Are You a Virgin?


Helen was the eighteen year old daughter of my next door neighbour. Over the winter and spring she had blossomed and she was gorgeous, black hair, hazel eyes and a bosom that seemed to have doubled in size overnight.

She seemed to have a complete wolf pack trailing after her, but I hadn’t noticed her favouring any specific wolf as of yet, but that would come. Hormones will out, and I’m quite sure she had her fair share. For the time being, however, she was getting a kick of leading the pack around, confident in her ability to jerk on their leashes.

I noticed that on the hotter days she was wearing skimpy bikinis and working on her tan, and it seemed to me that if those bikinis became any skimpier they’d vanish entirely.

I was working in the garden on a Saturday afternoon on one of those nice hot days when I heard a yelp from next door. Looking over the fence I saw that Helen had tripped somehow, and was now tangled in the deckchair.

Somehow she’d managed to get her arm pinched in it and she couldn’t get loose because every time she tried to get up the chair clamped down hard on her arm, pinching it.

I asked if she wanted a hand, and then went around to lend her that hand. It was a simple rescue. All I needed to do was pick her up and the tangled chair let go her arm. No big deal, but she had got a nasty scratch on her back.

I suggested that it would be wise for her to put some antiseptic on it, and she pointed out that her parents were out for the afternoon and she couldn’t reach it. Would I be so kind as to oblige.

Would I rub my lecherous hands over a nubile young body? I believe I would.

We went into her kitchen and she grabbed the antiseptic and I smoothed it over the scratch. Not deep enough for a bandaid I told her.

Helen thanked me and offered me coffee since I was here. I said thanks and sat and she busied herself making it. After Helen had run around the kitchen for a few moments I spoke up.

“Helen,” I said, “you’re a very attractive young woman and that bikini is a terrible distraction to me. Do you think you could do something about it?”

She giggled, and nodded. “OK,” she said. “I’ll just grab my beach robe.”

Before she could leave to grab it I interrupted.

“I was thinking more in the way of taking the damn thing off. It spoils my view.”

“Oh, yes,” she said. “I’ll just do that little thing. You’d probably faint from shock and run.”

“Try me,” I offered, and she giggled. Hitching her hands in the sides of the bikini bottom, she pulled them down a little further, pretending that she was going to remove it, but stopping just before the edge of her slit appeared. Then she backed off with a laugh.

“Close,” I said, “but no jackpot. Come here a moment.”

She stepped over to where I was sitting, and I reached up and grasped her bathers at the waist. Then I started peeling them down. She waited until the last possible moment to preserve her modesty and then grabbed at the bathers while taking a step backwards.

Too slow, because as soon as I saw her arms twitch I suddenly pulled then bathers down a lot faster. By the time her hands reached her waist, the bathers were at her knees and descending.

Helen frantically crossed her hand in front of herself, trying to hide behind them. I let go the bathers and took hold of her wrists, and moved her arms together and up slightly, so they wouldn’t impede my view.

I took a long admiring look, and she could see that I was appreciating the view as her reproval wasn’t really harsh and I could hear the edge of excitement in her voice.

Keeping hold of her wrists with one hand, I reached out with the other and traced the line of her leg from the knee, moving up. Along the inside of her leg, where the flesh was very sensitive. My hand trailed along her inner thigh then gently brushed her pussy.

“You know,” I said, “you have exquisite lines here. Your legs are shapely and your pussy is a harmonic wave, just begging to be stroked. Look at the way these curves flow.”

With the comment, I was letting my fingers flow along her sensitive curves, and I could feel her labia swelling slightly at my touch.

I let her go, withdrawing my hands, leaving her standing there with her bathers around her ankles, unsure what she should be doing.

“Step out of them,” I said quietly, indicating her ankles, and she did so, almost in a dream.

“Turn around,” I continued, and again she obeyed, slowly turning until she was facing away from me. I reached out and ran my fingers lightly up the back of her leg, again moving along the inner thigh and trailing upward, brushing her pussy again as I moved. This time I didn’t stop but continued up to her top and calmly undid the clip, letting the top swing free.

Placing one hand on her hip, I tugged gently, and Helen turned back to face me, her face scarlet. I reached up and lifted her top away from her breasts, but I was watching her, not her breasts. She was looking back at me, and knew what I was asking. tandoğan escort She reached up and lifted the bra off, standing nude before me.

