Adventures of an Estate Agent Ch. 06


Crossing more lines.

(Reading previous chapters will inform on how the story arrives at this point.)

Suzanne stood up in front of me and pushed her skirt down. It pooled at her feet, revealing a black lace garter belt holding up her black stockings and a lace g-sting no more than a patch of transparent black fabric that barley covered her puffy, pouty pussy. I nuzzled my face to her crotch inhaled her perfume and pussy aroma through my flaring nostrils. I pulled her tightly to me, kissed her g-string patch, lapped her moist crack with my wet probing tongue, eliciting moans of pleasure from Suzanne. My lust stirred once again. I pulled her G string down and devoured her cunt, lapping, sucking and probing her mature fleshy fronds with excited fervour, which pleasurably shocked her and surprised me considering the fucking with Jason and the sex with Jessy that I had enjoyed already.

Suzanne was all woman, her meaty labia I found fascinating. Sensual in their existence and presence. They were eminently suckable. That is what I did. I sucked them into my salivating mouth, emitting the noises of a feast, being gorged by me. My bosses juice wet my face as it mixed with my saliva. Suzanne had a cunt that was mature, big and womanly. I wanted to put my head in it, a strange concept, a ridiculous thought. My boss forcefully pulling my head to her cunt only added to the fantasy act.

Suzanne shuddered and stumbled, having a mini climax and eased up on trying to swallow me with her open wet fanny, allowing me the opportunity to suckle on her large blood engorged clitoris. I sucked and tongued it ferociously. She wobbled on her four-inch high heels as she lost control of her body to me. I held her steady as I sucked and sucked at her mini cocklike clit as she came and came, as I did.

At this point, several things happened. Suzanne inelegantly fell forward onto escort london the bed, trapping me by her collapsing onto me. Her open, sweet-tasting cunt engulfed my face as I continued orally to pleasure my boss. She orgasmed again and again as my fingers found her anal rosebud and lightly fingered it with one finger. Suzanne was moaning loudly, but it was muffled to me as her thighs were clamping my head as she rode my head and face. I heard a muffled to my ears, dull thud, followed by muffled raised voices, which became audible to me as Suzanne released my flushed pussy juice smeared head.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! Jessy was back, shouting at us both.

“I do not believe it, Nester.” She used my proper name again. She was, pissed off with me! and continued to shout at me. “Fuck a bloke without me, fucked me making me late back to work causing me to have a row with my executive boss, get me the sack and now I find you shagging your boss! She was enjoying it too! What the actual fuck, Nester!”

Jessy burst into a flood of tears and threw herself on the bed.

This day could not get any worse, could it? I had fucked Jason, her brother, ravished her and allowed her to eat me out, knowing that she was savouring Jasons sperm from my cunt. I got her the sack for being late back to her job, a job she adored. Now I had been caught cheating on her with Suzanne. Actually, with my face almost ears deep in my bosses cunt.

What took place next considering, all the sexual events of the day, shocked me.

Suzanne removed her bra. This act in itself surprised me. She rolled to Jessy, my weeping for doe-eyed fiancee wiped her eyes with her fingers, gave her a peck on her cheek and offered a breast to her mouth!

Jessy, wide-eyed and looking childlike, still sobbing, seemed mesmerised with Suzanne, her thirty-eight-inch bust and her large areola and stimulated distended dubai escorts extended nipples. I watched in trepidation at the scene before me, fearing Jessy flying off the handle again, then in fascination at her full lips seemingly drawn to the perfect looking womanly boobs in front of her and being hand cupped offered to her to nurse on.

Jessy opened her lips and suckled on my bosses left teat, sucking it into her mouth. Suzanne held her head, fingers running through her hair, to support and encourage Jessy. My boss moaned in pleasure at the sensations she was getting, tenderly kissed the top of my fiancees head as she whispered to Jessy, “let Suzzy make it better, suck my nipples for me, be a good girl.”

I was shocked and mesmerised, very turned on and jealous too.

Suzanne moved Jessy and dangled her tits above her face in further invitation to suck them into her salivating open mouth, which Jessy did with a vigour she usually displayed on my cunt. My hand automatically went to my moist pussy, fingering myself, as I watched as she fed on the pendulous boobs above her as a baby on her mommies breasts. The display had me panting and strumming my pussy to get myself off, to come at the taboo act I was witnessing.

As Jessicas sucking became more fervent, their lust and need took over, so did mine. Suzanne slipped her hand between the thighs of my soon to be wife, which opened in wanton invitation. Her fingers impaled Jessys cunt as her wet entrance willingly accepted two and then three fingers, senses heightened as she rode the probing digits of my bosses and sometimes lover hand.

I watched as they took pleasure in each other, Suzanne having mini trembling orgasms as her nipples were sucked as an act of worship by Jessy and Jessy stuttering and shaking through more visible climaxes from Suzzanne, finger fucking of her.

From that point, Escort Dubai things escalated. We three spent an hour or so of torrid lesbian sexual adventure. I licked, finger fucked my bosses anus. Encouraged and assisted Jessy to do something we neither of us had ever done before, to insert her slim, strong hand into Suzanne, slowly and out at first, into her womanly sloppy wet cunt, then fist fuck her vigorously to induce an earth-shattering orgasm. I had never been witness or experienced fist fucking in real life before, only see it in porn films. It was amazing to watch close up as i licked Suzannes cunt and Jessy’s hand during and after they had finished. Absolutely amazing!

We cuddled naked, whispered endearments together as we came down from our sexual heights, sated on the bed, the wrecked bed. We dressed, we gathered our thoughts and moved to the lounge.

Sitting quietly in my lounge, fully dressed, slightly embarrassed with ourselves, sipping a glass of Pinot, the three of us started talking at the same time. We smiled at each other, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

Suzzanne took up the chance to talk. “Jessy, I am so sorry you have lost your job, but I think they have failed to carry out the termination correctly. I will help you claim against the company.

I want to offer you a job with us as a sales negotiator as we have a big site about to start near Rudgley, where I need you.”

Suzanne carried on to brief her of the job, the remuneration package and details of a company car the agency would provide. Jessys eyes widened at the offer. The salary offered was double what she was earning. I gave her the details of the sites and the mix of properties. I explained that I would mentor her on the nitty-gritty of the job, encouraging her with my enthusiasm.

“Thank you so much, I will start on Monday, Suzzanne?” Jessy replied as we clinked glasses and toasted the future.

Some hugging, an invite to Suzanne’s and Rods get together the next day she left us. I waited in trepidation to get Jessy’s delayed reaction to my fucking her brother.

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