Subject: Amare Gay/Adult-Youth If there’s any reason you shouldn’t be reading this, don’t. If you are offended by this type of content, find another story that might prove more agreeable. ~~ If you’re wondering, no this isn’t a true accounting of any events just a fantasy I cooked up and wanted to share(I wasn’t even alive in the time period where this is set!). I’d like to publish one day but I don’t think the general public would agree with my type of content. The world isn’t ready for my art yet. Remember fty needs your donations to stay alive Tags: Anal, Oral, Bb, MMMBb, Group Sex, Interracial The dark skinned boy eyed the pale men warily. He was skinny; almost to the point of malnourishment and though his hair had once been braided, it had grown until the braids were lifted from his scalp. It was obvious to them that either his people had been killed or he had been abandoned. Rhys, the leader of the small group, approached the boy slowly; hands up in a show of nonaggression. He was a tall man standing just over six feet with dark hair and eyes that shifted from blue to green depending on the light. He was broad chested with powerful legs on display below the hem of his khaki shorts. His pearly white teeth were on display as he tried to convey to the child that he was in no way planning to hurt him. The boy was plain and small, standing about 5’5″ and probably 100lbs soaking wet. His hair and eyes were dark, aside from specks of dust and dried vegetation that were stuck in his messy braids. He was only wearing a tattered loincloth and there were scars across the visible skin, down his legs and back and one from his right shoulder to his left hip. His lips were dry and cracked and his eyes full of fear. It looked like he might bolt at any second. Rhys sat down when he was a few feet from the boy and offered his canteen. When the boy looked at it with distrust, Rhys poured a little of the water into his palm. Thirst overpowering his caution the boy closed the distance. And snatched the canteen from Rhys. Moving back to a safe distance, he took a long gulp of the water. Rhys took some of the hardtack from his pack and offered it to the boy who took it gratefully, not moving as far this time. He chirped something at the man which Rhys took to be a thank you. Pointing to himself he slowly said. “Rhys.” Then to the brunette behind him. “Connor.” Connor was shorter that both his companions at 5’8″ and had a large chest and arms perched atop comparatively skinny legs and a thin waist. He eyes were dark and always scanning the horizon. He had a rifle strapped to his shoulder and a hunting knife on his waist. His teeth were crooked and his nose had been broken so many times in his life it was almost flat. He wasn’t the brightest of the bunch but he was fiercely loyal and a great shot to boot. “James.” James was the tallest of the three at 6’6″ he was well muscled but not as broad as his companions. He had a pistol tucked under each arm and wore a friendly expression. His hair and eyes were both black as night and he had close cropped facial hair that he kept meticulously groomed. His height made him look intimidating but he tended to mother his close friends, cooking and making sure they stayed out of too much trouble. His teeth were straight but lightly stained from tobacco use. Getting the game the boy pointed to himself. “Amare.” Then he pointed to the men in turn. “Rhys. Connor. James.” His accent was thick but he had the pronunciation down pretty well. Amare joined the group on their expedition, more than once steering them clear of danger. When they had collected the data they needed the men took Amare back to London with them. He learned languages pretty easily and had caught onto English withing three months and was working on German. It was decided he would be the translator whenever they went on expeditions. A doctor placed Amare’s age at about eight years. He was a bright child and was eager to please, always jumping to do as the men asked. He had told them that he had escaped from his village when they had been punishing but he would not say why. Just that he had done something that his people did not like and that they had planned to kill him. The men avoided the subject after the initial conversation but it still weighed on their minds. Six months after their return, while James was in the bath, he saw Amare spying on him from the doorway. He decided to give the boy a show and stood, rinsing his toned body. His six inch cock starting to harden at the knowledge that he had an audience. Slowly, he rubbed lather over his body fingers lingering in his trimmed pubes. Amare’s breathing quickened in the doorway as excitement filled his body. He didn’t completely understand what he liked about seeing men and boys naked, but he loved the feeling he got while doing so. He made sure to be extra careful not to get caught this time. He had been watching the men bathe since they’d gotten to the manor house. James was his favorite. He was hairy but the hairs on his crotch weren’t as long as he others, so Amare could see more of his cock when he stood in the bath. Idly, Amare’s hand found it’s way between his legs and pressed gently on his still little boy nail. The short pants he was wearing confined ataköy escort his hardness