Alex, Mitch and I


As I’m sure a lot of guys do, I started out life loving women. I still do. Somewhere along the way though, I developed an interest in men too. If I had to blame anything it would be the internet. Until then, I’d been happy to go to any adult magazine store and buy a few magazines with assorted women in them to quell my fantasies. Once I’d spent a few years surfing the World Wide Web I began to develop more outrageous tastes and fantasies. Maybe it was because I was bored with the same old porn I’d been looking at all my adult life or maybe I’d always been a little gay, but soon my fantasies turned to those of sucking cock and getting fucked by one.

Since I’d been around the internet enough I knew how to search local classifieds for what I wanted. I chatted with a few guys and even met one for a brief encounter. I sucked his cock a little and he sucked me off, but it never went any further and only left me wanting more. A few months later I met Alex and Mitch. They were a gay couple that lived not far from me. We chatted for a while on the computer and sent a few emails back and forth until I was comfortable enough to meet with them. We decided to meet one night at a coffee shop and headed to their house from there. It was nice place and it had a secluded backyard with a hot tub.

When we first got there we hung out in the living room and talked for a bit. I was nervous tempobet yeni giriş for sure and almost backed out, but Mitch told me that he was going to suck my cock that night one way or another. After a few beers I was feeling a little more relaxed and Alex said we should go get in the hot tub. They offered me some shorts and for some reason I wore them. They both went in nude and I quickly followed suit. Once we were in the tub Mitch started to rub my feet and work his way up to my groin area. I sat between Alex’s legs and could feel his hard cock poking my back as he massaged my shoulders.

From there things really took off. Mitch lifted my ass out of the water to where he could suck my cock. At this time I reached behind and took hold of Alex’s hard cock. It was the first time I’d ever grabbed a cock other than my own and I knew I was hooked! When Mitch started sucking my cock I shivered at first because after being in the hot tub his mouth seemed cool, but it didn’t stay that way.

We continued like this for a few minutes before one of them suggested we go inside and carry on in the bedroom. Once we were in there, I laid down with my head in Alex’s lap while Mitch went back to work sucking my cock. I turned my head so I could get Alex’s cock in my mouth at the same time. It was like I’d been a cocksucker all my life. There was no hesitation as I took tempobet giriş his cock and made sloppy wet love to it with my mouth!

Mitch told Alex to not hold back when he was ready to cum. I was close and he wanted to make me cum at the same time Alex shot off in my mouth. This was one thing I wasn’t sure about, but I wasn’t about to argue. Soon I could feel my impending orgasm and Alex grabbed the back of my head to make sure I kept sucking and didn’t pull off. I started grunting and choking as my cum started to erupt in Mitch’s mouth at the same time Alex told me he was about to blow and quickly forced his cock to the back of my throat.

I felt Alex’s cum filling my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could, but I could start to feel it coming out of the sides of my mouth too. It was quite possibly the best tasting load I’ve ever swallowed, and I’ve swallowed every one since!

Once the two of us recovered, Alex suggested that Mitch had yet to cum and that I should let him fuck my ass. I wasn’t about to start saying “no” now. And with that I rolled over and let him start lubing up my hole with his tongue. Mitch was already hard and once he put a condom on he placed the head of his cock at my virgin asshole. I’d already been familiar with toys and fingers in my ass so I knew that this was going to be a good feeling. I wasn’t prepared for how good it tempobet güvenilirmi was going to feel though.

As he slowly worked his large cock into my ass, it was all I could do to not force myself back on it. The feeling of his girth filling my bowels was incredible! Once he was all the way in to the point where I could feel his balls on mine he grabbed my hips and just held me there. Alex moved back around front and put his growing cock back in my mouth. I was being “spit-roasted” and it was amazing! Mitch started to pull his cock out and I immediately countered by shoving my ass back on it. Once we developed a rhythm I began to feel like I was going to cum again. My dick was barely hard again, but I felt an orgasm growing in my balls that I’d never felt before.

By this time, Mitch was ramming his cock as hard and fast as he could into me, while I was desperately trying to suck more cum out of Alex’s throbbing cock. At the same time, I was about to cum again and I was starting to feel like I may pass out at any moment. When Mitch was about to cum he quickly pulled out of my ass, removed the condom and moved around to the front so that he and Alex were next to each other. I didn’t need any encouragement…I gobbled up both of their cocks just as they both came in my mouth. While all this was going on I was having an uncontrollable orgasm and as soon as I finished cumming for the second time that night, I swallowed two fresh loads and collapsed on the bed.

We got together quite a few times after that and I got to become quite an experienced bottom boy. I topped Alex one afternoon in the shower, but that’s another story…

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