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Polite notice. This story contains scenes of a sexual nature featuring two or more adult men over 18. These are entirely fictional but with a basis in actual events. Any names of individuals or places have been changed. If you are under the age of 18 or you have objection to reading materials of this kind, leave now.


Thoughtlessly, I realised, only after posting my last story in this group, that there are many places where the kind of activity described in it would be most unlikely. Furthermore, in many areas such forms of sexual intercourse would be totally forbidden and illegal.

This and following stories are dedicated to those people who live in such places and who risk imprisonment and horrendous punishment in pursuit of the love and sexual contact they need. Happily, these days, those backward places are growing fewer.


I’m sure I don’t need to explain how it feels at the end of a day when you have either been prevented from meeting your objectives or somehow you failed to derive the satisfaction you’d hoped for in completing what you’d set out to do.

You get through, but by the end of it you just want to break off in frustration and get some quality time. For some, this is rest and recuperation but for me it’s when I most want to get laid. I like it to fit my needs (instinctive, uncomplicated and free of drama) and I like it to have fun included in the process. Hey! life’s too short, right?

I like to travel with work and I think I must be descended from a nomadic people. “Home is made for coming from or dreams of going to, which with any luck will never come true.” Stuff sticks to me, so I have to have a place to put it down but I do like to be off again. That Muscle Daddy you see working out in the Hotel Gym or ploughing up and down the pool just might be me. I’m not ruling out completely the possibility of settling down again. Been there, done that, wrote the handbook.

I cannot complain, as many do, about hooking up with guys online. Compared to the old days of strange bars (and how strange they can be!), pretty policemen, violent homophobia, I count myself lucky to have access to sex that seems to suit me and my lifestyle. It’s no bed of roses I have to admit and people come to grief every day for lots of different reasons but it feels a lot safer to me. When I’m in town and I’m a new face among the local online profiles, it’s like I’m suddenly the focus of interest, a virtual ‘welcome’ and for all my “maturity”, I get way more sex and hotter sex than I used to 20+ years ago.

Thank heavens for that and for the willing buddies I meet on my travels. Very often it’s someone very like myself that I meet. Uninhibited. Needing to just get off or maybe sexual therapy of some description. Not all as liberated or as free as I am though. Married men, Gay men with a long term partner, first timers, but all looking to collaborate in some way and I’m open minded enough to enjoy all sorts of opportunities to share my skills and experience with other needy people like myself.

Don’t you find Hotel corridors bewildering though? Maybe you get to stay in those huge places with large areas between the rooms and differentiated spaces so you know where you are. My budget won’t stretch beyond those where everything is the same and if you go left instead of right, when you’re tired, you end up in the service stairway and can’t get back without a pass key. So, you go down 10 flights, out through the emergency fire exit, walk around the building to the entrance…and you were only looking for the water cooler!

Met a hot young air-con engineer that way once…another story, sorry.

I digress.

I like Hotel WiFi. I don’t give a single thought to the chance it might not be secure. If someone wants to listen in on my chat and download my porn or a cock picture, I have to say, I’m too old to bother about it. My late partner and I did a tour of certain States a few years ago where specific sexual acts are still illegal with almanbahis yeni giriş the express idea of getting as much of that kind of action as possible there in the given time. I guess if we’d been arrested it would have been kind of scary but maybe being in the dock and explaining how we were used to a life of liberty in our home state would have had it’s rewards ( yeah 3 broken ribs and a ride in an unmarked police car out on along dark road maybe!).

As soon as I check in, whether it’s before or after I have conducted my business, I like to log in for my mail and any messages on the channels I use. Friends and family, Buddies I’ve recently been with, then I dive right in to my ‘dating’ app.

I don’t post on social media and only recently rejoined one messaging service I used after boycotting them for sharing my information against my wishes. In the end, I was achieving nothing as I seemed to be alone in my view that this betrayal of trust in the security of the network actually mattered when they were swallowed by Fa6ebook ™ . Did I mention I am a man of principle?

Getting naked, taking a shower when I’m tired, gym, swim, dinner, fuck. These are my rewards for a day of work done. Not like a salary but a kind of bonus I get whether I deserve it or not.

