An Unplanned Evening


A reader suggested the 1st time ménage theme. The only problem… I couldn’t decide how to make the story go, so I wrote 2 different ones. If you haven’t read it, see I Planned My Threesome. Hope you enjoy!


My friend Ann and I wanted to dance and go a little crazy. (Ann is my wingman…she’s ALWAYS up for anything, and I love her for it!) The club we chose is jam packed, the air heavy with the smells of competing colognes and sweat. The music has been great all night long so we have been on the dance floor almost constantly. For the last hour, 2 good looking guys have been trying their hardest to reel us in, plying us with drinks and flattery. And since they can actually dance, we’ve let them move in on us, splitting us up so we’re dancing side by side instead of together. Rob, the taller, leaner of the 2, has his hands on my hips, my back against his chest as we move together. His friend Mark, shorter but with nice muscles bulging under his shirt, is swaying with Ann.

We take a break, heading towards a booth. Rob and I slide into 1 side, Ann and Mark into the other. Flagging down a waitress, the boys order shots for the table. While we wait for the drinks to arrive, Rob leans in to kiss me… and I let him. I love to kiss and to be kissed. He’s not bad, even though I can taste the alcohol as our tongues meet. We break apart when the waitress arrives. I’m already feeling on the edge of control so I’m not sure a shot is right answer. On the other hand, free shot.

“Thanks but no thanks, guys,” I decide. “I want to be able to enjoy tonight.” Ann is in full party mode, however, and she slams it back. A new song comes out and we all head back to the dance floor. Rob wastes no time moving closer to me, moving his hips in time with mine and the music. We grind together, arms around each other. While I’m trying to keep an eye on Ann, Rob really has my attention. Good looking, tall, knows how to move… I wonder how he’ll be in the sack? When the song switches to slow, we move closer together. I let my breasts press into his chest and I tilt my head up. He gets the message and leans down to kiss me. His hands slide down my body to my ass, pulling me against him. I can feel him, hard against me…so nice. It’s been a while and my horns are definitely showing. I press back as we sway, my own hands on his very nice ass.

We all dance/break/dance/break for about another hour. I’ve forced some water down Ann, which the boys have mirrored, but she’s had a few more drinks supplied by Rob & Mark. I can tell she’s well on her way to wasted, if not completely there. I really, REALLY don’t want this night to end though. Time to think of an exit strategy…

“I have a suggestion, everyone.” I say. “I just bought a new place. It needs a good party to break it in…how about we head there?”

Obviously, everyone is in. I whip out my phone and call up a Lyft. In less than 5 minutes a van pulls up, the pink Lyft sign on the dash. Ann and Mark dive into the far back seat while Rob and I take the middle row. The door closes and we’re all in darkness. It’s not a far drive to my house, and a good thing, too! From the moment the Lyft started moving, Rob was on me. Not “Oh crap, Octopus Man!” on me… just very close, arms around me, and looking to continue our kiss ‘n grope. And I was right there with him, my tongue in his mouth before he could blink. Our kisses were now aggressive, my hands kneading muscles of his back and into the hair at the nape of his neck. He mirrors my actions, thick fingers caressing my skull. So nice. From the sound of it, Ann and Mark are in a similar situation.

The Lyft stopped outside my house. It took us all a minute and 1 good “ahem!” from the driver. That was the first noise the guy had made… he was going to get a good tip! We all piled out and headed up the walk to the house. It’s nothing big, nothing fancy, but it’s all mine. 2 bedrooms, a good kitchen, and plenty of yard for me to garden in. Not that you could see it in the dark, but I was very proud of my first home.

The front door entered into a living room with an overstuffed chair and couch facing a TV. The kitchen exited off to the right, and the 2 bedrooms and bath were down a hall to the left. I turned to welcome my guests… and became aware Mark was practically holding Ann up. Concerned, I gathered up my girl and helped her to the spare bedroom. Mark and Rob trailed behind, not sure what was going on or what to do. I sat Ann on the bed, where she looked back at me blearily.

“I’m so wasted…” she slurred. The booze had finally caught up with her, it seems. “Just wanna lay down for a minute…”

“Mark, would you go to the kitchen and get me a glass of water?” I asked. I pulled Ann’s shoes off, and helped her lay down on the bed, covering her with a blanket. Her eyes closed almost immediately, but I made her stay awake long enough seyranbağları escort to drink the water when Mark brought it. Mark and Rob left the room as I got her settled. Leaving the nightstand light on and the door cracked, I left her in bed, already breathing deeply.

