An Afternoon Stroll In The Park


An Afternoon Stroll In The ParkAfter spending a wonderful morning with Kimmy I decided to park the car and stroll down to the park and grab a bite to eat, it had been a while since I had visited Doris and as Vikki wouldn’t be home for a few hours I felt I needed the exercise.As I approached the café I could see it was quite busy with lunchtime students from the local school and Doris did do a mean burger and chips at a reasonable price so walking in I thought I would be hard pushed to get a seat but as Doris saw me walk in she pointed up the back of the café where 3 girls were sitting at a table so had a spare seat.The girls smiled at I approached and as the spare seat was on the inside against the wall I had to squeeze past this girl who made no effort to pull her chair in which resulted in me pressing my flopping cock against her shoulders as I squeezed past and to be honest I did exaggerate it a little which caused her to raise her eyebrows and let out a little giggle.I said ‘hello’ as I sat down but they were all too busy on their phones to even notice I was there, youth of today eh!!The art of conversation was definitely lost on these three and I was quite sure they were texting each other at the table which did give me an opportunity to check them out, all pretty average and all wearing the customary black skirts which are always too short and white shirts with little white ankle socks, nothing changes.Although no words were exchanged I did get a few raised eyebrows from the two girls sitting opposite me as the girl sitting next to me occasionally glanced down and noticed that I was obviously not wearing anything under my white sports shorts and was relaying that information to her friends via text message and what made it worse was that knowing this made my cock twitch which I am sure was seen by the girl next to me, after all she had already had the benefit of my cock rubbing against her shoulders.Doris arrived with my coffee and I ordered my burger and after telling me it might be a while I settled down to observe the youth of today. Clumsy old me dropped my spoon on the floor and being closed in like I was I knew it would be difficult to get it so decided that the only way I was going to get it would be to lean across the girl next to me, “Excuse me love” I said softly as I leaned down basically putting my head in her lap and tried to reach under the table to get my spoon. I heard giggling from above and as I looked at the two girls who were sitting opposite me I certainly felt a stirring in my loins.Both girls sat there with their legs apart and I could see right up their short skirts with a clear view of what looked like regulation white cotton knickers, surely they knew I was looking under the table but made no effort to change position and after lingering a few seconds I grabbed my spoon and resurfaced feeling a bit flushed as the blood had run to my head.“Did you get it sir?” the girl next to me asked and holding it in my hand proved my mission was successful.I saw the girl next to me glance down at my shorts again and after seeing their knickers it did have an effect on me and a bulge was definitely now visible and I think she was busy texting her friends about what she had seen.The girl sitting opposite me proved that ‘clumsy’ was definitely catching as she accidently dropped her fork onto the floor, “Ooops” she said with a giggle as she moved her chair back and got down under the table to fetch it, knowing what she was doing I widened my legs giving her the best opportunity to find her lost fork, “OMG” I heard her say softly knowing that with my legs spread and my sports shorts being rather short I knew that my freshly trimmed balls would be on display and a quick glance down not only confirmed that but showed my bulge increasing in size under the thin white fabric. She was down there far too long and when she surfaced she had a smile on her face and picking up her phone started texting her friends, the girl next to me immediately looked down to confirm her friends findings.After a few more messages were exchanged the other girl sitting opposite me suddenly dropped her fork and in a voice of dismay said “Ooops silly me” as she then pushed her chair back in order to get down and retrieve her lost cutlery and as she disappeared from view I realized she had taken her phone with her. I opened my legs again to give her every chance of finding her fork and found my bare knee touching the thigh of the girl sitting next to me and with neither of us making any effort to withdraw it resulted in my arousal increasing which in turn raised the front of my shorts up higher producing an even bigger shorts gap making my balls even more visible, I heard a couple of clicks which told me the girl under the table had taken a couple of snapshots.Within a minute of returning to her chair the snapshots had been shared which raised a few giggles and out the corner of my eye I saw the girl next to me looking down again to see at first hand the growing bulge bahis şirketleri