Always Ch. 04


Hello everyone! I’m truly sorry for the delay! Thank you to all the readers -hugs- you guys keep me alive! Also, thank you to my editor LaRascasse for the ideas that ended my writer’s block and for looking over my work. Please enjoy.


Max took his seat across the aisle of Cameron’s desk. The only good thing about history class was they actually got to sit near each other. Cameron denied it, but they sometimes passed notes like girls. The last thing he wanted or needed was something that made him look more girly. Max seemed back to his usual self since what happened with Alex and Leon. Cameron worried that Max might overact and he knew of Max’s past actions to people who did rude things to Alex. However, he had to understand Leon never meant to scare Alex.

“Is he okay?” Cameron stood next to Max’s desk.

“Yeah, he just freaked out for a moment, but Alex is fine.” Max sighed with exasperation.

“You sound tired.” Cameron kneeled with his head and arms on the desk.

“I just don’t want him to deal with the crap from home at school. This is the one place he could escape and I don’t want him to have anxiety attacks here.”

“Max… I know you want to protect him but…”

“Enough about that shit. Alex is okay now, so let’s stop talking about it.” Max waved his hand as if trying to get rid of the situation.

“So how are you and your new lover boy?” Max changed the subject and glanced at Leon, a few seats ahead of him, talking to some friends.

“Me and my lover ‘man’, because he’s all man, are doing great,” Cameron’s eyes shifted down, “But…” Max waited for him to finish.


“You should’ve seen when John came up to us. He didn’t say much, but he royally pissed off Leon. When we went to another hallway, he punched a locker; he even left a dent.”

“So are you saying he’s crazy like the Hulk?” Max laughed.

“No, you jerk! I’m saying has a secret side to him…”

“Are you scared of that side? What if he does something to you?” Max’s face turned serious.

Cameron didn’t respond; he didn’t know what he should say. In truth, he was scared of Leon’s hidden temper. He saw the look and hatred in Leon’s eyes for John, and Cameron shuttered remembering. However, Cameron knew that his boyfriend would never hurt him.

“Yeah, you don’t want to be close to me. I could seriously hurt you.”

Cameron and Max lifted their heads to see Leon standing with his arms crossed. Cameron stood.

“I-I didn’t mean it that way at all, Leon!” Cameron stuttered. Leon glanced at Max.

“Don’t look at me for an apology.” Max said, calmly as ever, with his head in his hand.


“What? Cameron, you want me to say sorry for worrying about your well-being? Yeah, right.”

Max stood and moved in front of Leon. Their soon-to-be confrontation did not go unnoticed by the others in the room. Some of the other students in the classroom turned their heads to see what could happen. Both Leon and Max were well-known in the school. That being said, they were also known for not backing down from fights. Though Leon and Max were far from delinquents, their tough guy exteriors were backed by their bodies and strength.

“You guys, please…” Cameron’s concern showed clearly on his face.

“Leon.” One of Leon’s friends, Jamie, walked over to the guys. “Don’t.”

Jamie looked like the prime example of a frat boy: short hair that was spiked in the front, a good sized build, and dark brown eyes. His older brother and Leon’s older brother knew each other in high school, and as a result, they became very good friends.

Leon’s hands clenched tightly. Max looked determine to return anything Leon threw at him.

“Fight! Fight!” Someone in the class yelled.

“Come on!” Another egged on.

Max and Leon continued to stare in each other’s eyes, clearly waiting for the other to make a move. Everyone (with their full attention toward Leon and Max) could see the dangerous feeling passing between them. Cameron felt a cold shiver run down his spine and wished he never said anything.

“Leon, control yourself. Do you think it’s ok to start something here? Especially with Max?”

Jamie’s voice of reason seemed to get through to him. Leon broke eye contact with Max and finally realized the situation he started. Just then, the teacher entered the classroom, oblivious to what happened.

“Why is everyone standing? Take your seats, students.”

The students groaned and sat begrudgingly into their seats. Leon mumbled some sort of apology and quickly moved back to his desk. Jamie shook his head and gave a sympathetic smile to Max before walking away. Cameron felt lost during the whole confrontation; what made him feel terrible was that he didn’t know how to calm Leon down or how to apologize.


“I can’t believe that happened.” Cameron opened his locker.

“I wish he would’ve hit me.” Max leaned against the lockers, disappointed. “That was my perfect chance to hit the pretty boy.”

“Max! tipobet365 yeni giriş Stop, please. I don’t want my best friend and boyfriend to fight!” Cameron slammed his locker.

“Hey, I can’t control what he starts, but I can damn well finish it. I don’t mind beating his face.” Max smiled at the though, while Cameron rolled his eyes.

