A Surprise Cuckolding


My experiences with cuckolding, believe it or not, were not planned. At least my part wasn’t, initially. My wife Lenora and I had a good marriage, had good kids and what most people would call a normal life. Then unexpectedly, as guests at my wife’s friend’s daughter’s wedding (“The Wedding Surprise”), both I and my wife, Lenora, were introduced to the world of cuckolding (or drunk wife = forced cheating with BBC = cuckolding). Whatever you want to call it, it was fucking awesome!These new sexual adventures occurred later in our marriage when our kids were grown and out of the house. From my perspective, and up to that point in our marriage, I thought I knew about my wife and her non-adventurous (even prudish) sexual preferences; I apparently did not.The best part of these early cuckolding situations was that we didn’t go into them originally knowing what was going to happen. That would come later after we both got a taste of it and enjoyed it. The earlier instances were spur of the moment situations where she was reluctant at first and coerced (the first one, at the wedding, with a black man, her first, was actually forced on her and eventually consensual). Witnessing those original situations and being helpless and initially humiliated by her made them so much hotter for me, and I think for her too!After the wedding cuckolding experience with David, we hadn’t spoken about it. I didn’t want to push her and I think she was embarrassed about it. So, we just forgot about it. Then something happened a couple of months after the wedding.We got invited to a brunch on a Saturday in early October 2014 by one of Lenora’s cousins. It was a cousin’s party and it was held at a very nice place not too far from our house. It was from 11 am to 3 pm. Lenora’s family likes to drink so we were expecting to have a nice time. We didn’t go out very often and we enjoyed ourselves when we did.Because it was early in the day, we had kept an appointment with a mortgage broker for later almanbahis şikayet that afternoon. This guy was referred to us by a friend who had refinanced his mortgage and we wanted to do the same thing if we could. This guy was always booked up so we were happy to finally get an appointment. And he was coming to our house. We had spoken on the phone but had never met him. Our appointment was at 4:30 pm so we had plenty of time.We had a great time at the brunch and the food was great. Lenora and her cousins were having a great time too, as they started with Mimosas early and continued throughout the brunch. I don’t really like to drink early in the day anyway, so I let Lenora have a good time. And she sure did! She was feeling no pain.We stayed until the end of the brunch and then hung around for another half hour or so just bullshitting with everyone. On the way home we were discussing dinner and stopping for something, but we had that meeting at 4:30. I said I would go out later for a pizza afterward.We got home and changed clothes. Lenora put on a light house dress and I changed into my usual casual attire: shorts and a tee-shirt!Lenora was still feeling good and I was excited for a night of sex as Lenora always liked to fool around when she was feeling good and a little high.At almost exactly 4:30, our doorbell rang. I answered the door and a very tall, middle-aged black man was there. He introduced himself as Calvin Mills and handed me a business card.  As I showed him in, he told me to call him ‘Cal’ as that’s what everyone did.Cal was about 6 feet 2 inches tall and well built. He wore a light blue polo shirt which showed off his build and muscular arms. He wore casual slacks and shoes. When we had set up the meeting, he had asked if it was okay for him to dress casually. I didn’t give a shit and told him to come in shorts if he wanted to.Lenora was putting clothes in the dryer when we walked into the kitchen area. We live in a nice sized ranch in a nice almanbahis canlı casino quiet town in New Jersey. The house is on two acres and we have our privacy as the surrounding homes are similar.When you enter our house from the front door you walk through a small foyer into our bar area then into the den. On the left is the kitchen which has a center island and three stools. The garage is on that side. We usually come in through the garage. The laundry room is on that side as well as a half bathroom. From the kitchen you can access the back yard and our deck.The den has a large L-shaped sectional couch which faces our television and entertainment unit. The back one section of the couch faces our large kitchen table. The house has a very open floor plan and we have windows all around in each of the rooms. The colors are light neutral colors and the house has hardwood floors.We walked in and Lenora came out of the laundry room and I introduced her to Cal and we sat at the kitchen table. The television was on but was muted. Lenora asked if Cal wanted coffee or a soda and he declined.We started discussing the mortgage process but were continually changing the subject of the conversation. Lenora was still feeling good and when she was, she liked to talk. She seemed extremely interested in hearing about Cal and his life. And Cal seemed like a genuinely honest guy.He was originally from Philadelphia and had gone to school there. He was thirty-nine years old and he had moved to New Jersey years ago and still had family in the Philadelphia area. He visited them often. He had been married but had gotten divorced five years earlier and he had no children.In the midst of our conversations that continued to go from business to personal, Cal had said based on all the factors involved in the process, we should easily get the refinancing. Lenora was ecstatic! Lenora said, “Ed, open a bottle of wine. Let’s celebrate!” I opened a bottle of white wine and brought almanbahis casino over a few glasses. We all toasted and went back to our conversation. The wine quickly accelerated Lenora’s ‘feeling good mood’. She was laughing and talking up a storm, which she did when she was lit. We really were having a fun time.  I was starving by this time and suggested a pizza. Cal said in that case he should be going. Lenora said, “No, Cal. Stay and have pizza with us. We’ll have a pizza party!”After some more prodding, Cal said, “Okay, I’ll stay.”I called the order in to our local pizzeria, which included some appetizers now as well. They said it would be ready in twenty minutes.We continued to talk about everything and anything. A second bottle of wine was opened. I wasn’t even drinking; I just had that first toast a while ago. Lenora was getting a little more personal with Cal, asking him if he has a girlfriend. He said at this time he hasn’t been involved with anyone for a while. He was very busy with his career and was focusing on that.After about fifteen minutes or so, I said I was going to get the food.I had to wait about ten minutes after I arrived at the pizzeria. It was Saturday evening and the place was packed. I finally got my food and headed back home.I parked the car in the garage, gathered all the food and opened the door to the kitchen from the garage. As I walked around the L-shaped island towards the kitchen table, I saw Lenora bent over the back of the couch with her exposed ass facing me. Cal was on his knees eating her pussy and asshole!The television was off and music was playing from the entertainment unit. The song “Holding Back the Tears” by Simply Red was playing (to this day, when I hear that song, I remember this scene).Lenora’s house dress and panties were in a pile on the floor. I could only see part of Cal, who was kneeling. His shirt was off but he had underwear on. They had to have heard me come in, but neither acknowledged me.There’s a mirror on the far wall in the den. I could see Lenora’s face in the mirror. Her eyes were closed as she undulated to Cal’s tongue working on her shaven pussy. As I stood there holding the pizza and the other stuff, my mouth open, she looked at me in the mirror.

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