Aquata Cove Ch. 68


Chapter 68: Hitting It Hard

A string of subtle, slightly spooky, melancholy techno music trickles along the air of the nightclub, before intensifying to a sound that sends cold noise into one’s senses. The stage lights up with background set in large, illuminated curtains, with backlights of dusk yellow.

Adam stands there, with his arms crossed over his chest as his head is tilted down, his eyes closed, wearing black, finely feathered garments that thicken around his wrists and ankles. His face is decorated in gold glitter make-up, along with the topside of his fingers.

Two shirtless men are right behind his back, both of them have heavily costumed arms — for the left and right respectively, the men have extended, claw-like arms, while their other arms are draped and tied with glittering silver, grey, and black wings, both stationed on either side of Adam as his right and left.

When the drums start to rage on, Adam slowly opens his eyes.

“~Ever since I could remember~” He puts his hands onto his chest area, “~Everything inside of me ~Just wanted to fit in~” He expresses longing and desperation as the music pronounces the (Ohh, ohh ohhhoh).

“~I was never one for pretenders~” He shakes his head as the men’s long, sinister arms and hands reach up as the wings spread, “~Everything I tried to be ~Just wouldn’t settle in~” The bird-like wings droop sadly. (Ohh, ohh ohhhoh)

“~If I told you what I was~” The right claw points out to the audience, as Adam’s own arm reaches out to point, “~Would you turn your back on me?~” Adam places his hand onto his chest, and so the left claw gracefully holds onto Adam’s torso, before they move back to normal “~And if I seem dangerous ~Would you be scaaarred?~” The wings quiver, “~I get the feeling just because~” Adam crouches a little, and reaches forward, and so both arms reach lengthily forward, “~Everything I touch isn’t dark enough~” He stands back up, and holds both hands together as he pleads to the ceiling, as the clawed arms strain and hold in an upper acute angle “~That this problem lies in meeeeee~!”

Adam takes a dramatic swoop down, and whips out a lighter that gives a free-burning fireball, “~I’m only a man with a candle to guide me~” The claws circulate the flame, as if a beast is holding a will-o-the-wisp in a cage-like grasp as the wings flap; both dancers keeping up with Adam perfectly.

“~I’m taking a stand to escape what’s inside meeee~” The wings flap dramatically as Adam waltz around in one spot, “~A monster, a monster~” The claws’ long fingers grab Adam around his legs and upper body as he holds both shoulders while the wings flap frantically, “~I’ve turned into a monster ~A monster, a monster~” Adam squirms in the thin branches of the claws, “~And it keeps getting stronger~”

The claws release him and hold outward, still, while the wings calm down, “~Can I clear my conscience ~If I’m different from the rest~?” He asks in song as he takes a few steps away from the dancers, “~Do I have to run and hide?~” The large claws reach out, and cover over his forearms. (Ohh, ohh, ohhhoh)

Adam switched the flaming lighter on again, allowing the sizeable fireball to whip and billow about “~I never said that I want this ~This burden came to me~” He turns it off and presses it to his chest, “~And it’s made it’s home insiiide~ (Ohh, ohh, ohhhoh)

“~If I told you what I was ~Would you turn your back on me?~” Adam strolls around the stage, with the long arms and wings following him, and moving accordingly, “~And if I seem dangerous ~Would you be scared?~” Adam turns his back to the audience, with the wings switching places to show the dark side of them, “~I get the feeling just because ~Everything I touch isn’t dark enough~” Adam reaches up with his hands open and stretched, “~That this problem lies in meeee~”

Adam moves swift and strongly, with the fire blazing from the lighter “~I’m only a man with a candle to guide me~” He tries to run, but the claws take both arms, and he holds them back as he holds his head back, “~I’m taking a stand to escape what’s inside me~” The wings flap and envelop him, while the dancers that they’re attached to dance in circles around him, “~A monster, a monster ~I’ve turned into a monster~” His head writhes as he thrashes, “~A monster, a monster ~And it keeps getting stronger~!”

The claws slam down onto the stage, while the wings flap harder than before, while Adam stands free between them, “~I’m only a man with a candle to guide me ~I’m taking a stand to escape what’s inside me~” The dancers switch places, and show the wings’ other side — white with silver glitter,

“~A monster, a monster, I am not a monster~” Adam sings out, “~A monster, a monster ~And I will keep getting stronger!~”

The club explodes in cheers and applause. Adam holds his hands up and takes a bow. The two dancers bow too, holding the white-side wings up as they stand beside Adam, smiling as the curtains close in front of them.


Adam rolls his head and clears his throat 1xbet yeni giriş after turning off the microphone on his ear. He huffs as he takes off the hot feather costume jacket, “That was awesome, guys, nice work.”