My eyes dropped to her breasts, large and shapely with two white triangles in the centre of them, tan lines that emphasised the natural white of her breasts and the large pink nipples in the centre of each triangle.

I reached up and gently rubbed my palm across her nipples, refraining from clutching and squeezing her breasts.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked her. Helen flushed, not sure if she should answer that question or not, and I waved it away. “No matter,” I continued. “You won’t be one after I’ve finished. As much as I hate to leave, I have things that I must get done. Come around tomorrow morning and we’ll pick up from here.”

“You expect me to come to your place tomorrow so you can seduce me?” Helen demanded, sounding as if she thought I was mad, or that I thought she was. “I’m not doing that. I can’t even believe that I let you take my bikini off.”

I stood with a smile. “That was fun. You’ve got a gorgeous body and I can’t wait to take advantage of you.” I dropped a quick kiss on her lips and left.

My estimation was that I had a sixty percent chance that Helen would come around the next day. Reluctantly, but she was curious. I was probably the first male to ever see her naked as a woman, and I had showed an adult appreciation of her figure without blatantly grabbing. The whole thing had excited her and I thought she’d be back for more.

I kept one eye out the window next morning, and about ten thirty I saw George and Carole drive away. Fifteen minutes later Helen knocked lightly on my door, probably hoping I wouldn’t hear. I opened the door, and let her in.

She started apologising almost as soon as she was inside. “I’m sorry, Mr. Williams, but I only came over top tell you that I haven’t changed my mind. I’m not sure why I let you look at me yesterday…” She faltered and stopped. “What are you doing,” she asked, sounding somewhat nervous.

What I had been doing was undoing the button and zip on her shorts. Her very short shorts. Now what I was doing was easing them over her bottom and down her legs.

“I’m taking of your shorts,” I told her, crouching slightly to run them down to her ankles. A tap on the ankle and she automatically lifted her foot to let me take them off.

“But,” Helen protested, “I said no. I’m not going to let you do what you said.”

“Make love to you, you mean,” I asked politely. “Of course you are. It’s the only reason you came over. Lift your arms,” I added, and very efficiently peeled her t-shirt of when she obliged.

Helen seemed somewhat startled to find she was now only dressed in her panties and bra. A matching set I noticed. Lacy, low cut and designed to be shown to the male of the species.

“No, seriously,” Helen protested. “I mean it. Give me back my things.”

“I know you mean it, Helen,” I told her, “and I can appreciate that. However, I told you to come over and we’d pick up from where we off. There’s no compulsion for you to go any further than that, but you can have a little more fun without committing yourself. To show I can keep my hands off you, I’ll even stand back and let you take of your bra and panties.”

“But I didn’t mean to take anything off,” Helen almost wailed. “Why do I have to finish getting undressed?”

“Because you’re lovely to look at and I want to see you again,” I said, as though it were only reasonable. “Slide your panties down first.”

Helen looked helplessly at me for a moment and then hooked her thumbs into her panties and took them slowly down. Then she automatically reached around and undid her bra, leaning forward slightly to let it slip off her arms.

Scarlet of face, she looked at the floor. “OK, I’ve done what you wanted,” she said in a quiet voice. “Can I go now?”

I repeated my little trick from the day before. My fingers touched lightly at her knee and then trailed up her inner thigh, brushing across her mound. Helen gasped but didn’t try to move away from my touch, standing there feeling my hand resting lightly on her pussy.

My other hand reached out and gently cupped one of those lovely globes she possessed, the thumb reaching up to roll her nipple around. I could feel her breast swelling and see the nipple tightening under my touch. I could also hear Helen starting to breathe a little harder.

“Repeating my question from yesterday, are you a virgin?” I asked. “And don’t tell me no because I’m prepared to swear blind that you are.”

Helen nodded, “And I’m going to stay that way for a while yet,” she told me defiantly.

I laughed. “Indeed you are, until I lie you down and take you,” I told her, “which won’t take place for several minutes yet.”

Helen flushed at that. “It’s not going to take place at all,” she told me.

