A Twisted Foursome


He walked slowly across the room. His taught muscular body, exposed and naked, moved with surprising grace and his gait was smooth and fluid. His long flaccid cock swung gently from side to side with each step as he approached the bed.

The two women watched his movements with keen interest. Their eyes soaking in his beauty as they digested the scene.

He stood beside the bed and my eyes traveled slowly up his body. His cock hung inches away from my face. It was impressive, almost beautiful, as it hung flaccid before me. I could smell the faint musky odor of his manhood and it excited me. He reached down and brushed my cheek with the back of his hand as our wives watched from the other bed. They were both naked and idly touching themselves and each other while they watched us with rapt attention.

I opened my mouth and looked intently at his long soft cock. My mouth watered in anticipation of tasting his thick meaty cock. I had never touched a man sexually before. I had really never considered it an option before we met Dan and Linda.

“Oh Fuck,” my wife Carrie sighed as Linda moved behind her and wrapped her arms around my sexy wife. She kissed Carrie’s neck softly. Her fingers found my wife’s hard clit and glided across it making Carrie shudder with excitement as I watched out of the corner of my eye excitedly.

Carrie and I were new to swinging. We had never even discussed it yet we found ourselves alone and naked in Dan and Linda’s hotel room just a day after we had met them.

The previous day we were paired together with Dan and Linda on the golf course of the resort and we instantly hit it off. Some people believe things happen for a reason but I had never felt that way before.

We had talked on the course and at the bar once we completed our round. We had gotten along so well that we went straight from the golf course bar to the restaurant to eat dinner together.

Later that night we found ourselves drunk at a piano bar where we talked long into the night. We talked as a foursome at times and at others we paired off just the men and women in dueling conversations. When the bar closed Dan invited us to their room for a nightcap but it was late and I declined without consulting my pretty wife but we agreed to meet at the beech the next day.

“You know they’re swingers right baby?” Carrie had said as we made our way to our room. “That’s why they invited us to their room. And you told them no,” she had laughed because for years I had joked about her getting together with another woman. Carrie then told me that Linda had kissed her in the ladies room at the bar.

I wasn’t upset but I was shocked. We had been married for 15 years and in all that time my wife had insisted that she had no interest and that she had never fantasized about another woman. In an instant while on vacation to celebrate our anniversary she had kissed another woman.

“It was nice,” she said when I asked her if she liked it. We talked for several hours that night and Carrie surprised me by telling me that if they invited us up to their room again we should do it.

Carrie had always insisted that she had no interest in girl/girl sex despite the fact that she always got soaking wet during those scenes whenever we watched porn together.

I kissed Carrie deeply as my hands roamed over my wife’s thick curvy body. She responded to my kiss aggressively and slipped her tongue deep into my mouth. I broke the kiss and moved my lips to my wife’s soft neck making her coo softly. I trailed soft butterfly kisses down her body stopping briefly at her big firm tits before continuing my journey down her luscious body.

“Oh yes,” Carrie moaned softly as my tongue found her hard swollen clit. I licked her clit and slid two fingers inside her to rub her gspot.

Carrie started to shake and moan softly at first as she built to a strong climax. Her body was still trembling when I slid up over her and slid my hard throbbing cock into her depths.

We fucked long and hard fueled by the passion of a new experience. “Do you want to watch Linda and I together?” Carrie teased as sweat covered our bodies.

“God yes,” I moaned. A drop of sweat fell from my brow and landed on Carrie’s soft lips. I lowered my mouth to hers and we kissed deeply.

“Do you want to fuck her too,” Carrie asked softly. Her words were tentative and unsure. I didn’t know what to say and when I hesitated Carrie, suddenly emboldened, said, “she is very sexy. I’d like to watch you fuck her. Would you like that baby?” Carrie’s body shuddered with a small tremor.

“Oh god,” I groaned as I passed the point of no return. I could feel my cock start to pump and I moaned loudly as it exploded inside my wife.

“If you fuck her,” Carrie said softly, “then I get to fuck him. Do you want to watch that baby?” Carrie’s voice was thick with lust. Her fingers had found her hard clit and she rubbed it furiously as my dick went slack inside her.

“Yes,” I confessed. I had fantasized about watching my sexy wife grandbetting yeni giriş with both women and men during our 15 years as man and wife but I never dreamed my conservative catholic wife would ever do it.

