An Old Flame


Zoe’s head cleared a little; she opened her eyes and tried to control her ragged breathing. Her boyfriend Kevin looked up from between her legs and winked at her. Then his head dipped again and fanned the sparks in her clit to flames once again.

A while later Zoe rolled off of his hard cock which she had ridden to yet another orgasm and tried to claw her way across the bed. Her pussy cried out for more but she was exhausted, not sure she could take any more. He had come inside her recently but was still hard. Sometimes he let her get away. Sometimes he didn’t. She felt him move behind her and his cock pinned her to the bed. She wasn’t getting away this time. She cried out as her pussy responded predictably and her world exploded in another orgasm.


It was a great mystery to her. She was having the best sex of her life, she had never felt so compatible or fulfilled before. And yet there were times when she felt there was something missing. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She pondered this the next day at work and made no progress toward an answer.

She took herself to the bathroom to splash some water on her face and get her mind back on her job. She looked in the mirror and tried to work out if she liked what she saw. She was 26. A few years ago that sounded old but she knew it wasn’t now. Her pretty face was framed by immaculately presented brunette hair and highlighted with just a couple of dark freckles on her pale skin. Dressed conservatively though she was for work, it was hard to hide the impressive cleavage her 34E breasts formed. She tried to force a smile to herself. She was very happy, she reiterated out loud.

Her mobile phone beeped. She glanced at it and saw the name of a ghost from her past. He was most certainly not part of the solution. She opened the message anyway.

I’m in town for a few days next week. I’ll take you out for some fun Tuesday night. Don’t make plans.

Typical of him. Not asking her: telling her what was going to happen. She should text him back and tell him she wasn’t available. Or better still that she wasn’t interested anymore. It would be a lie though of course. But the right lie to tell. Her boyfriend was amazing. She didn’t need to be cheating on him. She flipped her phone shut and wondered if the old trick of ignoring the issue would fix it.

Why was she grinning to herself though?


Tuesday arrived. Zoe had heard nothing else from him. Perhaps he’d made other plans. Perhaps her trick of ignoring him had worked. Of course, as insurance she’d dropped hints to Kevin that she’d go and see Jane tonight. It’d be silly not to be prepared! And she had some clothes in her handbag in case she decided to go out. Which she wouldn’t. Of course.

The mailman came around with the afternoon mail. He always smiled at her and she regularly caught him staring at her expansive chest. Let him look she thought, it’s flattering. He placed the usual junk on her desk and a plain brown box. About the size of a shoe box. Then he was gone and Zoe turned to the box. It was unmarked but addressed by hand. She ripped the seal and lifted the lid. There was another, smaller, box inside and a pink envelope.

Zoe neatly tore open the pink envelope and withdrew a single piece of folded white paper, with a handwritten note on it.

Open the second box somewhere more private. I’ll be in the Exchange Bar at 7.30pm this evening, wait for me at the bar. I don’t have to tell you how to dress — you always impress me! I have a treat for you: some role play. Make sure you’re wearing what’s in the box underneath everything else. If you’re good you’ll get rewarded as you go. xx

Her breathing quickened and she felt a familiar weight in her stomach and dampness between her legs. She loved the naughtiness of it all. She carefully checked her watch. It was half past four, only three hours until the time he demanded! Thoughts of her boyfriend escort ankara briefly fled her mind as this remnant of her sexually adventurous youth occupied her.

She grinned again, moving as quickly as she dared to take the box to the nearest toilet. There she carefully opened it and pulled aside the delicately folded tissue paper covering her present. It was a sex toy she’d seen before, although this one was beautiful with it. Not the usual practical rubber finish but gleaming silver.

Shaped like a crooked ‘U’ one end would fit one end inside her while the other end rubbed against her clit. She couldn’t see how to turn this one on but she was sure she would work it out. She was puzzled though: she was expecting underwear. Why would he want her to wear this under her knickers? And in a bar?

And why a bar at all: he usually eschewed bars for fine restaurants; or straight to hotel rooms; or sometimes to some other exotic locations he planned to defile her in; rarely just a normal bar.

Her mind ran through possibilities, and to previous times they’d met. The most recent was some years ago now but with the recollection she allowed her hand to drift up her thigh and pull her already soaking knickers to one side. Her fingers quickly found her dripping clit and she used two to bring herself to a quick orgasm. Unsatisfying, but enough to keep her sated until later.