I found the boys sitting in the living room. Mark has claimed the overstuffed chair while Rob sat on one side of the couch. Flopping down on the couch, I let out a deep sigh.

“Sorry about that guys,” I said. “I was trying to keep tabs on her but I guess she let the night get away from her.”

“No big,” said Rob. Mark didn’t look as if he agreed, especially when Rob leaned in to pick up where he left off. “I’m sure she’ll be out shortly!” I managed to say before Rob’s lips found mine. And then I stopped worrying about Mark. As weird as it was to be making out in front of him, Rob has me way too worked up to really care overly much. He pushes me back into the couch, his arm snaking around my back to pulls me close.

Our lips met again, just as hungry as they’d been before. The kind of kissing you can lose days, weeks, and your sense of self in. I move my hands around to his back again, sliding down towards his belt. I really want to grab his ass again but I just can’t get the angle. Rob’s hungry hands have more freedom. The hand behind my back hold me in place as his other caresses my face, sliding along my jawbone and down my neck. Where his kiss is hard, his finger tips are whisper light. So nice. His hand traces down my shoulder, down my bare arm, tickling the hairs there and giving me goose flesh.

When his hand hits my thigh, it’s time to make a move. I sit up, moving him back a little, freeing my hands. I want to feel his chest under my hands. It’s like opening a present, the first time you unbutton a man’s shirt. Will there be hair or will he be smooth? Will he have nipples you can play and suck on or not? (I have a weakness for a man’s nipples…I hope, I hope, I hope he’s a show-er) What about muscles and skin? Firm or not? Oh, Merry Christmas to me!

The buttons come off quickly under my fingers and I quickly spread his shirt open. My hands report back to me, as my head and mouth are still hungrily engaged in kissing him. Chest hair, but not a lot. Firm skin, muscles, very warm. And oh happy days, his nipples are perked up and hard. I break the kiss and dive down to take one in my mouth. Some guys like this, some don’t… judging by Rob’s quick breath and his hands quickly knotting themselves in my hair, pulling me in, he’s a liker. I suck hard, then let it pop out of my mouth, moving to the other, to repeat the process. I’m loving this so much… a nipple on my tongue, strong hands in my hair, a warm hand stroking my thigh… wait… what?

I pull up and open my eyes. Turning my head, I see Mark, sitting on the couch next to me, stroking my thigh. He’s staring straight at me… obviously aroused and a little scared. A horny deer in the headlights. I look at Rob. He’s got a similar look but much, much hornier. His hands pull on my head, back down to his chest.

Here’s the thing. I’ve never been with more than 1 guy. But it’s my deep, dark fantasy. How would it work? How far would I be willing to go? Would I be able to look myself in the mirror if I did?

Guess we’re going to find out. I let Rob’s hands guide me back to his chest. My hands kneed his pecs as I lick and kiss his chest. Mark’s hands are caressing my thigh now, warmly, firmly sliding from my knee up, then down. Each time getting closer to sliding under my skirt. Rob, sure I’m not going anywhere, slides his hands down my back and grips my shirt, a tight black shirt that shows off my curves. Can’t go clubbing in baggy stuff, right? He pulls it up and off in 1 long pull. As soon as it’s over my head I flip my hair out of my way and begin to kiss down Rob’s belly.

I slide off the couch, breaking Mark’s touch for a second. Time to take a little bit of control here. I kiss and lick my way down, tongue tickling in his treasure trail of belly hair. When I reach his belt, I quickly unhook it and pull open the fly. Gripping his pants, I give a tug and, as he raises his hips, pull them off him, boxers and all. Not wanting them in the way, I pull them all the way off, briefly getting stuck by his shoes… a quick tug and those go by the wayside, to be followed by pants, boxers, and socks. Ha, I wasn’t the 1st one naked in this little engagement…score 1 for the home team!

But apparently that’s not going to last. Working together, Mark undoes my bra and Rob pulls it off. My naked back exposed to Mark, my naked tits to Rob. He immediately wants to play with them but I don’t let that stop me from grabbing his cock and giving it a nice handshake. To all you guys out there, there is no perfect cock. Big, small, hard, soft, thick, thin, big sincan escort head, little head, curves up, curves down… as long as it’s happy to see me, I’m happy too. And Rob’s cock was definitely happy to see me, standing straight up and waving hello. And I give it a big kiss to show it.