Occasionally, I get lucky in the gym or in the pool (You see? It really was me that night in Duluth, Minnesota!). Usually though, it’s through the medium of WiFi that my phone finds something for me to enjoy in the way of sexual healing. City dwellers, in and around the vicinity of the hotel or fellow travellers inside the very same building. What could be more convenient?

One such, almost unbelievable but true, came up on the location section of his profile as 9 meters away from me. Surely a mistake on GPS. Not in the room next door, as it happens, he was on the floor below and across the hall.

Considering the late hour (well after midnight again!!), I felt myself lucky to find anything at all on the listings of those online.

I mentioned earlier “Man of principle”, well a skewed set of principles by some standards but somethings I stick to.

I used to be very queazy about married men but that kind of changed for me when Gay men started getting married and I started getting past the age when people looked at me and thought well of my face and body.

This guy was open about the fact that he was married but, as he said, he was nuts for Daddy sex with a more mature man.

I used to have rigid requirements for body type, still can’t do chubs and as you’ll know if you’ve read others of my adventures, I need a masculine man with physical strength and solidity. Well, in this department the applicant qualified with a good margin to spare.

I don’t do serious role play, I won’t humiliate or hurt a sexual partner, no dressing up (leather/rubber etc. it makes me laugh and that’s insulting isn’t it?) and I can’t get my head round big hairy men in women’s underwear and the like( just don’t comprehend the sexual allure, my fault). So what was requested here?

Once we’d established that I was “Dad” and he was “Son” with a message conversation about what he liked and what I liked, he made it clear he could not afford to take risks with infections, also that he wanted his anonymity preserved. He wanted me to come to his room, he would leave the door ajar, the room would be unlit and he would be lying on the bed naked. I was to close the door, say nothing, strip naked, I could do what I wanted to him as long as it was “safe”.

Not wishing to make light of the risks of unsafe sex, I call falling over in an unlit room kind of risky, likewise walking naked into a stranger’s room you met 5 minutes ago online he’s 6 feet 6 and 225 pounds, I’m 5 feet 10 and 185. Sound unsafe to you?

The unforeseen benefit of having all the rooms in the hotel identical to one another, even if, alternately rooms are mirror images of one another, turned out to be that his room was exactly almanbahis giriş the same as the one I had just left a floor above him.

As I closed the door and the last chink of light from the corridor was snuffed out by the swish of fire safety draught excluder on carpet, I knew how far away the bed was and as I was wearing only shorts and a cock ring there was no problem dealing with the enveloping darkness. However, the issue of dealing with a guy, who was way heavier and probably much stronger than I, remained.

I thought that unless he had night vision goggles (now that was a weird thought- naked except for night vis goggles…don’t go there!), he was more than likely keeping to his side of the agreed conditions.

Sorry to say that my dick at this point was none too enamoured of my situation and in no way wanted any part in this. Limp and unenthusiastic best describe the old man at this point, however, once I reached the bed and first encountered the warm surface of a very masculine calf muscle with its coarse stubble I felt a twitch of curiosity flick through the blood vessels of my old best friend.

Navigating carefully, I followed the calf down to the broad right foot and when I didn’t immediately feel the left foot, I understood that his figure was not only face down but spreadeagled in a totally submissive way. Anxiety ended.

At that point I realised that, of course, he had as much, if not more to fear from me than I from him and the geography of the big man was beginning to revive my sexual potency.

Running a hand up each leg I was able to reach the powerful thighs and once there I knew where my first port of call must be. At the foot of the bed I leaned forward and lowered face into the cleft between his upper thighs, drawing in a deep breath and with it the scent of my beefy companion.

I just love the warmth of that place the tickle of the body hair, the tenderness and the vulnerability of it. He didn’t flinch but I guessed he might be nervous about where I had chosen to encounter him first. I lay there breathing him into me, visualising his bulk and strength in the total darkness it was magical. His body was totally relaxed, no sense of tension, his own breathing only changed when I pushed my snout into the crack of his arse.

There was a kind of sigh escaped from him and when I reached to part his buttocks with my hands there was another. I blew warm breath into the musky tangle guarding his little pink-puckered anus (yes they’re all pink, even in the dark!). There was a sharp intake of breath when my tongue reached out and a falsetto whimper which surprised me as I lapped at that most sensitive places. As he made no gesture to discourage me, I pressed my skilful tongue into the tight opening before me and as so often before the moans and whimpers began in earnest as I got to work.

