Subject: Alchemy Unleashed Part 3 This story is a work of fiction. The characters, events, and interactions are all entirely fictional. Feel free to share story ideas or contact me if you wish to collaborate on a story. Please remember that stories like this one are only available with the support of Nifty. Please consider donating! fty/ I had never tasted anything so perfect. Salty, sweet, I could taste his desire for me; a dream realized. This morning when I woke up it took me a moment to realize where I was. Dad’s bed, so then it wasn’t a dream. I sat up seeing the gray streaks of predawn peering through the window. Happiness radiated through me as I recalled his lips on my neck, like a beast famished finding a feast. When he finally plunged into me the pain was immense. His member was so large, so thick I thought I would split apart, but after a moment I could feel my body adjusting, it was responding to what I wanted. Each thrust wave of pain slowly transmuted into waves of ecstasy. I clutched at his hairy thighs, nails digging in trying to coax more from him. I lost myself in his hunger, his furry body slamming into me with powerful force. My eyes took in the sight of the thick red hair that covered his entire body like a big red bear. The elixir coursing through me served only to multiply my need and the last thought I had before sleep took me was how right it was for dad to claim me. As the memory faded a knot of worry replaced my happiness. Where was he? Had the elixir forced him to do something he now regretted? A rumble from my tummy reminded me I had not eaten in almost a full day. I slid off the bed and decided I would eat first. It was too early and I was too hungry to face consequences right now. Making my way downstairs to the kitchen I thought about what I wanted to eat. As I pried open the refrigerator my stomach churned at the thoughts of food. I didn’t want any of this… I was feeling a light woozy and knew I needed something so I dragged the chair over to the cabinet and climbed up to reach the box of chocolate puft cereal. Stretching on my tiptoes I was just able to get it down. I poured myself a bowl and added milk before sinking in a spoon and bringing it to my mouth. I spit it out immediately, disgusted by it. I coughed a bit and rinsed my mouth with water. It was my favorite but maybe I had outgrown it… I tried peeling a fresh banana but it too felt sickly on my tongue. I tried to think of anything I wanted to eat as my stomach rumbled again demanding attention. This hunger was different. Was this because of the elixir? I crept upstairs to my room and opened the door to an unexpected but welcome sight. Dad was laying in my bed completely naked! His hairy member resting against his thigh somewhere between fully hard and not. I had come in here to read more from that book about the elixir, but now I licked my lips and knew exactly what I needed… After he finally gave me permission and allowed me to have his cum I was finally sated, all hunger gone. Then came his demand. “Son, I need you to tell me everything.” His words rang with authority, I could not lie. I looked down at his cock, still glistening with my saliva and said, “Yes sir.” “I wasn’t trying to be bad, I was just exploring and found a book about magic and then a puzzle box. The book was hard to read but it said he was making an elixir that would “embody desire” and I wanted people to like me so I thought that sounded good. When I got the potion out of the box I was going to just try a sip because I thought it wasn’t real, like really really real and when I did it made me..” I paused the flood of words and swallowed looking away as I blushed. “Do the thing in the shower with my fingers…” The admission made my face scarlet, but peering up at dad he seemed lost in thought. “So this… Magic potion. You didn’t drink it until after I caught you, uh… cleaning my room?” He asked pointedly. I shook my head no, “No sir” That seemed to make him think for a moment before he said, “Continue” Inhaling a deep breath I went on. “Well after that I started to hear this noise in my head… but only if I was thinking about… You know. Those kind of things. So when I went to school everyone was a lot nicer to me! Even the bully, he made me sit by him on the bus and he kissed me and was sliding my hand up his shorts but then we got to school and the bus driver made him leave me alone.” He scowled at the mention of the bully but didnt stop me from talking. “School was really great, and everyone was just nice to me. I liked that a lot, dad. So on the way home the bus driver let me sit next to him to keep the bully away and his name is Jeff and we are friends now.” I smiled thinking about my new