A Young Coed in Command – Part II


“What is wrong, Jade? What happened? Why is your blouse missing a button? Did someone hurt you?” The questions came pouring out. Chloe was worried as she looked at her disheveled younger sister.Jade looked down, she couldn’t bear to look into her sister’s eyes, “I saw you at the pool.”“What do you mean you saw me? What did you see?” Chloe asked, still worried but now worried about herself as well.“I saw you lick Mr. Fields’ thing and him touching you,” Jade replied meekly.“You saw me suck his cock? Oh my God! What else did you see? Where were you?” Chloe demanded. “I want to know everything.”“I was in the kitchen about to get a drink and I heard Mr. Fields scream. I looked out the window and I saw you hold his thing. I couldn’t stop watching. I’m sorry,” Jade replied, her eyes tearing up.“It is okay, Jade. Come here, let me give you a hug. You can’t tell mom or dad, promise?”Chloe embraced her younger sister and held her tight with Jade’s head resting on Chloe’s chest.“I promise. I will not tell mom or dad,” Jade replied as she snuggled against her sister and then pulled away abruptly as she felt something sticky on her cheek.“Is that his stuff on your chest and my face?” Jade exclaimed as she felt her face.Chloe looked horrified as she felt the sticky cum on her upper chest. “I must have missed it when I cleaned up, whoops.”“I wish I was you,” Jade blurted out. “I want to learn how to do things. Can you teach me?”“Woo, slow down,” Chloe replied. “First wipe that cum from your face and taste it. Then tell me everything that you saw and why you look a mess. Then stop calling a cock a thing, and cum, his stuff.”Chloe watched as her sister wiped Jim’s cum off her face and then licked her finger.“It doesn’t taste bad, a bit salty,” Jade said.“That is your first lesson,” Chloe giggled. “Now tell me what you saw and why you look a mess.”“I saw you suck and lick Mr. Fields’, um, cock and him licking your pussy. Then I saw him sucking on your breasts. It was so hot and it got me wet. I’m sorry I was spying,” Jade said, blushing.“What else?”“I heard him call you a cock sucking slut and I got so horny watching both of you that I started fingering my pussy, just like he did to you.”“How did the buttons come off your blouse?” Chloe asked.“I wasn’t thinking, watching you and Mr. Fields was driving me crazy. My body ached so I pulled open my bonus veren siteler blouse to squeeze my breasts while thrusting my fingers into my pussy. Suddenly, I came so hard that I wet the floor. The buttons must have come off then.” Jade confessed.“Oh my God, Jade! That is so erotic! Don’t be embarrassed but you are making me horny now. Did your panties get wet?”“Yes, they are a mess.”“Let me see,” Chloe said as her sister unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor exposing her pink floral panties with a huge dark wet spot on them.Chloe stared at the spot and thought about all the things her sister had said. “So, what do you want to learn?”“I want to learn how to suck a cock and make a guy beg me. I only tried once and he didn’t cum or like what I was doing,” Jade confessed.Chloe stood there thinking, “Do you really want to learn for real?”“Yes, please teach me,” Jade pleaded.“We are going to have to work hard but I think I have an idea. If you are a fast learner, you will have Mr. Fields begging for you to make him cum.”“Really, when and how?”“When, tomorrow evening, how, I will show you but first give me your panties. I am going to need them,” Chloe responded.“What are you going to do with them?”“You will find out soon enough. Be quick and give them to me. We have a lot of work to do.”Jade quickly took off her wet panties and gave them to Chloe, who promptly put the panties in a zip lock bag. Jade looked puzzled.“I want to keep them damp until tomorrow,” Chloe said responding to her sister’s questioning expression as she modestly tried to cover her bush with her hands.“Jade move your hands away. You can’t be that shy around Mr. Fields. Oh my, look at your bush! It is growing wild already. Go ahead  and sit on the toilet so I can shave it for you.” Jade’s black bush was surprisingly thick for a sixteen-year-old. “I want to make sure Mr. Fields can find your clit through all the hair,” Chloe giggled as Jade again turned red.Chloe prepared a tub with some warm soapy water and got a razor blade and scissors.Jade sat on the toilet and spread her legs wide for her sister. She was a little nervous since no one other than herself had touched her there. One boy rubbed his hands over her panties but then she pushed him away scared.Chloe first used the scissors to get the hair shorter before she lathered up bedava bahis Jade’s silky black bush.“Your pussy feels wet and not wet from the lather,” Chloe said as her fingers slipped between Jade’s labia while lathering her sister.