A TRANS Formation – Chapter 47 – Rosy’s Desire


Jerry watches the approaching storm clouds through the window of the print shop where he works. An hour before quitting time, he is finishing up a few jobs and getting his end-of-the-week clean-up duties done. His mind has not been on work this afternoon. He’s meeting Allen after work, and it’s all he can think about.Allen called him last night, telling him he scored the acid they will take tonight at Allen’s apartment. They will meet at a restaurant to get a good meal in their stomachs, then Jerry will follow Allen to his apartment.Light sleet is coming down when Jerry clocks out, and walks to his car. Fifteen minutes later, he pulls into the restaurant parking lot. He doesn’t see Allen anywhere, so he waits for him in the lobby. He likes Allen a lot, but he’s only been with him a couple of times. An LSD trip can last twelve hours or more, so he knows he’ll be spending the night. He thinks and fantasizes about how the night might unfold, when Allen walks into the lobby.”Hey, my friend. Are you ready to have some fun tonight?” Allen says.”Oh yeah… I’m more than ready to have fun tonight… How’s it going, Allen?… It looks like you were right about this storm coming in.””No shit. The sleet is really starting to come down. Let’s hope the streets don’t get too shitty before we get to my place.””I think the streets should be good for another hour.””I hope so. Let’s go in and get some food in our bellies. It’s party time tonight.”They go in and get a table. While they wait for their food to arrive. Allen starts the conversation.”I never asked you, Jerry, what do you do for a living?””I’m a printer. I work at a small shop on University.””Do you like it?””It’s OK. I like printing, but there’s a couple assholes at the shop I have to deal with.””There’s assholes everywhere you go. I have to deal with assholes at my job too.””What do you do, Allen?””I’m a stock clerk at a grocery store. It’s a sucky job, but it’s something, and it’s easy. And I get off work at two o’clock, that’s the best part.”The waitress brings their food, and they continue their conversation while they eat. Jerry enjoys talking with Allen, and Allen seems to enjoy talking with Jerry. The night is off to a good start.The sleet is coming down hard when they walk out to their cars. They have to scrape ice off their windshields before they can get going. The streets are getting slick, as Jerry follows Allen home. Allen turns into an apartment complex, driving around to the back of one of the buildings. As they get out of their cars, the sleet has turned to snow, and the wind has picked up.”Here we are,” says Allen, “My apartment is the only one in the complex with a back door. Those parking spaces are like my own private spaces. But anyways, it looks like we made it just in time. Those streets aren’t going to last much longer.””No shit. It’s a fucked-up night to be outside.”Allen gives Jerry a devilish grin.”We ain’t gonna be outside. We’re gonna be warm and cozy all night. Let’s go in.”Jerry reaches in the back seat of his car, and gets a grocery bag before he follows Allen into his apartment.Following Allen through his back door, Jerry walks through a small utility/laundry room and into a hallway. The first door he walks past is closed; he assumes it’s a bedroom. He sees a bed through the open door of the next room, and through the partially opened door on the other side of the hall is a bathroom.Through the hallway, they enter Allen’s medium-sized living room, with a lot of posters on the wall. There’s a decent-sized kitchen area on the far side of the room. ‘Nice apartment,’ Jerry thinks. But he can’t help noticing how messy things are. Allen is definitely not a good housekeeper like Jerry has become.”Well, bahis şirketleri here’s my place,” Allen says, “As you can see, it’s not cleanest, but it’s comfortable… what’s in the sack?” Allen points at the grocery bag Jerry is holding.”Oh, it’s just some leftover beef stew I had in the fridge. I thought it might come in handy later tonight.””Good thinking. You never know when the munchies will attack when you’re on acid. I’ll put it in the fridge.”Walking into the kitchen, Allen opens the refrigerator. “Wanna beer?””Sure.”As they walk back into the living room, Allen says, “Have a seat on the couch, Jerry. What kind of music do you like? Do you like the Allman Brothers? I just bought their Fillmore East live album.””Good choice. I like that album.”Allen puts on the album, grabs a small wooden box from behind his records, and sits down beside Jerry. When Allen opens the box, Jerry can see that this is his stash box. Allen takes out a small envelope. Inside the envelope, he takes out two small pieces of paper. “Well, here’s our acid. Are you ready to party?””I’m so ready,” says Jerry, as he takes one of the papers from Allen. “I haven’t done paper acid in years,” Jerry tells Allen.”No, you don’t see it around much anymore, especially in Des Moines. You hardly ever