but also gave him a strange pleasure his loincloth never had. He usually had to be convinced to wear a shirt and all but refused when there were no guests in the house, not that the men were complaining. The scars accentuated Amare’s exotic beauty. Every time after he’d caught the boy, James made sure to announce his trips to the bath. A week after, Amare was caught by Thomas, the teenage delivery boy for the local grocery. Thomas was lanky with shaggy brunette hair and chocolate eyes filled with mischief. He was grinning at a joke only he knew. Amare burst into tears thinking he’d have to run away again in this strange land. But the teen calmed him and took him out into the shed behind the house. Thomas stripped down and told Amare that he could examine him all he wanted. Feeling much safer; Amare circled the teen, taking in every detail he could until all too soon Thomas said he had to get back before he was missed but promised to come back the next evening after work so Amare could explore more. Before he left, Thomas informed Rhys of what had transpired to cause him to miss their weekly appointment. Amare had trouble sleeping that night. He was so excited to see Thomas naked again. He finished all his chores early and nearly squealed with happiness when he learned the men were going to the pub around the time Thomas was coming. Soon enough, evening came and the men left. Amare sat by the window, perking up every time someone walked by. Just when he was about to give up, Thomas strolled up the lane looking slightly disheveled. “Sorry I’m late dear, Mr. Walker was being a right bell end today. Are you ready?” Thomas stripped right there in the foyer and Amare performed his visual exam again, leaning closely to get a proper look at Thomas’ pride and joy. It was a thin seven inches and had as small bush of dark brown hair growing above it. “You can touch it if you like.” Thomas said softly as not to startle the boy. Amare’s heart felt like it would jump out of his chest as he slowly reached out and wrapped his fingers around the length. He could feel Thomas’ heartbeat as his cock slowly filled with blood. “It’s almost as big as Mr. Rhys…” Amare breathed. “Yeah. I’m hoping to catch up to him when I get older.” Amare noticed a drop of clear fluid leaking from the bulled head peaking out of Thomas’ foreskin. Gently, he ran his thumb over it and rubbed his fingers together, testing the slick viscosity. “Try tasting it. Some guys like it.” Amare looked unsure but pressed his thumb to his tongue and considered the flavor. “It’s alright I guess.” He informed his playmate. “Stroke it like this.” Thomas guided the tiny dark hand up and down his length and smiled at the look of wonder on the boy’s face as the foreskin rolled back and forth over the bullet head. “Just like that. That feels really good.” Thomas closed his eyes and sighed. Enjoying the sensations running from his hardon up his spine and through his entire nervous system. All too soon he felt his orgasm approach and stopped Amare’s ministrations. He didn’t want this to end quite yet. “Did I do something wrong?” Amare asked looking up at Thomas with innocent eyes. “No. You did great, I just don’t want it to end. Let’s go up to your bedroom and I’ll teach you all sorts of wonderful things.” Amare excitedly followed the teen up to the room and stripped when he was asked. Thomas had Amare lay on the bed and crawled between his spread legs. Amare’s breath caught when the teen took his hairless boyhood into his mouth. The wet heat enveloping him turned off a part of his brain and all he could do was lay there and groan as new sensation filled his small body. Soon enough he was shuddering with a dry orgasm. Thomas slithered up Amare’s body and whispered about how beautiful and brave he was kissing him gently and running rough hands up the darker boy’s smooth hips. Even as he calmed down, Amare’s cocklet was still hard as iron and ready for more action. Thomas took it between his fingers and idly toyed with it. “Will you do the same for me dear?” Thomas asked, dropping a kiss on Amare’s eyelid. Amare nodded and moved between Thomas’ legs. He wasn’t sure he could take the large thing into his mouth but figured it was only fair since Thomas had done it to him. Amare opened his mouth wide and engulfed the head of Thomas’ cock. Thomas directed him to be careful with his teeth and to move down until he felt he should stop. Amare did as he was told scraping Thomas more than once on his slow descent but soon he figured out how to cover his teeth with his lips. Amare slowly bobbed up and down pushing himself to take the whole thing. Thomas was amazed to find the dark boy did not gag even once as the large phallus forged a path into his throat. Amare watched with pride as Thomas’ face went through several stages of euphoria. He tried to imitate what the teen had done moments before, bobbing his head and wiggling his tongue like crazy. Amare’s little spike pulsated with pleasure each time the older boy let loose a moan of sheer pleasure. Once again, Thomas thought he might shoot and had to stop his little friend. “You’re so amazing!” merter escort Thomas said before kissing the giggling black boy. “The next thing I want you to do is gonna sound a little weird, but I want you