A Trucker’s Life


My name is Zack Casey and I am a free lance truck driver with my own semi-tractor. I find loads that companies need hauled anywhere in the U.S. or Canada at truck stops. I’ve been driving truck since I was 21 years old but back then I drove for different companies. Now I’m 26 and have gotten my license from my home state of Texas to be an Owner/Operator driving for myself.

I am not married nor do I have any children to tend to. I do often sleep with a woman or two in different towns and different places. I have woman I see on a regular basis and then on occasion I just find a gal to spend my time with. My particular place that I call home is Sonora, Texas, near El Paso. I usually pick up loads at least once a month that will take me by my home so I can freshen things up in my overnight bag and in my truck.

In fact, I had just left El Paso after dropping off my bag and was planning to spend three days off at my own home. I got home on a Thursday night and after a shower, shave and fresh clothes, I headed into town to my favorite bar. My regular and favorite gal, Katelin Tyler was a stripper at this bar in Sonora. Katelin is blonde haired, blue eyed, 5′ 7″with a petite slender build of only 125 pounds. She’s great in bed too.

I had met Katelin a year ago when I first got my O & O license and moved to Sonora. After a few months of hooking up at her place or mine, we decided we should hook up permanently. She’d save money on rent just by moving into my place and looking after it while I was gone.

When Katelin wasn’t dancing, she also helped be a bar maiden (waitress) making extra money with the tips. I sat down at the bar and ordered up a beer while lighting a cigarette. The bartender, Scott Carlson, knew me well and knew I liked Katelin. After setting my beer down, Scott told me that Katelin was in the back “powdering her nose” before her upcoming dance show. Scott also owned the place.

I grabbed my beer and put out my cigarette and headed back to the dressing room. I knocked on the door and on of the other dancers answered. She didn’t have to ask who I was, as they all knew, and she turned and hollered at Katelin. Katelin lit up with a big smile when she poked her head out to see who was there and stepped out. I barely said hi to her before pinning her against the wall for a long, passionate and hungry kiss. Katelin met my kiss with her own passion and hung, our tongues probing one another before ending the kiss.

“When did you get home?” Katelin asked.

“An hour ago,” I answered as I kissed her left cheek and made my way over to her ear, which I nibbled and then down her neck.

“I have to dance and then wait tables until closing time,” Katelin said pushing me back a bit.

“I figured as much, but tuzla escort I needed a piece so I could stand to wait that long,” I said coming back to her lips.

“Meet me back here after my dance and I’ll do a quickie with you to satisfy ’til I get home.” I nodded in agreement but kissed Katelin long and hard one more time before heading back to the bar. I adjusted my midsection as I had a raging hard on from my short make out session with Katelin.

I lit another cigarette and asked for another beer from Scott. Fifteen minutes later, Katelin began her little strip dance. I watched the entire thing without once looking away. Katelin had an amazing body – 38B breasts, 34″ waist, an awesome and very tight ass, and an almost clean, shaven pussy. There was just a whisper of golden, blonde pubic hairs still left on her pussy and I loved they glistened in the light now and when they moist from her juices.

Each girl danced for fifteen minutes before switching around. I finished the beer I was on and then went back to meet up with Katelin again. We stepped inside the female employee bathroom and locked the door. We kissed each other with hungry fury, tongues probing and hands roaming each other’s bodies. Katelin was naked except for the pink g-string thong, the only material not allowed to be removed by dancers.

I picked up Katelin and set her on the sink counter, leaned her back and bent over to take one of her large nipples in my mouth. I sucked and nibbled on her taut nipple while fondling the other with my hand. Katelin gasped and pushed her breasts out at the feeling. She laced her right hand through my hair, pushing me against her, while bracing herself with the left hand so not to fall.

After making love to her breasts with my mouth, Katelin quickly undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees. She pushed me back, slid off the counter and to her knees in one swift motion. She gently stroked my hard 10″ long, 3″ wide cock in her hand. I saw her lick her lips slightly before taking my cock in her very hot, very wet and very hungry mouth. She slid it in and out of her mouth while continuing to stroke it with her hand. She was slow at first, savoring the feel of my cock in her mouth. Katelin had always loved to suck cock.

Katelin pulled my cock out long enough to deep down and suck and kiss my balls for a few seconds before returning to mouth fucking my cock. I put my hand on the back of Katelin’s head and began a slight thrust with my thighs. After a few moments, I pulled Katelin to her feet and picked her up. With one finger, I pulled the g-string thong off and then slide my throbbing cock deep inside Katelin’s wet, sopping pussy. Katelin moaned and tipped her head back at the sensation.

