Annual Corporate Meetings Day 02


As I started waking up, I remembered the text exchange between Jennifer and me. After grabbing my phone from the bedside table, I sat up and started scrolling through the back and forth.

“Holy shit”, I muttered to myself.

I had never thought to myself that anything would actually happen, but through our text messages we had gotten each other off. I closed my eyes and tried to picture what she looked like having an orgasm. Just doing that caused me to get hard.

“No time for this. I have presentations to get ready for!”

I climbed out of bed, and started getting ready — brushing my teeth and getting my clothes laid out. I made the shower quick, keeping my thoughts as chaste as possible. After getting dressed, I grabbed my briefcase and headed out of the hotel room.

While waiting for the elevator, I ran through the day’s program on my phone. Breakfast first, then a couple presentations I wanted to attend, lunch, then I was giving my presentation at 1:00. I was done at 3:00 and looked forward to some downtime with my colleagues.

I was so engrossed in going through the program, that I did not realize the elevator had arrived until I heard someone clear their throat.


There were two people in the elevator. One was my senior vice-president, and the other was Jennifer. I had to tell myself not to look at her, as I could feel myself blushing. I stepped into the elevator on the other side of my boss, Mike from Jennifer.

“Good morning, Dan. Did you go out last night?”

“No, Mike. I went to bed early. Did a little reading.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jennifer lift her hand up to cover a laugh that she turned into a cough.

“Good man. We are long king forward to your presentation. I think some of your colleagues may find your techniques useful.”

“Thank you, sir.” The elevator stopped at the mezzanine level.

“I will see you this afternoon.” With a wave, Mike got off the elevator, leaving just me and and Jennifer.

“Hi lover,” she said when the doors closed. She turned to me and smiled that beautiful smile. She was wearing a very light pink dress that came down to her knees. Very tasteful and professional, but it really shaped her tits nicely. She had her hair down, and she was making my stomach all fluttery.

“Hey Jen. How did you sleep?”

“Great — thanks to you.” Her cheeks got a little rosy. I could feel mine getting red too. I could also feel myself getting hard.

“I’m glad.” Ugh. That sounded mildly idiotic.

The elevator was slowing as it reached the lobby, so there wasn’t time to say much. “Umm… Are you interested in a repeat of last night.”

She did not immediately respond, and I noticed she got flushed.

“How about something a little more intimate?” she asked as she glanced down at my erection. Seemingly with its own volition, my hand reached out and lightly brushed the side of her breast.


The elevator doors opened, ankara escort and I stepped to the side to allow her out first. Of course, it also gave me a wonderful view of her ass.

Putting my hand in my pocket, I surreptitiously rearrange myself, so my condition was not quite so apparent.

Jennifer joined some of her friends while I went into the banquet room where breakfast had been laid out for us. I filled a plate from the buffet, and moved over to sit with some of my counterparts from the other states.

As I ate my breakfast and discussed the day’s sessions, my gaze would periodically drift over to the table at which Jennifer was sitting. I loved watching her when she would smile or laugh or when she was talking. Every once in awhile she would catch me and give me a quick smile.

Eventually, it was time for our first session. It was about rolling out new budget management processes. Total snoozefest, but most likely why the powers that be had made the session mandatory. The session was in the same room where we were having breakfast, so while the hotel staff were clearing the dishes and bringing out coffee, the CFO started droning on about the particulars of our new policies. To be honest, I checked out a little bit knowing that they would be supplying the PowerPoint presentation after the fact.

I was jotting down notes for my own presentation that I had to give later in the afternoon, when I noticed Jennifer get up from her chair and move over towards my table. Pulling the seat next to me out, she sat down and placed her notepad on the table. She turned to Michelle on the other side of her and started discussing a project they were jointly working on. I continued working on my notes, acutely aware of her proximity and the scent of her.

I felt like I almost flee out of my chair when her foot started rubbing my calf. Under the tablecloth she had taken off her shoe, and she was gently rubbing her foot up and down my leg. I got instantly hard, and I was having a devil of a time concentrating on my notes.

While the CFO droned on and on for the next hours, and I pathetically attempted to finalize my notes, all I could think of was how amazingly hot Jennifer was. Every once in awhile she would turn to say something to me, and her eyes seemed to have a mischievous twinkle in them. I know that sounds ridiculously corny, but it is the only way I can adequately describe what I was seeing. The whole time she was gently touching and rubbing with her foot, and all I really wanted to do was lead her up to my room and fuck her silly.

Eventually, the CFO finished the most boring presentation ever given. I am somewhat sure that most people did not even realize as everyone’s face was in their computer or on their notebooks. Jennifer said goodbye to Michelle, turned to me and laid her hand on my leg.

“Holy crap! Her hand is right on my dick!” I thought to myself. Very gently, she squeezed my dick and smiled at me.

“See you later, Dan. I have çukurambar escort another session to go to.” Jennifer picked up her things and headed out into the hallway. I sat there, just trying to catch my breath.

