Adventure and Timing

Big Dick

I take no credit for this piece. I did some light editing but this was written by the Incubus who made me what I am. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Let us know if you want part 2.


Isis looked for unoccupied shade to no avail. It was only a matter of time before the sun would turn the burn on her shoulders and breasts into peeling blisters. She heard that the country had fun and mystery to offer, though all she had experienced thus far was awkward conversations with people she could hardly communicate with, uncomfortable humidity, and an intense heat that her Swedish background had left her ill prepared for.

Isis had come to the Dominican Republic with her close friend Suzie in the need of something- that much she was sure of. What that something was she hadn’t the slightest clue. Having divorced from her ex-husband just over 2 years ago she had remained single, pessimistic and empty. She’d previously secured employment as a personal assistant for a famous Swedish actress, and although it paid the bills, tending to the bitches’ beck and call had left her unfulfilled. When Suzie asked her if she would like to vacation in the Caribbean, Isis was understandably hesitant.

First and foremost, Isis was a house cat. Her idea of a day off was heading off to the gym after binging on sweets and Netflix, her kryptonite. Suzie’s persistence eventually broke her when she informed Isis that her boyfriend would be in China for a month on business. Suzie wanted to rekindle their friendship. Thus, their reconciliation had begun to cost Isis her milky skin and her previously straight, flowing

“Would you like to eat at the buffet?” Isis asked in her broken English. She and Suzie had agreed they would exclusively speak English as a means of improving their language skills and assimilating with other tourists. “The sun is too strong,” she added as an afterthought.

“Yes, the buffet. And if it is too strong then the pool is the best place to be!” Suzie stated with a smile. Suzie had managed the Caribbean conditions far better due to her half Nigerian blood line, which blessed her with a tan that coped with the sun far easier than Isis. Her hair remained in perfect, coiled curls, whereas Isis’ now-frizzy mane could barely be recognized.

“It burns… Suzie… Please?”

“It’s ok, no need to beg lunch is almost over, we should hurry.”

Isis often noticed the attention her and Suzie received as they traveled throughout the resort. Where Isis often felt awkward at the stares, due to language and general discomfort, Suzie thrived by swinging her hips and chest and the right angles in order to deliver a proper show to anyone curious enough to sneak a glance at the pair, before returning a charismatic smile. Isis’s body was nothing to shun- she stood at 5’4, though mostly all legs, she sported C cup breasts, a tight ass that could fill the hands of the average man, and accentuated cupid’s bow lips. Where Isis may have had the superior legs and lips to Suzie, Suzie’s perky double D’s made it nearly impossible for an outfit not to look good. This was exemplified by the stares they received as they began to seat themselves after filling their plates.

“Do they know you have boyfriend? Nooo- but still, you always smile.”

“No they don’t know, and they don’t care. I love my boyfriend, but the looks make me feel good and if it goes no more, then I see no problem.”


“English, Isis.”

“… Forget it”

Isis believed there to be some deep-rooted problem with her friend. Essentially teasing other men with smirks, smiles, and waves, was all seemingly innocent, but she wasn’t equipped with the patience to argue the morality of flirting with other men while one was in a relationship.

Later on that night, they were back in their room beginning to dress for the club. They had already been at the resort for a week, and had one more left. Both girls were becoming tired from the normal routine of waking up, eating, swimming, eating, clubbing and sleeping. Sure, there had been an occasional ride on ATVs and speed boats, poor runs of luck at the casino, and awkward conversations with American tourists that went from, “Can I buy you a drink?” to “Lets go back to my room,” far quicker than Isis had imagined any man had the balls to ask. Though Isis had declined the offers, it wasn’t for lack of desire, or need for a man’s love before she lay with him- she simply hadn’t heard the right tune.

It was midnight, and the same routine had reaped the same results, only this time, it had seemed Suzie was the one who had lacked patience for the fruits of the evening.

“Isis, lets go back. I’m tired and not feeling tonight, we woke up too early for that damn speed boat, I need sleep. Plus, I think the men will fail you again tonight.”

“Maybe, but I’ll stay.”

“You sure, honey? If you really want, I can stay.”

“No, it’s ok. Go to sleep. I’m ok.”

“You’re better than ok,” remarked Suzie with a smirk and a wink as she planted a kiss on her friend’s nallıhan escort cheek and walked off to her hotel room.

