Angela’s Ascent Ch. 02


Exactly 30 minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I opened it, grabbed the neck of his pajama shirt, and pulled Marc inside. He closed the door behind him and we were immediately in a kiss. I did not want it to stop. I was running my fingers through his thick silver curls because it felt good and I did not want him to pull out of the kiss. His hands were on the small of my back and he had pulled me so clothes to him that I could feel his hard-on pressing against my pussy.

He finally managed to pull away. “Angela, you are so beautiful. This is all I could think about.”

“Me too, Daddy.” He chuckled.

“We are not in bed yet.”

“That is just semantics,” I said as I smiled and took his cock in my hand. He leaned back against the wall just inside the entryway. I began stroking as he closed his eyes and became lost in the ecstasy. “You are so sexy, Daddy. I have never had an encounter as hot as we did this afternoon. I know it was a rough night for you, but I am so glad we get to do this again. Hopefully, this is only the beginning.”

He moaned. “Honestly, I want nothing more, but I do not want to put you in this position. I need to figure out how to uncomplicate my life—regardless of things with you.”

“I have no desire to be a complication for you.” I was still stroking his cock. I leaned in and placed my lips on his. He response was instant. The more forcefully he kissed, the harder I stroked his cock.

“You are not, darling. I am the one with the complications. But I see now they are not worth it.” I kissed him more. “Stop. I am going to cum.”

“There is no way I am stopping, Daddy. I want you to make a mess. Then, it will be fun to get you to cum again.”

“I am older than you are, young lady. And, you wore me out this afternoon.”

“Well, I will use my methods and if you come again great, but if not, it will be fun trying to get you to.” As I said that, he squirted inside his pajama pants. I slowed my stroking. Finally, I let go and pulled ankara escort him into another kiss. “Come to bed with me, Daddy. You thought you were worn out this afternoon. You haven’t seen anything, yet.”

He smiled as I led the way. We only stopped twice to kiss. We could not kiss each other enough.

He slowly removed my nightie taking time to kiss each breast as he did. I unbuttoned his pajama shirt and he stepped out of his wet pants. We climbed into the bed and he pulled me in his arms and kissed me. “Do you mind if we chat a bit about what all transpired today?” he asked. I nervously nodded my head. I knew I was about to be let down gently.

He began, “It has been years possibly decades since I have felt a passion like this. I don’t want to give it up. But,”

“Why does there have to be a but?”

“But, just listen. It is not lost on me that I am forty years older than you are and I am married. I can change the latter status, but the former is not going to change. I don’t even know if you want it to. But today has shown me that it has to. I have wasted too much of my life living a sham for Helena’s place in society. ” I kissed his chest.

“Daddy, I never thought today would happen, but I wanted it to. I have had a crush on you since the first time I met you. I know it is complicated. I don’t want to add to that complication, but know that I am willing to do whatever you want me to do.”

He leaned down and kissed my forehead. “My darling, that is music to my ears.” His hand was rubbing the small of my back. “I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. I am divorcing whether this continues or not, but the hope at more time with you only adds to the situation.”

“Yeah, about more time with me. I guess we are roommates beginning in a couple of weeks.” We both laughed out loud.

“What can I say? That was the first nice thing Helena has done for me since Lexy was born.” He kissed me fully on the mouth. “But again, I want to be clear. I do not want to put çankaya escort any pressure on you. I don’t want it to be too much.”

“Daddy, there is no pressure on me. I was afraid you would be against the idea. I cannot wait to have a chance to spend the summer with you. You will not want me to leave when it is over.”

“I don’t want you to leave now. We will deal with the end of the summer when we get to the end of the summer. You will be sick of my old bones by then.”

“There is no way that will ever be possible.” I leaned up and kissed him fully on the mouth again. Our tongues playfully interacted as I let my breasts dangle against his hairy chest. I was straddling him and could feel his cock growing between my legs. I pulled away. “I guess Daddy is not as old as he thought.” We both giggled and I went in for another kiss.

Marc was even more passionate than he had been in the afternoon. Clearly his anticipation had worked in my favor. I started to work my lips down his chest to further points south when he grabbed me and pulled me back up into another kiss. He flipped me over on my back and said, “Not so fast. It’s my turn to pleasure you.” He pulled my legs apart and once again buried his face in my crotch. I kept rubbing my fingers through is silver curls as I practically screamed with pleasure as his tongue kept manipulating my magical spot. I could not help myself. I orgasmed quickly and then begged for more. Marc happily obliged.

After my second orgasm, he worked his way back up and I could taste myself on is long and languorous kiss. It was a dream that would not cease. I could feel his erect penis pressing against my leg. “Now, it’s my turn, Daddy. I hope you are ready.” He rolled over and expected me to climb on top. Instead, I lunged forward and took his cock in my mouth. I swung my body around to better position myself and continued to suck in his pre-cum. He tasted incredible. Slowly, I began to massage his balls as he once again let out a moan kızılay escort whimper of ecstasy. I started tickling his taint and slowly worked my fingers back to his sphincter. After a bit of initial stimulation, I slid my forefinger in as I continued running my lips and tongue up and down his erect shaft.

“Oh God. Oh God,” he yelled. “Don’t stop.” However, I was never one to let someone else control the show.

I slid my lips off his cock. Still stroking inside him, I said, “Daddy, I am the one who is in control now. As much as I love the taste of your juices, I want you inside me now.” With that, I slid my finger out of his hole and slid his cock into my vagina. I began flexing my muscles and his moaning continued. Soon, they were joined by my own. Again his thrusts lead us to climax at the same time.

I collapsed in his arms. We were both spent. Finally, I could not help myself. “Ready to go again, Daddy?” I could barely contain my giggles.

“There is no way, my darling.”

“I was only joking. You have worn me out as well.” Lying in his arms, I never wanted it to end. “Stay the night.”

“I want nothing more. But, I have to be in the main house when Helena wakes in the morning or there will be a scene I hope more than anything to avoid.” I grimaced. “So, set the alarm for 6. I will get up and go over there and we can spend the night in each other’s arms.”

“I guess that will do.”

“To make it up to you, if you want I will make up an excuse to be in Austin this week and offer to take you two to dinner. I will bring it up over breakfast in the morning so it would seem rude not to invite you. After dinner, you can come to my hotel and we can spend the entire night together.” I smiled and kissed him full on the mouth. “I know it’s the end of the semester. What night works best for you?”

“Tuesday. There is no way I can make it any longer.”

“Tuesday it is, then. I can’t believe at this stage of my life I am planning a date around the end of the semester.” We both laughed at the situation.

“Get used to it, Daddy. A lot is about to change in your world. In both our worlds.” He kissed me deeply again, pulled me tight against him and we both drifted off. Tuesday seemed years away.

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