Leaning forward, I take a grip at the base and suck the head into my mouth. I look Rob straight in the eye when I do… guys love that. His hands are cupping my tits, molding them, squeezing them just hard enough, palms rough against my nipples. So nice. And Mark has moved, hands on my skirt, pulling it down. I spread my legs a little so he can slide everything off. No shyness or second thoughts now! Off they slide with a little pause as I figure out how to suck cock and move my knees enough to get the skirt off at the same time. Hurray for the multi-tasking minx!

So… I’m naked. And so is Rob. And, by the sound of things, Mark is working his way towards it. So turned on right now, waiting to see what happens next.

I don’t have to wait long. Warm hands grab my ass and, a second, later, a warm tongue slides straight up my slit. Holy shit! Mark is eating me like he’s starving to death. No finesse, no tease, just straight on it. I’m wet enough that his fingers slide right into me. It’s almost like being in a 69, except for the hands on my breasts. I moan around Rob’s cock… just can’t help it! At the same time, I start jerking it. Not hard but firm, lips touching on the down stroke. His precum is salty on my tongue so I pause for a second to lick the slit like an ice cream cone. A couple bobs up and down and I repeat the lick. Rob has that satisfied half smile, hooded eyes look guys get when they’re enjoying getting head. (Who am I kidding… does any guy NOT enjoy getting head?)

We stay locked in that position, a sexy sandwich with me on the inside. As much as I’m enjoying it though, I don’t think Mark is getting a fair shake. Time to change that. I pull off Rob’s cock and sit up.

“Wait just a second, gents.” I say and dart into my bedroom. Into the bedside table for the box of condoms…a girl has to be prepared, right?… and back to my guests. Ripping open a package with my teeth, I roll one onto Rob (who’s a good hostess? It’s me!) and then spin around. Reaching between my legs, I get him positioned and slide nice and slow onto him until I’m sitting in his lap, cock fully in me. Mark gets the idea and stands up. He presents his cock to me and I oblige, taking him as deep as I can, aided by Rob starting to fuck me. Now THIS I like! I grab one hand onto Mark’s cock, keeping him steady as I blow him, the other hand on Rob’s thigh so I don’t fall off. Sounds easy… it’s not. But good Lord, the feelings. Its total sensory overload. My pussy is so wet and the feel of that hard cock in me. Hands on my hips, hands on my head, cock in my mouth, the sounds and smells of good, hard sex… wow.

It’s all getting to be too much… I feel a good, hard pussy orgasm coming. The kind that builds and builds until it just explodes. I might not be the only one. Rob is breathing hard, almost grunting as he thrusts into me. Here it comes… EXPLOSION. I have to pull off Mark to be able to breathe enough to enjoy it. I can’t believe the sounds I’m making… almost animalistic as my pussy pulses. With a grunt, I feel Rob let go, his hips making little hard pushes as he cums. I keep a hand on Mark’s cock but let my head drop as 2 of us just ride the wave.

I regain my senses, lifting my head to see Mark’s look of wonder. I’m guessing this is his 1st rodeo, too. I better make sure he gets a good ride out of it. (post orgasmic puns rock) I pull off Rob and stand, a little shaky. He’s looking happily stunned, cum filled rubber on his half-masted cock. I grab another packet, and apply it to Mark. Turning around, I lean on the arm of the couch and look over my shoulder. Mark wastes no time aiming his cock and sliding into me.

So no cock is perfect. But they are all different. This is my first time having 2 to compare so close together. First impression: Mark is thicker. Even though I just got fucked hard by Rob, I can feel Mark stretching me out. I give a little grunt as he bottoms out. Hands on my hips, he slides out then pulls me hard onto him. Again, no patience, just hard fucking. Since I just came, I’m more than willing to meet him thrust for thrust.

And then I discover another nice advantage to more than 1 boy. It’s hard to play with boobs from behind. But not if you’re in front. Rob has recovered enough to resume his command of my tits, this time focusing on my nipples. He’s rolling them and pulling them in time with Mark’s thrusts. I reward him with a kiss (another nice benefit of a boy in front), being careful not to clash teeth together or bite his tongue.

Mark doesn’t last long. I think it’s been too sıhhiye escort much for him as he stops deep inside me and gives out a series of grunts. That’s fine, as I’m not feeling too steady on my feet. He pulls out of me, leaving me with that empty feeling deep inside, and sits on the couch. His turn for the happy dazed look.

