A Valentine’s Day Room Ch. 01


Female Point of View

I began packing my suitcase for the weekend away from home with him. A special weekend to celebrate – Valentines on Saturday and his birthday on Sunday. My mind drifted to the birthday present I had planned for him, or at least the birthday present I’m going to try to give him. I know he may have other plans; all equally naughty. The afternoon approached quickly and I still had a lot of packing to get done. Although I had a feeling the weekend would not involve much clothes.

Him: “Pack something sexy Princess.”

Me: “Which colour would you like to see me in?”

“All” he replied with that signature smirk of his. All it is then I thought as I packed almost an entire suitcase of lingerie with some dressy clothes here and there. He was already packed; not like he had much to pack – and why carry clothes when I’m going to be naked for most of the time.

Me: “If you don’t decide I’m packing old clothes and we’re watching Netflix for the rest of the weekend.”

Him: “Don’t threaten me with a good time! Would love to see you in something red.”

Me: “You’ll get to see me in something red Daddy, right before you see me in nothing,” I replied.

Me: “What time do we have to check-in for?”

Him: “Check-in is at 8.”

Me: “Well that leaves a lot of time to get this weekend started.”

Him: “What do you have in mind to start this weekend off with Princess?” he replied as I was slipping on my red panties.

Me: “Something really naughty, here take a look,” I said as I snapped a picture of my bare naked boobs with my hair draped over them and sent it to him.

Him: “Making me hard at work, you know I’ll punish your sexy self for tha.”

Me: “Come punish me…”

Him: “I’m leaving work now to do just that Princess.”

Male Point of View

The thought of her in nothing but her panties made me drive hard all the way home. I pulled up to the house with nothing but her on my mind.

“I’m home Princess” I said as she opened the door and immediately grabbed my crotch before placing her lips against mine.

The bag I held hit the floor as my hands switched to grabbing her waist pulling her in closer to me.Through her jeans I could feel the lining of her panties as I squeezed her ass pulling her tightly into my body.

“Welcome home!” she said, her hand grazing over my crotch gripping my throbbing dick in the process.

“I wonder what colour is this?” I said, tracing the outline of her panties around her thighs.

“Why don’t you check? It matches my bra.”

I unbuttoned the top button of her plaid shirt and peered inside.

“Red!” I said, I pulling her in closer as her hands wrapped around my shoulder.

“Don’t you want to check down there to be sure?” she asked with a naughty grin on her face.

I unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pulled down the zipper to reveal güvenilir bahis her red panties.

“Blue?” I asked jokingly before she bit me.

“Careful now Princess, you’re the one with your jeans unzipped,” I said as I spun her around and slid my fingers into her panties and grazed over her clit.

A subtle moan erupted from her lips as I touched her, feeling how wet she already was.

“What’s this we have here Princess?” I asked bringing my wet fingers to her lips as she licked her wetness off…instinctively.

“I didn’t start without you, but the thought of it all was making me wet,” she said, pushing her ass into my crotch, rubbing against my throbbing dick.

My hand reached back to her panties, grazing over her mound.

“We’ll make sure to take care of this first thing when we reach Princess,” I said, my hands zipping up her jeans.

She did a cute jump to fit her jeans before pointing over to the luggage, “That’s what needs to go in the car.”

“ALL of that?” I exclaimed and as I looked at three bags, none of which were mine.

“I’ll give you a reward on the way,” she said as she brushed up on me.

“Fine Princess,” I replied as I slapped her ass, gripping it before letting go.

Female Point of View

I jumped in the passenger seat of the car and waited for him to jump in after packing the luggage. My hand reached across the divider and grazed his inner thigh. Immediately I could feel that something awaken in his pants. My hand kept rubbing his crotch as I felt his dick throb under his pants with every heartbeat of his.

“Daddy,” I said as I kept rubbing him, “How late are we?”

The engine running and the radio playing as we sat there like silhouettes in the night.

“There shouldn’t be any traffic at this hour Princess.”

“That means we have a lot of time Daddy,” I said, rubbing his crotch and feeling how hard he was in my hand. I leaned over the divider into his lap and grabbed the leaver at the side of his seat making his backrest fall back a couple notches.

“You should put your seatbelt on Daddy because you’re in for a rough ride,” I cheesily told him as I looked up to him and I could see the disappointment in his face from my horrible cheesy lines.

That disappointment turned to pleasure as I grazed my hand over his crotch a little harder than before. Using my hands, I slowly undid his belt bucket and pants button before looking up at him and noticing that his eyes closed and a drip of anticipation trickled down his forehead. I unzipped his pants and with one hand and held what was mine. Through his boxers I could see a wet mark at the top of his tip. My tongue touched the wet mark to taste him as I could hear the first moan over the song on the radio.

