A Week with Memaw Ch. 01


Author’s Note – Remember the story I posted here called “The Shapiro Slumber Party?” Well, I’ve had quite a few people asking for sequels, so I give you this prequel. Remember that girl named Anna who we found out had been in an incestuous relationship? This story takes place a few months before the slumber party and reveals all the stuff she couldn’t tell her friends.


I was very cranky that Saturday morning and not trying to hide it at all.

At the ripe old age of eighteen years old, I was absolutely convinced that I was mature enough to be allowed to stay home alone for one short week, but my folks apparently believed I still needed a babysitter. I mean, at this age, girls were doing the babysitting, not being babysat, but evidently my parents didn’t trust me that much.

I guess they were worried that my friends and I would trash the place with a wild party or something, a fear that was not entirely unfounded by the way, but that didn’t improve my mood any.

As we drove across town to my grandmother’s home, my folks did their best to ignore the very bad mood in the back seat, but as we reached her neighborhood my step-mother finally broke the tense silence in our car. Half turning in her seat so that she could look back at me, she gave me one final scolding, reminding me to be on my best behavior for my dad’s mother. There was really no reason for me to give her a hard time, she pointed out, inasmuch as Memaw had done nothing at all to earn it. She even reminded that she would be given a full report on how I’d behaved on her return and that she hoped that my grandmother would have nothing bad to report.

This last minute lecture did nothing to improve my mood and so I answered it by continuing to sulk, staring out the window as house after identical suburban house passed.

This was going to be the most boring week of my life.

Stupid dad taking my stupid step-mother on a stupid second honeymoon. Stupid Memaw who didn’t turn my stupid folks down when they stupidly asked her to look after me so that I could just stay home. Alone. With all of my friends.

As we pulled into Memaw’s driveway however, I suddenly found something that distracted me from my bad mood.

The front of the home next door to my grandmother’s was lined with planters full of beautiful, decorative plants and there, kneeling in the grass in front of one, tending a veritable sea of flowers, was a woman. As I recalled, that house had been up for sale the last time I came to visit Memaw and so I knew that she must have moved into that house very recently. I decided to take a closer look at this newcomer.

She was noticeably younger than my step-mother, much less my grandmother, and still in good shape with a slender and toned figure, her skin gleaming under a thin sheen of sweat this summer morning. Her breasts were large and full, but not oversized like a porn star, her legs were long and smooth, and her butt looked nice and taut. I could see that her hair was a soft cinnamon – worn long but pulled back into a ponytail and mostly hidden under the paisley kerchief she’d tied on to do her gardening. If I were being picky, I might complain that her nose was a bit big, but the big green eyes, full and pouting lips, and spattering of freckles more than made up for that. She was dressed in a pair of tennis shoes, some khaki shorts and a green sleeveless, buttoned up top and looked every inch the stereotypical suburban housewife.

My interest was immediately piqued, I cannot deny. Perhaps this wasn’t going to be a week of utter boredom, after all!

It seemed to me that my interest was being returned as well. She happened to glance over towards us as my parents and I were emerging from the car and I saw her eyes stop dead when they landed on me. It wasn’t hard at all for me to read the way she was studying me – I’ve seen it plenty of times before, after all.

I favored her with a small and knowing smile and she hurried to look away, her face going a bright red as she pretended to turn her attention back to her flowers.

My step-mom also noticed the way this woman and I were looking each other over and hurried to put an end to it, calling on me to come and help unload my bags from the car. I did as I was told without a comment, though I made sure to give my father’s wife an amused little smirk once my back was turned to my grandmother’s new neighbor. The sour look I got from my step-mother in return was priceless.

In the meantime, my dear old dad was focused entirely on the time right now, calculating in his head just how soon they would have to leave to make sure they got to the airport on time, and so he barely gave the woman even a cursory glance and, as usual, failed to notice the interplay between his wife and daughter.

“Well, there you are! Welcome, welcome!”