Another hour passed in the club, and several more disappointing suitors had passed by Isis’ presence as well. She had decided it was time for another smoke break. She knew it to be a disgusting habit, but her will to decline a stick of cancerous relief was not nearly as strong as it was to decline the average attempt to get in her pants. As she sat outside puffing away a resort worker approached her.

“Que hora es?”

“Sorry, no Spanish.”

“This good me no Spanish either,” He said with a perverted smile on his face and a double wink of the brow. She sized him up. He was tall, about 6’1, with large muscles and a Mohawk fade that she was not familiar with. He had nice brown skin, but his face was made up of average features that she did not agree with.

“Oh… Me now only speak Spanish… Si?” she noticed this did not deter him in the slightest as he had gone from bending over with his hands on his knees to speak to her, to comfortably plopping himself in the cushioned chair beside her. As the persistent worker sat down though he uncovered the view of a tall, thin, Dominican young man walking towards the club. Their eyes met and he returned a confused look to Isis. “Que… hora… es?..” she blurted out.

“La una y quince,” he replied in a smooth, deep voice.

“O no, I… Don’t speak Spanish.”

“Y que?” The tall Dominican who had to be at least 6’4.

“Nada Primo.” The resort worker said, as he sulked off.

He sat down beside her, as she tried to calm down. Lower your expectations, she thought, no need to be disappointed too soon.

“Seems like I made you lose your only friend.”

“No…” Isis answered, struggling to find the words to communicate “I’m here alone.”

“Would you like to dance after your cigarette?”

He looked visibly bothered as he said it to her. There it was, she thought, He hates cigarettes.

“Yes, but… uhhh… It’s only Latino music.”

“What else?” He grinned. He has a nice smile.

She threw the butt out and he grabbed her by the hand and led her into the club. The sensation was new, she felt he was getting too comfortable too quick, so she promptly let him go.

The floor was filled with about a dozen people, which almost made it seem full. It was small, a makeshift resort club for tourists. To Isis’ surprise, it was mostly women, with only two men on the dance floor.

“A drink first,” She wasn’t sure if he was asking her or telling her as, ?”These Hoes Ain’t Loyal” rang, rippling through the hips of the women on the dance floor.

“Any Vodka will do,” This made him smile and she felt a little flutter run through her chest.

They sipped at their drinks and placed them down together just as another American song she didn’t recognize came on.

“Hold on,” He managed to communicate, as the new song was quite loud. He walked over to the DJ booth. As he returned, the music playing was now Latino. He held his hand out in a gentlemanly manner, silently inviting her to join him.

“I don’t know how.”

“You look like a quick learner.”

He held her hand and kept another on her waist. She realized she had quickly picked up the rhythm because he was guiding her. It was a natural progression, with the wind brushing against her, encouraging her of the proper gyration. Isis, who was beginning to feel like she wasn’t a complete fool, lifted her head and was met with his smile. His large and juicy lips only exposed the top row of perfectly straight, white teeth.

Before she could continue to admire her savior and enjoy the rhythm of their dancing, she noticed everyone was looking at her- or perhaps him- but certainly them. Now, Isis had never been a very arrogant girl and if she was truly honest, her confidence came only when she received compliments, but fuck, it felt good to have everyone’s eyes on her. Her heart rate quickened, and she enjoyed the feeling of being the center of attention.

As the track began to change, and he had slipped away and was speaking to an older gentlemen. She could not have been more curious as to what they were talking about as he walked back towards her.

“Walk with me.”

She didn’t like the command, but not enough to avoid grabbing his arm as he escorted her out. She actually liked the feeling of being escorted. It felt nice to be led somewhere new. She thought back to the last time that this happened- she couldn’t even remember.

“What’s your name, lonely?”

“Isis… You?”

“Isis, you seem pretty lonely.”

She couldn’t tell if she had just been told she was pretty or very lonely.

“My friend left me, though I… Ah, wasn’t ready to go to bed.”

“A night owl like myself- we just might get along, Isis.”

Yeah, he’s handsome… He thinks I’m pretty and he likes that I stayed up late, she assured herself.