“Oh baby,” Carrie said softly as she placed her hands on my shoulders and nudged me down her soft sexy body. “Finish me off baby. I am so close.”

I had often gone down on Carrie after we fucked. At first it was at her insistence whenever I finished before her but it became something I actually enjoyed over time. There was something raw and primal about it. There was something taboo and dirty about it and the more we did it the more I enjoyed it. I found myself, at times imagining I was going down on her after she had just fucked another man and in a strange twisted way I liked that idea.

Carrie cried out loudly as she came and I swallowed our combined juices with rabid enthusiasm as he body quivered and quaked. She held my head tightly to her soaking wet cum filled pussy and I sucked the cream filling from her. I swallowed the entire hot load and then slid up beside her. We kissed deeply.

“You enjoyed that,” she cooed between sloppy wet kisses.

“Yes,” I panted.

“Do you want to do it baby?” She asked softly. “Do you want to have sex with another couple? You fucking Linda. Me fucking both Linda and Dan. God it is so decadent. Its so, not us and yet it gets me so hot. Maybe that’s why, because it is so out of character for both of us”

“Me too baby,” I whispered. “The thought of you with both of them makes me hot. I want to watch both of them make you cum,” I confessed.

“You know what would be really hot?” Carrie asked, “if you were under me licking my clit while Dan fucked me and Linda was riding your cock.”

“Mmmm,” I moaned at her hot scenario. It was a new side of my wife and one I never imagined existed. We talked for a little longer and then fell asleep.

We met Dan and Linda at the beach after lunch. Linda wore a sexy two piece suit that accentuated her generous curves and her full firm breasts. She was in her late 30s and looked fantastic. She greeted Carrie with a soft kiss as she slid her arm around my wife’s waist. The intimacy of their embrace made my cock twitch.

Dan wore a tight pair of speedo swim trunks that left little doubt that he was well hung. He was at least 5 years younger than his wife but he had a quiet confidence and maturity that was beyond his years. We shook hands and sat beside each other so the women could chat.

Our time at the beach was uneventful but it was clear that the girls had great chemistry.

We made plans to have dinner together and then went back to our rooms to shower and change for dinner.

Carrie was very frisky when we walked into the room. She kissed me deeply and rubbed my cock through my bathing suit. “Their both bi baby,” Carrie whispered as she squeezed my growing cock. “And guess what?”

“What?” I asked nervously.

“Dan and Linda are into Bondage and Dominance. Dan is a Dom baby. Maybe he can teach me how to make you my sub,” my wife whispered breathlessly.

Carrie and I had been role playing with BDSM for several years and while she wanted to be a strong domme it did not come naturally for her.

We kissed deeply and she reached down to feel my hard cock.

“Mm mm, I like,” she said as she squeezed my throbbing cock. “But let’s save it for later.”

We met Dan and Linda for dinner at one of the resorts upscale restaurants. Linda was dressed in a tight sexy black dress and Dan wore a custom fit suit.

“Linda tells me you and Carrie like to role play,” Dan said as he sat down beside me. Carrie sat on my other side and watched intently as I stammered my reply.

“Yes,” I answered. “Carrie wants to play the Dome role but she sometimes struggles with being truly authoritarian.

“I see,” he responded slowly and deliberately. “I don’t have that problem. A lump formed in my throat under his heavy gaze and I sat silent.

Dan sensed my trepidation and changed the subject but the wheel had already been set in motion.

Linda invited us back to their room after dinner and Carrie quickly accepted. Ten minutes later we walked across the threshold into their room. Their room was a large suite with a private patio and hot tub outside. The main room had two soft chairs and a large couch.

Carrie had held my hand on the way but she released it as Linda turned to face her. Linda slid her hands around my wife’s waist and pulled her close. Their mouths met in a soft kiss as their bodies melted together.

My cock grew rigid in my slacks as I watched my wife kiss another woman.

Linda pulled her slinky dress over her head and then undressed Carrie. She placed soft butterfly kisses over my wife’s body as she dropped the clothes in a pile on the floor by their feet. They continued to kiss passionately as they stumbled into the bedroom and settled onto one of the queen sized beds.

Dan and I followed grandbetting giriş them into the room and watched as Linda kissed my wife’s neck. Her hand slipped between Carrie’s legs and dipped into her honey pot.

