After The Train Encounter


It was now eight days since mid-thirties Mark Hogan had had his train encounter with fifty-eight-year-old Marsha. Mark did not know her surname, and Mark was wanting to see her again. Marsha had given Mark her phone number after the pair had fucked, including anal, in her flat, after she had managed to wank him with her arse on an underground train. Mark had twice got close to phoning her, but now he had gone through with calling her number.”Hello,” said the voice of the West Indian woman.”Hello Marsha, it is Mark, you gave me your number,” Mark said, slightly nervously.”Hi, sugar, how are you?” replied the mature Marsha.”I am fine, I wondered if you were, um, busy,” said Mark.”Ha, baby, you mean that you wondered if I am fucking someone that I seduced with my ass?”  laughed Marsha.”Um yeah, I suppose that is what I am asking,” said Mark.”No honey, I am all on my ownsome and feeling horny,” said Marsha, who had actually been fucked by two men since her evening with Mark but was ready for more sex.”Good, I was wondering if I could come and visit you?” said Mark.”Sure, baby, in fact, why don’t you stay the night?” responded Marsha.”Yes, yes, that would be great,” replied a happy Mark, who did most of his work from home so his hours were flexible.”You come and give this slut some more good fucking, sugar,” said Marsha.”Yes, I will; I can be there in about half an hour,” said an almost ecstatic Mark.”Yeah, I am wanting your cock, baby,” replied Marsha.In less than thirty minutes, Mark was pressing the buzzer for Marsha’s flat at the door downstairs. He had not noticed the flat number the previous week, but he knew it was on the second floor, and she was the only Marsha on the residents listing. He now knew that her surname was Roberts.”Hey baby, come on up,” said Marsha after Mark had confirmed who was buzzing.Mark hurried up the stairs, and a beaming Marsha was stood at her flat door. “Good to see you again, honey,” she smiled.”Good to see you too, Marsha, you look gorgeous,” said Mark to the woman that was wearing a green blouse and white trousers.”Thank you, baby, I put these trousers on especially for you. Tight, don’t you think?” she smiled as she turned her back on him after letting him in.”Yes, very fucking tight,” confirmed Mark as he looked at the woman’s buttocks hugged by the trousers, and it did not look like there were panties underneath. There was quite obviously no bra on under the blouse either.”I know you like my ass and I know you will be seeing it naked soon but I thought I would put on a show for you,” she said, smiling over her shoulder with her back still towards him. She moved the bahis şirketleri positioning of her legs to accentuate the curves of her backside, and Mark’s cock became hard in his trousers.”I love your ass, Marsha, and I want to give it the worshipping that it deserves,” said Mark.”We have all night, baby,” said Marsha, indicating that neither of them would get much sleep.Mark could not take his eyes off Marsha’s arse, so she thrust it back towards him. “Ain’t yer gonna touch it, sugar?” she teased.Mark snapped out of his looking and did some touching as he caressed and massaged Marsha’s buttocks through her tight trousers. “Oh yes, baby, I love having my ass touched,” confirmed Marsha, who had a great arse and she knew how to use it to excite.After quite a lot of arse caressing, Marsha decided to move things on. She was dictating things at the moment. “I am ready for a fucking, you up for it, baby?” she smiled as she turned and massaged the lump in Mark’s trousers.”Doesn’t it feel like I am up for it?” replied Mark, who massaged Marsha’s braless tits through her blouse.”It certainly does, but I had better make sure,” giggled Marsha as she undid Mark’s trousers and lowered them and his underpants.Marsha now had Mark’s erection in her hand. “Yep, you are up for a fuck,” she confirmed.They then kissed, for the first time since Mark arrived in the flat, and the kissing was passionate and tongue exchanging. Mark undid Marsha’s blouse as they kissed, and he now had his hands on her bare breasts.Marsha then undid and removed Mark’s shirt and then dropped to her knees, dragging his trousers and underpants all the way down and taking his penis into her mouth. Marsha licked and sucked Mark’s cock and soon had him tensing as he thought that he might cum. “Shit, oh fuck, Marsha,” he mumbled, but she wanted his cock in her cunt, so she stopped the oral activity and stood up.With a smile, she turned her back on Mark. “Take my trousers off, baby,” she said, and Mark was happy to comply because it would mean seeing her naked arse. It would also mean that fucking would be a step closer.Mark slowly dragged Marsha’s trousers down, and her big black arse came into view; the arse that had brought them together the previous week on the train. “Truly beautiful,” Mark muttered as Marsha’s bare bottom was put on display, but whether he was telling her or telling himself was unclear.Marsha stepped out of the trousers and removed her undone blouse and then turned to face Mark, who had scrambled out of his trousers and underpants. They kissed again as Mark’s erection pressed against Marsha’s body before Marsha led the way into bahis firmaları the bedroom. There was more kissing before the naked and aroused couple got