friend. “So that’s the guy whose address you have?” He looked like he was trying not to be mad and it made me a little nervous. “Yes sir… He was just friendly and he kept Derrick the bully away. He’s new here to kind of and does not have friends, he says they don’t like change here.” He seemed to accept that so I continued. “That’s when I got home and we had that talk.” My gaze went back to his hairy crotch and I gently rubbed his furry balls. “And when I didn’t… Give you what you wanted, you came up here and drank it all.” His voice was gentle now as he watched me touching him. “Yes sir. I.. I’m sorry dad. I just wanted it so bad.” Tears stung at my eyes, afraid of his judgement. He leaned over and pulled me to him, cradling me to his chest in a firm, warm hug. “I love you son. What we… What I did… That is something no one is going to understand or forgive.” he sounded so sad it tugged at my heart. I pulled back to look into his eyes, “I wanted it Dad and I made you do it with that potion and… I don’t want to stop.” My thoughts returned to feeling him inside me and I knew I could make him do it again. I reached for the noise in the dark şişli travesti part of my mind and pulled it out. His reaction was instant, his grip on me tightened and his breathing grew heavy. I shoved the noise away and the reverse effect was much more gradual. “Did you just do that on purpose?” His voice was gruff as if he had been running. “Yes sir, I was seeing if I could.” I smiled up at him. “So now I can keep being yours! I will love you better than mom, I will never leave you dad.” He sat there looking stunned as I crawled out of his lap, I knew he wanted this to but he looked upset and I didnt know what to do. “I should get ready for school now…” I spoke softly as I gathered my clothes and went to take a shower. When I finished he was waiting for me in my room. He had on socks and boxers now and when I came in his jaw clenched. “Come here son.” His voice left no room for discussion and with my heart pounding I did as he said. “Good boy. You aren’t using it now are you? your power?” He sounded angry but I wasn’t using it! “No sir! I promise I’m not!” I pleaded, looking up at him. He gently pat my head and relieve flooded through me, then he spoke. “Good boy, now get on your knees.” I instantly obeyed looking up at him with wide eyes, I was nervous but excited. “You liked sniffing my boxers didn’t you son?” I nodded up at him enthralled. “Sniff them now.” I almost hesitated but, I wanted this too bad to care and buried my face in his crotch breathing in his manly musk. I pushed my nose against the fabric and slid it towards the slit in the front eager to fill my senses with him. “Still not using it?” He demanded “No sir.” It was hard to pull away and answer but I did it for him. “Good boy. Now listen closely, if you want to be your dad’s; no more using that on me. You understand?” The words sent a thrill through my entire body, that was all I wanted from daddy was to be his! I loved him so much more than mom, than anyone! “Thank you daddy!” He nodded and continued, “You can’t tell ANYONE about this. Not about us, and not about that elixir. They just won’t understand, we would get in trouble and I wouldn’t be able to do anything to help you with this. We need answers about, well, all of this.” I nodded up at him happily. “I won’t tell anyone.” “Good boy. You need to get dressed, the bus will be here soon. DON’T USE YOUR POWER AT SCHOOL! It could cause a lot of trouble…” He was crouched now and a part of me was sad I couldn’t bury my face back into him again. “Ok dad, I understand.” He wrapped me in a hug, then kissed me on the lips! I wasn’t using my power so it meant he was doing it because he liked it! I kissed him back eagerly and he pulled away, chuckling. “You will need some practice, that was a very wet kiss.” He smiled a twinkle in his eyes and I blushed. “Yes sir.” His words were making it hard to push the noise in my head away, so I focused on getting ready for school. I slipped into a pair of my small tighty whiteys, before throwing on a pair of shorts and a tshirt. I collected my school books tossing them in my backpack all the while glancing at my dad standing there in socks and boxers. He was wearing socks that came up to his calf, the white kind with a gray patch over the toe and heel. I wanted to drop back down to my knees and breathe those in, slowly work my way up to…. I shook my head and the noise kept trying to boil out. I had to stop looking at him. He made it too difficult. “Ok dad, I’m going to the bus stop, I love you.” “I love you to son. I’m going to see what I can find out about this book and the owner’s history of the house today, maybe I can figure