“Your fingers feel so nice down there. You are making me tingle,” Jade blushed and squirmed.Chloe rubbed a little harder and slipped two fingers inside her sister’s cunt. “How does that feel?”Jade’s body trembled as her sister rubbed her pussy and clit with soapy water. “Deeper,” Jade moaned as she held her sister’s hand in place.“I should stop. I want you craving for Mr. Fields and I want to make sure you stay focused on learning,” Chloe said reluctantly as she pulled her fingers out. “Jim will not be able to resist you. Now lean back so I can shave you and finish trimming your bush.”“Do you really think he will want me? I am not very experienced. I don’t have the same curves you have and my boobs are so small.”“Don’t worry, he will want you,” Chloe replied, confidently knowing what she had planned for tomorrow.When Chloe was finished, Jade’s bush was short and triangle-shaped. Chloe couldn’t resist and slipped her fingers again into her sister’s slit. “You are still slick. I think you enjoyed that,” Chloe cooed as she licked the juices from her fingers. “Jim is going to like the way you taste. I sure do.”“Now we need to get to work,” Chloe continued. They spent the rest of the evening and Saturday morning on Chloe giving Jade a crash course on how to give a blow job and how to tease a man. The plan was for Chloe to give her sister a ride to school for a weekend event and she was going to go to visit a friend. At least, that is what they were going to tell the parents. But instead they were going to visit Mr. Fields, who told Chloe that his wife and kids weren’t going to be home Saturday night and begged her to come over.Chloe had Jade wear her schoolgirl outfit. She wore her crisp white linen blouse, her dark blue navy skirt that stopped above her knees and white knee-high socks and black shoes. It fit the story they told their parents plus she looked so cute in it. It was entirely regulation except that she wasn’t wearing any panties and Chloe had her take off her bra once they left the house. Jade had very small boobs but with very puffy nipples that stood out under the sheer white deneme bonus blouse.Chloe had Jade wait in the car until Chloe got Jim ready for her.Jim opened the door and quickly let Chloe in and shut the door.“Thanks for dressing casual. Did anyone see you come in?” a concerned Jim asked.“Nobody saw me. You don’t like my sweats and baggy shirt?” Chloe teased. “Don’t worry I have a change of clothes in the bag and a few other things I think you will enjoy.”Jim moved in to kiss Chloe and they embraced. “I can’t stop thinking about you. I am so glad you decided to come over.”“I have been thinking about you and your big cock and how I want you to fuck me. Are you going to show me your bedroom?” Chloe seductively asked as she groped Jim’s bulge.“This way baby,” Jim replied as he took her by the hand.“Why don’t you get naked while I change in the bathroom,” Chloe whispered as she kissed Jim cheek. She liked how Jim lit a bunch of candles in the bedroom in anticipation. She thought her sister would like the soft lighting.“Oh my God, you look fucking amazing!” Jim exclaimed as Chloe walked out. She was dressed in a red half-bra exposing her nipples with a black lace thong topped with a small red bow along with black stockings and high heels. Jim’s cock which was half-erect was now fully erect.“I guess you like it,” Chloe smiled as she eyed his hard shaft.“Yes, come here. You look so slutty and sexy in that outfit. How I want to fuck you so hard,” Jim replied as he reached for her but Chloe pushed him away.“I want to be in control,” Chloe replied as she tweaked his nipples. “I want to be a little kinky, big man. Let me be in control and then you can fuck my tight cunt.”“What did you have in mind?” Jim asked a little concerned.“I want to tie you up, tease you, and then ride your thick cock until you make me cum,” Chloe replied softly as she pulled out some rope and silk scarves from the bag and dragged them over his body.“I think you will like it,” she continued as she kissed him and stroked his balls and shaft. “I want you spread eagle, baby.”Jim was already too aroused between the anticipation of fucking Chloe and seeing her sexy outfit that there really was only one answer.“I’m yours, tie me up,” Jim replied as he watched Chloe tie him up with the rope and scarves.“Perfect,” Chloe smiled, as she straddled his body. “You know, we were watched yesterday by my sister. I could have gotten into so much trouble because of your big cock,” Chloe continued as she stroked his chest and rubbed her lace covered thong over his stiff cock. “However, she found it exciting, so exciting that she had a orgasm.”

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