My grandmother came bursting out of her home then, rushing out to greet us with all of the irrepressible energy and enthusiasm of someone half her age. She busied herself with handing out hugs freely lordbahis güvenilirmi to one and all, talking endlessly about how good it was to see us and how much fun she and I were going to have over the coming week.

As I listened without any real interest to the older generation chatting there on the lawn, smiling and nodding where appropriate, it occurred to me that Memaw had just told her eavesdropping neighbor exactly who I was, why I was there, and how long I would be staying for. I didn’t need to turn back again to look and see if the woman next door really was listening as she could hardly have missed a word.

Following behind Memaw, my family trooped up to the house then, dad carrying all of my bags save for the one small overnight case I’d made a point of taking myself. If I had read the way she was looking at me correctly, then I was confident that the woman next door would leap at the opportunity to look back over here and study me some more just as soon as we turned away and so I made sure to put a little something extra into the way my butt swung as I walked.

At the door, I paused to hold the door open for my burdened dad so that I would have the opportunity to linger on the front porch for just a moment longer. When I looked back, I was pleased to see that I’d been entirely right – the woman’s eyes were all but glued to my tight little ass. The neighbor jumped in alarm as she realized that she’d been caught again, turning back to her garden and digging into it so furiously that she uprooted a bunch of her biggest blooms.

I was grinning to myself as I went on inside, closing the door behind me. Dad and I took my things back to Memaw’s guest room – once the very bedroom in which he had grown up! I could unpack and get things sorted out myself later, so dad just dumped the suitcases on the bed and left the room, but I was careful to put away that overnight bag in the closet just in case my grandmother got it into her head to come and unpack for me. There was no reason for her to see what I had in there.

I paused then to take a look at myself in the mirror over the dresser table. What I saw, was a gorgeous young girl looking back at me from the looking glass.

I had a mane of deep, rich auburn hair which came cascading down in waves to spill delightfully over my shoulders. My eyes were big and a captivating, sparkling blue, and I had a cute little button nose perched just above full and eminently kissable lips. While most kids my age were being victimized by the scourge of acne, I had managed with a great deal of effort to keep my face almost clear in order to showcase my peaches and cream complexion. I had a trim, perfect figure that mounted such delightful assets as a nice pair of long legs, a tight butt, and a pair of pert breasts that were just exactly the right size for my slender frame. I was dressed very casually that morning in a pair of faded and artfully ripped jeans, an old T-shirt that advertised my favorite band, and a pair of comfortable but well-worn sneakers.

I hadn’t expected to have to face anybody but my own grandmother today and so I had dressed down for comfort, had only brushed out my hair without doing anything to style it, had worn no perfume at all, and hardly had on any make-up whatsoever.

And yet, I had still managed to knock the socks off that lady next door with nothing but a glance! Can anybody really doubt that I’m the hottest thing around?

Glancing to the side, I found my step-mom standing in the open doorway, just watching me with a cross look on her face. I don’t doubt for a moment that she imagined that I was preening for that woman next door and I wickedly chose to do absolutely nothing to dissuade her from that notion.

Laughing at her annoyance and discomfort, I blew her a kiss before brushing past her to return to the living room where dad and Memaw were waiting.

I threw myself onto a couch from which I could see out the window into the neighbor’s front yard, not trying at all to hide the fact that I was looking for that neighbor lady from the step-mother who was right on my heels. The woman next door had vanished though and I wondered if she had dashed inside to make herself a little more presentable in case she got to see me again.

My dad’s wife stood over me with her arms crossed, her whole body trembling with fury as she alternated between glaring at me and shooting positively venomous looks towards the neighbors.

She was so cute when she was jealous.

Almost grinding her teeth, she demanded of my grandmother in an unnecessarily harsh voice just who that was next door. Dad was still distractedly pondering his timetables, but how Memaw failed to notice what sort of mood her daughter was suddenly in was more of a question. She answered the question quite cheerfully. I noticed.