something out.” He picked up the book and grinned at me. “I’ll see you when you get home.” I walked slowly down to the bus stop with a lot to think about this morning. I know dad wanted to “fix” this but I wasn’t too keen on it. What if he didnt think of me like this anymore and regretted it? Would people at school not like me after it was gone? Then another thought lightning bolted through my mind, would they be even nicer now? I shifted my feet nervously as the bus pulled up, last time I had only taken a single swallow and now I had the entire bottle inside me. I took a big breath and did my best to push the noise inside me as far into the dark and away as I could and stepped onto the bus. Complete silence greeted me, even the engine seemed less noisy. Glancing at the others they all stared at me, the smiles plastered on their faces looked mostly docile though and I let out the breath I had been holding and smiled at them. This seemed to make everyone happy and many called out for me to sit nearby. I heard the SNICKT of the door closing and looked to see Jeff’s eyes slowly climbing up my body to my face. Realizing I was looking at him, he quickly cleared his throat and turned back to the road. “Morning Mark! Would you like to sit up here with me this morning?” His voice was a little shaky. I was about to say no and try to make a new friend, but I caught Derrick out of the corner of my eye. He looked scary, his eyes followed me like a hungry wolf spotting a rabbit and I eagerly took Jeff’s offer. “Thank you sir.” My words made Jeff smile and that relieved me. It was becoming obvious that Derrick was going to be a problem and I had to figure out how to fix it. “Did you sleep well?” Jeff asked as he pulled the bus forward continuing the route. I grinned, filled with genuine pleasure. “Last night was great!” I said that a little loud and Jeff seemed to mull it over before asking, “Yeah? What’d you do?” “ohjustmeanddadhangingouttogether.” I flushed as the word vomit escaped me, I was a terrible liar. Jeff seemed to pick up on the vibe and just nodded in a friendly way and cleared his throat changing the subject. “Well, I found a stray puppy last night!” The rest of the drive he talked fondly about his cute new beylikdüzü travesti puppy and after I begged and pleaded he agreed to let me visit if my dad agreed to it. When the bus stopped, I hung back with Jeff until Derrick left. He was the last one out and seemed to catch on to what was happening. He sneered at Jeff as he left and for a second I thought I heard a growl in Jeff’s throat. “You stay away from him Mark, he is bad news.” His tone was very protective and reminded me a bit of dad. “If he ever hurts you, or lays a finger on you, you let me know ok?” His concern touched me and as I nodded I stepped next to him, wrapping him in a hug and giving him a small kiss on the lips. Jeff pulled back quickly, face red. “Uh – Thanks Mark.” He was breathing a little heavier now. “Best get to class now.” School was different today, everyone was friendly but seemed to talk to me less. When I tried starting a conversation they would just get nervous, some of them would just smile and nod not even responding to my words. It was weird but not really a problem, but when lunch time rolled around that’s when things started to go a little south… I was hungry again, it wasn’t so bad but it was getting harder to push the noise away. At the cafeteria I bagan to see the boys in a new light, as a potential source of food. I really wanted Dad but that wasn’t going to work… Maybe tomorrow I could bring some of his cum with me, but right now I had to figure out who I could get some from without causing too much trouble. As I was trying to figure it out Derrick plopped down beside me at the table. “Been missing you on the bus, why don’t you sit with me anymore?” He sounded angry and I looked around for help. I swallowed as I searched the crowd, “Jeff is just a good friend.” I sounded weak even to myself. “I could be a better friend. I could make sure nobody else messes with you.” He moved closer, our legs touching and placed a hand above my knee. He grinned at me through his wispy moustache and my stomach was starting to growl again. I spotted someone I recognized passing by and hope bloomed, It was the coach! He had been really nice letting me change in his office, he could help… He wasn’t looking at me so I reached for a little bit of the noise in my head and sort of, pushed it into him. He stopped cold in his tracks and whipped towards me before walking over. “Hey Mark! Derrick here giving you some trouble?” his hawk-like gaze focused on me. “Actually, Mark is my best friend. We were just about to go somewhere quiet and