A Voyeur’s Stimulation


I waited here before same time, same place, and same day. She always arrives first. Today she was dressed in a short red teddy that barely stopped mid-thigh. She turned when she heard him come in. A big smile on her face they exchanged words. I could never hear what they said but, whatever it was it didn’t matter I wasn’t there to listen to them but to watch. She glided to him and grabbed his cock through his boxers. He smiled as he watched almanbahis şikayet her drop down to her knees. She glided her hand up and down his cock looking up at him and saying something. He chuckled and rubbed the back of her head and watched as she licked her lips and began kissing along the top of his boxers. She peppered his abs with wet kisses making sure to coat each pack with at least one kiss. Using her tongue she circled almanbahis canlı casino his belly button and drew a line from his belly button to the top of his boxers and began pulling his boxers down and running kisses along his thighs. With a twist of his hips he smacked her face with his cock. My mouth watered as I watched her lean back. He smiled and grabbed her checks with one hand and his cock with the other. Forcing almanbahis casino her mouth opened he rammed his cock in her mouth. Moving both hands to the back of her head he began pumping in and out of her mouth. I couldn’t help but stick two fingers in my mouth and begin to suck them. Wishing it was his thick cock. As his thrust became more frenzied my head bobbed on my fingers faster. I watched as she used one hand to steady herself and the other hand moved to her breast and she began to squeeze and pull her nipple. Suddenly, his movements stopped and he pulled his thick member out of her mouth and grabbed her arms to pull her up. My wet finger came out of my mouth and moved to my breast.

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