to trust me ok?” Amare nodded sure that whatever Thomas had planned would feel as good as what he’d already done. “I want you to squat over my face.” Amare gave Thomas a quizzical look but did as he was asked, standing over Thomas’ had before lowering himself. Thomas took a second to admire the deep black globes above him. To be so thin, Amare had a big ass. It almost looked ridiculous on his small frame. Grabbing hold in two great handfuls, Thomas spread Amare open and guided the little pucker to his lips. Amare gasped as Thomas began munching on his virgin asshole, jamming his tongue as deeply as it would go Amare’s knees were weak and if it weren’t for the calloused hands on his little cheeks, he’d likely have collapsed right then. Amare’s fingers found his cocklet and caressed it gently enhancing the feelings running though himself. It never occurred to him to try stroking it like he’d done for Thomas. When he felt he was ready, Thomas gently lifted Amare from his face; kissing each of the round ass cheeks before laying the boy on his back. Thomas made sure Amare was comfortable as he slipped a pillow under his thin hips. Reaching into the bedside table he retrieved a small jar of oil that had been left there for just this occasion. “This might hurt a little at first but trust me, you’ll love it by the time we’re done.” Amare wasn’t worried as he relaxed in his cloud of blissful arousal; watching as Thomas poured a generous amount of the oil onto his aching cock, taking a second to massage some into his balls, before running his slick fingers over Amare’s puckered hole pushing inside. Amare frowned when Thomas moved closer and swiped his blunt cock head over the puckered orifice. When Thomas started to apply pressure, Amare felt the strangest urge to giggle. Amare’s hole gave way to the rampant teen cock easily and Thomas slid all the way in. Amare’s hole was very accommodating, opening up without much protest but holding tight enough to stimulate Thomas’ cock in delicious ways. The teen had planned to go easy on the boy but his hormones overrode that thought. Thomas began fucking Amare hard and fast, slamming into the smaller boy with enough force to make ripples run through his ass. Amare’s eyes lidded and his mouth fell open as pleasure began to assault his mind. The boy never felt the slightest hint of pain. Thomas gasped as large hands grabbed at his hips arresting his movement. He was so close he could almost taste nirvana! “Having fun there Thomas?” Rhys said. Amare felt panic for a second as he saw the three men standing in the bedroom with them. He felt a little better seeing that all of them were smiling. Better still when he noticed they were all nude and Rhys was pushing his hard cock into Thomas’ ass. “I-it’s my first time getting to-to fuck something! I didn’t realize it would feeeeeelll this good!” Thomas gasped and groaned as the familiar mushroom head popped past his sphincter. “Well, now you get the best of both worlds.” Rhys kissed Thomas’ neck and in one long push, stuck his entire seven and a half inches into Thomas’ colon. Thomas groaned and bent over trying to take Rhys deeper inside him while kissing Amare lustfully. Both boys cooed as Thomas rocked his hips gently, grinding the cocks in their respective holes. Slowly Thomas began to move backwards, pushing Rhys’ hips back until only the head of his teen cock was lodged in Amare’s welcoming hole before snapping forward. When he bottomed out in the younger boy, Thomas still had about a third of Rhys’ cock nestled inside him. It was hard for the teen to focus as he rocked his hips back and forth more slowly now. Connor moved to the side of the younger boy’s head and turned it to face him. The man kissed him deeply before replacing his lips with the had of his cock. Amare kissed and licked the swollen knob before Connor pushed forward. And forward. And forward. The assembled men all watched in amazement as the skinny child swallowed Connor’s entire ten inch cock without complaint. “Fuck Amare! It’s like you were made for this!” James said gently stroking the boy’s wiry black hair. Amare felt his chest swell with pride as Connor gently fucked his throat. The boy didn’t seem to much mind his inability to breathe as his throat rose and fell with the movement of Connor’s long shaft. After a few moments, Connor withdrew and James took his place. James had the best of both worlds. Just as thick as Rhys’ cock and only a little under an inch shorter than Connor’s. Aside from a bit of resistance, that James brutally pushed through, Amare took this cock too with no complaint. Thomas cried out as James bottomed out in Amare’s throat. Slamming as deep as he could and filling the tiny hole with the entire content of his balls. “That was quick Thomas.” Rhys murmured nibbling Thomas’ ear as the teen shivered around his thick cock. Thomas could only whimper in reply as all of his energy flowed through his cock and into Amare. Rhys gently extricated Thomas from Amare’s depths and sat in bahçeşehir escort a nearby chair. The sated teen laying against his chest and breathing deeply, his hole still clenching around the invading cock. “Guess I’m next.” Connor said taking up position between Amare’s upraised thighs. Amare smiled at the man, as much as one could when