study for a bit.” I could hear the fake friendliness in Derrick’s voice and shifted a bit, uncomfortable with the situation. “Is that right?” He cocked his head waiting for me to respond. Derrick was giving me a menacing look and I quickly nodded. “Yes sir, we… sat together on the bus once.” Coach narrowed his eyes but said nothing as Derrick stood and “helped me” to my feet. “See ya later coach.” Derrick gave a mock wave and directed me down the hall and out of the cafeteria. Once we were out of the cafeteria he quickly shoved me down a side hall and towards a red door. Glancing around first, he then opened it and pulled me inside, closing the door quietly. It was a damp, cramped, and dark set of stairs and he pulled me down at a brisk pace. “Nobody comes down here Mark so we have plenty of time alone together.” He was grinning now. The stairs doubled back leading down further until we came to a humid basement, there wasn’t much down here besides the boiler and an old cracked leather chair. Grabbing the back of my neck he forced me on my knees in front of the chair and took a seat. “Remember our little bus ride, Mark? You were reaching for my dick, I think you wanted it didn’t you.” He pulled my hand up the leg of his shorts just as he had that morning and I swallowed not knowing how to respond. He shoved my hand up further and I bumped against a few wiry hairs and a small hard cock, he wasn’t wearing underwear today! I must have taken too long to answer because he snarled at me. “Say Yes Sir.” He snapped. “Yes sir..” I mumbled, mollifying him. As much as I hated myself at this moment, I was hungry and feeling even his small cock I was getting turned on. The noise started to leak out of me as I gripped his member and stroked it. He leaned back, eyes closed, a smile on his lips that looked genuine. My heart started pounding and more of the noise was slipping out of my control when a noise behind me brought my mind into focus. It was the coach! I could feel him through my power, the world slowed as I gained a little more control over the elixir’s effects. I could feel him and Derrick, even with my eyes closed I could pinpoint them because… Desire! They both felt it and to me it was like a beacon. I focused on the noise in my mind and could see it like mist all around me, I could move it around or shrink it or… I focused on it pushing it into a single strand. I had an idea…. I began pouring the noise into the strand and linked one end to Derrick, the other to the coach. “You like forcing people to service you, you little shit?” The coach’s eyes were wild, almost manic as he moved towards Derrick. Derrick’s eyes snapped open but his mind hadn’t adjusted to the rush of desire as quickly as a man with years of sexual practice. He jumped out of the chair stumbling back, but there was nowhere to go. Coach strode by me and grabbed Derrick, I rose to my feet and took a few steps back. After last night I knew exactly what would happen. The coach shoved Derrick to his knees with one thick arm and tugged his gym shorts down with the other. “Why don’t I show you how it’s really done…” His words shot a look of anger over Derrick’s face, but as he opened his mouth to retort the coach forced himself down his throat. Derrick may have been angry, but the strand connecting them was strong. In a flash istanbul travesti he was whimpering and trying his best to get as much of the coach into him as he could. I watched, fascinated. This is what it was like for dad last night… He didn’t have a choice, he had to take me. A feeling of guilt settled in my tummy at that thought, it ate at me that I had taken the choice away from my dad. “That’s it boy… ShhhShhhShhh no need to fight it, you want this. This is where you belong, just open that throat up for me.” Coach had a fist full of Derrick’s hair now and was pulling and pushing, directing Derrick over his cock. The hunger gnawed at me and I couldn’t look away, I moved closer, wanting the coach to see me and gave him my best puppy dog eyes. I was glad I wouldn’t have to taste Derrick, but I did need to eat. He glanced at me, taking a second to register the look and then smiled. “You want a taste Mark?” I licked my lips and nodded my head sheepishly, using the noise or power had made me unbelievably hungry. He jerked Derrick off his cock and asked him, “You want to share?” Derrick had a glazed look in his eye and shook his head no violently, “P-Please I… I need it, Please use me Sir!” Coach chuckled, hearing exactly what he wanted. “Both of you get each other naked, now.” I walked over to Derrick who stood, and pulled his shorts down, helping him step out of them and his shoes before pulling his shirt off over him. His little cock