“Yeah,” Comes a haunting, female voice, “Probably because they’re the only ones actually doing any work.”

“Well well well,” Adam turns to his mortal frienemy: Chloe. Dressed for the next act, as a warrior-princess with a fancy buckler and a dazzling sword that matches her stylish tiara, in a tasteful top and skirt, with her natural hair color a mixture of dark brown and yellow at over two-feet long “If it isn’t the White Bitch, here to bring an eternal winter upon Narnia. What’s wrong, honey, flying monkeys go on strike or something?”

“Yeah, look, I don’t have time to pretend that you actually matter,” She commented, “But might I say that is a nice outfit,” Chloe said, “I guess it helps to recycle your garbage, doesn’t it? You could almost think that that’s actual fabric. Let alone how you can fit your fatass into anything other than a mumu.”

“Ooohhh! Ouch,” Adam clutches the left side of his chest, “That burns, sweetie. It really does. Almost as much as your little condition you have between your thighs.” Chloe gives a growing look of mock-shock.

“Are you suggesting that I have gonorrhea, ya damn, dirty ape?”

“I’m suggesting you release Rajani from the fiery clutches of your snatch. Please, while the girl still has some soul left.”

“Oh fuck you, asswipe!” Chloe viciously spits as Adam walks nearer to her, about to go down the hall.

“Bite me, demon.” Adam retorts as he started to stride away.

“Oh waitwaitwaitwait!” Chloe turns around, and gets something out of her pocket, “Almost forgot, here,” She tosses a small object over to Adam, who catches it perfectly, “Got the chapstick. Strawberry.”

“Ooh, yummy, thank you,” Adam replies in a light, bemused tone that is in direct contrast to the scathing conversation they had just exchanged while he opens the pack as he walks off.

Another one of the performers stares at the door, and then at Chloe. She gives him a rather acid glare while putting her hands on her hips, “So what the hell are YOU looking at?” She hisses like an evil cat.

“So what is the deal with you two?” The dancer asked. Chloe didn’t answer, but just narrows her eyes VERY subtly, “You guys just… Uh…” Little by little, the wicked leer of Chloe penetrates his Train of Thought, “You fight all the time, it’s uh…” Chloe starts to walk very slowly towards him, “Kinda… You know, not very… I-I mean, you guys work with each other, I-I’m just not sure you should be… U-U-Unprofessional?”

Chloe just keeps carving his mentality with her sharp eyes, chipping away at what little courage the poor guy had before he even dared to pry into her business. The more she stared, the fiercer she seems, not once even blinking.

She made a sudden jerk with her head and shoulders, and actually made him flinch from nothing. After a pause, she relented from her gaze of death, “Yeah, that’s what I thought, pansy. Now shut up and put on your cape. We’re on in 5.” The performer scampered away from her, just as she turned around to face the curtain, and adjusting her warrior gloves.

“Hah…” She talks lowly in a lazy, drawling tone, “New guys are so funny…” The ‘Knight’ she is dancing with comes next to her, snickering. They look at another performer by the small table of refreshments, who also happens to be a week fresh on the job, and Chloe pats at the knight, “Watch this…

“HEY!” She shouted, jerking the attention of the green horn, “What do you think you’re doing?! You’re not even in this number- Who said you could eat that?!”

“Wh-What, I was just-“

“You put that goddamn shrimp down before I rearrange your face!” She yells, forcing a spark of panic from the young man.

“I’m sorry, ok?! Here, I’m sorry!” He deplates the shrimp right away.

“Don’t just put it BACK on the platter, dumbass! You already bit it!” She yells, “Oh my GOD, am I going to have to kill you too?! No, you know what, c’mere, C’MERE!” She takes a few steps, and the performer runs off. Chloe smiles as she adjusted the small shield on her arm, “I don’t even like shrimp.” She said.

“Pffff, hahahhah!” The knight laughs, “You are a stone-cold bitch.”

“Wanna know the most disturbing part?” Chloe said, “I’m actually in a really good mood right now.” She gives a deceptively girlish smile.


“Urrfff,” Adam moans in his small dressing room, right after wiping the sparkling gold make-up off his face. “What a day…” He tosses the crow-feather jacket aside on a cushion, and pulls on a soft white T-Shirt. That was the last song of the night, and he is wiped out. He takes a moment to take a deep breath while putting his fingers through his hair, and exhaling a voice of exhaustion.


Adam stops mid-moan, and droops with an aggravated sigh. Here comes Jessica, probably. Here 1xbet giriş to gush over another night of song and dance.

Preparing a short-answer dismissal, Adam turns around, and opens the door.

