An Indian Wife’s Party Quickie


The party was going on in full swing. It was to celebrate my husbands’ boss being a father of a baby boy. I am Nina. 29 years of age, married to Vivek for the last 6 years. We have no children as we have decided to delay being parents till we settle down with a good financial base. Vivek, my husband, who is 2 years older than me, was working as an Engineer for Mr. Raghavan’s firm since the last many years and they had become very good friends; in fact we had become very good family friends, – visiting each others’ houses, for lunches and dinners or just a casual drink.

Komal, Raghavan’s wife had delivered a day earlier and was at her parents’ house, which was a day’s travel. Komal had gone to her parents place for delivery, as is the tradition in Indian houses, since the last three months and Raghavan & Vivek either had their meals in hotels or sometimes came home for lunch or a casual dinner on weekends. We had become very close friends. To celebrate this occasion, Raghavan had given a party, to us and another 3 couples whose husbands worked in the firm, at his home which was a beautifully landscaped bungalow on the outskirts of Pune. It offered a fantastic view of the mountain range and offered good privacy. His house was aesthetically designed and Komal was a stickler for cleanliness and had a good sense of décor. Though sparsely decorated, it had the touch of a connoisseur.

Though we were just 8 guests, Raghavan had brought food for 20 guests. He had brought the most expensive liquors & wines and everyone, including the other three ladies enjoyed them, generously. The mood had lightened and the jokes had turned raunchier. While some of them giggled, the rest joined in with bursts of laughter.

As regards the house, it was palatial. It had a huge sitting room, placed at a lower level with the upper level holding the kitchen and dining room. The entire 3 sides of the sitting room were flanked by wide verandahs; with huge open French windows separating the hall & the verandahs. This created an aura of vastness and spaciousness in the room. The dining room was open and had no walls.

The architect had designed it, keeping privacy of the diners in mind, in case of casual visitors. The kitchen was any wife’s delight, holding the most modern gadgetry. There were three bedrooms; one was on the ground floor, while two were on the upper level. All being attached with bathrooms & toilets, one could have privacy at hand, without disturbing any other person in the house. However, there were two more bathrooms with toilets at the lower level next to the kitchen, which were kept for casual visitors and guests.

The lower bedroom was for guests, while the top one was used by Raghavan & Komal. The nearby one would now be used for the baby and was superbly decorated with curtains, soft toys and a rocking cradle.

The evening had slipped into darkness and the drinking binge had started having effect on all of us. One of the wives expressed her wish to me to use the washroom and I directed her to one of the lower toilets. Since she was not aware of the house, she requested me to accompany her. I went and showed it to her. As she closed the door, I saw Raghavan in the kitchen and went in to help him out.

“Boss. Any help?” I queried.

Raghavan turned around and was surprised to see me.

“Hey, there! What are you doing here? Hope you are enjoying the party?”

“Aarti wanted to use the toilet and I just came to guide her.”

“Oh! Nina you please use our bath, on the first floor, in case you need to. Komal has all the right things for make-up, in case you wish to powder your pretty nose. I am sure she will understand and not mind.”

“It’s ok, Boss. I could use the down one,” I replied.

“No, I insist. And please drop the ‘Boss’ part. Please call me Raghu. You are family, Nina,” he stressed. I blushed with the heaped adoration and being called family.

Raghavan is about Vivek’s age and was dusky, if may call him. He was in his shorts and a baggy tee-shirt. It hid his muscular frame and his flat tummy. However, the calf of his legs gave a good hint that he exercised regularly and would be good in bed. Looking at him, I was surprised to feel a tingle between my legs. Was I going moist? It must be the 3 glasses of beer I had guzzled, I thought.

I went to help him as he picked more beer and soda bottles from the fridge. Since it was a casual party amongst friends, I was wearing a loose white shirt over a knee length dark blue satin skirt. To accentuate my 5′ 5″ height, I was wearing 4″ heels. This attire made me stand out amongst the crowd. The other ladies were wearing either salwar’s or saris, which are normally worn by Indian ladies.

As he passed on the cold bottles from the fridge, I kept them on the tray to be carried out. I leant forward to pick up the tray, and that very time Raghavan reached out his arms from below to pick up the trays. Our hands criss-crossed and my right breast rested squarely in the crook of his left elbow.

