An Interlude In The Country


We are in Your car heading towards the hotel, and I am in a flurry of sexual excitement, desperate to have Your cock inside me.   I’m not good at waiting at the best of times, and the fact You are so calm and collected – as always – and without a hint of need makes me worse.   I’m really pushing my luck, occasionally dancing my fingers over your crotch and things and letting my hands brush over my breasts through my blouse, making my nipples stand out proudly. You aren’t saying much, just making the occasional comment, sometimes teasing me back, (“Are you horny, My slut?”) and so I continue to push a little more… a little more… “Have some self control, slut.” You eventually say as You begin to tire of my antics. “I thought my control was Your responsibility Master,” I reply mischievously and glance at You.   You look back without a word and shake Your head.   I finally get an inkling that maybe that comment was too much, but can’t think of anything to say in order to rectify it.   Rather than dig myself in deeper I remain silent and behave myself. You take a left turn and we are driving down a quiet country lane.   It’s a warm, pleasant day outside and everything is very pretty.   As I gaze out of the window and the scenery I am suddenly aware that the car is slowing down.   You pull into a lay-by and switch off the engine.   I turn to look at you questioningly and am met with the unmistakable sight of a riled almanbahis şikayet Master.   “If I am as responsible for your control as you think, then I had better do something about your current lack of it.   Get out of the car.” “Master..?” I say, wanting to know what You are going to do. “Now.” You reply, opening Your door and stepping outside, leaving me with little option but to follow. I unclip my seatbelt and get out, closing the door after me.   You walk round to where I am standing and step right up close until I trapped between You and the car.   I look up at You nervously – You can be very intimidating when You choose to be and I can feel myself trembling.   “I… I’m sorry master,” I whisper, staring fixedly at Your tie knot. “Quiet, bitch.” You reply icily.   “Turn around and put your hands on the roof of the car,” You add, stepping back just slightly to allow me to turn. I do as You order and then feel a cool breeze on my bottom as You lift my skirt and it back into the waistband.   Without any further warning Your hand slams against my left buttock in a hard smack and I can’t help crying out with the mixture of pain and shock. “Count them, slut.” You tell me and so I gasp out the first spank.   Immediately afterwards Your hand cracks down a second time. “Two Master!”I squeak.   “three!   Four!   F… Five, Master!” “I can’t hear you.   Count louder, you disobedient little bitch!” almanbahis canlı casino You say harshly as You continue to alternate smacks across my bottom and thighs. I struggle to comply with Your order as the burning sensation spreads across my flesh.   Fortunately I manage to keep up, even though I am desperate for You to stop. “Twenty three… twenty four… twenty five, Master!” I sob, and then finally the assault ceases.   Your roughly grope between my thighs and I moan lustily at Your touch – I know what You will find. “Soaking wet.   What… a little… slut.” You comment, punctuating each word with a slap to my pussy.   “Only a dirty little whore could get turned on from that.   Is that what you are?” “Yes, Master… I’m Your dirty little whore!” I gasp out, hoping to ingratiate myself. You don’t reply, just roughly unbutton my blouse and pull it from me, dropping it carelessly to the dusty ground.   You squeeze my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples until I moan with pain.   Then You take hold of hair and drag me around to the front of the car where You push me down roughly over the bonnet; the metal hot from the long drive, it threatens to sear my sensitive flesh.   I can feel my pussy juices running down my thighs. “Well, then… if You’re going to act like a whore, I’ll treat you like one, shall I?” I feel another rush of girl cum inside myself at Your low, sneering, tone.   You know exactly almanbahis casino how Your voice affects me. You kick my legs further apart and with my skirt still rumpled up around my waist I must truly look like a complete whore bent over Your car bonnet.   I hear the sound of You undoing Your belt, a faint rustling as You unzip Your trousers and then You thrust Your cock deep into my cunt in one swift movement.   It drives me forwards across the front of the car and I moan in pleasure. “Like that, slut?” You ask me as You press Your hand down on to my back. “Ohhh, yes master… fuck me… please… fuck Your little slut hard…” “Oh, I’m going to fuck you hard alright, bitch.” You reply and pull out of me slowly before ramming Your cock back in again hard.   You repeat it over and over, drawing back slowly before thrusting in again with all Your might, forcing your dick as deep as it will go into my pussy.   I’m pushing back to meet each thrust, gaining a sense of rhythm which is suddenly shatters as You take hold of my waist and begin to fuck me fast, making me brace my hands on the hot metal… god I wish I could reach my clit… “You dirty little fucktoy… who do you belong to?” You growl at me as You pull on my hair. “You! I belong to You, Master!” I gasp out as I squeeze Your cock in my cunt. “And who controls you, bitch?” You continue with another jerk on my hair. “You, Master – I’m Yours… Your bitch!   I’m Your fuckslut, Master!   I exist for Your pleasure… Yours to use Master…” I moan out as I feel my orgasm start to build. Suddenly I hear a car engine in the distance – I pay little attention at first and then it occurs to me that it’s heading this way.

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