad and Alex around mine and there are are days when I am around at Alex’s house, we would have dinners and do home work and it’s great being two ten year olds up in a bedroom, as boys and girls doing the same thing a bedroom stays open so that grown ups can hear what’s going on, but with two boys we could do anything we wanted, well basically what ever we had learned so far and it wasn’t like we and access to anything that would give us ideas of what else to do other than what we knew, Which I am not complaining it was great and we were thinking about what we had done and when we would next do it, and plus we could sneak in the odd little bit of fun here and there and there could often be around of kiss attack and being dressed and around Alex during such a round and we had just rolled over and I saw feet under the bed and I said “okay stop tickling you win, we will play the other game” and when Alex had looked puzzled and sat up for a second saw his dad over by the door smiling, and it was great as he thought we actually were tickling each other as he told me on the way out of the room that Alex was very ticklish on his feet, and to which he said “hey dad your supposed to be on my side” and I laughed and he was occupied and so I did tickle his feet and then he was on top of me and I was pinned, and this was a favourite part of our wrestling I could feel his hard cock and he could feel mine as well, When we were doing home work we had the help each other out and receive a kiss deal and that was great (although it doesn’t work on easy things we both knew each other already knew, believe me we tried that with each other lol, and always caught out always told the truth, we had never told each other a lie, and it’s one thing I like about my life now I still have the same policy of honour and not telling any lies at all). And so our time with the books and studying took an hour sometimes two, we were not exactly smart and some subjects we were not good at all, but luckily I’m some subjects and one being maths we could always ask james for help, and he did approve of the kiss reward system, and on Saturday’s grandad and James and Alex and myself would walk down to the leisure centre and go swimming and of course Alex and I are always peeking around and seeing what’s on show and always when James and Alex get changed I get the hard cock and I hear a quiet ‘Boing’ from Alex and I could see James sometimes smiling, sometimes suppressing a laugh over something we do usually when grandad wasn’t looking and anytime we thought we had been caught we try and act inconspicuous and that doesn’t work we just draw extra attention, and other men changing sometimes see us naked and we would get a smile and they would look for a while and used it being naked at Dave’s place there has twice been the occasion when I’d got undressed and started walking off before realising I haven’t got my speedo on and grandad did notice that and I just said I was distracted thinking of other things and I never got told off for it, I hadn’t gone out into pool like it and there’s plenty of men walking around naked to the shower or toilet area and back to the changing areas. Now Alex and I had three sleep overs and we tried them for a Friday and Saturday so we could do home work and have dinner and hang out the first sleep over at Alex’s house and I was very excited and I had brought a sleeping bag and I was going to use that and his mom and dad were great and they liked that I helped out in the kitchen with the washing up afterwards and had said they hoped that would rub off on Alex he does do some chores but not as many as I did, and in the evening we played games either card games or a board game and I’m sure we were led to believe we had one a game of Ludo once and I’m pretty sure his dad had let us win so the game would be over and off up to bed and we were told not to make to much noise and not to stay up all night talking and playing games, little did they know what we wanted to do lol. So upstairs and sleeping bags on the floor and we got changed in to pyjamas and I had to keep them on and I had brushed my teeth and we had a little lamp light and were laying there and just pawing each other’s bodies and when I heard ‘Boing’ and both of us had the hard cocks sticking out the opening in the pyjamas and I never understood that hole it didn’t hide anything, but it did allow a hard cock to escape out of it lol, we had sleeping bags next to each other set up at the foot of the bed, and laid there kissing each other bellies against each other and a hand caressing all up and down and we would hold and slowly stroke each other’s cocks, now I had thought if I did big kisses on his lips stroking his cock at the same time his moans wouldn’t be so loud, and I was very wrong and we heard movement and quickly light out and pretended to be asleep when one of them checked in on us before they went to bed, and as Alex had a bigger sleeping bag I climbed in there with him and we shuffled down the pyjama bottoms to about knee height and we can lay there and arms around each other and we laid there facing each other just holding each other’s cocks and stroking lightly, we didn’t want to get caught and we were happy like that, and that night was the first spooning session and it turns out when I had rolled over my little hot water bottle had shuffled closer and had his arm around my waist and I could the feel the heat of his body and his hard cock and I’m pretty sure he had been drooling in his sleep or licking my shoulder in his sleep. I had heard movement and managed to gently wake up Alex and a morning kiss and said either his mom or dad was up and I had to quickly lay on my sleeping bag and that’s exactly what I did and the next sleepover was in my bedroom and I couldn’t lay two bags on the