see any acid in Des Moines.”Allen holds the paper up to his mouth, “Here’s to a fun night ahead.”Allen and Jerry put the papers in their mouth, wetting them with saliva, and swallowing.Allen laughs and says, “Well, it’s too late to change our minds. There’s no turning back now.”Jerry laughs and nods in agreement. Allen lights up a joint and passes it to Jerry. They don’t say much as they pass the joint back and forth. They’re both starting to get pretty high. Both of them are thinking about sex, but neither one feels comfortable about bringing it up so soon in the evening.At first, they make small talk about this and that. Allen is the first to bring up sex.”Hey… we were talking the other night, you said you liked the guys at the Club?””Yeah, like I was telling you, it was easy to get comfortable with them.””I saw that… especially when I saw you sucking Norm in the side room.””Yeah, that came up on me kinda fast, when I wasn’t expecting it.””I didn’t get to see much, of course, since I was already preoccupied when you guys walked in.””Yeah, I saw that the moment we walked in. I couldn’t stop watching you.””Was it easy for you to be in that atmosphere?””Not at first… Roger only introduced me to Norm, like, ten minutes before.””That can be fun sometimes, sucking someone you hardly know.””I don’t know… I’m pretty new at this.””How many guys have you sucked?””Let’s see, counting Norm?… Two.””Really? You haven’t really sucked very much cock then.”Jerry starts to giggle. “Umm… No, I guess I haven’t.”Allen starts to giggle too. Jerry giggles again.(Author’s note: uncontrollable laughing is the first sign that the LSD is starting to take effect. People laugh at anything, and can’t stop laughing.)Allen jokingly says, “So… You haven’t really seen very many cocks. Wanna see some cocks?”Jerry laughs hard. Allen joins in and they laugh for several minutes before Allen can talk again. Allen talks with a goofy accent, “I have a coooock collection, I’d like to show it to you, sir.”They both join in uncontrollable laughter. Jerry plays along, thinking Allen is joking with him, “OK, show me your cocks.””OK, I will, but I have to take a piss first. Come check out my bathroom. I have the best bathroom in this whole complex.”Jerry goes into the bathroom with Allen. It is indeed a large bathroom, with a very large, square-shaped tub taking up the far side, and a large shower next to it.”Check out bahis firmaları that bathtub, dude. Two people can fit in there easy, and it has massage jets on the sides.””Whoa, that’s a nice fucking tub. I’ve never seen one like that.””When Roger told me about it, I grabbed it.””You rent this place from Roger?””Yeah. He gives me a good rate.””How much is your rent?””$125.””Wow, that’s good. Mine is $105, for a small studio.””I think Roger gave me cheap rent because we were fucking quite a bit when this place came open.”They both go into another laughing session. Allen unzips his pants to pee while Jerry keeps laughing. When he’s done peeing, he turns around to Jerry with his cock out, “Look over here, this is one of the cocks in my collection.”Jerry laughs again, as his eyes hone in on Allen’s cock. He takes note that it is uncircumcised. Then Allen says jokingly, “Now that you’ve seen mine, you’re gonna have to show me yours. Do you have to pee?””Yeah,” says Jerry, who can’t stop giggling.”While you’re doing that, I’m going to set things up in the other room.”Jerry isn’t sure what he means, but he doesn’t care, he just unzips his pants to pee. Jerry is so high at this point, he has to sit down to pee. After sitting on the toilet for five or ten minutes, Jerry manages to make his way back into the living room.Allen has put up a movie screen against the wall, and he’s setting up his slide projector in front of the couch. When he gets it ready, he lights several candles and a stick of incense. He joins Jerry on the couch and rolls another joint. As they pass the joint back and forth, their laughing attacks start to tone down a tiny bit.Jerry sits back, knowing that the intense stage of the acid trip is starting to come over him. He knows this stage of the trip makes all his body’s senses, thoughts, and feelings become very amplified.Allen gets up, turns off the lights, and sets the slide projector to automatically change the slide at thirty-second intervals. When the first slide projects onto the screen, Jerry sees a picture of a big cock. He doesn’t know what to say.Allen starts laughing, “See, I told you I have a cock collection.”Jerry starts laughing. “Shit… I thought you were joking. Where did you get these?””Oh, different places. I collect them. I used to watch ’em all the time when I jacked off.”Jerry laughs again, but he can’t take his eyes off the screen as the slide changes to a different cock picture. It’s been almost two hours since they took the LSD, and it’s coming on strong. Jerry is getting more stoned as another cock flashes on the screen.Allen lets Jerry focus on the cock slides for a few more