Then, her pussy still wet and receptive, she slid the fat, silver toy into herself. She shuddered, it was a little cool but filled her nicely. Her knickers pulled it tight and she was pleased to find that the end touched her clit perfectly. She could feel it in every step she took and enjoyed the walk back to her desk. And everything was still tingling as she sent a text to Kevin to say she would be going to Jane’s. And it was still tingling when she sent a text to Jane to cover for her.


And so, three hours later Zoe found herself in the Exchange Bar with a large Cosmopolitan. Sitting on a bar stool with her pussy still damp and her clit rubbing almost imperceptibly against the hard metal inside her. She was wearing a classy but daring navy-blue dress. It hugged her figure delightfully and showed off all of her curves. It was low cut enough that any observer would see the full effect of her magnificent chest and only just covered her arse and her upper legs. Sitting on the high bar stool as she was there wasn’t much left to the imagination.

She tried to look around discretely, she didn’t want to look too eager. The bar was just plain average. There were light corners, dark corners, bar stools, tables and booths. Pretty much what you’d expect to find. It wasn’t late yet so the crowd was thin. There were a few couples, a few groups of guys or girls, and a single guy sitting at the bar down from her.

She couldn’t see him anywhere.

Her eyes watching the door, she didn’t see the girl approach her from behind. “Hi are you Zoe?” she asked.

“Yes I am.” Zoe examined the girl. She was young, maybe below 20 and had red hair with a small frame and perhaps only a B cup. She looked flushed and was panting a little. As Zoe turned to her she subconsciously adjusted her leather mini skirt which was barely covering her tiny arse.

“I have a letter for you. A man I, um, a man I just met asked me to give it to you. I don’t know who he was, I just spoke to him quickly,” she finished briefly and her face flushed a little more.

Sophie took the offered letter which was in a familiar pink envelope. As soon as she was relieved of her duty the girl walked quickly out the door. Sophie shook her head in slight confusion and opened the envelope to read the message inside.

So, I have this fantasy. And I figure we’ll both enjoy it if you help me act it out. I’ve probably told you before but I really enjoy the thought of girls getting picked up in bars and doing nasty things with strangers. And I know you like doing nasty things sincan escort with strangers.

Here’s the story: you’ve been stood up by a guy you met in a bar at the weekend. You were going to meet him for a drink. Now he’s not shown up and he’s not answering his mobile. What a jerk! You’re going to finish your drink and leave. Unless a better offer comes up in the meantime of course.

Because I want you to enjoy this even more than I will, I’m going to reward you when you’re good (by which of course I mean bad). Assuming you’ve done as you’ve been told then you currently have a rather expensive vibrator buried in your beautiful pussy. I have a remote control for it. Oh I’m so naughty!

As usual you’re in charge, if you want to get out of any situation just take your bracelet off and run your hand through your hair. I’ll see you and I’ll come and rescue you.

Sophie looked up from the letter and as she did so she felt a warm glow coming from her pussy. It took a moment for her to register what was happening and then she realised that the vibrator in her was throbbing. A very low vibration it still caused her to catch her breath and her cheeks to flush.

She looked around guiltily. She knew she shouldn’t be playing games like this but it sounded just so much fun! She enjoyed the throbbing in her pussy for a few moments longer until it faded away and she realised it had been turned off. Must be time for her to play her part.

Pretending to make a call, Sophie held her mobile phone against her ear and listened to nothing for a few moments. She then slammed the phone closed dramatically and announced ‘fucking idiot’ to herself in a stage whisper.

The man at the end of the bar, sitting by himself was startled and looked up to catch her eye. “Everything OK there?” he asked. He was wearing a nice suit with a dark shirt — looking like he’d come straight from work.

“I’ve been stood up,” Sophie fumed back at him. “What a waste of a fucking evening.” As she said this the throbbing in her pussy returned: a reward for playing her part.

“Well would you, I mean, perhaps, could I buy you a drink?”

Sophie pointed at her already three-quarters full glass. “I’m already stacked thanks. Besides, I’m sure your girlfriend will be here shortly.”

“Oh I’m not waiting for anyone.” He rushed to tell her. Sophie’s phone beeped and she looked down at it. It was him. He’s lying — but his girlfriend won’t be here for half an hour. How he knew this Sophie had no idea, but it was useful info.

“OK then Mr Suit: I’m yours until I finish this Cosmo and then I’m leaving.” Sophie turned around to face him and as she pushed herself around the bar stool she allowed her legs to part slightly so Mr Suit would see straight up her pale thigh to the darkness at the top. Of course he couldn’t see the silver vibrator now tapping a delightful rhythm on her clit. Sophie could feel it though and almost purred at the feeling. She tapped the stool now directly in front of her. “Why don’t you come and sit here?”