floor so one of us had the bed and the other the sleeping bag, and of course we were little and could easily fit into my bed and again pyjamas around the knees and again I found myself the small spoon with my little hot water bottle cuddled up against me and I never complained and again when I heard a noise in the morning as nan and grandad really got up early for some reason unknown to me, there’s nothing to do at five/six am at their age lol, and it was easier for to slip out the other side of the bed and headed to the bathroom and I saw grandad and he was up and smiling and when I came out of the bathroom and he ruffled my hair and he asked am I getting up yet for breakfast or going back to bed with Alex, I said back to bed and it wasn’t till much later I realised what grandad said, and he had obviously come in and checked on us during the night, he bursa escort was a stealthy ninja at time, especially when escaping from nan lol, he never made a fuss or said anything at all, and I still don’t know if he had ever told nan at all, or maybe nan had come and seen us and told grandad about it I know grown ups talk like that, Dave and James do it all the time. So the weekend after it was Friday night sleepover at Alex’s house and then I came home after breakfast Saturday morning and catch up with Alex and James at the end of the street with grandad and we all go swimming, and as usual Alex and I get changed slowly and looking up and glancing around and it was then that grandad and James were already done and I had been busy looking around to notice and usually then that grandad would say something and instead he and James had walked over to the area handed over their clothing baskets and got their numbers and Alex and I were still glancing around it was always nice, and I hear the usual “Boing” form Alex and I laughed and pulled my speedo up and watched Alex pull his up and we walked over and gave our baskets to the man and got our bands and followed James and grandad to the pool and they walk over to the side and go down the ladder and Alex and I just jump in from the side best to get used to the cold water quickly lol, and so we did our swimming and underwater swimming and under the water the odd brush or gentle grab or hand down the other’s Speedo’s, now we thought underwater we were quite unnoticeable doing this, how ever if your not in the pool or if you are in the pool and wearing goggles can see underwater, yet this didn’t occur to us, when we were up at the water surface and quietly whispering as we liked to swim under and check out the men in their swimming trunks and speedo and then compare notes over at the side of the pool there are men going up and down lanes just swimming lengths and two of them knew each other and every so many lengths they would stop and I saw one of them nod our way and in case we were rumbled or in trouble we swam over to where James and grandad had been swimming and I had my back to James and brushed that yummy cock with my hand behind my back and we stayed there with them for a while and when we saw the men who had been swimming lengths get out I was looking at them and they had been smiling at me and I thought at least I wasn’t in trouble lol, And as always after swimming and the cold water I needed a wee and me and my shadow got out and we went towards the changing rooms and there were a few men changing and instead of going to the urinal Part we went into the cubicle and closed the door behind us and we had a pee and it was then I noticed some of the writing on the wall and the hole in the wall, we read some of the writing and back then some of it didn’t make sense to us, and it wasn’t the first time I had seen a hole in the wall, I remember them I the park toilets, but at this time we didn’t know what they were for and we had finished having a pee and were just having a couple of nice and long kisses and as we haven’t put the cocks away and them and our bellies rubbing together and I heard a sound and some one had gone into the next cubicle and we just had another kiss and I bent down to pull up my speedo and as I was down there I planted a kiss on his cock, I knew if I sucked or licked it he would be moaning so I didn’t do that there, It was then I had noticed the shadow at the wall hole and I pulled up Alex’s speedo and I whispered in his ear about the hole and we flushed toilet and opened the door quickly washed hands and headed back to the pool, and another half hour of us swimming and it was time to get out and get our things and to dried and dressed and as usual the two of us got changed slowly and they we went and had sweet and drink and walked home and when we got to the park Alex and I were running around and zooming in out of trees and I said goodbye to James and Alex and headed home with grandad and nan liked to hear about the swimming trip of course she always gets the fun parts, where we swam and Alex and had a competition to see whom can hold their breath underwater the longest and I said Alex had one that, and I just then helped around the chores and tidied my room and sorted out things for church next morning and that’s always my smart clothes, and the rest of that Saturday was really boring, as usual up in my room and I lay there on the bed and my thoughts are about Alex and also James and Dave, I hadn’t seen Dave in a little while because of his work, but that didn’t menw I couldn’t lay there on the bed and one hand down my pants and picture all four of us naked, and I was also picturing Alex and the kisses we had earlier on too. Now my Sunday started of boring and of up early and breakfast then getting smartly dressed for church the other way around could end up with breakfast on the clothes and then off to church and the boring service and then the little ones and this includes me and