ashley teaches danny a lesson


ashley teaches danny a lesson’hi step borther’ says ashley ‘look i’m not trying to be rude but i have seen you looking at me when i come out of te shower with just a towel wrapped around me trying to sneak a peak and really i’m not that bothered believe me i have seen your cock through your trousers its hard to hide its huge so how about you show me yours i’ll show you mine ? how does that sound ?”really wow you would really let me see you in the nude ?’ danny says’yes of course but you 1st i’m not going to strip for you then have you bugger off and leave with my naked body in your dirty mind so if you want to see me naked get stripped now let me see your cock”but how do i know you won’t just get an eyeful of me then walk away?”really you think i’m that desperate to see your cock ?’ ashley laughs ‘if you are not interested i’ll just forget about it ‘ashley walks out into the back yard and sits on a chair near the pool’look come on now don’t be hasty i’m willing if you are’ danny says following her out to the pool’so show me then come on get that cock out”what out here no come on lets go back inside”ah buts its really nice out here in the sun and anyway no-one can see over the fence theres no-one around why don’t you take your shirt off 1st”i really don’t know about this’ danny says but he’s thinking about ashleys tits how great they look through her top he really has been trying to sneak a peak for a long time so he takes his shirt off’oh dear you are a fat boy aren’t you lets hope your cock makes up for it so far the show is not worth looking at come on lets see the meat get those pants off’danny pulls down his jeans and stands in front of ashley in just his underwear’oh my god you can’t even see the top of your underwear your fat gut is hanging down over them ‘ ashley laughsdanny picks up his jeans and shirt holds the in front of his belly and starts to walk away tears in his eyes’come back i’m sorry i didn’t mean to upset you come on really i’m sorry ‘ ashley saysdanny stops turns round to face his step sister ‘you were being mean’ he sniffs wiping tears away from his eyes with one hand still holding his jeans and shirt in front of him trying to cover himself’ok i’m sorry i just didn’t realise how fat you are, no sorry i won’t say that again now show me your cock i’ll behave honest’danny puts down his jeans and shirt and stands in front of ashley’take the underwear off let me see the goods ‘ ashley says touching her tits through her shirt ‘you want to see these don’t you ?’danny hooks his thumbs into his underwear and pulls them down ashley gasps ‘wow”what whats wrong’ danny says’oh no nothing i just can’t believe how big that thing is its huge”don’t make fun of me’ danny says grabbing his underwear from the floor and covering himself’oh believe me i’m not making fun of you thats a huge cock you have and its not even hard stroke it for me get it hard”come on i’m not doing that in front of you ”come on a deals a deal you show me your big hard cock and i’ll show you my nice pert body’dannys cock twitches at the thought so blushing he reaches down and starts stroking his cock’pretend i’m not here if you like’ ashley says ‘ close your eyes think about my tits while you get that cock hard’danny closes his eyes while he slowly wanks his güvenilir bahis cock which is expanding rapidlyashley stands up sneaks over to dannys clothes picks them all up walks back indoors ‘keep at it get that cock really hard’ she says as she quietly shuts the door and locks it leaving danny standing in the back yard naked wanking his huge cock locked outside ashley grabs her phone and starts videoing her step brother through the glassas he starts wanking his huge cock faster and faster she knocks on the glassdanny opens his eyes and gasps as he see’s her pointing her phone at him he tries to cover himself up but he really can’t his cock is too big to cover with his hands’i really didn’t think you would get that cock out for me ‘ ashley laughs ‘and no way did i think you would start wanking in front of me”please let me in where are my clothes?”you will have to earn your clothes and earn your way back inside’ ashley laughs’what how what do you mean ‘ danny says crying now tears running down his face’1st you should apologise for trying to sneak a peak at me when i get out of the shower and promise never to do it again , put your hands on your head while you apologise”look i’m really sorry but please give me my clothes and let me in ”hands on your head and apologise stop trying to cover that cock’danny puts his hands on his head ‘i’m sorry it won’t happen again please let me in”your cock is atarting to go limp get it hard again then put your hands on your head and apologise i think it would seem more reel if your cock was hard while you said it’danny starts wanking his cock again until its hard and huge then he puts his hands back on his head’please i’m sorry for trying to look at you when you get out of the shower i promise never to do it again please may i have my clothes and please may i come in and please stop filming me ”apology accepted but we are not done yet not by a long way from now on you will do everything i say when i say it no arguments or you would not believe how many people will see this little video and of course the longer you do as i say the more footage there will be ‘ ashley smiles ‘now start wanking your cock again while i ask you a few questions”uh what questions ?”get wanking and you will see and you had better be honest if i think you are lying to me then i hit send and this little video pops off all over the net and to all my contacts and by the way i copied your contacts from your phone so it will go to all of those as well , start wanking’danny starts wanking his huge cock’ok an easy one 1st i know the answer to this one are you still a virgin ? at 21 years old have you ever fucked a girl ?”no i’m still a virgin but how could you know that ?”i ask the questions not you has any girl even seen your cock hard before except me of course ”no nobody has ”i know because believe me if any girl had seen that cock then they would all be talking about it and i would have heard and i know you are a virgin because that thing would rip a girl in half its bloody huge’danny starts wanking his cock harder’whats the matter getting excited are you ?”yyess’ danny gasps’good keep going but tell me before you cum no sorry ask me if you can cum if you cum without asking i press send , now i think its clear from all the güvenilir bahis siteleri tissues i keep finding round the house you wank a lot do you think of