They were now walking through the largest pool in the necatibey escort resort, but they didn’t stop. She had mentioned she was from Sweden and he told her he was from New York City. She came from a large, loving family, while his father raised him alone. She was here on vacation with a girlfriend of hers, and he was visiting with a couple of buddies. They paused at an outdoor bed, draped in curtains, facing the beach. He immediately laid down like it belonged to him. She hesitantly sat at the edge of it.

“What brought you to the Dominican Republic, Isis?”

She was embarrassed, not sure if she should reveal that she was looking for a romantic pipe dream, but he hadn’t disappointed her yet.

“The same thing I’ve been searching for since I left my husband…” She looked momentarily crestfallen, “Love.”

“I’m not sure the Dominican Republic is the best place to find it, but at least you get to hang with beautiful people in the beautiful weather on your search.”

She giggled nervously. She could feel herself turning red.

“Do you have a girlfriend… Or a wife?” She asked suddenly.

“No, I do not.”


“Maybe I’m looking for love too, Isis.”

She couldn’t contain her smile. And she noticed she was suddenly sitting next to him.

“So… Why aren’t you giving love a chance Isis?” As he reached in behind her neck her pulled her in, gentle just as they were dancing, but now with their lips. His were large, soft, and warm. She smiled through her kiss as he continued to fill her with more passion and aggression, somehow, despite the warm weather of the island, he managed to bring a chill down her spine.

“Wow,” She said as she pulled away. He smiled back in response as his arms slowly slide from behind her neck and onto her lap, creeping up her hips, as he lifted her to sit on top of him. He had done it so smoothly, she lost herself in a daze until two resort workers walked by and she whispered nervously, “They will see us!”

“Love is hard to hide.”

“Wait,” She said suddenly, “We can’t,” she released a pleasurable sigh. She had just met him, and though he was handsome, she was not going to cross that line. “We will not be having sex tonight.”

“Isis, please do not rush me into sex- that will take place when we’re both ready. For now were just going to enjoy the night, enjoy the beauty around you.”

She couldn’t argue. The veiled bed on the beach of a warm breezy night was a breathtaking backdrop, and though she had been in the country for a few days, the man before her had already begun to make her salivate. Swiftly as the wind, he had switched places with her and pressed her against the bed.

“Don’t put any pressure on this.” Down her neck and with hands on her hip and behind her thigh, he slowly began to kiss her- each kiss slow and controlled. He hadn’t gone too far, she thought. She admitted to herself that she couldn’t help but feel a sense of bliss; here she was without a care in the world and craving more. He seemed to hear her thoughts. He hiked up her skirt and slid further down the bed.


“I told you not to rush me, but stop me if I do something wrong.”

She began to wonder if he even knew how to be wrong.

“Just slow down.”

“I didn’t peg you for one who liked it slow, but I’m addicted to pleasing.” He said as his lips met her pelvis.

“Oh… Fuck,” she didn’t mean to blurt, but she was wet and craving him. Panties drenched with desire, it had been building since he shot her a smile and kidnapped her with open arms. She belonged to him tonight, and she loved the idea as she leaned her head back as she felt her panties shift to the side. He began kissing her thighs, closer to her knees, then gradually upward. The kisses were wet, her breath was hiking. He came back up to her panties and begun to slide them over and she faintly- and very unenthusiastically- put her hands on him to stop it, but he reacted by using teeth to move them over. She couldn’t stand the idea of ending the story there. He licked her lips slowly alternating between each side. Still warming her up, but it felt like she was on fire. He then slid his tongue flatly down the middle grazing her clit and drinking her in. She was now dripping and he simply hovered on her clit flicking and rubbing with his tongue. She felt his craving circles match with the rhythm of her heart, and she couldn’t control herself any longer- she grabbed his head forcing him to go harder. She felt a sweet release coming and he must have felt it, too, because he kept going at the same rhythm of the waves; as they came, so did she. Sobering up now she realized she was not only wet on her lower half, but was sweating all over as well.

“Your eyes are closed.” He remarked.

“Just-” She panted, “Thinking.”

If she had given a fuck about being in this situation previously, she couldn’t remember so.

As one last wave of pleasure washed over her, she quickly closed her legs to hide herself. “Don’t,” He grabbed ankara otele gelen escort her by the knees, “Open them. I want to see all of you.” She hadn’t believed in hypnosis, but she was under his command as she obediently opened her legs.

“Touch yourself.”

Suddenly aware of her surroundings, she blushed. “I just came,” she mumbled in response.