bobbed in my face, rock hard and already leaking. As he began to pull my shorts off, his eyes widened at the bulge in my whitey tighteys. “Damn” He muttered, swallowing at the sight. “Leave those on him, I like how cute he is with them.” Derrick obeyed the coach and finished taking off my shirt before stepping back. We both stood in the dim room, our eyes on the coach, eager for more instructions. “Derrick, bend over that chair and spread those cheeks, show me that tight hole.” I blushed a bit at the coach’s words, but Derrick was too lost to his desire and jumped to obey. Coach walked over and ran a hand over Derrick’s muscled cheeks, whistling. “Damn boy, that’s a nice well toned ass.” He slid his forefinger over Derrick’s tight entrance and grinned when he whimpered. “Even got a little peach fuzz on it… I bet it tastes like a peach too.” Coach winked at me as he said this, motioning me closer. “Go on Mark, tell me how that jock ass tastes.” He gently pushed me down, and forced my face into Derricks cheeks. At first all I could think of was how warm and strong it felt, as I went deeper I began to lick. Derrick’s hips jerked a bit and I could hear him moaning and feel him trembling in pleasure. I was more confident now, licking him from the base of his little balls all the way up to his hole. I didn’t like Derrick but he did taste good and I wanted to please the coach. I began pushing my tongue into him, then slamming it in like I was fucking him with my tongue. I heard the coach growl behind me, he was kneeling and his cock rubbed against the fabric of my underwear sending a tingle of pleasure through me. He wasn’t my dad but I liked him and it felt good to be wanted. “Good boy Mark, now get back. I’ll let you watch me breed him. He was teasing you right? Don’t you want to see me use him?” I could see the veins on his cut cock as it twitched at hsi words and nodded. “Yeah, it’s what he would have done to you right? it’s only fair…” He pushed against Derrick’s slick opening as he spoke. Derrick squealed, his legs shaking as he tried to crawl away, but the coach held him firm, pushing deeper and deeper into him. It took a while, and I wasn’t sure Derrick could take it but soon all he was inside. Derrick was a puddle of whimpers, now doing his best to push back against the coach. I rubbed myself through my briefs, my own member firm and needy as I watched coach rock back and forth, quickly building speed and force. Derrick was screaming, begging for more when the coach slowed his pace. “We are sharing, remember?” Derrick whimpered at his words but did not argue. “Mark would you like to fuck him, or do you want to try getting fucked yourself?” I was tempted by both for a moment, especially the thought of the coach taking me that way but I was here for food. “Can I swallow your cum sir?” He seemed to really like that question and motioned for me to suck. Derrick’s voice quavered, “I want it please?? I did good, didn’t I? Please put it in me!!!” I was about to pause but the coach pushed my mouth onto his member and turned to Derrick. “You really want it, you’ll be back here tomorrow won’t you?” Derrick responded with what I thought was a yes, but I was now enthralled to his cock. I slurped greedily, forming a vacuum and using my tongue to apply pressure. He wasn’t as big as my dad and my practice with him made this easier. I tasted his precum and my stomach roiled in hunger. The flavor wasn’t as good, it wasn’t bad, it just… It was like I wanted a cola and instead had a doctor cola. He grunted loudly above me. “Im gonna shoot boy, hope you’re ready to swall… AHHHH” He ended in a yell as thick spurts of cum began to shoot. I swallowed as fast as I could but some splashed out and I almost cried out. As he finished I licked his shaft clean and even got the let drops on his sack before falling to the ground licking what little escaped from the floor. “Damn kid you really wanted it…” He watched me lap it up, mesmerized by my hunger. He seemed to come back to himself after he shot and he quickly fixed his clothes. “Don’t tell anybody about this you got me?” He looked serious, and a little nervous now. Derrick and I both nodded as we got dressed. “Good. If you do we will all get in trouble…” He turned to leave after speaking and then Derrick spoke up. “Y-you’ll keep your promise right? Here tomorrow?” His voice was husky, the desperation thick in his voice. The coach turned, giving him a quick nod and leaving. I looked at Derrick and realized that wasn’t my power anymore, he was different now. I don’t know if the coach’s cock is what he needed, or just being dominated but I think my troubles with him are over…

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