onto the bed.Mark mounted Marsha and his tongue entered her mouth as his cock entered her cunt, and she wrapped her legs around him as he commenced sliding in and out. “Yeah, fuck this black slut,” said Marsha as their mouths disentangled and Mark’s hips moved faster.”You dirty fucking bitch, you want a fucking and you will get a fucking,” panted Mark, remembering that Marsha had requested dirty talk the previous week. Marsha squealed as the fucking got harder and faster.”Fuck yes, make me cum with your hard cock, big boy,” encouraged Marsha.Mark was panting as he fucked this mature black woman, and he continued with dirty talk as he aimed to have her orgasming. “Cum, you dirty whore, you slag,” he panted as he continued thrusting.”Shit, fuck, oh yes, oh yes,” wailed Marsha as she came, but Mark was determined not to have her stop at one orgasm.”Slut, dirty slut,” Mark grunted as he fucked Marsha as hard as he had fucked any woman.Marsha was grunting too with every thrust from Mark, and his aim was achieved when she came again. “Fuck, oh fuck, cumming again, fuck,” she announced, and Mark was now happy to unload in her, and he almost immediately started spurting into her.”That was a good start to the night,” said Marsha when the pair of them had got their breath back.”Yeah, you are great to be with,” complimented Mark.With the whole night ahead, they spent the next half hour or so side by side petting and sometimes kissing.”Have you done any arse wanking recently?” asked Mark, referring to their first contact on the underground train the previous week.”Not since you sugar; maybe I can give you a bare butt wank later?” suggested Marsha.”Fuck yes, that sounds good,” said Mark, envisaging his erect cock getting further stimulated by Marsha’s naked backside.”Maybe after the ass worshipping that you promised me?” said Marsha.”Yeah, it’s a deal,” said Mark as he thought of the sexual delights to come.There was more kissing and stroking for a while until Marsha asked another question. “My ass needs worshipping now, you ready to do it?” she asked.”Yes, Marsha, let me worship your lovely ass,” replied Mark, assuming that he would be doing it with her on her front on the bed. Marsha had other ideas. She got off the bed and bent over; she failed in an attempt to touch her toes, but she did grip her ankles.”Worship away, honey,” she said from this bent-over position as Mark looked at the arse on view and his penis stood to attention.He got on his knees kaçak bahis siteleri behind her and started by kissing Marsha’s left buttock, and he did that for a while before kissing her right one. This was really turning Marsha on, and she let Mark know that fact. “You sure know how to worship a girl’s ass,” she said as she tried to hold her position. Mark then used his hands to simultaneously caress each cheek, and Marsha became less steady, partly from trouble in holding her position and partly from the huge amount of sexual arousal that she was now feeling.Mark then ran fingers up and down her arse crack, and Marsha was on the edge. “Oh fuck sugar, you gonna make me cum so hard,” she warned.Mark then touched her anus with a finger and teased that, and Marsha went over the top. She shuddered as she panted, “Fuck, oh fuck, I am cumming so hard,” as her body shook. Her cum soaked her thighs, and she could no longer stay in position and collapsed onto her knees with her arse in the air.She was sort of sobbing with her head pressed in the carpet as she mumbled through the end of her orgasm. “Shit Mark, you are great at playing a woman’s ass,” said Marsha.”You have the perfect ass for playing with; now how about my arse wank?” said Mark with his penis stiff.”Yes, honey, stand with your back against the wall,” said Marsha as she struggled to her feet.Mark did as instructed, and then Marsha stood with her back to him and her bare arse just inches from his erection. She thrust her arse backwards and touched his penis with it before moving away again after a few seconds. She then backed up until she was almost touching him, and Mark was tempted to ease forwards so that he made contact with her, but he managed to stay where he was.Marsha then closed the gap but remained motionless with her bare buttocks touching the end of Mark’s prick. She then slowly slid up and down and stimulated Mark enough for him to let her know. “Oh hell, Marsha, this is so exciting,” he said.”We ain’t started yet, baby,” Marsha said seductively before moving back fractionally and putting more pressure on. She then started moving from side to side and up and down as Mark’s precum smeared on her black arse.”I want you to cum on my big black ass when you are ready, sugar,” said Marsha as she put more pressure on and moved faster.”Yes, yes, I won’t last long, oh fuck,” said Mark as his cock got stimulated by the woman’s buttocks.”Yes, baby, put your white cream on my black ass,” Marsha reiterated as she squirmed against Mark’s cock and had herself on the point of another orgasm.”Mmm, mmm, oh fuck,” Mark panted as his cock twitched, his body tensed and his ejaculation started.Marsha kept squirming as Mark spunked on her arse and then she came. “Oh fuck, I am fucking cumming,” she said as she fondled her nipples as Mark finished splattering her backside with semen.

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