An ankara escort bayan involuntary sigh of pleasure escaped my lips, as his arm pressed my boob and lingered on. Though it was an unplanned action, this fuelled my desired tingling and I could feel myself going moist there. In fact I was expecting my periods within a day or two and as a precaution I had worn a slim pad. In a short time I felt that I may have to check on the sanitary pad.

Raghavan realized it as an after- thought and hurriedly removed his arm. “I’m sorry, Nina. I didn’t mean to,” He apologized.

The tray fell back with a thud. At that moment Aarti came out of the toilet.

“What happened? Everything okay?” she enquire seeing us close together and clutching at the bottles.

“No problem Aarti,” I replied non-ruffled. “The tray was wet and it slipped. Luckily Mr. Raghavan was there or the bottles would have crashed to the floor.” I winked at Raghavan.

As Aarti left to go down, Raghavan whispered “I am really sorry. I did not mean it.”

“Mean what Boss?” I teased. I wanted to flirt with him a little, as he picked up the tray and I picked up the ice-bucket and started for the door.

“Uuuh, I mean …,” He fumbled for words. I was sure that he must have been really horny with his wife away for 3 months. These thoughts were really playing on my mind, and by that time we realized that we had reached the group.

Someone had cracked a joke and they were having a good laugh. Even the ladies were behaving like the boys and having a good time. Everyone had their glasses almost empty. The rest of the guys said that they wanted to go for a pee and left with the other two ladies. Aarti went along too.

“Boss, you don’t have to apologize so much. I should have been more careful. But it was a pleasure too.” I was in a mood to tease him, knowing that we could flirt safely, when the guests were not around. I had decided to let my hair down for once.

“You really mean that?” he enquired. “Thanks. And remember, you may please use the upper bathrooms. We have upgraded it to the best we could make.” I was not sure but I got a feeling that he was literally inviting me to go upstairs. This made me very inquisitive. Since Vivek had been with the company for a long time and there have been may visit to each others’ houses and parties, the ice between us broken down a long time ago.

Between the Raghavan’s and our family we were like age old friends, but the habit to call him “Boss” had not broken down.

Though we were close we had not crossed any limits of married life. However, I was sure that just like us, Raghavan & Komal too had been keeping a check on our statistics. I had seen Komal exchanging looks with Vivek, but had put that as a normal thing to happen between friends. Vivek too had never brought up this topic.

But today was different. The long absence of Komal and abstinence of sex must definitely be getting on Raghavan. Could it be that he was in a horny mood. And was he hitting on me? These thoughts were creating turmoil in me. The beer too was not helping and I let myself swim in these thoughts.

I am tall and slim, and have a 34C bust line, which has made many heads turn during college days. The pride of my boobs is that they are longish, conical, and curved upward, topped with pink areoles and a dark pink longish nipple. During our love making, Vivek spends a lot of time chewing them calling them “his Love papayas”. I love it when he does that during our foreplay. My breasts are very sensitive too, and Vivek plays with them a lot when we lie together with my back to him. My legs are not flabby and I wax them regularly.

Today I had worn a buttoned shirt and a very lacy & flimsy black bra, which pushed my breasts still higher. I was scared that my nipples would show through the T-shirt. Why was this conversation having this effect on me? I did not have time to think as the entire group came boisterously down the lawned path.

I did not realize but I gulped the half glass of beer and shouted “So everyone comfortable? Hope you’ll have pulled the flush?” I joked. Everyone burst out laughing and jokingly blamed one another.

So here we were back amidst the crowd and the conversation led from one topic to another. Mr. Raghavan announced that he was going to get some more snacks as he had to heat them up. Vivek called out to me “Hey Nina, why don’t you lend a hand to Mr. Raghavan? You know his kitchen,” he added.

I nodded and said that I also had to use the loo. There were woos & boos as I walked with Raghavan to his house, which as I said earlier at a little distance from the gardens.

“Nina, I will show you the loo and when you finish, you can come down.” He led the way up the stairs to his master bedroom. It was the best site that I saw. Majestically liveried furniture, pink & light blue laced curtains, soft lights and huge glass windows gave the bedroom a very, very sexy look. The view of the lighted city based below the hill added eryaman escort to the eroticism, as it gave one a perfect privacy, yet being able to see the entire city. He opened one of the huge window-cum-doors to the balcony and walked out, with me following in tow. I could see our group in the garden, but I was sure that they could not see me.