A young couple had moved in next door to her just a month or two ago and naturally Memaw had gone over there with a casserole to welcome them to the neighborhood, so she was able to lordbahis yeni giriş give us a full report. Their names were Don and Naomi Carroll and they had been married for only a handful of years now, so my grandmother dubbed them newlyweds still. They seemed happy enough for the most part, but Don had some kind of marketing job that required him to take a lot of business trips and so Naomi was spending a lot of time at home alone.

“She says she’s all right whenever I talk to her, but I think she may just be putting up a brave front. You just know that she must get awfully lonely spending so much time all alone over there.”

I digested all of this information every bit as carefully as the woman next door had done those snippets about me, let me tell you.

My step-mom was looking at me when she asked if the neighbor woman just happened to be all alone right now. When she was told that she was, that Don had left on another of his long business trips only the day before, a look of dismay appeared on her face.

I could see the gears working in her head and knew that she was trying to decide if it might be better for me to stay home after all so that I wouldn’t be anywhere near my grandmother’s new neighbor. The prospect of me being all alone in that house without any adult supervision to temper my . . . youthful enthusiasm though didn’t really bear thinking about though, so far as she was concerned. Besides, after the big fuss she made over how I shouldn’t stay home alone for a whole week, there was really no way she could come up with a plausible way to send me back home here at the last minute that wouldn’t come across as insulting to her husband’s mother. Beyond which, dad would never agree to drive me back home as it would upset the schedule he had been so carefully working out.

Watching her face as she worked all of this out, I just kept on smiling serenely.

The subject of conversation changed in an inevitable direction, then. My folks wouldn’t be able to stay for long – they had that plane to catch, after all – but they evidently they did have the time to sit down and gossip with Memaw over a seemingly endless parade of relatives and family friends. I was quickly bored out of my mind and so I took my leave of the three of them, commenting that I wanted to go out in the backyard and say hello to my grandmother’s dog – Hugo, the Great Dane.

My step-mom just watched me go without comment, but I could see the suspicion in her eyes.

Hugo could be an imposing dog, to be sure – large, muscular, and armed with a fearsome bark – but we’d first met when he was a puppy and I had never known him to be anything but friendly and playful. He remembered me, too, as a great playmate and came rushing over to greet me with his tail wagging so fast and so hard that it was a blur.

As I cuddled and played with the dog, I stole a glance at the window and, sure enough, saw my step-mother peeking out at me.

Hugo and I had spent only a little time playing and getting to know each other again before we were distracted by just what I had been expecting and my step-mom had been fearing. The back door of the house next door swung open and Naomi Carroll emerged rather timidly, trying to make it look like she just happened to be coming out to take care of some chore, not hoping to meet me. The way she kept glancing over at me as she edged towards the chainlink fence that separated the two yards spoiled the pretense, however.

She actually had cleaned herself up some for me, I noticed with a carefully hidden smile, but only a little. She obviously did not want it to be so obvious that she was trying to impress the pretty little teenaged girl next door.

I found myself wondering at how very eager this pretty little recently wedded housewife was to throw herself at some perfect stranger she knew only from catching the briefest glimpse, but put it down to the fact that he her husband was apparently away a lot and so she simply had to be feeling awfully lonely and neglected.

Well, that and the fact that I was so damn cute!

I gave her a little time, but when she proved too cowardly to actually draw too close to the fence or to even try to talk to me, I decided to put her out of her misery.

As I ventured over, I did not look back to see if my step-mom was still spying on me, but, knowing her as I did, guessed that she probably was.

“Oh, hello there!” I called in a cheerful, casual voice as I reached the fence, wearing my biggest, friendliest smile. “You must be my grandmother’s new neighbor! I’m Anna – Anna Mondale.”

The woman jumped visibly when she heard me call out to her, quite surprised apparently that I might be interested in speaking to her. The excitement obvious on her face, she wanted to reach me before I lost interest in her and so she hurried over to where I stood so quickly that she almost stumbled. I offered up a hand for an innocent hand shake and noticed that her’s were trembling when she took it.

“Hi,” she lordbahis giriş answered breathlessly, hanging onto my hand and probably not even realizing that she was doing it. “My name is Naomi Carroll.”