Katelin tuzla rus escort leaned into me and I reached around her grabbing her ass and using it to push her up and down on my cock. The pace was fast and hard and soon Katelin moaned and began to thrash against me as she began to orgasm. She dug her nails into my shoulders in order to hang on and to keep from falling. When she was down, I slid her off and bent her over and then slid my still hard but wet cock inside her asshole. Katelin moaned just a little, as she had to adjust to this again. I’ve fucked her anally before but our first time doing during each visit home, Katelin always had a hard time.

A few minutes of a fast and hard thrust of fucking her ass, I felt myself reach the edge and pulled Katelin back hard against me one last time as I erupted inside her ass. I squirted my hot cum deep inside her asshole and after five long squirts I pulled my now semi-hard cock out of her ass. Katelin stood back up and turned around. We kissed long and hard a few more times. I pulled myself together and left while Katelin returned to the dressing room to put her waitress outfit on.

I went back to the bar and had another beer and cigarette. Katelin’s waitress outfit was skimpy and that was for a reason. The girls were supposed to allow the patrons to feel her up while she walked by them and served them. I couldn’t stand to watch them fondle her, it made me angry with jealous and envy, so I quickly finished my beer and left for home. I waved to Katelin as she saw me leave.

I passed out on the couch after returning home. I was tired after a long time on the road and from my fuck session with Katelin.

* * * * *

Katelin woke me with a kiss when she arrived home at 2 o’clock in the morning. I pulled her down to me and she slid her jacket off as she lay on top of me. We began to kiss and fondle one another again. She still had her waitress outfit on and slid my hand up under the skirt and began to pet her beautiful pussy. I rubbed the lips that had begun to swell from attention and it was already wet.

We continued to kiss as I pet her pussy, which began to flow strongly with juices. I loved to eat pussy, but had not had the chance during our earlier love making. I sat up and laid Katelin back on the couch. She had unbuttoned my shirt and I quickly pulled it off. I pushed the top of her waitress outfit apart, the outfit was a one piece so I didn’t pull it off. I wanted to have access to her enormous breasts. Katelin rubbed my chest with her hands as I lifted her skirt up to expose her hot wet pussy.

I slid the thongs off of her and then placed one leg on each side of me so to be between her legs. I rubbed Katelin’s thighs down tuzla sarışın escort the outside and then back up the inside with a light squeeze. I slid my fingers inside her pussy lips and rubbed her hard, swollen clit with my first two fingers. I bent and suckled her breasts as I continued petting her pussy.

I slid two fingers inside her vagina while continuing to rub her clit with my thumb. Katelin was moaning lightly with pleasure as she started thrusting her hips a little while my fingers fucked her pussy. I kissed her deeply before moving down to her pussy. I licked the top of her pussy then slid my tongue down between the folds of her pussy lips. My tongue found her clit and I began to flick it with continue sweeps from my tongue all the while fucking her with my fingers. I now had all four fingers in her vagina and fucking her hard.

Katelin’s moaning had grown stronger and I knew she was close to cumming. I used my thumbs to pull her pussy lips apart then I shoved my tongue inside her vagina. Then I slid up to suck on her clit then back to tonguing her vagina. After a few moments of this Katelin burst into a strong and hard orgasm. I felt her juices flow out of her vagina and I began to lap it up as a dog that hadn’t had water in long while.

When Katelin finished her orgasm, I kissed her pussy lightly then I picked her up and carried her into our room. I laid her down on the bed a removed her outfit and then removed the rest of my clothing. I slid on the bed and hovered over her beginning to kiss her. Katelin was able to taste her own juices that still lingered in my mouth and on my lips. I settled on her lightly supporting myself with my arms. My hard cock slid between her legs, begging for relief but I held off for a few moments before pushing her legs apart and sliding into her pussy with great ease.

“Mmmmmmmmm….oooohhhhh,” Katelin said and bit down on her lower lip at the feel of my cock back inside her pussy. I started a slow and steady pace of fucking her pussy. Katelin bent her knees and spread her legs wider, which granted me better access to her legs. She looked at me just before our lips in a long kiss once more. After breaking off the kiss, I increased the thrust of our lovemaking and dipped down to suckle on her breasts once again.

Katelin was meeting my thrusts with her own as another orgasm grew closer within her. I felt myself reaching my own edge and it wasn’t long before Katelin let out long moan of ecstasy and her body began to convulse with another orgasm. Feeling her pussy clench my cock, I spewed my own cum deep inside her pussy with one final thrust. I spurted twice, pulled back and slid back in while squirting more cum inside her pussy. Katelin finished before I did and held steady while I finished. I slid in and out a few more times before stopping and sliding completely out of her.

I rolled over onto my back next to Katelin, who continued to lie there trying to catch her breath. It wasn’t long before we both fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.

(to be continued)

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