Sunday school around the corner and that seemed to go on for ages and yes I listen and I was really thinking of other things and afterwards it is back home and getting changed and then lunch and after lunch and I had washed up and dried up and put away and then I phoned Alex’s house and his mom said he was already over at the park and so I asked if I could go and play with Alex (of course I mean that in both ways that sounds lol) and I was told yes and said thank you and I shot off down the street to the park. Now bits of this is foggy as I don’t remember a lot and Alex would tell me other bits as well as the lady who liked on the corner of the street she knew nan and grandad and back there we knew each other, and I had run down to the corner and straight out and not seen the car at all I was more focused on the park over the road, the bits I remover where a thunk and screech sound things spinning and being in a lot of pain and then nothing then a bit clear and Alex and he was beside me as were other people and then grandad there with Alex and then not much for a bit and I vaguely remember ambulance and our hospital was only at the top of the hill, I’d say less than a quarter of a mile, and the next thing I remember was hospital and people and being asked questions and then nothing, and then waking up in a bed and a pair of pyjamas kind of half on and I couldn’t move and my left leg up raised and white and my arm also across my chest and white and there was a square white thing around my middle and I looked across and there were nan and grandad sat in a chair and I wasn’t feeling good I was in a lot of pain and I was uncomfortable and in a horrible propped up position and I was having a bit of trouble getting my eyes to be focused and they told me to lay still and grandad disappeared from sight and behind nan I could see curtains and looking around to the best of my ability it was a little painful to move about and grandad a nurse appeared and I realised then that I was in hospital and bits and bobs came back to me and I got very upset and both nan and the nurse were comforting me and asking what I remember and I do remember seeing Alex and also grandad and a lot of nurse and docs and that’s it and they told me that was a good thing. And the nurse asked Nan and Grandad whom Alex was and grandad said that other little boy who had been visiting the past couple of days, and I was a little upset that bursa escort bayan I had been there for days and I was asleep so my brain could get better as it had been swollen and i had needed to rest, but the little lad had been in a few times to visit and I think I was more upset I hadn’t been awake when Alex had visited and being stuck here , and the nurse was telling me I had to relax and get better and she would take care of me then she went on to tell me that I had a broken leg and broken arm and a couple of ribs had been cracked and one broken and I had some big black bruises and she some thigh about a socket and I know it was something eye related and that would explain any blurry vision, and i know she was talking for a while and she took my temperature and looked at me and asked me other questions and I had the single question I wanted to know when I could go home, and the nurse said not for a while sweetie and that I just needed to rest and as you can imagine I was very upset some more. The afternoon went on and I was there in bed and I had to wait for a doctor to check me over before I could even eat and that just me a little more of grumpy little boy, however I knew I was going to be staying a while, did have a few cards to read they were all get well soon, and it was a bit of trouble reading them, and the first one was from James and I opened the second and it was from Alex and I smiled and the next one from nan and grandad and that was huge card and a funny one from Dave and there was one from some teachers and school friends and even one from the church, I was surprised with the amount of cards I had gotten and the ones from school and also the church one, nan and grandad stayed for a while and now I was awake and okay, they were trying to decide which one would stay and I told them they could go and get some, rest and come back later at visiting time, and also please bring me some books or something, grandad smiled and nan was a bit reluctant but the nurse assured her I was in good hands and they eventually got up and gave me a little kiss and told me to be good (like i was going anywhere). Don’t worry it’s not going to be months of chapters of hospital stuff I’m trying to condense it down into another two for you, other wise you might not read more but part of this is very important to me for reasons you will find out. So nan and grandad had left I’m lying there and just left to my thoughts, I was also having some kind of medicine through drips and I’m listening to the machine with the beeps what ever that was for, and every now and then a nurse came over to check things then go back, I could hear other voices outside of the curtains and the nurse did pull open the curtains for a little while, I saw other beds and other kids and some came over and said hi and everybody always asks what happened to you, then they tell me why they are there, and that nurse she came back she had another nurse a plastic bowl of water they have medical things to, the curtains went back up, and he said she was going to clean me up and change dressings they ducked down beside the bed it turns out I had a catheter and she was emptying or changing it I was never sure, they chat medical things then sponge me, and she kept going I wasn’t happy about this and she was saying not to worry she has seen everything before, I said “not mine you haven’t” and she said “yes I have I washed you during the week and I change your