We chatted for a little while, getting to know one another, though we were both starting this new relationship with a little white lie. She was pretending that she had not just eavesdropped on our conversation out front and so I was pretending that I had not just gotten the full skinny on her from my grandmother, and so we wasted some time talking about things we already knew.

But I guess it wasn’t a complete waste of time – not when it gave me a chance to interact with her a little and see for myself what kind of personality she had. What I found her to be was warm and sweet and intelligent, but also kind of needy. It was plain that she was miserably lonely what with her husband gone all the time and living in this new neighborhood where she didn’t really know anyone. She was anxious to have a new friend.

Or maybe something more?

I may have originally come out here mostly to annoy my step-mother, but I was now very interested in seeing where things went with this woman.

After we’d been talking for a little while, Mrs. Carroll finally made her move.

She’d managed to steer the discussion in the direction of hobbies and, though she affected great modesty about her talent, she earnestly explained to me that she was an amateur artist. She confided that she had gone so far as to convert the second bedroom of her home into a little studio. She chuckled in a self-deprecating sort of way, adding, “My husband’s running out of patience with me. I’ve got so many canvases and sketch books stacked everywhere that you can hardly get around in our home. You should see it, Anna.”

Well, I wasn’t going to pass up an opening like that. “I’d love to.”

She started. “What?”

“I’d love to come over some time to see your . . . artwork.” There could be no mistaking what I really meant, my voice low and intimate as I looked at her through my eyelashes.

My message was clearly received, that much was obvious.

I could see that she was nervous – frightened, even. Her eyes were huge and never left me for an instant, her tongue darted out to lick her lips, and she was trembling. The woman looked so skittish that I wondered if she would go sprinting for her house if I looked at her wrong.

Obviously, this was the closest Naomi had ever come to cheating on her husband.

Hugo was giving me little nudges with his nose, wanting me to play with him some more, but I wasn’t about to turn my attention away from this hot little housewife now, not when we’d reached such a crucial moment. The dog finally took the hint and, with a disgruntled snort, went off to stretch out in the grass and watch us.

I firmed my grip on that hand as I slowly drew Naomi even closer, my smile both reassuring and enticing. “I’m looking forward to it,” I murmured in a low, husky voice that sent a visible shiver through her, “being all alone with you . . . looking at your art.” My nose twitched a little as we were now so close that I could smell her perfume . . . and her arousal.

I raised a hand, making her jump nervously and try to pull away only to be held still when I held tightly onto that hand. Brushing back a few loose strands of her hair that the breeze had blown out of place, I then let my fingertips trail lightly down her cheek to cup her chin, gently turning her face this way and that as if I were critically examining her features.

“You know,” I told her in my best throaty purr, “you’re quite a piece of artwork, yourself.”

Naomi was nearly overcome, breathing so hard that I wondered if she would hyperventilate, her face glowing a hot crimson, and her legs getting so very unsteady that I feared she would fall if I took my hands off her. Hardly able to find her voice, she tried to answer but all that emerged from her throat was a plaintive little groan.

Licking her lips as she tried desperately to compose herself, she tried again. “Thank you, Anna, but if I’m a piece of artwork, you must be a masterpiece! I’ve never in my life met a girl as beautiful as you.” She hesitated a moment, then added, “Maybe, instead of just looking at my paintings, I could get you to pose for one?”

I thought I could guess where this was going – she wanted me out of my clothes just as quickly as possible and a nude portrait might be a clever way to make that happen.

If such a picture ever actually got made, I had to assume that her husband would see it eventually even if she tried to hide it from him. How would she ever be able to explain to him, I wondered, that she was doing naked pictures of their next door neighbor’s granddaughter!

“I’ll have to think about that,” I told her with a knowing smile, “but it does sound like it might be fun.”

My hand had surrendered her chin by then and moved downwards, my fingertips lightly stroking her throat for just a moment. I was pleased to note that she was looking less and less fearful now as lust started taking over, her desire for me flaming out of control. That was good since I wanted her full attention to be focused on pleasing me if we got together, not on what her absent husband might think of all of this.

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