He walked over and sat on the stool, now finding himself between her legs and able to stare right into her eyes. Or down her top at the exquisite tits there. They chatted about nonsense like work and friends and the weather. Sophie remembered exactly how much she enjoyed seducing men. The thrill of the chase. The knowledge that they will do anything for just one more seemingly innocent caress of the arm or hand or leg as she says something. And she could see it was working. Her gorgeous figure, bare legs and suggestive touches were having the desired effect.

Beep. Another text. Christ, I can see his hard on from here. I’ll give you a little treat if you say something dirty to him. 15 minutes until his girlfriend arrives. Sophie looked around again — still unable to work out where he was watching her from. Sophie leaned forward until her mouth was a bare inch from his ear and her bare thighs were demetevler escort pressing against the outside of his legs. As she whispered her breath teased the sensitive skin of his ear and neck: “I know you’re waiting for your girlfriend. I know we only have ten minutes. All I want to know is what you want to happen in those ten minutes? I guess it’s nine now,” she finished with a breathy sigh, a lot of eye contact and a seemingly shy nibble of her lower lip that she knew made her look almost innocent.

He stuttered slightly and looked around nervously. “No, really, erm, I mean, you know, I am here by myself.” Zoe rolled her eyes and let one hand caress his inner thigh, feeling him trembling.

“Follow me,” was all she said. Standing up, not looking back, she walked towards the toilets. Her phone beeped: don’t you dare let him fuck you, that was far too easy. She guessed from the message that the suit was following her, and felt her pussy leaking her precious juices around the softly vibrating dildo inside her. Zoe didn’t stop until she was inside a cubicle in the men’s room when she turned around and sank to her knees automatically in front of the suited man she knew was still following her.

He fumbled behind himself to close the door and get the lock in to place. His eyes closed as her small hand caressed up his suit trousers and pressed them against his rock-hard cock. Looking up at him, Zoe’s eyes caught his and held them hypnotically. “I’m going to suck your cock now,” was all she said. Then, as her gaze held him captive her deft hands quickly unfastened his belt and trousers and reached inside to caress his cock, skin on skin, warm hand on hot cock. He moaned and his cock twitched in her hand. Drawing it out in to the cooler air, her hand rubbed up and down it excitedly. This was so wrong, but the excitement, the confidence grew in her as she remembered the power she held over men.

Her mouth dipped forward and the suit’s cock twitched again the first time her tongue caressed his cockhead. Almost as if she was being watched, the vibrator started up again, at a faster pace, and tapping now against her clit as well. She couldn’t resist the taste of the cock much longer as her mouth engulfed it. He moaned loudly as her tongue spread her spit all over his solid shaft. Looking up at him once more she took her mouth off long enough to ask him “does your girlfriend suck your cock as well as this little slut does?”

His reply was animalistic; a simply grunted negative as he shook his head and his hand on her neck forced her mouth back over his throbbing hardness. The pressure on her clit grew and she felt her wetness leaking out against her bare thighs, above her stockings. “Fuck you bitch,” he spat through clenched teeth, “I’m going to cum, fuck, yes, I’m going to cum in your slut mouth.” Hearing the words, hearing how she’d made him lose control so completely, Zoe felt her orgasm overcome her. Her body shook as her tongue flicked over the underside of his cockhead one last time and he started cumming in long, hot, salty bursts in to her mouth.

He zipped up, looking nervous and sheepish now as Zoe sat back on the floor, revelling in the glow of her orgasm. It wasn’t that the orgasm was better than her boyfriend gave her, it was just different. There was so much pleasure wrapped up in the psychological game that she was playing tonight that even the best sex with her boyfriend couldn’t give her the same feeling.

She let him leave and checked her phone again whilst straightening herself out. She’d missed a couple of messages. The first was an instruction to make him cum in her mouth: ‘great minds think alike’ she thought with a smile. The second was a short, ten second, video clip of her on her knees, the suited cock punishing her mouth. Her breath caught as she tried to work out how the video had been taken without her seeing. She watched it again. And again. Fuck she looked good doing that. And the look in his face as she did it. Wow.

The phone beeped again: You can’t waste all evening on the floor of the men’s room, not now you’re alone anyway. Time to go back out in to the bar.

Zoe swallowed and realised that her night was just starting…

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