An Old Mans Fantasy


Fantasy & Fiction,

I,ve always had the fantasy of Rape, or at least forced sex with a young girl or two, as a man of 30 yrs old with a decent body,although I say it myself, I decided that today was the day I would kidnap a girl take her back to my place and rape her. My intended victim was a girl at the school where I teach, she was the schools biggest tease,always flashing her breasts in class,anyway her cleavage.

I had overheard her telling a friend how she was off to the cinema that night to see Shrek 3, and she was meeting her boyfreind outside at 6.30pm. I positioned myself outside the Cinema ,in my Transit Van ,with chloraform to hand,and waited for to come past me on her way, I looked into rear mirror ,and saw three of them together,all girls ,I had not taken three into account, as they got close up to the van, I opened the door and spoke to her and her pals,of course they reconised me,and came over,I encouraged Leanne into the passengers side, she was the tease,and the others were Tracy & Emmy, I told the others I would drop off at the VEX Cinema, as I was going past on my way home.

Tracy and Emmy got into the back , I locked the door with the remote, and quickly chloraformed Leanne she went out like a light. I drove off towards home,and izmit rus escort girls in the back were well asleep, as I keep my chloraform in spray form at the back, which knocked them out immediatly. It took me about half an hour to drive to the house,whilst I was driving I looked at Leanne with great interest , I even put my hand down the front of her blouse, to feel her lovely big tits. Wow I nearly ran off the road, thinking of the nights of Fucking bliss to come, .I steadied myself and concentrated on getting home safe and sound.

My house was an old Atomic Bunker , so all the living was a minimum of 50 feet below ground level, the MOD had kept the lifts in full working order, and maintenance had been kept up until point of sale. So I was totally self suffient.I got to the bunker,now complete with remote drawbridge,drove on and through to the lift area,whereapon I started the lift to take us down to the first level.

It takes about 5 mins to go down 50 feet, at the first level, I took Leanne out of the van ,she was still fast asleep, put her into her room ,locked the door,and proceeded to put the others in there rooms.
I had a quick drink,and then set about welcoming my guests, I decided that my guests would be permanant izmit escort residents,and therefore no mask would be required.I licked my lips in anticipitation of the lovely pussies to be kissed and fucked.

I took Emmy down to the 2nd Level which was 75 feet down, guided her into the lounge ,she was still a bit groggy,and really was not aware of her predicament. Sat her on a chair, and loosly fastened her wrists to the chair legs,didnt want her wondering off.I went back up to level 1, and entered Tracys room,she like Emmy was still groggy,and rather than disturb her I put her on the bed provided and tied her wrists securely to the bed posts.

I then went off to see how Leanne was doing, she was in fine fettle, shouting and cussing at the top of her voice, I opened the door,she could,nt believe who it was she was looking at, she stopped going on ,and just laughed Mr. Kind what are doing to me,well Leanne I replied ,for many months now ,I have had to put up with your constant teasing , and you seem to enjoy taking me as high as a kite,and playing with my emotions, but now your in my charge and you will obey me,do you understand. Fuck off she shouted your a perv ,Ill tell my Mum & Dad , please let me go, I want to go home now, you are not going anywhere for kocaeli escort quite some time,and with that statement,I gave her a sharp smack across the face,she sunk to the floor and wept, I left her to it,unlocked the door,and left, locking the door behind me..

I made my way back to Emmy,s room, opened the door ,and found her crying, why are you doing this to me she said, because I want to have sex with you, she said that she was 15 years old,and had never touched a boy before,yes I said I noted that you seem to prefer girls, how many times have you licked Leanne & Tracey, many times she answered and I don,t fancy men at all. Well I said all is going to change,and with thay I dragged her over my knee,and proceeded to spank her bottom, she had a very short skirt on ,and she exposed her panties I could even see the outline of her crutch. I took her lovely lacey white panties off, and sniffed them,heaven sent.

I then started to rub her puffy pussy, so much so, I found a deep desire to lick her pussy, she tasted delicous, I even darted my tongue up her anus, she was freaking out with pleasure.My cock was hard, and with no fuss I offered her it to suck,she did, just like sucking a Lollypop, she sucked and kissed my ball sac , she rubbed and sucked my cock,and she did,nt have to wait very long before I gripped her head and filled to mouth with my sperm, it came in torrents and she lapped it up ,just a kitten. …to be continued

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