I got up briefly, grabbed the two ankles and pulled the prone figure towards the end of the bed allowing his knees to reach the floor and myself a much better vantage point from which to feast on his vulnerable flesh. I know he was happy to allow me all this because his limbs were completely floppy and once I was better positioned to reach into his body with my tongue, to kiss and suck at the tender tissue around the point of entry, even to bite into those lovely, hairy morsels, his soft expressions of approval for my attention to his arse became more clearly affirmative.

I was now also able to reach his genitals, previously trapped under his body. By now his super thick cock was fully erect and I found it with my right hand in the darkness while my left made a less than perfect job of keeping the way clear to his pucker. His meat was no great length for such a big man but altogether admirable in girth, twitching it’s reactions to my oral stimulation nearby.

I tugged on his beer can boloney a few times to acknowledge that I’d actually located it and was not ignoring it’s potential but I could not do justice to my work almanbahis güvenilirmi at his hole and fiddle with his boner.

I didn’t hear any complaints when I went back to what I saw as the more important job. With minimal disturbance to his super-chilled posture, he raised his arse slightly to press it into my oncoming tongue but made no attempt to use a hand to push my face into his crack further. This would have been futile as I was in as deep as could be managed and loving every minute of it. Once in a while, mumbling into his crack I would reach up into the broadly cleft structure of his strong back to feel the lean muscles, his ribs and the little back hairs at the base of the spine that I love so much.

You might not think it, but a tongue gets tired and it was already late. I clambered up and lay down on his broad warm back with my cock resting between his butt cheeks on the crack of his lovely arse. I reached under his arm pits for a cuddle, not easy at all with a man 8 inches taller than myself. He wriggled his hips to rub his arse against the head of my cock and whispered “Fuck me, Daddy!”

In spite of all his protestations about safe sex he was pleading with me to pork him. God knows my hard cock was ready for him, drooling for him and would have slipped into his warmth like a hand into a glove. I had no condom. I don’t use them unless I absolutely have to and often don’t even take them with me when I travel these days. Personal choice. I was having a great time, he was having a great time, there are millions of ways to get off which don’t need describing here. Why fiddle around in the dark trying to open a condom, put it on, find some lube…it’s all such negative energy. So when I made no move to press my cockhead into his hole, he whispered “Cum on my arse, Daddy!” and from where I was it would have been near impossible to miss, even in the pitch dark.

I raised myself up into a kneeling position, brought his legs together and straddling both his thighs I stroked his delightful and delighted butt with one hand and myself with the other until I gave him the full “double barrel” load across his backside and up his back. Often on these occasions I make a hell of a noise as it’s quite a delivery, however, in the interest of the general mood of calm and near silence in the darkness I stifled my bellow into a few muffled grunts and snorts.

I’m sure he could feel the spatter of gobbets of my cum onto his skin and timed his murmured “Oh, Daddy!” “Oh, Daddy!” “Oh, Daddy!” to coincide with my pumping them out for him.

He pushed his torso up off the bed, kneeling ahead of me, the first time he’d made any movement of his own and pressed his back into me, my panting face between his hairy shoulder blades. I let go my dribbling member and it once more nestled into his arse crack. I reached around him and gently, very slowly, circled his nipples with my fingers, expertly locating the subtle tiny bumps at their tips under the curling fleece on his chest. His head rolled as his pounding fist beat his own cock under this tenderest of torments.

I licked each of my index fingers and returned to the tiny torturing movements, immediately finding the exact same place I left off as if by radar in the gloom.

His body spasmed several times, almost knocking me over and I resorted to bear hugging him for the safety of us both as his shattering orgasm reached it’s climax with a great gasp and a single bellow “Ghaaah!” Quite loud enough to wake everyone on both his floor and mine. But then the silence flooded back in and his breathing recovered.

I patted the top of his head as one might that of a school age son, and keeping my oath of silence, I retreated to roughly where I had discarded my shorts. Fishing with a foot, I found them and quickly slipped them on. I opened the door without looking back, allowed it to close behind me with the customary muffled swish and click and returned to my room.

There was a brief flurry of concerned messages on my phone asking about whether I’d been tested, if what we’d done carried any health risks for his family, to which I responded politely and reassuringly, he had nothing to worry about. He thanked me profusely and I messaged back that he was a good boy and should now get some sleep.

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