“Beautiful view” I complimented Raghavan. “You must be spending a lot of time here?” He just smiled and shook his head.

“I need to use your loo Mr. Raghavan.” I reminded him.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I got lost in thoughts. I remembered Komal.” He said. “This is our most special place. No prying eyes and pure nature.” We went inside, – again he leading and me following.

He went to a door inside the bedroom, a little to the left of the bed. It was a frosted glass door and it opened out into a very white and clean bathroom. It had a glass cubicle at one corner, with a set of hand sprays & jet sprays. One side was the bidet and besides it the toilet seat fixed into the wall and above the ground. The entire area was extremely clean & bright. The toilet seat faced the door. Mr. Raghavan moved aside and I brushed against him and entered inside. He let go of the door and walked away . . . or so I thought.

With the urge to urinate being very strong, I went to the toilet seat turned round and bunched up my skirt. I then hooked my fingers into my panty and slid it down to my ankles and checked out the sanitary pad. Though it was wet, I had not got my periods. I slipped it down as well. I then sat and relieved myself.

The sound of the falling urine resounded in that confine, making a big splashing sound. I knew it would take time to unload 3 beers stored in my bladder.

As I thought of the happenings of the evening, I got the familiar tingle between my legs. My pussy was getting moist and I desperately needed a release. If Mr. Raghavan had to make a pass at me, would I go along? Could I cheat on my husband? Would this be a start to an affair? I bunched up my skirt still further up under my shirt holding it with the left hand and my right hand slipped to the well shaven crack between my legs that needed urgent attention. I moved my fingers over the swollen lips of my vagina. I then slipped in my finger which slid in smoothly due to the slippery moisture.

I took my finger a little higher, touching my clitoris. I had closed my eyes to savour every bit of pleasure. My hand holding the skirt was creeping to my boobs. I needed attention; I needed a release. I decided to masturbate myself in this fantastic room behind the closed door.

I opened my eyes slowly. It was then that I got a shock of my life. Mr. Raghavan was standing just a foot away from me, inside the bathroom with his shorts& underwear bunched near his knees, and his chocolaty brown penis was standing erect. Though it may have been just about 6-7 inches long, it was as thick as his arm. It looked like a baton. It must have been at least 2.5 to 3 inches thick. It was just about a foot away from my mouth, bobbing away to glory. The tip was like a fist but smooth and bulbous to look at. I have seen porno movies but this was way beyond my imagination.

“Mr. Raghavan, what are you doing?” I expressed to him, unable to take my eyes of his cock.

“Please, what will Komal say?”

“Nina, I am sorry, but you are just very erotic today. I could not control myself. I have controlled myself for the last 3 months. I am really sex starved. Please don’t get angry.”

“Mr. Raghavan, I am married. So are you.” I tried to explain, but little realizing that my shaved pussy was totally exposed to him, while my other hand was on my boob. “What if the guests come to know? It will be a big scandal.”

Inadvertently, and little realizing the fact, I had given a candid consen. Would I make this dream a reality?

“Nina, they are all having a time of their life along with the ladies” he explained in a way a child tries to get a sweet from his mother. “If you only agree to give me a release. Please Nina, Please.”

“But, Mr. Raghavan …,” I tried to feign my non-consent. Realizing that I too wanted it and was frightened, he came close and held my hand that was fondling the vagina. He placed it on his prick. My hand could not go around it.

He held me by my shoulder and lifted me up. My hand was still holding his monster. He released my other hand of the skirt and took it down. It was only then that the fingers of both hands met around his thick penis.

“Mr. Raghavan, you have a very big penis. It will tear any cunt apart.” I was now afraid that things were going too far. “What if someone comes looking for us?”

“Don’t worry, I have locked the door” he assured me. I understood his erupting passion, which had been bottled up for these long months of abstinence; coupled with his attraction towards greener pastures of fucking his friends wife and the romantic atmosphere of his room — his bedroom, where he shared moments of passion with etlik escort his wife. This concoction of lust was too much for either of us.

