Adam , Steve, Not Eve


Eve Winters, known to her slaves and the BDSM community, as “Mistress Eve”, was quite pleased with her success in controlling her slaves so far. She was especially satisfied with the power that she had over Adam, her husband. She married him to get legal title to half of his estate, which has considerable.

She frequently fucked other men, and only allowed Adam to have sex with his fellow slaves, all of whom were men. She rarely fucked him herself, so he was generally desperate enough to go for the gay thing, which she tried to encourage as much as possible. She just got turned on by watching her small, timid husband having sex with the bigger slaves, always in the bottom position.

At the start of their relationship, she had promised him other partners, which she delivered, though not as he wished. She also promised to respect his limits, and in that she lied. She used a strap-on with him, even though he hated it, mainly to get him used to being anally penetrated. She took his anal virgnity that way.

She never acknowledged his safeword, either, so he eventually stopped using it.

His cock and balls were kept in a harnessing device, until he was wanted for sex, and then mostly for men. She often used him to entertain her friends, by having him suck cocks that were about to plunge into her. She had also trained pinbahis yeni giriş him to eat their cum out of her cunt. She made fun of his dick, but she was not the typical “cuckold” wife, in that she at least allowed him to masturbate and have sex with men, but not women.

Her main cruelty lay in the fact that she used him to pleasure men, but rarely allowed him to fuck her, as he would have preferred. She also whipped and chained him on a regular basis, and kept him horny for days, just to get him in the mood for gay sex. The problem with the whipping was that it was extravagant, to the point of leaving him raw when she was done.

One day, however, when he had refused to take the abnormally sized cock of one of her boyfriends up his ass, she decided to teach him a lesson. She knew this man, Steve Cahill, whom she assumed to gay, since he showed no interest in her, and she decided to offer Adam to Steve, who had written several short stories under the pen name of

“HARSHMAN”. She, not surprisingly, assumed that this meant that he was a cruel master, like he described in some of his revenge stories.

Steve was quite astonished to get this offer in his e-mail, but he went to her place to check it out. What he knew about Eve so far did not impress him. She seemed the typical sadistic mistress, the domme pinbahis giriş type who didn’t have any internal self-restraint, or core values, to prevent herself from going mad or sociopathic.

Her place did not change his opinion of her. It seemed a typical “dungeon”, and suggested a fascination, or even obsession, with torture. It sickened him to think that she assumed that he was just like her. Well, he thought, I’ll teach her a lesson, one quite different than the one she expects me to teach Adam! I’ll teach both of them that bondage is about loving control and dominance, as well as willing submission, not cruelty and barbarism.

“Steve, I want you to show this foolish husband of mine his place in my household, and help me keep him in it! He seems to think that he has the right to choose which men to suck off and for whom to bend over. I choose that, not him, and I want him to understand that his role is to satisfy my whims, whatever they happen to be. I’m sick of his self-esteem getting in the way, and I want to break him of any remaining notions of having ‘rights’.”

“I’ll set him straight, Eve. Be assured of that.”

“That’s what I thought. He’s yours for the weekend.”

“Thank you, Eve. That shows a lot of confidence in me.”

“Well, I have reason to be confident with putting Adam in the pinbahis güvenilirmi custody ‘HARSHMAN’, don’t I?”

“Indeed, I know what to do with him. Just hand him over to me, with the keys to his chastity device.”

“Very well. Here they are- try not to use the keys too often. A horny slave is a helpful slave.”

Steve led the very horrified Adam out of the house, into his van. Adam had no doubt been warned that his temporary master would be severe with him. He was dreading his torture. Little did he know what to expect.

The first thing Steve did when they arrived at his house, much to Adam’s shock, was to unlock the chastity device, unchain Adam, and let him masturbate. Then, he told him to take a shower.

“You’re kinda dirty, from the looks of you. Too much scat and golden showers of late. You need to be cleaned up, for your health and mine. You have been in bad hands. I will change that. From now on, you are safe. You are safe from torture, humiliation, cruelty, and degradation. You are safe from evil at the hands of your wife. You will be punished when you disobey, but not to excess. There will be self-restraint, and you will get a safeword. How about ‘Eden’? Appropriate, given your name.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Call me Master Steve. I prefer to have my name included in the title, Adam. I will only call you slave when you disobey me, and have to be reminded of your station.”

“You’re so kind, Master Steve. Not like my mistress.”

“Yes, Adam, that’s very true. I am nothing like your mistress, as you will soon find out.”

To be continued….

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