An Office Surprise


My shifts at the restaurant had been cut, and, needing money, I joined a temping agency. My CV for office work is pretty poor, no typing skills to speak of, so I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from Claire at the agency late on Friday afternoon. “Hi Molly, I’ve got you some work for next week. It’s just filing and photocopying, but if you make a good impression they might find more for you to do.” She gave me the company name and address, and wished me a good weekend. Monday morning arrived, and I wearily awoke at 6.30, dragging myself to the shower. I washed my hair and wrapped it in a towel while I had coffee and toast with marmalade. By 7.15 I was dressed in my dark blue skirt and a pale pink silk blouse, my only pair of sensible shoes, with a two inch heel, and set off to the bus stop. I felt like a lot of people on the bus felt like, I could go back to bed and forget about work, but remembering the pile of bills steadily building I knew that wasn’t an option. The office was in a nice park on the edge of town. I went into reception at just before eight o’clock. The receptionist looked me up and down over the top of her glasses, and immediately took against me. I didn’t etlik escort care, I wasn’t here to work with her. She phoned through to Mr Cooper, the guy I’d be working for, and told me to wait in the reception area. I sat, deliberately facing ‘receptionist bitch’, smiling politely at the other people coming in. Her face grew darker by the second!! Mr Cooper was a tubby, balding man with wire-rimmed glasses and a touch of BO. He was sweet enough, fussing over me, showing me around the office, showed me how to turn on the computer and log into the company database. The first day was easy, just getting to know where things were, and Mr Cooper even treated me to lunch in the canteen, a nice Caesar chicken salad. The next couple of days were a bit more full on, the company were busy doing a mailshot so there was lots of things to print out, and photocopying to be done. The work was monotonous, and I got told on numerous occasions to put my phone away. It was like being back at school! The only good thing was the guys, I like to flirt, and they liked it, too. Apart from one guy, very aloof, but drop-dead gorgeous. Light tan, grey eyes, hair just a tad too keçiören escort long, tall and slim. He always looked immaculate, but it was like he didn’t try. For some reason he chose to ignore me. His loss, I thought. Thursday night, I went out with my girlfriend, Tanya, not getting home till almost 3am. When the alarm went off, I turned it off, then woke up late. Shit, my first week, and already I’d messed up. I tore into the bathroom, missing my coffee and catching a later bus. I tried to sneak in just after nine, but the cow on reception spotted me. I thought I’d got away with it, Mr Cooper wasn’t at his desk, so I got to work, determined to catch up. At eleven, Mr Cooper came in, he’d been off-site with customers. He took me to one side. “Molly, what time did you get here today?” I knew that cow had already told him, so I confessed. “I’m so sorry, Mr Cooper, it was silly of me. I overslept and..” He looked disappointed. “We have to get that mailing compiled and ready to post by close of business today. Can I count on you to make up the time, and get it done?” It wasn’t really a question. “Of course, Mr Cooper. I’ll stay until it’s done.”  kızılay escort He nodded, “Then we’ll say no more about it. Just remember, there may be more work for you if you behave”. Suitably chastised, I got to work, notching up paper-cut after paper-cut, taking a short lunch, and doing my best to get it all done. Five o’clock came, and, one by one the rest of the workers left to enjoy their weekends. I was stuck in a small room with the photocopier, churning out pamphlets. Mr Cooper stopped by, thanked me for my hard work, and, after I promised again to get it all done, he left for the weekend. The photocopier was working overtime, and I sat on the floor to collate all the different papers together. I thought I was alone, so I slipped off my shoes, and hiked my skirt halfway up my thighs as it was more comfortable. The room was stuffy, and there was no window, so a button or two on my blouse was loosened. I took the grip out of my hair, shaking it loose. I was kneeling on the floor when the door opened, and Mr Aloof walked in. He looked surprised, then his eyes took me in, I was sure he could see my knickers as the skirt was now way up my thighs, and he could also get an eyeful of my cleavage, too. I looked hot- not sexy hot, just bloody hot! My face was flushed, my hair damp around the fringe. “Sorry”, he smirked, “Did I interrupt something?” The dirty sod must have thought I was masturbating! I ignored him, thinking two could play at that game.

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