“Take your clothes off and join the party,” Dan said to me as he slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt exposing his broad muscular chest. He folded it over the back of a chair beside me and watched as I hesitantly removed my suit coat and placed it on top of his shirt. I had fantasized hundreds of times about watching my wife with another woman and my eyes were transfixed of the beautiful scene in front of me.

Linda had kissed her way down Carrie’s sexy thick body and was settled between my wife’s splayed thighs. Carrie looked at me and smiled as Linda pressed her mouth to my wife’s wet pussy.

I dropped my pants and boxers to the floor and grabbed my hard cock with my right hand as I unbuttoned my shirt with my left. I let the shirt fall to the ground and slowly stroked my throbbing cock.

Linda continued to lick Carrie’s hairless pussy on the bed in front of me. Carrie’s eyes kept jumping from Linda to me and then to Dan. She smiled and closed her eyes tight as the first wave of pleasure rolled through her body.

“Come help me with these,” Dan said in a calm easy way and the lump returned to my throat. I looked at my sexy wife and a huge smile spread across her pretty face. Her chest was heaving and a light sheen of sweat coated her body as she came down from her first sapphic climax. She nodded slowly at me and I knew exactly what she wanted.

I moved silently until I stood in front of Dan. My hands trembled with nervous excitement as I reached out and unfastened Dan’s suit pants. I had never thought I would be in such a position. I hadn’t had a conscious bi or gay thought in my life but as I unzipped his pants my hard cock stood straight out and betrayed my excitement.

Dan’s pants dropped to the floor. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his semi erect cock sprung from his taught naked body.

My eyes traveled over his body and then flashed at my sexy wife who lay naked on the bed with Linda. Carrie smiled brightly. “Touch it,” Dan said confidently. “You know you want to.” He was right and that fact shocked me. I had always felt that two men together was disgusting and I had been raised to believe that gay sex was wrong. Despite my previous beliefs I wanted to touch and feel his cock.

My fingers wrapped around his semi erect shaft and I marveled at how soft and smooth the skin was. His dick was long and thick even though it was not yet fully hard.

“Get down,” Dan said sternly. His tone commanded respect yet his voice was soothing and I obeyed his order without hesitation. I sank to my knees in front of him and stared at his cock. It was just inches away from my face. I could smell a faint musky scent that was not unappealing.

I reached out again and started to stroke his hardening dick. The soft silky skin juxtaposed with the granite like hardness of his dick was fascinating. A small pearl of precum formed on the slit of his cock and I wondered if I would taste like mine.

“Lick it,” Dan ordered. It was as though he had read my mind. I leaned forward and licked the drop of creamy goo from his cock and held it on my tongue. It was sweeter than my cream and I wished there was more. “You like that don’t you.”

“Yes,” I said slowly as my cheeks flushed crimson. I held his cock in both hands and slowly ran my tongue over it. I pressed the flat of my tongue against his balls and ran it tantalizingly slowly up the underside of his hard shaft and then wrapped my lips around the soft spongy head of his delicious cock. My eyes were closed tight and the world around me disappeared. My head bobbed slowly over his hard cock drawing it deeper with each stroke.

“Carrie your husband likes cock,” Dan said proudly to my wife.

I glanced at the bed from the corner of my eye and saw Carrie had moved between Linda’s muscular thighs. She was tentatively licking Linda’s pussy and from the blonde’s reaction Carrie was a natural.

“I told you he would love it Carrie. I bet he likes the other thing we talked about too,” Dan continued. I tried to recall when the could have discussed me. It must have been at dinner when I went to the men’s room but the truth was I didn’t care. I liked his cock and I wanted more. “Get on the bed.” Dan ordered as he pulled his delicious cock from my mouth and pointed to the empty queen sized bed beside the girls. He walked into the other room and returned a few moments later. His cock had deflated somewhat and I ached to feel it grow in my mouth again.

Dan climbed on the bed and laid down with his legs spread wide. He guided my mouth to his semi-erect cock and I enthusiastically wrapped my lips around it. He cock was slightly salty from the combination of precum and sweat and I found the flavor intoxicating.

I sucked hard on the spongy head of his big dick and I thrilled as it grew in my mouth. grandbetting güvenilirmi He was much bigger than me. His thick cock stretched my mouth and I struggled to take half of his long shaft.

My head bobbed slowly over his turgid shaft as my mouth grew accustomed to his thick meat. Precum continued to stream from his dick and I reveled in the salty sweat flavor of his juices. My mind spun as I realized what I was doing.