I opened my mouth and with his boxers still covering him, I swallowed his whole head making his boxers wet. His hand güvenilir bahis siteleri ran down my back grazing past my bra strap before finally landing on my ass where he squeezed it pulling me in closer to him. With my hand I pulled his throbbing wet dick out of his boxers and quickly swallowed him whole to keep him warm as the AC was blasting in the background.

His moan filled the cabin of the car the moment my tongue touched his tip, drowning out the low hum of the engine in the background. I felt his hand slide over my back to the roots of my hair as he took grip of my head, while I slowly made circles with my tongue around his. I moved my head up and down to the beat of the music on the radio as his moans followed suit.

The taste of his precum turned me on even more than I already was, making me want him deep inside me.

“Save some for later,” I thought, knowing I had the whole weekend ahead of me to just be naughty. Moving my head up and down slowly over his dick I could feel his head throb in my mouth as I made him wetter and wetter. The ridges of his shaft grazed against my tongue while my hand held him firmly. I could feel the throbbing of his hard dick with each lick I took. He leaned back into the car seat and relaxed as his hand just sat on my head, still gripping it gently.

The scent of his cologne mixed with a hint of his perspiration was intoxicating, making me want him right then and there. But, we were sitting in the driveway in a running car with the headlights on and music blasting; I’m sure the neighbors by now realized what one silhouette was doing to the other if they could properly see.

I grazed my tongue over his tip making his body quiver a little and his foot hit the accelerator making the engine rev a little.

“Don’t get too excited there!” I looked up at him smiling as I held his dick in my hand before taking one long lick up his shaft to his head and then swallowed him whole again.

I could hear his moans fill the cabin again as I used my tongue to play with his head, tasting the precum as I gently sucked on him. I could feel him tense up as his dick throbbed in my mouth and the taste of precum turned to cum. His moans intensified while his body tensed up and came for me with my lips still wrapped around his dick and slowly sucking every remaining drop from him. His throbs slowed down to a halt as he relaxed. I slowly moved my mouth from over his dick seeing him throb one last time before looking at him for my command.

“Be a good girl and swallow,” he commanded as I took one big swallow, opened my mouth to show him, then gave him a teethy smile.

“Thank you” I teased him even more before putting his dick back into his pants, zipping it up and sitting back down in my seat with a large grin on my face.

His hand reached over and gripped my inner thigh and suddenly I became aware iddaa siteleri of how wet I was.

“Good girl!” he said as his hand gently grazed over my crotch, teasing me just as I teased him.

With one hand he unzipped my jeans and popped the button before his fingers slipped into my soaking wet panties and I moaned a little. His fingers grazed over my clit as they explored me for a moment before taking his fingers out of my panties and bringing them to my lips where I tasted myself. The taste of him at the back of my throat and the taste of myself at the tip of my tongue made me even wetter as I closed my eyes and sucked his fingers.

“You’re really wet, I hope it doesn’t show through your jeans when we reach,” he teased me before showing just how much of a tease he could be by putting the car into reverse and pulling out of the driveway leaving me in the seat with my jeans unbuttoned and a pair of soaking wet panties after I made him cum to “Teenage Dreams”.

His hand gripped my thigh while he came to a stop at a traffic light. Slowly I could feel his hand move up my thigh to my crotch where his fingers began unbuttoning and zipping down my jeans. I closed my eyes and leaned back just a bit, focusing on the feeling of his fingers as they grazed over my wet panties. I couldn’t help but let out a moan as I felt him graze his index over my clit. His fingers moved slowly over my clit, making small circles while I held back my moans.

He was very good at multitasking; he drove with one hand while burying the other inside my panties. My moans began to fill the cabin of the car as his index and middle fingers ran up and down my slit, teasing me, before finally entering me. His fingers slid easily inside me, as I was already dripping wet for him. Sliding out, his fingers focused on my clit as I felt a warmth run through my body while the AC blasted cold air. His warm fingers against my clit was all I needed to keep warm. Keeping a steady pace, his fingers continued to make circles on my wet clit.

I kept my eyes closed as my moans drowned out the noises from the highway. All that ran through my mind was the thought of wanting his dick inside me after his fingers. I tried to hinder my moans by biting my lip while my hand held his wrist, guiding his pace. Before I knew it I felt a wave of warmth run through my body as I quivered in the passenger’s seat. My grip on his wrist tightened as I felt wave after wave run through my body, tensing up as I came for him.

His fingers remained on my clit while I began to feel my sensitivity increase. My quivers slowly subsided and I opened my eyes to see him focusing on the road ahead. Holding his hand, I brought his fingers to my mouth, slowly cleaning my cum off his fingers. I could still feel the warmth run through my body with a bead of sweat running down my forehead while I tasted myself on his fingers. We pulled up to the hotel and I quickly buttoned my jeans. He switched off the engine and immediately pulled my head in for a deep kiss.

“There’s a lot more where that came from,” he said, giving me his signature smirk and wink.

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