there was a cock stretching their lips to the limit. He was overjoyed that he was able to share this part of himself with the men he’d come to think of as his family. He’d hidden it from them because of how his original family had reacted but now that he was here and doing all the things that he’d never even thought of feeling good and making his family feel good as well. Connor’s cock slowly wormed it’s way into Amare’s love channel until it met with resistance. Amare felt the barest hint of pain before it was overtaken by pleasure as his innermost sanctum was invaded. The boy let out a sigh of contentment as his velvety walls caressed Connor lovingly. The man realized that he didn’t need to take it slow with the boy. The lube created by Thomas’ release had helped but it was obvious that Amare wouldn’t have felt any discomfort anyway. Connor gave Amare a hard thrust to test the waters and when the boy only moaned in pleasure as his little nail danced above his flat belly Connor started fucking him in earnest. Thomas was slowly riding Rhys watching Connor and James spit roast Amare’s dark little body. The boy didn’t even seem to need to breathe as James plowed his throat with the same fervor as Connor showed the boy’s ass. “Don’t make me cum Thomas. It’s Amare’s first night. I want to make sure he gets the full experience.” Rhys whispered to his teen lover. Connor could feel his orgasm approach and did nothing to stop it as he let out a primal cry and flooded the young boy’s insides with a fresh load. Amare let out a little sound of surprise as he actually felt the cum splatter against his internal walls. Connor pulled out and switched places with James. “No need to warm him up. His ass is as accommodating as his throat.” James nodded and plunged his cock balls deep into the boy, drawing a moan of pleasure cut short by Connor’s half hard cock. Amare’s eyes were glazed over as his mind began shutting down anything that wasn’t necessary for pleasing the two cocks using him. Connor thrust a few times before removing his now cleaned cock and letting Amare’s exaltations fill the room. The black boy panted and moaned as his hole unconsciously pulsed and stroked the thick pole inside him. James didn’t last much longer than Connor and was soon blowing his own load into the already filled hole. Thomas reluctantly lifted himself from Rhys’ cock and watched as the man made his way over to the bed. Though his eyes followed the movement it was obvious to everyone Amare wasn’t really seeing anything. He was simply focused on the cock that would soon be giving him the pleasure the others had. Rhys lifted Amare from the bed and kissed him furiously. The boy’s tongue responded of it’s on volition as his legs were moved to Rhys’ shoulders and he was slowly impaled. For the first time Amare felt pain as his hole was stretched to accommodate the large member. His entrance burned but he powered through. Rhys had been the one to feed him when he was near starvation. He could weather this to make the man feel what the others had with him. When he bottomed out, Rhys flexed his cock making the small body shudder against him. The man drew back and slammed his hips into the boy who’s head snapped back as he let out a wail of pain laced ecstasy. Amare’s ass swung back and forth like a pendulum as Rhys fucked him with brutal strokes. Amare thought he would burst at the seams, if not from the large member invading him then from the sheer joy he was feeling from pleasing his family. After a few minutes of this treatment Rhys laid on the bed, Amare still impaled on his thick love rod. Thomas moved up next to him and helped Amare into position. “Move yourself up and down. Yeah just like that. Rhys loves when your ride him.” He said gently to the boy who quickly go the act down. Thomas yelped as Rhys grabbed him and moved his thin hips so that his ass was over the man’s face. Reaching back, Thomas opened himself so that Rhys could tongue his hole properly. Amare was riding Rhys as though he were a bucking bronco. Slamming his ass down so hard ripples traveled up his generous ass cheeks. Thomas leaned down and took the black boy’s love nail into his mouth and began his oral ministrations. Amare choked on a sob as his entire body was wracked with an orgasm. The hot spasming tunnel proved to be too much for Rhys as he surrendered his essence to the boy. The men lazed on the bed and floor recovering while the two young men made out, still perched above Rhys’ prone body. It wasn’t long before Thomas had Amare draped over Rhys’ front happily fucking the boy once again. “The vitality of youth!” Rhys laughed tiredly as he wrapped his arms around the moaning boy while Thomas toiled at a more sedate pace than earlier. The boys fucked three more times before the men were able to recover and join in. Some time before dawn Thomas announced that he needed to get himself into bed before his mother woke or he’d be in big trouble. Rhys, James, and Connor expressed their need for sleep as well, however Amare was all but demanding more sex. It was obvious they would need many more participants if they had any chance of keeping the boys newly awakened libido in check. Otherwise, he’d fuck them into an early grave!

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