His eyes open up brightly as he sees him. Standing there, an arm leaning on the frame with his other hand in his pocket, grinning that playful smile as the light gleams beautifully on his blonde hair. “Hoh my God-” Not even two seconds passby before the two men hug tightly. Adam binds his strong arms around Merrick’s shoulder as he holds his arms around his torso.

The two hold each other, rocking slightly, just wasting second by second, holding each other, so warm, so tight. Adam loosens up a little, and kisses Merrick’s cheek, for a brief second. “I missed you.” He whispered.

“Me too.” Merrick muttered. Normally, this would be the part where his eyes would begin to water. But not anymore. The delicate balance inside him has finally stabilized. Thanks to today, before coming home…

Jerry walks down the hall, nearing Adam’s dressing room. One of Chloe’s back-up dancers backed out at the last second, so he’s hoping Adam can fill in for him. He looks up, and stops walking, seeing a blonde young man holding tightly to Adam, clinging each other closely. The nightclub owner smiles as he takes a step backwards as a hand rubs on the back of the light, golden head.

He also hears the rustling of mylar wrap, quirking his head to see Adam’s biggest fan striding forward, Jessica, with a big bunch of flowers. He turns around and holds out his arms, “I’m sorry, ma’am, authorized personnel only.”

“No, wait!” Jessica shoved a little, “I just need to see Adam real quick!”

“He is currently indisposed at this time. Move along, please.” He gently moves her back.

“I’ll only be a second, I promise!”



Merrick comes in, and Adam closes the door, placing his hands upon the door as Merrick’s back presses against it. Adam nuzzles Merrick softly on his cheek as he kisses him tenderly. Merrick giggles as he rubs and feels Adam’s sides, stroking along his back and putting his hands into Adam’s tight pockets.

Adam breathes a hot sigh over Merrick’s neck as they press together, while Merrick pushes his lips onto Adam’s lower jaw. Adam rolls his eyes up as Merrick’s smell covers himself completely.

Oh God, he’s wearing that cologne. Merrick laces himself with a very exotic scent that only compliments his handsome features, and gives Adam a dose of manly charm that pulls him closer.

“Mmnnnhh…” Adam groans as Merrick’s hands slip into the backside of Adam’s pants. Adam kisses Merrick’s cheek, before softly tracing his lips half an inch over, and kissed him again, and a third time with a low, beautiful kiss. Adam feels a weakening wave sap inside him when he kisses Merrick’s lips.

Adam feels a stern pound in his penis as Merrick’s hands grope Adam’s bottom, feeling his meaty rear over his underpants. The merman smoothly undulates his hips to grind against Adam’s lap.

Adam groans as he rolls his head from shoulder to shoulder. His heart pounds as Merrick’s warm breath fog over his cheek, and he deftly licks along the front side of Adam’s ear.

“Please don’t do this, babe…” Adam mutters, “You know what this does to me…”

“Well…” Merrick adjusts his hands, and push down into Adam’s hidden shorts, “Why do you think I’m doing it?” He says as his hands push and feel Adam’s warm, soft buns.

“Merrick…” Adam whispers as he pants become uncomfortable, “I can’t stop…” His pecs inflate in the stretchy, soft white shirt, outlining his hard nipples as he trembles with sheer desire, before lowering down “Please don’t do this…” He begs weakly, not truly meaning it.

“No…” Merrick answers as he gives a very shallow bite on Adam’s lower lip, while still digging his hand into Adam’s ass.

“It’s gonna happen…” He whispers. He can feel Merrick’s arms behind him, rubbing him, his pants moving down, and Merrick giving Adam’s rump the open air, “You’re doing this to me…” Adam puts a hand onto Merrick’s stomach, tucking his hand under his shirt, and feeling his soft skin, “It’s coming, and I don’t thing I can stop it…”

“I don’t want you to stop it.” Merrick whispered as he gently rubs Adam’s left exposed buttcheek, “I want you to be with me… I want you to be naked and free, like when we went to that nude beach… I want you to love me all night…”

“Ahhhlll…” Adam huffed as he rubs his cheek with Merrick’s, smiling as he kisses his ear, “I will, Merrick…” He whispers, “I will.”

Adam kisses along Merrick’s neck, and smooches him gently down to the collar of Merrick’s shirt, tasting just a peek of his chest. Adam grunts silently as he kneels down on his knees, and move the hem of Merrick’s shirt up, before nuzzling onto that very soft tummy.

Merrick smiles and suppresses a giggle as Adam quietly smells his flawless flesh, and exhales as Adam kisses below his belly button. He rubs his moist lips 1xbet güvenilirmi against Merrick’s naval as his fingers dig into the waist of his pants, as well as his shorts. Adam’s heart pounds as he slowly pulls down the garment, slowly down the soft, bare plane, before the neck of the member can be seen.