“Max—” Cameron began to scold his friend.

“What’s going on?” Alex stepped to the side of Max.

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it, Alex.” Max slid his arm around Alex’s shoulders and slightly shook Alex side to side.

“Oh no, I don’t think so. Alex,” Cameron grabbed Alex’s arm, pulling him away from Max, “You need to hear what your great friend did right in the middle of class.” Cameron pulled Alex and started walking to class.

“What do you mean Cameron?” Alex looked back at Max following them. “Maxi?” Alex looked at Max with confusion.

“Don’t listen to him, Alex! He’s insane!”

When they got to class, Cameron headed straight to their usual table. He gratefully eyed the same substitute from yesterday, playing on his phone and yelling about some red bird. Cameron stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed Leon and Jamie sat across from Kat and Kim. The red head giggled from what Jamie said, moving her head in Cameron’s direction. She waved Cameron, Alex, and Max over with enthusiasm. Max pushed Cameron forward.

“Hey, did you hear? Our teacher is out on maternity leave! We’re gonna have that substitute for at least a week!” Kat grinned excitedly. “And our Kimmy sneaked in here!” Kat patted Kim’s knee.

“I have a free period anyway. The teachers don’t care what I do as long as I don’t cause any trouble.” Kim suddenly narrowed her eyes at Kat. “Katherine, if your hand goes any higher on my thigh, we’re going to have problems.” Kat immediately removed her hand, while the others at the table laughed.

Cameron’s eyes immediately focused on Leon, “T-that’s great, having a substitute and Kim here.”

He saw Jamie elbow his friend. Leon got up from the stool and pulled Cameron to the side.

“I’m sorry for the way I acted. I didn’t mean for it to go down like that. I completely overreacted.” Leon shoved his hands in his pockets out of embarrassment. “I don’t want you to see me as some crazy, ill-tempered guy.”

“I know you’re not like that at all, Leon. I don’t view you like that. I was happy that you defended me when John said things to us, but it was a little unexpected to see you like that. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to bad-mouth you or anything like that. I also want you and Max to get along.”

“Then don’t you think he owes me an apology, too?” Max interrupted. Cameron rolled his eyes and turned to Max. It was Kim’s turn to elbow her friend standing next to her.

“Shush, will you!” Kim reprimanded with her hands on her hips.

“Ow!” Max’s arm came over his stomach.

Jamie laughed whole heartedly. “You guys are fun to hang out with, but I’m gonna head back to the guys.” Jamie placed a hand in Leon’s shoulder and walked to another table. As Jamie passed by, Alex’s eyes followed him. Jamie noticed Alex staring and smiled. Jamie looked Alex up and down; he winked before walking back to his table. Alex felt his face turn hot and he knew he was blushing. He was happy to see no one noticed their little encounter as everyone’s attention turned to Cameron and Leon.

“I’m going too. I certainly can’t ignore my friends, even if you’re hot.” Leon smirked and kissed Cameron’s cheek. Cameron’s eyes gleamed at the attention as Kim squealed at the open affection. Leon smiled and turned to Max.

“I’m sorry.” Leon held out his hand.

“Yeah, yeah.” Max made a ‘shooing’ hand motion.

Despite this action, Leon knew Max accepted his apology. Leon nodded. As he turned he whispered in Cameron’s ear, “Maybe later I can think of a better way to make it up to you.” Cameron blushed at Leon’s words and pushed Leon towards his friends.

“Good-bye, pervert.” Cameron laughed. Leon waved to everyone and walked to his table.

Now that things settled down, Alex remembered that Cameron talked about Max doing something. Since Leon apologized to Max, Alex became suspicious that Max wasn’t completely innocent in the matter.

“What did you do Max?” Alex narrowed his eyes towards Max.

“Why, nothing, my dear friend.” Max replied innocently. Alex stared at Max, calling his bluff.

“Ok, ok.” Max conceded. “I may have antagonized Leon, just a little.” Max put his hand up with his index finger and thumb close together.

Alex quickly turned away from Max and took the stool closest to the wall. He pulled Cameron to sit next to him. Alex never once looked at Max.

“Ooh, someone’s in trouble.” Kat smiled.

“Oh come on, Alex!” Max pleaded. “It’s not my fault!”

“I doubt that. You love to cause trouble.” Alex turned his eyes away from Max and started to talk with Cameron. “I’m sorry about him Cameron, he never learns.”

Cameron laughed at how easy Alex seemed tipobet365 giriş to put Max in check. “That’s alright, Alex. I know I can count on you to make him pay for it.”