minutes, then he asks him, “Do those cocks turn you on?””Yeah, kinda.””You’re really getting into those pictures, Jerry. You can’t stop staring at them, can you? I bet you really like cock.””Well… yeah… maybe a little bit. But it’s just something to get me by, until I find a girlfriend.””How many girls have you fucked?””None yet, but I want to.””How many girlfriends have you had?”Jerry’s tone of voice starts to get a little serious as he keeps staring at the cocks flashing on the screen.”None. I’ve asked a lot of girls out, but none would go out with me.””Well, it’s a good thing you’ve sucked a cock or two, or you wouldn’t have had any sex at all.””Yeah, I know. At least I’ve had some sex with Roger.”Allen moves closer to Jerry on the couch, putting his arm around his waist. “You know, I got lucky a couple times. But I’ve only fucked two girls, a long time ago, so I haven’t really haven’t had that much luck with them either. Some types of guys they like, and other kinds?… They just don’t.””Yeah, I’ve never met a girl who liked me much at all.”Jerry kaçak bahis siteleri is getting more high all the time, and he continues to stare at the cock slides. He’s feeling very inadequate with girls as Allen continues to talk.”After a while, I figured out that playing all those fucking mind games girls put me through, it just wasn’t worth it. It is so much easier to have sex with guys, and it’s a hell of a lot more fun, at least for me it is. Do you feel like that too, Jerry?””Lately I have, yes.””I think you do a lot, Jerry. I could tell the first night I met you. I know you like cock. You might even love it. I can feel the vibes all around you.”The LSD in Jerry’s brain has amplified his feelings and emotions. He feels sad, realizing he may never get a girl to have sex with him. He’s also feeling a little horny with Allen’s arm around his waist. And he likes it.Allen puts his hand between Jerry’s legs. “Your cock is getting hard, Jerry. You can’t take your eyes off those cocks… can you?””No. I like them.” The LSD is making his eyes watery; he’s on the verge of crying. He turns his head to Allen and tells him, “I know you’re right. I have trouble admitting it, but I know girls hate me. They always have.””Don’t fight it, Jerry, accept it. It’s how you are. There’s nothing wrong with it. Guys can get turned on by you. I know I’m turned on by you. I’m turned on by you a lot.””You are?””Yes, I am. I think you’re hot as hell. Feel my cock. It’s hard because I’m thinking about you.”Jerry feels Allen’s cock, and it is very hard indeed. They look into each other’s eyes; their lips are drawn to each other like a magnet. Their arms wrap around each other tight, and their tongues instantly dive into each other’s mouths. They kiss and rub each other’s cocks for a long time, letting each other know they’re open for anything tonight.Allen looks into Jerry’s glassy eyes and tells him, “I’d love to suck your cock, Jerry. Would you like to have your cock sucked?”Jerry can hardly speak. “Yeah… I’d love to have my cock sucked.””I knew you would.”Getting on the floor, Allen pulls Jerry’s pants off and brings Jerry to the edge of the couch. He smiles as he  gazes at the hard, throbbing cock in front of him. Taking it in his hand, his tongue licks the base of his balls all the way up the shaft. He swirls his tongue around the head a couple of times, before he probes his tongue into Jerry’s pee hole.He looks up at Jerry and says, “Damn, Jerry… do you even realize how beautiful your cock is? I mean… shit… I’ve seen and sucked a lot of cocks, and rarely have I ever seen a cock this pretty.”Jerry is speechless. No one has ever said anything like that to him before. Allen wraps his lips around the shaft and takes it in all the way to the balls. Holding it in his mouth like that, he runs his tongue up and down his lower vein. Jerry jerks his ass up and down, and Allen senses he is almost ready to cum.Allen takes his mouth off of Jerry’s cock and tells him, “I can’t let you cum yet. The night is just starting.”Allen slows the pace, gently sucking Jerry’s balls, kissing his thighs, and rubbing his chest. He moves back up on the couch. They look into each other’s eyes, and engage in another long period of heavy, passionate kissing. Jerry has never been kissed by anyone like this, and he likes it.”Allen…” says Jerry, “I’ve been thinking about sucking you when I saw you fucking those two guys at the Club last week. You looked so hot to me. I’ve wanted to suck your ever since. I want to suck your cock right now.””I’d love it if you sucked me, Jerry,” Allen says.Jerry gets on the floor between Allen’s legs. Allen has taken his pants loose so Jerry can pull them off, purposely leaving his underwear on. He wants Jerry to see the women’s panties he is wearing. He thinks it’ll turn him on, and it does. Jerry puts his face into Allen’s crotch and runs his nose all over Allen’s hard cock, hidden under the fabric.

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