in my shorts.Not wanting to be left out I stirred my coffee again and the spoon spun out of my hand back onto the floor which did cause all the girls to giggle, I turned to the girl next to me, “Excuse me love” I said as I reached down and again putting my head onto her lap and looked under the table for where the spoon had ended up, both girls sitting opposite helped by widening their legs showing even more of their white cotton panties which was certainly a treat, “Can you see ok sir?” I heard one girl ask and although the spoon was too far to reach and even though the girl who’s lap I had my head on widened her legs it was still unreachable.I had an idea, I tried to reach as far as I could however in doing so my head spun around on the girls lap and what made it worse was that it pushed her skirt up with it and now I was faced with her white cotton panties right in front of my face and I don’t think her friends knew what had happened but I did hear an “OMG sir” from the girl who’s pussy was now in my face, damn I could smell the musky aroma of her cotton knickers.I don’t think her friends realised what had happened but before I decided to lift myself up and concede defeat I did feel her push a little against my face and as I straightened up I did see she had a frozen look on her face and quickly readjusted her skirt.Once the girl next to me recovered from my intrusion between her legs she again looked down at my lap, “I can see it sir, shall I try?” she asked which being in the same enclosed space as me would involve putting her head in my lap and reaching down, but she offered!! “OK, why not” I replied and as her friends opposite looked on the girl leant over putting her head down on my lap and I gasped as she pressed her head hard against my boner and while she was fumbling about reaching for the spoon I had to again widen my legs but she still had to stretch her arm out, I think she got her fingers to it because I could hear the noise but OMG she had her face right down between my legs and I definitely felt a wet contact on my balls.As she finally came up she turned her head I and couldn’t help but press her mouth up the length of my shaft which was now pushing the inside of my shorts and as she straightened up she slammed the spoon on the table and gave me a thunderous look, “Damn, all that for a spoon” she said which made the other two girls giggle.“I’m so sorry” I said softly feeling a bit embarrassed but the girl looked at me struggling to keep eye contact, “It’s ok sir, we got there in the end and I didn’t mind helping you sir” she said giving me a warm smile, “I’m Mel by the way” she continued to which I replied, “Nice to meet you Mel, I’m Frank” and at least the ice was broken.The girls opposite were Shaz and Mia which I found out after we had done formal introductions however the chat didn’t really continue as the girls seemed more comfortable chatting amongst themselves via messenger which was fine by me. I managed to finish my burger without any more mishaps and after I finished I turned to the girls, “Do you know if there is a toilet here? Hoping that one of them would give me the answer that I already knew and it was Shaz who was sitting opposite me that answered, “Yes sir, I need to go too sir so I will show you” she said and stood up, luckily the break had deflated my boner so I wasn’t embarrassed by standing up however I still had to squeeze past Mel again and couldn’t resist the close contact brushing her shoulder again as I passed.I followed Shaz out to the toilets hoping that they would be vacant and thanked my lucky stars as we walked in and both cubicles were vacant, “Thank you Shaz” I said as I went into one and she went into the other and I was impressed at how clean Doris had kept them since the refurbishment. There was still a big gap at the bottom of the divider and I smiled when I saw the ‘airflow’ hole was still there. I stood by the toilet and pulled my shorts down to my ankles and glanced sideways through the hole and could definitely see a shadow which meant that Shaz’s head wasn’t far away from the hole and she was looking at me through it as I held my cock and started to pee into the bowl.I could hear a couple of clicks which told me she had taken a couple of snapshots which I knew would be shared and after I had finished I took my time in shaking the drips to see if she made any signal to me however when I heard the toilet flush I knew I was out of luck and after she left I pulled up my shorts and washed my hands before leaving.I returned back into the café and saw Mel sitting there on her own, “Oh where are your friends?” I asked as I got back to the table deciding to sit opposite her rather than squeeze past, she looked up from her phone, “Oh they went back, I have a free period so not rushing” she replied still looking at her phone and it didn’t need Einstein to tell me what she was looking at.We finished our drinks and I stood bahis firmaları up and could see Mel looking at my shorts and luckily I didn’t have a boner however I was sure she could see the outline of my cock under the thin fabric, “So what are you going to do to kill your free period?” I asked politely and she looked up at me with a blank expression on her face, “I don’t know sir” she replied.