me when you wank that huge cock?”yes’ danny wanks his cock faster’stop wanking hands back on your head”please i’m so close”stop or i press send this is your only warning i will not tell you anything twice ever again next time you don’t do as i say then i hit send to all’danny stops wanking puts his hands on his head ‘am i the only one you think of when you wank that monster cock ?”uh no”who else do you think about ?”uh your mom”i knew it the way you gawp at her ass and tits you dirty cunt well thats for another day but for now you can apologise to me for thinking about me when you wank off”uh i’m really sorry for thinking about you when i wank off ashley”and will you do it again”uh no i won’t”i really don’t believe you but i can’t stop you thinking about me i suppose , you will be saying sorry to my mom as well but not today understood”yes ashley”ok get wanking again wank it hard and fast’danny starts wanking his cock again’faster’ ashley says ‘faster faster faster”pleease may iccum”yes but cum on the glass door as high up as you can and look straight at my phone while you cum then say thank you ashley’danny groans and shoots wad after wad of hot sticky cum all up the patio door his sticky load starts dripping down the glass’thank you ashley’ he says looking straight at her phone’ok now this you probably won’t want to do so be warned i have my finger on send get on your knees and lick all your cum off the glass and swallow it all’ ashley looks straight at danny holds her phone so he can see her finger is on senddanny starts crying again as he gets on his knees and starts licking his cum off the glass ashley bends down pointing the phone at his face ‘open your mouth let me see some of your cum in your mouthdanny opens his mouth theres a little pool of cum on his tongue’swallow that then open your mouth again so i can see its gone’dany shuts his mouth and swallows his cum then opens his now empty mouth’say thank you ashley for letting me eat my cum”thank you ashley for letting me eat my cum”good now clean it all up look some dripped down onto the concrete lick that as well’danny finishes licking all his cum off the glass then off the concrete gagging on the taste of his cum’good now i’m going to let you in now and just in case you try to get my phone off me i should tell you i allready sent this film to my mom’ashley unlocks the door and slides it open letting danny in’was that the 1st time you ate your cum ?”yes and it was disgusting”have you eaten anyone elses cum ?”no i’m not gay of course not”well you haven’t had a girl so for all i know you could be gay’ ashley laughs’well i’m not”well you did just eat cum i suppose that makes you a bit gay’ ashley laughs ‘as for being disgusting whats disgusting is when my mom or i find your dirty little cum filled tissues all over the place and whats really disgusting is when i find one of my bras or any of my panties with dirty little stains on them thats you as well isn’t it ?”yes i’m sorry i won’t do it again”oh i knwo you won’t do it again you won’t feel the urge anymore ”why what do you mean?”i ask the questions iddaa siteleri not you remember ? but i will answer this one you see my mom and i have been talking and we are both going to take turns getting you to wank off while we watch when you cum you will eat it all of it that way no dirty tissues and no dirty bras and panties you will be milking your balls several times a day while we watch ‘ ashley smiles ‘ oh and by the way there is no way you will ever see me naked and if you ever manage to get a date with a girl you will be wanking off several times in the hours leading up to your date so even if any girl wants your huge cock i doubt you will be able to get it up”please i’ll behave please leave me alone please’ danny says with tears running down his face’we have decided that this will continue for at least 1 year so you may as well get used to it you shouldn’t have been such a disgusting step-brother understood?”uh yes”ok good now put your hands on your head i’m going to wank your cock this time just because i never seen 1 that big before let alone touched 1 its a shame you were such a disgusting pervert i really would have shown you my body for a look at this huge cock any girl would ‘danny puts his hands on his head as ashley takes hold of his cock’1st time anyone else touched your cock ?’ ashley laughs as his cock starts to get stiff in her hand ‘i can’t even get my hands around it even using both hands i can’t get all the way round it this thing is huge’ ashley grips it as well as she can and starts wanking his huge cock’and make sure you ask before you cum i don’t want it all over me , you should always ask whoever is watching you before you cum ok?”yes ashley’ashley wanks him harder and harder danny starts breathing heavily ‘ come with me ‘ ashley says still wanking his cock she leads him through to the kitchen leading him by the cock she takes a shot glass off the counter ‘you wank it now i don’t think you should think of me wanking you its too nice so wank it fast i don’t want to waste anymore time on you’ashley lets go of his cock he wraps his hand around it and starts wanking himself ashley rubs her fingers on the end of his cock covering them in his precum then holds them up to his mouth ‘suck your dirty precum off my fingers’he opens his mouth sucks on her fingers’please may i cum ashley’ he says round her fingers’cum in this ‘ ashley hands him the shotglass ‘don’t miss if any goes on the floor you will lick it up’danny gasps as he cums hard into the shotglass dollup after dollup of his hot cum spurts in the glass’don’t forget to say thank you ashley”thank you ashley”good say thank you to whoever lets you cum ok and if they let you eat your cum thank them again now give me that glass’danny hands ashley the glass she holds it up and looks at it ‘hm its only a third full thats not enough i want a full glass before my mom come home if you can produce this much everytine that twice more you need to cum in this glass before she gets home in an hour’ ashley laughs ‘when she gets home i want you to walk up to her naked with your hard cock in front of you and ask her if you can drink this glass full of your cum for her then wank off and eat another fresh load , i will still be here keeping an eye on you of course how soon can you wank it again ?”uh i don’t know half an hour maybe”thats too long lets say 20 minutes from now you can wank off in front of me again then 20 minutes later again then 20 minutes after that get your cock hard so my mom can see this monster’

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