“I seem to remember having a part in that.” He kept his gaze at her face. “Touch yourself,” he repeated firmly. She obliged.

He sat there watching her, as she did what she was told. Despite having reached her orgasm, she found herself aroused again. Maybe it was the warmth of the night surrounding them, or the alcohol she’d consumed, or possibly the beautiful, opportune stranger standing before her, but Isis was no longer blushing.

She touched herself the way she’d done so many times before. There was a rush of excitement that accompanied having someone there watching her. It was the surge of having someone peak into the most private part of her life- and Isis loved every minute of it.

She was beginning to become flustered, so with her free hand, she reached for his waist.

“Not yet,” He placed his hand over hers. He pulled Isis in for a kiss and began to run his hands through her hair. His hands explored every inch of her body, leaving little trails of fire whenever his fingers ghosted over her skin. He played with her hair, left a pattern of kisses on her neck, then down to her breasts. He took each nipple into his mouth, slowly caressing her with his tongue. Isis’ breath hitched and she arched her body towards him.

“I said,” he told her as he made his way down to the crevice between her legs, “Not yet.”

Before he delved in, he took his shirt off. She admired his body- lean muscles that flexed whenever he moved.

He caught her staring, “That’s right baby, you enjoy. I’ll do the heavy lifting,” he smirked as he lowered his head in between her legs.

“Oh… F… F… Fu-uh- uhhcckk.” Isis moaned, grabbing the fabric of the bed. This was too much for her to handle. She didn’t know what he was doing with tongue, but the sensation drove her to the brink of insanity. She pushed his head in closer. “Don’t stop,” She breathed.

“Wasn’t planning on it.”

He continued his mantra and she writhed back and forth, unable to hide her exhilaration.

He brought her to the brink of her second orgasm and broke his promise- he stopped.

“What’re you doing?!” She exclaimed.

Wordlessly, he guided her hands up towards his stomach. She could feel the tight strands of muscles as if she were running her hands through a tightly wound harp. He unzipped his jeans and dropped his gray boxers. His dick was already hard. It looked smooth and slightly darker, as the color clashed against his light, tan skin.

She grabbed him eagerly and her tiny hands were filled. He split her thighs open once again, and lay his long torso upon her. Only his head entered as she let out a sigh just after he stopped. He slowly reversed backwards and entered another inch further only to stop with her responding again with a sigh. She bit her lip in anticipation and he laughed quietly at her eagerness.

“I can take it,” She promise him, practically begging.

Another motion back and forward and half of him might have been in her, but she was feeling full and beginning to shake her legs as she wrapped them around the back of his thighs.”I- can- taaa- aaa-” Another sigh escaped, except this time, he grabbed both her wrists and drilled them into the mattress as if he meant to crucify her to it.

Coming down from her ecstasy, she he heard him mumble. “Wha- what is it?” She asked, eyes still closed.

“Bite me.”

As he was now fully stroking inside, she had been able to take all of him to her surprise and elation. The smacking of his balls against her sent vibration throughout her body she did not expect and couldn’t help but enjoy.

“What?” She asked, unable to focus. He pressed his her wrists harder against the mattress.

“If you make me fucking repeat myself again.” His strokes became stronger as she felt her entire body on the verge once again.

As he did so he also leaned his collarbone into her. What is even happening, but the thought did not deter her..

She bit him.

“Harder,” he commanded, and she did so.

“Don’t make me show you how it’s done,” he threatened, almost angrily. “Harder, Isis.”

Isis, she thought, as a ripple ran through her core. Her nostrils flared, and she repeated her name over in her head. Isis wasn’t tasting blood, but Isis had ripped his skin and caused him to grunt in pleasure. Isis landed in in the Dominican Republic, all on her own. Isis was fucking a stranger, out on the open. Isis was biting him.

She spit the metallic taste from her mouth and made no hesitation as she climbed ontop of him. Delighted at his shocked expression, Isis ground her pussy onto his dick. His breath quickened.

She slid her arms down his back, and he lifted her by her ass. Their tongues danced in equal cyclicity.

“Show me how you ride, princess.”

“Queen,” She corrected him. The title blurted out of her mouth before she could think. “And not yet,” she used his previous words against him. His cocky smirk and widening eyes seemed to challenge her.

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