Albany, New York – ORAL ALL-STAR


Albany, New York – ORAL ALL-STARTIS THE SEASON FOR A FACIAL!!While visiting friends in Albany, New York for a Christmas Party, my friends wife who is also my longtime fuck buddy (We fucked on their wedding day) told me she was excited to receive the gift I had promised her for Christmas. All she wanted was a nice facial in front of the Christmas tree while her husband was next door at the party…. win win!As I entered the party, Avalon ran up to me and threw a Santa hat on my head and gave me a hug as she led me to my friend, her husband, Mark. He and I hugged and he introduced me to some of his friends, neighbors and a few co-workers and handed me a beer. Avalon returned to her friends across the room but started sending me text messages.”Hey sexy, I’m excited for my gift!” she text me followed by “I have to go next kaçak iddaa door to finish up the food and bring back some gifts… care to join me ;)” Now Mark and I had been friends for 15 years and I had introduced him to Avalon in which they ended up marrying 10 years ago. However Mark never knew that Avalon and I had been friends since college and I had been fucking the shit out of her from day one of her and I becoming friends. We literally fucked in some fashion every single day of college as we made it our goal to do so as a fun college challenge. We just never stopped after college. We had an agreement that we would fuck in some fashion every single day that we saw each other for the rest of our lives no matter the situation. So far… we have kept our promise!She tells Mark that we are going over to the house to kaçak bahis grab the food and gifts and kisses Mark as we walk out the door. Mark doesn’t suspect a thing nor does he object as Avalon is an alpha female and has Mark on point… the perfect kind of girl to have as a fuck buddy. We enter the house and Avalon jumps into my arms and we start making out as we make our way to the living room. Her eyes are very seductive and she knows how to peer over the top of her glasses to make herself look very naughty. She began rubbing my cock as she works to get it out of my pants and pushes me back onto the couch so that she can begin her quest to get her gift… her Christmas Facial in front of the Christmas tree that she has wanted for years from me.Avalon wasted no time in licking my cock and looking up at me with her sexy illegal bahis eyes as she has always loved to put on a good show for me to watch. She loves eye contact and loves to feel me squirm while I’m in her mouth. She is a VERY dedicated performer for the camera as well as simply for the cock that she is sucking. She always said that if she is going to put in the work then she might as well put on a show while doing so and she has never disappointed on that end! As she worked me for my nut, I stood up and told her “Merry Christmas” as I began to bust in her mouth and then on her face. As my nut began to fire off, both her eyes and face lit up with happiness as my cum began painting her tongue and chin. The pure joy that she displayed just made the entire event even hotter as I emptied my balls on her face. We both laughed as she sat back, jizz running down her chin, knowing we just continued our promise to one another for another day. Holiday Head is the BEST!!*** FULL VIDEO LINK AND PHOTO GALLERY IN COMMENTS BELOW!! ***

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