“Well I am going for a walk; do you want to join me?” I suggested as I did like to walk in the woods as it is usually so peaceful and believe it or not, relaxing too. Mel thought for a minute, “I don’t know sir” she sighed obviously thinking it a bit weird going for a walk in the woods with a man well older than herself which was totally understandable, “You might be a pervert sir” she continued which I felt was a joke comment as she did have a smile on her face, I laughed to show that I took her comment lightly, “Hmm, it’s up to you Mel” I replied as I started to walk away, “OK sir, I will come for a walk with you” she said as she hurried to catch me up.We chatted away about nothing in particular apart from having a giggle about dropping cutlery and followed a couple of narrow paths and to be honest I had no idea where we were which I had to admit to Mel so she got her phone out to find us on the map, after finding out our location Mel saw an old fallen tree laying across the path, “Ohh I love climbing trees sir” she said running up to mingle of fallen branches. I had no idea what she was hoping to achieve but it was a welcome distraction to the walk and a welcome breather for both of us although I did think that Mel climbing the tree in her uniform would be interesting.I laughed and held her hand as she walked along the fallen trunk however she was getting higher and I had to let go of her hand at one point but kept a close eye on her and as she stopped holding on to a branch her knees were at eye level so when I looked up I had a perfect worms eye view up her short school skirt and even though she was oblivious to the fact her knickers were on show she was the queen of the castle, “Look at me sir” she cried out and having to widen her legs for balance I could see the tight gusset of her panties between her legs and could not only see a few fair pubic hairs poking out the sides but a sweet cameltoe.“Look how tall I am sir” she said as the tree started to shake which startled her and forced me to reach up and grab her hips and I could see a bit of fear on her face, “Don’t worry Mel, I got you” I said and as I gripped her hips it inadvertently pulled her skirt up a couple of inches and it was at that point she realised her knickers were on display, “OMG sir, are you looking up my skirt sir” she sighed having nowhere to go nor anyway to avoid it, “No not at all Mel, I am just holding you safe” I replied still having the perfect view between her legs which was starting to have an effect down below in my shorts.“That’s good sir, it would be wrong to be pervy sir” she continued as I continued to hold on to her hips.A little bit further along the trunk was a branch that came down and Mel suggested inching along to that in order to climb down it and get her feet back on the ground, “Make sure you keep hold sir, I don’t want to fall” she sighed and she was genuinely scared albeit she was only 6 foot off the ground. As she inched sidewards along the trunk I kept hold of her however the movement did force her skirt to inch up further and the continued sight of her regulation white cotton panties was having a serious effect on my arousal and I could feel my cock hardening under my shorts, something she wasn’t aware of as her concentration was solely on moving up the trunk.When we got to the branch that she was going to climb down on we had to perform a tricky manoeuvre to turn around and come down backwards, this proved to be a task and a half for the poor girl. I kept my grip as she tentatively turned however her skirt was all over the place and my hands, in order to keep a grip, had now slipped under her skirt but I think Mel’s fear of falling stopped her from complaining even though her pantie clad arse was exposed, what made it worse for her was that half of her panties were bunched up the crack of her arse.She couldn’t even attempt to pull her skirt down as she didn’t want to let go of the branch, “Now take it nice and slowly Mel, I got you” I said reassuringly, “And take a breather at anytime” I added, “Thank you sir” she replied as she started to find her footing.With every little step I had my hands up inside her skirt and somehow my thumbs were pressing against the cheeks of her little arse which was getting closer to my face with every inch she descended and because her legs were parted coming down the gusset of her panties was getting dangerously close to my face and the only way to avoid contact would be to step away which would invariably end up with her falling which neither of us wanted.A couple of steps down and my nose was pressing against the crack of kaçak bahis siteleri her arse and because she had pushed out slightly it meant that my mouth was pressed hard between her legs, “OMG sir, I am so sorry sir” she cried out but I was soon to put her at ease as my tongue touched the fabric of her gusset, “Its OK Mel, take a breather if you need to” I said as my hands were now more over her cheeks than her hips.