dressings too” and so I remember giving up and I still had the one hand I could use to cover my cock which soon got moved as I was washed dried and the pyjama robe thing put back over me and the blankets and sheets were also changed and that was a delicate procedure, but hot that over I got comfy and I had asked the nurses to leave the curtains so I could sleep and I did and it was half three and I heard some one say my name. And there was Alex and Dave and James they had come to visit me and I was so happy that I was crying again and that started Alex off and even Dave and jame had a tear and Alex came over to give me a cuddle however had come in to fast and it was painful and my machines bleeped and a nurse came and asked if I was okay and I said yes Alex had come to give me me a hug and didn’t know I was hurt on my chest and she checked me over and then went out of the curtains, and Alex was apologising and upset and I was still crying a little, a tiny bit bit pain and the rest was just happiness, and i said “you can cuddle me, but please no kiss attack” and we laughed and I found out laughing hurt to, but Alex came over and gently climbed on the left side of the bed and he cuddles up to me and I said “I have missed you” and I looked at Dave and James too “and I have missed you as well, the nurse said you came whilst I was asleep” and I wanted to keep Alex on the bed with me but he was a bit fidgety and uncomfortable and also thirsty and he and James went to a drink and they were going to bring me back a few cans of drink to, and when they were gone Dave sat next to me and he gave me a kiss and he said “you look awful” to which I said thanks with a smile, and he then told me that Alex had been so upset and that he had seen the whole thing and had been there with me until the ambulance arrived and then he and grandad had come to the hospital, where grandad had called his mom and dad and then he called me and we were all here whilst you were in in the operating room, then I was a little scared as I didn’t know what had been operated on (and it had been leg and head, I found out later) and I told Dave I do remember a little bit with Alex and grandad as well. It was then that they came back with the drinks and they all shuffled around on the horrible visiting seats at the hospital and I got some drinks which I had found out I can’t open with one hand lol, James did that and put it on a little table after i had a few sips, and I did get more cuddle time with Alex, with a little help from James he was put on the bed delicately and he was doing a lot of whispering in my ear and before he left that’s the first time I heard Alex say that “he loves me” and of course I’m crying where I am happy and I told him that “I loved him as well” and I had given him a squeeze and he squeezed back and it hurt, but it was worth it a million times over, I was sad when they left and later on nan and grandad came back. And because there had been those complications when I was brought and with my leg and arm and chest they wouldn’t let me leave and I was in seven and half weeks, I did get to know the nice staff there, and at week six I was allowed that catheter out and I was having physiotherapy and I had a crutch and wheel chair and I still had a drip that had to come around with me, so I always had some one to help me to the bathroom at the end of the ward and then back to bed and this is the furthest I traveled until nan and grandad came and I was allowed to be wheeled around the hospital an out in their little hospital garden and James and Alex or Dave and Alex as they came up in pairs and even Alex’s mom and dad came up and we went for a wheel around to the cafe, One thing I hated most about being in these casts is how itchy I would get underneath the cast and I couldn’t reach it and nan had a knitting needle I commandeered one for an itch and then it was took off me but at least I got one lol, The chest and arm casts came off first and the leg was the escort bursa most damaged it had been broken in four parts and when I got that off I scratched a lot lol, and then I got up I had crutches and I was trying to walk with them and I had to have some physio with that and walking too my leg always seemed to be asleep or not moving the way I wanted so I ended up with six months of physio and having the crutches and I do have Alex and James their or nan or grandad, and twice Dave, to encourage me with the physio and the second best thing about this and hospital, was going home my bed and not being woken and checked on by nurses and all those other kids there, don’t get me wrong I’m friendly and I chatted with any of them but they could be noisy as anything. The day I came home and I had my first surprise and that was in my room and it was bunk beds, and I was very surprised, but it was amazing and it was about six days before the end of July and the start of summer holidays and nan said I didn’t have to go back to school and I thought that was great, but I was in bed in my room and propped up and nan brought up some food and they would sit and talk to me and then later on my first day home and Alex had come up the stairs and told me grandad had let him in and he was just as excited as I was with the bunk beds and I said the top one was his and he was up the little ladder and on there and I said no bouncing up and down though lol, he came back down and gave a rectangular parcel and it had a little tag and it said from Dave and James and Alex and I opened it and it was a pair of walkie talkie radios and not cheap ones either they were amazing and one for me and one for Alex and they hadn’t said one was for Alex but I wanted to have one, I got out of bed and we sat on the floor and had taken the pillows off of the bed and just cuddled and I had missed this so much and we