I sighed. “Sorry, Helen, but it is. It’s the reason you came over here this morning and it would be wrong to let you go tunalı escort back untouched after you worked up the courage to come in the first place.”

“That’s not what I came for,” Helen protested, “and even if I did I’d be allowed to change my mind. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m leaving.”

“No.” A short simple answer seemed best at this point.

Helen glared at me. “What do you mean, no?”

“No, I won’t excuse you and no, you’re not leaving,” I told her smiling. “Come on, we’ll go through to the bedroom. Even if you chicken out at the last moment, you’ll get a taste of what I believe they call heavy petting which will help you in the future.”

I placed a hand on her back and guided her towards the bedroom. She grumbled and complained every step of the way, but didn’t actually resist.

Once in the bedroom I steered her onto the bed, then stripped, watched by nervous but curious eyes. I saw her swallow when she realised just how ready I was for her, and her eyes kept returning to look at me.

“Relax, Helen,” I said, keeping my voice soft and soothing. “You’re starting to worry that I might force you, aren’t you?”

At her reluctant nod, I smiled at her. “Don’t panic,” I said, “But I’m going to show you a little trick.”

Before Helen realised what I was doing I had grabbed her ankles and lifted them up and to either side of her. I was between her thighs with my erection pressing lightly against her pussy. Despite my telling her not to panic, I could see she was about to, so I moved away from her and let her legs drop back onto the bed.

“You see?” I said. “If I had wanted to, I could have. Would you have been able to stop me entering your pussy right then if I’d wanted to?”

Helen shook her head, still nervous and probably wondering if she should scream and bolt.

“Just think of it. Think of what you’d be feeling now if my cock was sliding into you pussy and filling you up.” I told her. “Would you have felt helpless beneath me?”

At her cautious nod, I added.

“Are you wondering what it would have been like to feel my cock making its way into you? Knowing that it was your master and it could pleasure you at its will?”

Her faced was blushing again, but I could see she was wondering what would it have been like to have my erection pushing its way into her, ignoring her wishes. I hadn’t really touched her yet and she was getting excited, wondering what lay ahead.

Now I lay down next to her. Taking my hand I eased it across until it was lying on my erection. She was rather tentative, but then her hand closed upon me and she help me firmly.

“Have you ever touched one of these before?” I asked, and saw from the hesitation before she shook her head that she was lying. I reached up and tapped her nose.

“This will grow if you tell me any fibs, Pinocchio,” I told her, and her face went scarlet. It was unusual for a dark haired girl to blush so easily, but she managed it.

“So how much experience with them have you had?” I teased her.

“Every boy I date seems to want to whip it out so that I can play with it,” she grumbled. “I usually say no, but I have given a couple of hand jobs.”

“I’m willing to have you play with mine,” I offered humbly, “because I definitely intend to play with yours.”

She giggled at that, settling down into a routine that was at least partly familiar. Play with the boys cock while he plays with her breasts and tries to go lower. She had experience at fending off the lower probes.

One thing Helen had overlooked was that it was one thing to fend off a probing hand when you’re fully dressed. It was another thing entirely when your pussy was bare and lying right there in front of him.

Helen’s legs were still fairly widely spread, courtesy of my earlier little scare tactic. This meant that I was able to reach out and firmly cup her pussy before she even realised it was under assault. The hand that was holding me gave me a painful squeeze when my hand first touched her, and then relaxed back into the gentle exploration it was doing.

I started my own exploration, rubbing and kneading, stroking and easing her lips apart. Then I switched to her breasts for a while, and could feel Helen relaxing as the more familiar touches started. Assuming that at least one boy would have managed to nibble on her boobs, I bent over and did the same. Helen gasped when I started sucking gently on her breasts, and her delight at the familiar made her temporarily overlook the fact that my hand had gone back downstairs.

Soon my busy little fingers were dipping between her lips, stroking and probing. Wandering up to the start of her vaginal passage I quickly encountered her hymen. I pressed lightly against it, earning her sudden attention.

“That’s my cherry you’re pressing against, isn’t it?” she said nervously.

“It is,” I said cheerfully. “Would you like me to pop it with a bit of finger pressure? It’ll make it easier when you eventually yield to a man’s turangüneş escort erection.” Mine, and very shortly the way it currently felt.