“OMG sir, you face is right in.. Oh Mmm sir..” she sighed as my tongue flicked between her legs and I could definitely smell the musky aroma which was giving me a head rush as well as a throbbing erection.I got the impression that Mel was starting to like it as I definitely felt her pushing back on me and with a slight hand adjustment I was able to hook her bunched panties with my thumb and pull them aside which allowed my tongue access to her pussy lips and as I was able to widen her cheeks my nose pressed hard against her sweet ring.“Oh sir I don’t think you should be .. OMG sir.. Mmm sir” she sighed and seemed to be rooted to the spot not knowing whether to stay and enjoy the sensations or move to get down however it was a good job my face was where it was because she was certainly pushing back on me with some gusto.I could feel her knees starting to shake and she tried to come down a little further and with my tongue pushing hard between her legs all that was achieved was my nose pushed further up her crack and my tongue now rested against her pouting starfish which in my eyes wasn’t a bad thing, “OMG sir, I am SO sorry” she cried until she realised that having my tongue probing her dirt box wasn’t such a bad thing.With her posture being bent further at the waste her arse was pushed hard against my face so I had to adjust my hands more onto her cheeks which also gave me better control of her panties and I was able to pull them right over to one side allowing me to pull her cheeks wider giving me better access to her sweet shaded starfish, “Take a breather Mel, it’s ok I have you” I said as my tongue tried to push into her pouting tunnel entrance, “But sir, you have your … OMG sir.. Oh yes” she sighed beginning to enjoy my wet pink muscle pushing into her rectum.My cock was now solid inside my shorts and pushing hard against the waistband making it rather uncomfortable and after an elongated breather Mel started her decent again.As she started to come down my hands started to move further up her body and somehow had slipped inside her school shirt and my face was now tight against the bare skin of her back, she didn’t have far to go now and as my hands worked their way around the front they managed to push her l oose fitting bra up and I now found myself holding her small bee stings in my hands feeling her stiffening nipples pushing against my palms.As her arse was still pushed out it had run down my chest and as she stopped to take another breather just inches from the ground I could feel my cock pressing hard against her arse, why she needed another breather was beyond me and my only thought was maybe she thought she was higher up than she was.I gave her little titties a squeeze forcing Mel to let out a sigh and I could feel her wiggle her arse against my throbbing rod and being so close to the ground I was able to pull one of my hands down and sneakily pull my cock out the top of my shorts which was something she didn’t realise I had done until I positioned it between her still parted legs, “OMG sir, NOOO… what are you doing?” she cried as my swollen head pushed between her parted labia lips and although she protested I did feel her pushing down forcing my cock to enter her, once inside I quickly returned my hand back up under her shirt and back onto her little bee sting.“OMG sir, that is um… Oh yes sir.. Mmm” she cried as my cock pushed further inside her and as I immediately felt her cunt muscles contacting I thrust further into her tight cunt.I could feel Mel getting wetter as I got into my rhythm and bless her she held onto the branches for dear life as I pumped and grinded into her young pussy and it wasn’t long before I felt her body tremble into a thunderous orgasm and could feel her juices running down my leg, “OMG Sir.. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” she cried out which sent me over the edge and straight away I could feel my cock pulsating as my cock exploded sending my hot creamy cum hard and fast into her young belly.With my cock still embedded I lifted her up and back onto the ground as we both got our breath back and as I felt my cock softening I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing the last few drops from me.As my cock finally slipped out she looked down and then up smiling, “OMG sir that was just WOW!” she said softly and then as she quickly adjusted her clothing she grabbed her phone looking at the time, “OMG sir, I gotta go sir” she said in a panic but then surprised me by pointing her phone down at my hanging cock and snapping a picture, “Thank you sir” she said giggling and rather than waiting for me she rushed off into the undergrowth.I was gobsmacked that she left so quickly as I didn’t even have a chance to swap numbers however I figured she used the café a lot so I knew where to find her, it was fun and I was enjoying my afternoon walk.To Be Continued….

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