still had to be gentle for a while we tried the rolling on the floor with Alex on top and that didn’t work, we had come up with the tap on the shoulder to stop in case I was hurt, And much better was that Alex was staying the night and I got to have a nice proper bath without nurses, although Alex did do the nursing so technically I had one the best kind, and I hadn’t seen him naked in so long and he only had to take off his top and I was all hard and excited in seconds, (well my little cock has had nearly two months rest) of course Alex noticed and grabbed it gently through the clothes and leant in close and said “Boing” and he gave me a lovely long kiss and then he helped me get undressed and we already had the bath run and in those days kids had a bubble bath called ‘matey’ and there was bubbles and I had Alex help me in the bath and we washed and splashed and had bubbles anywhere and the usual bubbles as a beard then bubble fight with hands of bubbles blowing over each other, and I was laying back and Alex turned and he laid back against me and he been worried at first he might hurt my chest and I told him I’d tell him if was painful and with him laying back against my body my hard cock pressed against my belly and that sexy bum of his and then I ran my hands over his sexy body I had missed so much and we laid there for a little while and then we shuffled about a bit so that he can do the same to me and we got out and got dried and he also dried me and I liked this kind of attention and with our towels went to the bedroom and I put my proper pyjamas on, and we both like them with the open hatch at the front that Alex can put his hand through and help himself and we came down stairs for a while and watched some telly and were sat on the sofa together and I had dozed off to sleep my head on Alex’s shoulder, and nan had a little blanket and had threw it over us and I think I had slept about an hour and I was gently woken up and told to come up to bed and I was a little tired and came up with Alex and in my room and I stripped off and climbed into bed and Alex came and joined me, and that was enough to wake me up and we laid there and had kisses and cuddles our hands were exploring each other’s bodies and I so wanted to kiss my way down to his perfect cock and I knew if I got close and all those kisses on his perfect body he would start moaning and be loud to, but I still wanted to so much it was one of the things I looked for to so much when I got home, and I said he would have to try and muffle his moans and I started kissing on his neck and worked my way down his chest to his nipples and he had a moan I heard it muffled and he had a hand over his mouth, it was quieter but not by much, I told him to try both hands lol, and I kisses his belly button and I got to the yummy cock and took it all into my mouth there was a muffled moan I thought if I went quicker it would get the moaning over and then no problems and that seemed to have the opposite effect and louder moans and I was to far into the sucking and licking and he was still able to thrust and my hands one went up across his chest to a nipple and the other between the legs and between the cheeks of that sexy bum and I brushed across the hole there was a faster bit of thrusting and then I felt it the pulse and throbbing and then the thrusting stopped and he laid there and he was radiating heat and all sweaty and I loved that from my little hot water bottle, and I laid there again level with him and he had a reddish glow about him and still slightly breathing heavy and I had leaned in for a lovely long kiss and I told him how much I had missed that and his sexy body and I told him how much I loved him and his body, And Alex had arms around my neck and he told me he loved me to then spread his arms out far apart and said I love you this much, and I know he wanted to kiss me all over and he started on my neck (and I did love that and so much then and still now) and hands down my sides gently and it both caresses and tickles and he knows that as well, and when he made his way down to my cock and he went a different way and had lifted my leg so it was over his shoulder and he was licking a lot on my balls like a lolly and sucking on my cock and then he was sucking my cock and I loved the heat and warmth of his mouth and he took his mouth and using the finger and thumb stroked and gently pulled back the foreskin blew on the tip which was cool then sucked and licked and then blew some more and just sucked so hard I thought it was going to come off but that attention was all I needed and I had my little baby growing and a huge long tingle and it had been a while so it seemed more intense to me and lasted a little longer and I had to tap on Alex’s shoulder to get him to stop, and he came back up and again we were kissing and the long deep kind which were amazing and we again told each other we loved them, and this time I stretched my arms and said this much and we chuckled, and we would sleep facing each other all night long in a cuddles snuggle. And I asked him if he had been over to Dave’s or back to James, he said he had been back to James when they were coming up to visit me, but he said he hadn’t done anything he had talked with them both and he had been upset and they had telling him it was alright and I’d be okay, and they had been talking about staying with them over the holidays when I was all better and they had a bit tent and we going to be putting that up and doing some camping and they said they had other amazing things planned and I was looking forward to that and being all naked with them and I had missed their sexy bodies as much, and I know I had many more things to learn. Coming soon chapter 7 the camping/sleepover experience

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