“Wouldn’t that spoil it for the man who takes me,” she asked, not sure what to do.

“Not really. All it tells him is that no cock has passed this way before, and you can do that verbally.”

Helen blushed again, but decided no. She’d wait until a cock came along. It would seem more natural, she thought.

I could feel that Helen was nice and moist. Her excitement was building and I was about to help that along a bit more. My hand moved around her pussy, the fingers inside her slit trailing along. Soon I was touching her clitoris, and my finger started to flick out a little tune upon it.

Helen almost went through the roof. She’d never let a male get this far before and was totally unprepared for the sensitivity of her clitoris. She literally screamed at the suddenness of the sensations, gasping in shock afterwards.

She started to ask me what I’d done when I showed her, agitating her clitoris again and getting another shocked scream.

“What are you doing,” she wailed at me.

“Just preparing you for what’s coming,” I said blandly, letting her see I was laughing at her.

She was breathing hard now, her whole body throbbing and writhing slightly, knowing she wanted something but not knowing enough to be able to say what.

“What do you mean? What’s coming?” she asked, anticipation, longing and a touch of fear intermingling in her voice.

“I am,” I said. “I’m about to take you now. Do you want me to just spread your legs and take you while you lie there, or do you want me to lift your legs high so that you’re helpless beneath me?”

She faltered at that. “I thought you wouldn’t do it if I said no,” she whispered.

“I wouldn’t,” I said, “but you’re not going to say no. You’re going to say make me helpless or take me now.”

She was looking at me, wondering if she could say no and if she did would I listen. While she was trying to think my hands were continuing to play with her pussy, but the action had changed. Now I was moving her lips further apart, stretching them to allow me room. Before she could say aye, nay or maybe, my cock was easing past her lips and pressing home.

Helen gave a squeal as she realised that she’d left her final decision too late and was now well on the way to being taken. She gave another squeal as she felt my cock now butting against her hymen, finding it a lot larger than my finger.

She wriggled against me, trying to get comfortable as I increased the pressure, then she gave another scream as her hymen yielded and my cock moved triumphantly into her.

Helen lay under as I paused, letting her get used to my cock inside her. She was breathing hard and twisting slightly, finding the position that she felt most comfortable with.

Gasping slightly, she looked up at. “You tricked me,” she complained.

“Nonsense,” I told her. “I said right from the start I was going to take you. You may have tricked yourself, but that’s your own fault.”

She glared at me, and then she laughed. “OK. I suppose I knew when I came over that it would end up like this, but I came anyway. I was mainly worried that you might just rape me.”

“I’ll do that another time,” I assured her, ignoring her indignant snort. “Do you know what happens now?”

She nodded. “I’m not totally ignorant. You move inside me until you come.”

I nodded. “Yes, you are totally ignorant. I will move inside you, yes, but you will also move. You won’t lie there like a log, but when I do this,” I gave a gentle push, “you should use your hips to meet me, and when I do this,” I slowly started to withdraw, “you can let me go or you can hang on and get a better friction inside you.”

I continued to withdraw until I was almost out of her, and then I drove rapidly back down. Helen squealed, giving a frantic little jerk of her hips as I crashed into her. She swore at me as I laughed at her, protesting she hadn’t been ready.

Then I was slowly withdrawing again, paused and thrust, and this time Helen laughed triumphantly, pushing up to meet me.

Soon we were moving like old hands, anticipating and matching our movements. All my playing with her, especially the teasing of her clitoris, meant that Helen had a head start when it came to reaching an orgasm. Very soon she was gasping and giving little screams as her climax built around her, and then she was writhing and giving a louder scream as her first orgasm hit her.

Happy that her immediate need had been attended to, I started concentrating on my own needs, slowly increasing the speed of my thrusting, building up to a nice orgasm of my own. I wasn’t too surprised to note that Helen was coming quite quickly to a second climax. Women are lucky that way.

Very shortly I started those short sharp strokes that let me climax, spilling my seed. The warm liquid splashing forcefully within her was all that Helen needed to succumb to her second climax, which she did, just as noisily as her first.

We both settled back onto the bed, recuperating, when Helen suddenly said, “Shouldn’t you have used a condom?”

I sat up. “Hell. I have some right there on the bedside table, but forgot them. All I could think about was you.”

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