I had fantasized about group sex before but those situations were almost always scenarios with two women and me. Even in the few times when my fantasies contained another man he was fucking my wife.

Dan held my head with his strong hands and moved his hips slowly as he pulled me down on his big rod. His cock pumped into my mouth. It sank deeper with each slow powerful thrust until my nose touched his pelvis.

“Take it bitch,” he said firmly as he fucked my virgin mouth. Up until that point Dan’s words had been calm and measured but as the word “bitch” hit my ears I moaned around his thick dick. At that moment I was his bitch and I liked it.

I moaned around his thick cock. Saliva spilled from my mouth and ran down my chin and his shaft. My eyes teared as I fought my gage reflex. I felt randy and wanton. I lost myself in the hedonistic taboo of my cock lust.

“You love my cock don’t you,” he continued. His cock slid down my throat and then pulled free of my lips so I could answer.

“Yes,” I hissed loudly. I wrapped my mouth around his cock and noisily slurped on his throbbing man meat. I was no longer a passive receptacle for his cock. I was an enthusiastic lover and I ran my hands up his strong legs as I sucked his delicious cock.

“That’s it slut,” he groaned as I stroked his shaft and slurped on his cock head. “Make me cum slut.”

I could tell he was close. I wanted his cum. I needed to taste his hot thick cream. I sucked hard on his cock as my hands gently caressed his heavy shaved ball sack.

His nuts contracted and he grabbed my head tightly as his cock started to spit. “Drink it slut,” he groaned loudly. “Swallow my hot cum you cock sucking whore.”

I gulped and swallowed as copious amounts of thick cream filled my mouth. Several drops of white cream spilled from the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin as I drank Dan’s succulent cum.

“Don’t stop slut,” Dan ordered.

I looked up into his eyes and held his rod in my mouth. I sucked him slowly and sensuously as my hands roamed over his tight muscular body. I was surprised at how sexy his body was. He was shaved smooth and his tight muscular body was much more appealing than I would have imagined.

His cock stayed hard as I worked it with my hands and mouth. “Turn around and assume the position,” he commanded sternly.

I turned around so my head faced the girls. Carrie had moved up beside her new lover. They were kissing and playing with each other’s body as they watched Dan and I perform.

Dan lifted my ass in the air and he inspected my shaved puckered asshole. He eased his thick middle finger inside me as his free hand caressed my ass and balls. His finger sank deep inside me making me moan with pleasure. He finger fucked my asshole with long slow strokes and the sensation was incredible. “Ohhh god,” I panted as his long finger sank deep inside me. He slipped a second finger into my ass and finger fucked me with long quick thrusts.

My breathing was ragged and unsteady. The pleasure was incredible and I panted like a bitch in heat.

“Do you want more bitch?” He asked loudly.

“Yes,” I gasped as my body responded to his probing digits.

“What do you want?” He continued as a third finger joined the first two and stretched my asshole wide.

“Your cock,” I groaned lustily. “I want your big hard cock inside me.” My knees felt week.

“Beg for it bitch,” he demanded sternly. He pulled his fingers from my gaping asshole and slapped his hard cock against it.

“Please fuck me,” I cried softly. I looked across the bed at Linda and my wife. They were sprawled out on the bed with their fingers deep inside each other but their full attention was on Dan and me. “Please put your big hard cock inside me and fuck me hard.” I wanted to feel him inside me and I would have done anything to get it.

“Are you my bitch?” He asked as he rubbed the slick lubed head of his cock across my sensitive asshole.

“Yes, I am your bitch,” I responded quickly.

“Are you my whore,” he continued. He pushed his cock at the opening to my man cunt.

“I am your whore,” I panted. His left hand grabbed my ass cheek and he slowly sank the length of his hard rod into my asshole until our balls pressed tightly together. The sensation was unbelievable.

“Do you want it hard?” He asked as he left his cock balls deep in my asshole.

“Yes,” I moaned loudly. “Fuck me hard. I am your cock whore slut bitch. Use me. Fuck me. Fill me with cock and then cum inside me.”

Dan thrust his big dick into me with surprising force. Our balls slapped together with each stroke and I felt the waves of a climax building slowly inside me. I was shocked that there was no pain just dizzying pleasure as my orgasm approached. His sweat dripped onto my back. His cock pounded my ass. My knees were weak and I needed to cum.

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