Although, the next session was not as boring as the CFO’s, it was a close contender. Not having Jennifer distracting me, I was able to finish up my notes. I was felt confident that the afternoon session would go well.

I ended up going to a Subway for a sandwich and to quiet down my nerves a bit. I actually got pretty good at not thinking about Jennifer’s gorgeous tits.

I walked back to the hotel and then into the hall where I was giving my presentation. There were a good 70 or 80 people, so I was happy with the turnout. The rows of chairs were not quite full, but close.

I walked down the center aisle of chairs to where the podium was, up front. My PowerPoint presentation had already been loaded by our IT staff, and I was ready to go. I placed my notes on the podium, grabbed the microphone and greeted the folks.

“Good morning, everyone. I am not sure how exhilarating this presentation will be,” people laughed as they recalled the mandatory presentation by the CFO “but I am going to show you how our team increased our sales over the past 3 quarters by 37% and improved our customer retention. Hopefully, some of what we learned can help you out in your own goals.”

I had always been an ad-lib kind of guy when doing public speaking. I would use the PowerPoint presentation and my notes to keep me flowing, but I would get into a flow that was more human and less recitation. I had never had any difficulty, until today.

Jennifer was sitting in the front row and leaning slightly forward so I could see the swell of her breasts. I knew she was doing it on purpose because of the look on her face. Normally, I would walk around a lot while presenting, but the distraction kept me mostly behind the podium as I consulted my notes. I kept hitting the home button of my phone laying on the podium to keep track of the time. I was running behind a bit, but all things considered, I was doing okay.

When we got to the Q&A portion, Things went well. In answering questions, I would consult my notes. As I was in the middle of answering a question from one of my counterparts from Colorado, my phone lit up with a text.

“Jennifer: nice dick. can’t wait to get it in my mouth.”

I faltered and stammered a little bit, but recovered. Glancing at Jennifer, I could tell she was trying not to laugh.

I took a few more questions, and then wrapped things up. As i was packing up my notecards, my phone lit up again.

“Jennifer: room 937. Now.”

Glancing up, I saw Jennifer leaving. I was all for bolting after her, but my boss came up and started talking about my presentation. I think I was able to extricate myself without looking like too much of an idiot.

I hurried to the elevator, and upon getting on, dikmen escort must have hit the 9 button 7 or 8 times. My cock was rock hard in anticipation, and when the door opened on the 9th floor, I practically ran out of the elevator. When I got to Jennifer’s room, I took a deep breathe and knocked.

The door opened, and there stood Jennifer. She had a huge smile on her face as she reached toward me, grabbed my tie and pulled me into the room.

Shutting the door behind me, I could practically hear the blood rushing through my veins. This lady had had me on edge all day, and I wanter her right the fuck now.

I pushed her back against the wall, one hand on her hip, the other on one of her breasts. I kissed her passionately, my tongue meeting hers. She let out a moan, as I attempted to meld my body with hers.

We stood there, leaning against the wall, for five or ten minutes kissing and grasping each other. It had been a really long time since I was this turned on.

Finally, I could not take it anymore, and I unzipped the zipper running down the side of her dress, and pulled it off. Standing in only her bra and panties, she was gorgeous. I drank in the site of her and then unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts. They were beautiful. I gently put my lips around a nipple and alternated between swirling it with my tongue and nibbling on it. Jennifer kept lightly saying “Oh Dan. Oh Dan” as she placed her hand on the back of my head.

I started teasing the waistband of her panties right above her mound as I switched my mouth back and forth between her breasts. I could feel her shivering under my touch. Gently I slid her panties down, and then she stepped out of them.

I kneeled down and looked at her pussy…so beautiful. Her lips were engorged with her arousal. She breathed in sharply as I gently forced my tongue in her slit.

“Let’s take this to the bed. I am about to collapse”, Jennifer walked to a suitcase, opened it and rummaged around until she found the vibrator I purchased for her. I quickly stripped my clothes off while she laid down on the bed on her back, watching me. My dick felt like it was the hardest it had ever been. Crawling up between her legs, I took the vibrator from her hand and turned it to a low setting.

I teased the entrance to her pussy with the tip of the vibrator while I swirled my tongue around her clit. Jennifer was moaning and saying “fuck, fuck, fuck” repeatedly as I started nibbling on her clit. She raised herself up slightly and started twisting her nipples, as I slowly pushed the vibrator in. I had gotten one that was slightly curved so it could hit her g-spot. Each time it moved across her g-spot, she gave a really loud moan and undulated her body.

She was moving around so much, it was difficult to keep my tongue and teeth on her clit, but I kept up with her. Between the vibrator and my mouth, it seemed like she had gotten into one long continuous orgasm. Finally, she led out a loud “FUCK” and came so hard that her juices seemed to gush out of her.

I turned off the vibrator and crawled up her body to kiss her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and kissed me back.

“Mmmmm. That was really good, lover. Now it’s your turn.”

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