“That’s not fair. You’re using my friend against me.” Max sulked with his head in his arms.

“Well, it’s your own fault. I think Alex likes Cameron more than he likes Max.” Kat smiled at how close Cameron and Alex were sitting.

“That’s not true! Alex knew me before he knew Cameron! So by my laws, he likes me more!” Max stuck his tongue out at Cameron. Alex’s eyes widened at Max’s words; he lowered his head, hoping his hair would hide his blushing face.

The group continued to chat and poke fun at one another, as Alex ignored Max the whole time—much to Max’s despair.

“Oh no…” Kim mumbled, seeing a bouncing blonde head coming towards their table.

“Kim. Glad to see you’re back. How was your vacation?” Jenny asked.

“Great. Now, what do you want?” Kim clipped.

“I just want to know about the rumors,” Jenny raised an eyebrow towards Cameron.

“Newsflash,” Kim stood from her seat, “It’s true, and what does that have to do with you?” Kim placed a hand on her hip.

Jenny stepped back in disbelief. “You can’t be serious!” She turned to Cameron, “What does he see in you?!”

Cameron never missed a beat, and with a smile on his face, he answered, “Anything and everything that he wants.”

“Whatever! When John told me, I couldn’t believe it! How dare you steal him away from me?!” Jenny fumed.

“He was never yours to begin with. Sorry, but Leon’s not into fake people.” Cameron replied.

Jenny turned in disgust, but not before casting a glare to Cameron. Her hands were in fists as she stomped back to her table. Cameron noticed John sitting with her; Jenny whispered something to him, causing John to give Cameron a glare, as well.

“Ugh, these people are going make me die of stress!” Cameron exclaimed, pulling at his hair.

“I can’t believe her.” Kim muttered. “Anyways, let’s forget about them!” Kim tried to lighten up the mood, but the look Jenny gave them didn’t go unnoticed by her. Kim feared what Jenny planned.


After a stressful day, Cameron felt exhausted. Throughout the day, others didn’t seem to mind the fact that Leon and Cameron were dating. Because Leon was popular and well-known among the other students, they accepted him without hesitation. His personality certainly helped make him easy to love. The group met up at their lockers after school.

“This day was no fun at all.” Kim frowned. “I wanted to see you and Leon have a total make out session!”

Cameron laughed, “I’m sorry, Kim. I may be open with my relationship, but I won’t be doing that in front of people.”

“But that was the one thing I was looking forward to when I announced that we’re dating!” Leon whined, grabbing Cameron around the waist.

“Ugh, thank goodness you guys didn’t do that.” Max said gratefully.

“Oh, shush.” Kim hit Max’s shoulder. “They look so cute together!”

“You guys! Let’s go out to eat or do something! I don’t wanna go home yet!” Kat jumped into the circle with Cameron, Leon, Max and Kim.

“I can’t.” Alex walked up towards his friends. “I promised my dad I would be home.” Max’s face suddenly wore a serious expression.

“Are you sure you can’t go?” Max asked.

“Sorry.” Alex mumbled.

Max sighed, dissatisfied with the decision. “I swear, I can’t wait for you to leave that damn house.” Max muttered. Alex turned his head, knowing how Max felt about his situation.

“You guys…” Kim hated how the air around them turned tense. She wanted to change the subject. “Hey! You two are talking again! How did you manage to get Alex to forgive you, Max?”

“He said he’d take over a few of my shifts at the store for me.” Alex smiled, despite his sad eyes. Max groaned as he remembered their deal.

“That sucks; you can’t hang out with us.” Kat poked out her bottom lip. “What about you guys?” Kat turned to Cameron and Leon.

“I can’t go, either. My parents are gonna be home and I have to tell them…something.” Cameron looked to the side. Leon turned Cameron’s face in his direction.

“Are you going to tell them about us?” Cameron hesitantly nodded at Leon’s question. Leon’s mouth dropped in surprise.

“I’ll drive you home.” Leon offered. Cameron nodded; he would need Leon’s support.

“We’ll see you guys later.” Cameron waved to his friends.

“Tell us how it goes with your folks.” Max told Cameron. He nodded as his friends walked in the other direction.

Leon and Cameron talked while walking to the parking lot. Cameron loved that even though they were in a relationship, the comfort of their friendship never left. They joked around as usual, which included a few touchy-feely moments from Leon. He wrapped an arm around Cameron’s waist, pulling him closer.

“I wish we could hang out before you go home.”

“Me too; but I don’t want to upset my parents, especially with tipobet365 güvenilirmi what I have to tell them. And you have to go home anyway.” Cameron pointed a finger to Leon’s chest. Leon nodded, remembering what his dad told him as part of his punishment.