Adam pulls down those pants, until Merrick’s soft meat is revealed, wobbling oh so gently from the motion, over his full, beautiful testicles. It hangs there, 3 inches soft, before Adam’s breath washes over it, and he gently gives that penis a tasting lick. Adam caresses Merrick’s manhood with his tongue, before taking it into his hot, wet mouth.

He closes his eyes as he savored and nursed on Merrick’s tender dick, like a perfect, pink marshmallow. He loves the feeling and taste of a soft, flaccid penis inside his mouth, massaging with his tongue and pallet, slowly making it grow and harden. He twirls his head as he pushes his face into Merrick’s lap, and pull on it with his lips to stretch it slightly with his mouth before going back down and licking the underside of that meat.

Merrick closes his eyes as he tilts his head back, huffing deeply as his lover sucks on his inflating meat. His cheeks feel a keen tingling as Adam squelches around his dick, popping it out of his mouth to rub it with his hand, before gluing his mouth back down upon it.


For God knows how long later, Adam and Merrick hold hands as they walk towards the front door of the house, smiling at each other and giggling.

Arnaav opens his mouth to say something, but stopped after seeing the two of them. He looks at Merrick’s hand, laced with that of Adam’s as they tread away. He pouts and purrs sadly as he sees the happiness in Merrick’s eyes as he looks at the human.

Yuri walks by with her phone in her hand, but pauses as she looks at the boy. He’s just standing there, feeling his arm while Adam and Merrick enter the house. “Hey, what’s wrong?” She asks. Arnaav looks up, and then down. “Heeey,” She crouches down next to him, “Come on, what’s the matter?”

“… I know what’s happening…” Arnaav answered, “They’re mates, and… They wanna be alone…” He keeps his eyes cast down, “I wanted to be here so I wouldn’t have to be alone in the pod, without Merrick… But Merrick is going to want to be with HIM all the time… I shouldn’t have come…”

“Hey hey, don’t say that,” Yuri said softly as she rubbed his back, “Arnaav, right?” She asked. He nodded as he sniffled, “Merrick’s told me all about you. He’s really fond of you. It’s just that… Yes, they’re boyfriends, and they haven’t seen each other in a long time, so they’re going to want to be together for a while.”

“It’s not just that.” Arnaav shook his head, “It’s like… I don’t even know him now.”

“How do you mean?” Yuri adjusts herself so that she’s sitting down on the gravel.

“He’s talking and acting so different… And he keeps lying; about the pod, about me, he keeps telling humans that he is my brother, I…” He shakes his head, “I don’t understand.”

“You know,” Yuri smiles as she knuckles his head a little, “We humans have a word for that: Merrick lives a Double-Life.”

“A double life?” Arnaav asked, giving her a weird look.

“It means when a person leads two lives at the same time, or else separately. See,” She gesture her hands, “From what I know about him, he’s more professional, formal, and solemn when he’s a merman at sea. But when he’s on land, he resumes a life and a state of being that he’s had to adapt to ever since he was banished. He lives amongst the humans now, and he’s had to learn a lot to keep going.”

“I think I see… But it’s like he’s afraid to talk about merfolk, the way he speaks, as if he’s trying to deny and forget that he’s a merman.”

“Ahaha, no, that’s not it at all,” Yuri said, “You see, merfolk are considered to be a myth to humans.” Arnaav blinks, and he stares at her, “Yep. Totally made up. As far as anyone’s concerned, you’re just a kid, and Merrick’s just a regular guy.”

“Wait, whaaaat?” Arnaav said, confused, “But- wait! Oohhhh, right…” Arnaav nods, remembering Merrick mentioning such a thing a long time ago, “If that’s true, then how do YOU know?” Yuri shrugged.

“Merrick trusts us; me, Jamal, a couple of other humans. We keep him a secret to keep him safe, and to keep a whole lot of humans from making an uproar.”

“I think… Merrick said a human tortured him once, because he was a merman… Right?”

“Yes,” Yuri nods, “Only a couple of humans know about Merrick, for his safety, and to keep stability; if more humans found out about merfolk, they’d make a huge mess.”

“Ok…” Arnaav looks to the lit-up house.

“I know you’d rather hang out with Merrick right now, but you need to understand, they’re lovers who’ve been separated for so long.”

“But I can only be here for less than 14 suns,” Arnaav says, “If I stay any longer, I’ll die…”

“So?” Yuri said, “You can come over anytime you feel like it.” Arnaav perks his head up, and turned to her.


“Sure, kiddo.” Yuri smiled, “Just stay here as long as you can, stay in the Kenovani pod until you recover, then just come back over. Eventually you could probably stay longer.”

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