He pulled me to him and kissed me roughly on my lips. I closed my eyes as I feltl his thick tongue entering my mouth searching for my tongue and I allowed him to savour his treasure. He sucked it in his mouth and played with it. It was a first time experience for me and I enjoyed it. I melted in his arms. What were friends for? A friend in need is a friend indeed! I justified to myself.

My skirt had dropped back covering my knees, but my panties with the sanitary pad dangled at my feet. I felt him release my tongue, bend down and lift me up. I felt very secure in his arms. “Don’t ever mention this to Vivek, please. He will be devastated,” I pleaded with him. He took me near the bed and put me down near the full length mirror.

“This will be our secret,” He assured. My shoulder length hair were sprawled hither thither over my face and I could see me in the mirror with Raghavan close behind me. His hands were circling around me, sliding over my shirt to my boobs. I gasped as his hands squashed them in unison. His baton-like penis, literally drilling into my lower back.

The erotic sensation was heightened with a mixture of emotions — guilt of cheating on my husband — for the first time, fright of getting caught with a crowd around and mostly thinking about how this monster would be ravaging my tiny pussy, when it had been used to being regularly drilled by a 6 inch long and a normal size prick of Vivek.

Like all married couples, after six years sex had become a routine on a twice or three times a week schedule. Vivek would come home tired every day and sex was restricted to weekends; and that too for a short time. Though we loved each other, we had never given a thought for adultery to add spice to sex.

Here I was being crumpled in the arms of my husbands’ boss, with my husband and his friends just a shout away.

By now he had lifted my shirt and was holding on to my boobs squeezing the plumpy base and twirling the nipple with his fingers.

“Wow!! Your breasts have been specially sculpted by the creator. Komal has very big ones but nothing like yours’. You have the gift of the finest nipples. I have never seen anything like this. Vivek must be really feasting on them.” He praised.

Vivek’s name brought me down to earth. I turned around and faced him. My bra encased breasts mashed onto his chest. As he turned his attention to my lips, his hand had gone behind me to my bra clasp. In no time I could feel my pushed up breasts, suddenly become free of the cups. My bra was hanging only from my shoulder straps. I looked into his eyes. They were filled with a passion and lust. His hands went up further on my back and he slid the straps towards the sleeve of the blouse.

I helped him to wriggle the straps down my hand and was free of the bra. As I looked down my shirt front, which was still intact, I could see my stiff nipples pointing to Raghavan. I blushed at my realization that I was braless in front of another man, rather than my husband. My hand was still holding my sexy bra in my hand when I felt his hand slide along mine and take away the bra.

“I am going to keep this as a souvenir,” he said triumphantly, putting them round his shoulders like a tiny shawl.

“No, please Vivek will be suspicious. Also I become very visible, when I don’t wear a bra. Please don’t do this,” I implored.

“What do you mean ‘visible?” Raghavan asked. I blushed not knowing how & what to reply. He put his fingers below my chin and lifted my face up to look into his eyes. He then brought down to my now free breast and held it towards the tip and squeezed the nipple.

“Ouch…” was my reaction, as I pressed myself to him.

“You mean that these kohinoor Diamonds (referring to the Indian Diamond in the Tower of London)” playing with my nipples over the shirt. “I think you need to let them loose. Even if Vivek sees them, tell him you had come from home like this. I am going to keep this as my trophy.”

“What if Komal finds it?” I asked.

“I’ll make her wear it!” he said point blank.

I was scared that somebody may miss us, but then I realized that our absence was just for about 15 minutes — from the toilet to the mirror to me being bared of my brassiere. Until now Raghavan had only got a view of my shaven pussy. His friendship with my boobs was platonic over the shirt. He had also got a feel of them below the shirt, but he had not seen them.

Dressed in my shirt and my skirt, though without any underclothes, Raghavan started to push me towards the nearby bed. I had never ever thought of being bedded by a stranger, and here I was being guided to a massive marital bed of another man; and that too who was my husbands’ boss.

“Mr. Raghavan, please I have never done such a thing before.” I pleaded. He must have surely guessed my half-hearted denial. In response, he kissed me roughly and dry humped me over the skirt as his prick had formed a spear of muscle waiting to invade me.

I was really scared that we would be caught. They would surely miss us. Also if someone came to go to the toilet, they would not find us in the kitchen.

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