If I’m going to entertain 2 gentlemen, then I’m going to get the most out it. I grab Rob and pull him towards the bathroom. His softened cock, still condomed, is bobbing ridiculously, making me giggle. As he peels the used rubber off, I get the water going. We pile in together, smiling and laughing quietly. I just want to wash the sweat off but it’s a great opportunity to explore and play. He’s got a nice body… not overly muscled but fit. We take turns soaping each other up and rinsing, touching every part as much as we can.

The shower curtain moves, and Mark is there. My shower isn’t big enough for 3, unfortunately.

“Out you go,” I tell Rob. “Towels are under the sink.” He’s a good sport about it, moving out of the way for Mark to take over. I find myself getting washed all over again…what is it about guys liking a slippery, soapy woman? Oh yeah… same reason we girls like a slippery, soapy guy. Heh.

The water starts to go a little cold so we jump out and grab towels of our own. I wrap one around myself and poke my head in to look at Ann. She appears to be sleeping, so I close the door and let her. Into the kitchen for 3 waters, then all 3 of us sit on the couch. Surprise, surprise, I’m in the middle again.

We all bask in the glow of what we just did. I’m not worried about the morning mirror anymore… that was awesome. And even though it’s later (early?) I’m way too jazzed to let the party end.

I stand up, whip my towel off, and toss it onto the chair. Sitting back down, I put an arm around each guy. I really can’t describe the feeling of 2 mouths tonguing my breasts and nipples, each with a different technique. Or the feeling of 2 different hands sliding up my thighs. It’s just…wow.

Rob slides off the couch and in between my thighs. He teases my inner thighs with his tongue while his hands slide up and down them, massaging. He’s in for the long, slow build, it seems like. Mark stands and removes his own towel. He’s not hard but he’s working hard at it. I reach out to him, taking it in my hand and giving it a couple tugs. A devious thought crosses my mind and I run with it.

“Climb up here, big boy,” I instruct. Leading him by the cock, I get him to straddle me, leaving his hardening dick right at mouth level. His hands go to the wall as I open my mouth and take him in. I use more tongue this time, swirling it around him as he slides in. He’s fully hard again in no time.

“What the FUCK?!”

The 3 of us all jerk as one. There, at the hallway to the bedrooms, is Ann, a look of total gobsmackery on her face.

I try to stand. Rob tries to stand. Mark tries to climb down. I’m sure the end result would have made us a mint on America’s Nakedest Home Videos… we all tangled and collapse onto the couch. No bumps or bruises but definitely no grace either.

Ann stalks over to us as we untangle.

“I’ll say it again… What. The. Fuck?”

She’s glaring at the boys, like they’re to blame. Mark is stammering, trying to explain the logical progression of events culminating with his dick in my mouth. Rob is silent, his eyes wide.

And then she loses it. It starts with a little grin, which turns into a giggle, which turns into a full laugh. I can promise Ann has never found me in this position before. But like I said, Ann is my wingman. Ann is up for ANYTHING. She grabs her shirt and pulls it up over her head. Ann has the cutest little titties with big gumdrop nipples… she doesn’t ever need a bra, the bitch. She throws her shirt over her shoulder.

“You,” she says, pointing at me with a grin, “are such a slut. And you,” pointing at Mark, “need to get over here and finish what you started.”

“And you,” not leaving Rob out, “are going to give me some of that, too.”

Mark descends on her itty bitty titties as Rob stands and drops his towel. Ann’s outburst took whatever head of steam he had going out of him, so the penis he presents to me isn’t even half-mast. I’m still happy to see it, and pop it soft into my mouth. It’s such a weird feeling to have this soft little weiner go hard in my mouth…hardening, lengthening, thickening. I kinda love the hell out of it.

When he’s hard, I have him switch places with me. Another condom, and I straddle him. I love being on top in this position. I control the pace, and his hands can play with my boobs while we kiss. So nice. We settle into a nice, long screw, the kind that can be milked forever, knowing that a few thrusts will get us both there, but only when we’re ready.

On the chair, Ann is kicked back letting Mark devour her. She’s toying with her nipples, pulling and twisting them much harder that I like mine played with. We lock eyes and just laugh. I never thought I’d get 2 boys at once. And I never thought the night would end with the 2 of us fucking in the same room. Gotta love it…

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