“Leon, I don’t know how they are going to react.” Cameron stopped next to Leon’s car.

“Don’t make that face, Cam.” Leon held Cameron’s face between his hands. Cameron felt Leon’s lips pressed on his own. Leon’s tongue swiped Cameron’s bottom lip and pried his lips apart. Cameron gripped Leon’s shirt, trying to keep his knees from going out from under him. Leon pulled him closer, wanting the contact. However, Cameron remembered what he had to do and pushed Leon back.

“How do you always manage to turn everything we do into a make out session?” Cameron tried to suck oxygen into his lungs and resist the temptation that was Leon.

“It’s a wonderful talent.” Leon had a smug grin.

Cameron threw him a sarcastic look and got into the passenger’s seat. Leon laughed while entering his car. As the car pulled out of the school parking lot, Cameron grabbed Leon’s hand and squeezed. Leon saw the fearful look on his boyfriend’s face and squeezed back. Leon’s parents didn’t mind their relationship, but Cameron wasn’t so sure of the reaction of his parents. If they didn’t mind it, Cameron would be ecstatic; but if they had a problem, Cameron knew how strict and unmerciful his parents could be. All too soon, Leon pulled into the driveway next to his house.

“I wish you luck, Cam.” Leon leaned in and kissed Cameron on the cheek. Cameron took a deep breath and slightly panicked when he saw both his mom’s and dad’s car in front of his house. He felt Leon squeezed his hand, which reassured Cameron.

“If anything happens, you know I’m right next door.” Leon turned Cameron’s face away from his house.

“I know. You’re my own guy next door.” Cameron smiled, with his eyes casted to the side. Leon gave Cameron a quick kiss on the lips and got out of the car. After one more deep breath, Cameron left the car. He slowly walked to his house from Leon’s driveway. Cameron opened the door to his house with a shaky hand.

“Mother? Father?” Cameron called out.

“We’re in here.” Carry replied.

His parents sat at the table in the dining room. Cameron’s parents took pride in their house having an elegant and perfect appeal. The room was lighted by a chandelier above the rectangle table.

“You wanted us home early, so what did you want to discuss?” Beck, Cameron’s father, asked.

“Uh,” Cameron started while taking a seat. He felt like it was a business meeting rather than talking to his parents. “There’s something I need to talk about.”

“And that is?” Beck expected Cameron to continue.

“It’s about Leon, too.” Cameron’s eyes shifted between his parents.

“That boy…he’s Sage’s son, right?” Carry suddenly became interested in what her son was saying. Cameron nodded.

“You don’t have a problem with Leon’s parents, do you Mother?”

“Of course not. They are our neighbors after all, such nice people.”

Beck crossed his arms, “What did you want to talk about? We don’t have all day.”

“Well, Mother, Father,” Cameron closed his eyes and with a deep breath said, “I’m…gay.”

It felt like an eternity passed for Cameron. He felt the unsaid tension in the elegant room. Cameron gripped his hands together, trying to prepare himself for whatever his parents threw at him—literally and figuratively.

“You’re lying.” His father’s deep voice made Cameron shake. Cameron tucked his head down and shook his head. Cameron tried to hold back the tears that threatened to spill. He could barely hold himself back from running out of the room.

“Mom…please say something.”

“Since when?”

Cameron lifted his head at the question and felt sort of angered. “Since when? I’ve always been this way.” Carry and Beck held blank faces. Cameron thought the question was ridiculous. His tears disappeared when he was asked the question; as scared as he was of his parents, he accepted who he was. Since he dealt with hecklers before, Cameron was used to defending himself.

“Gay…as in you like—”

“Guys, men.” Cameron finished for his father.

Beck stood and slammed his hands on the dining table, causing Cameron to jump. Cameron forgot to hold his blunt-self back when speaking to his parents. He had to remember that he wasn’t dealing with high school students, but his image-worrying, easily angered parents.

“Cameron, go to your room right now. We’ll speak to you when we finish talking.”

Beck pointed upstairs and Cameron immediately ran from his seat, almost knocking his chair down. Cameron slammed the door to his room, sliding down the door with his hands blocking his eyes. He feared what his parents might do, so Cameron got up and pulled a suitcase from his closet. Cameron knew he was being hasty, but in his head, he had to prepare for the worst. Cameron continued to throw clothes into the bag until he heard his father’s voice.

“Cameron, get down here now.” Even with the door shut, Cameron heard his voice loud and clear. Not wanting to give his parents something else to yell at him about, Cameron hurried downstairs. Beck indicated for Cameron to seat.

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