A Story About Amanda


Amanda is my best friend’s daughter. She’s been staying with me for the last few months. Her mother passed away about a year ago. Her father started to drink and went into severe depression. Later, he had to be hospitalized for the nervous breakdown that he suffered. He didn’t have any family that could watch Amanda. I told him I would be happy to take care of her in his absence. Amanda is eighteen. She’s quite a handful. She loves boys and I think she probably has had sexual intercourse several times already. I can’t control her. She dresses very provocatively and does not like to be told what to do. She loves to wear a lot of make-up. Amanda is a good looking girl. She’s about five foot five inches tall and is petite. She has long brown hair and green eyes. She’s not terribly big on top but can certainly fill out her shirts. almanbahis She’s constantly parading herself all over the house. She’s always wiggling her ass and flipping her hair. She does these things, so I will look at her. She is constantly teasing me. Well this is how it went down one night. It was a terrible rain storm. I was enjoying a bottle of scotch and a good cigar. I had a fire going in the fire place. I was reading a book and just enjoying myself. Amanda was upstairs sleeping. About an hour passed, and Amanda came down the stairs in a sheer nightgown. She was not wearing her robe. She told me she couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to look but I could see her hard nipples poking out of her nightgown. She was wearing white panties with lace and I could see those too. I could kill myself for even looking.  She almanbahis yeni giriş came over to my chair and tried to sit on my lap. She even tried to kiss me. “Amanda, what the hell are you doing, girl?” “Roger, I get a little frightened during these kinds of storms. I just need you to comfort me.” “I’m your father’s best friend. I cannot be kissing his daughter. Your father is recovering from a nervous breakdown. He’s left you in my care. He wouldn’t want me to be having sex with his daughter.” “Oh come on Roger, you know you want me. I see you looking at me all the time. Ever since I came here, you’ve been staring at me. You’re even staring right now.” “Amanda, you’re in a very sheer nightgown. Of course I’m looking at you. It’s kind of hard not to look at you. You’re not wearing a robe. You’re always almanbahis giriş wearing very risqué clothes around this house. I’m a man after all.” “Just kiss me and get it over with. I’m eighteen. I want to be with you sexually.” Amanda just giggled. She put her lips on my mouth and gave me a kiss. I was just shocked and horrified at her behavior. She gave me a long, deep, and passionate kiss. Our tongues were entwined in each other’s mouth. I didn’t know what to do or say. I guess I might have had a little too much scotch. She then had her hand in my crotch. She was definitely showing that she wanted to have sex with me. She was all over me and I could not believe it. She proceeded to unzip my pants and take them off. I didn’t have underwear on. Amanda then got on her knees and proceeded to give me a blow job. I was stunned that she would be doing this to me. In another way, I was completely turned on. The scotch was definitely in my system and I was drunk. Amanda began to give me her version of a blow job. She grabbed my cock and began to take it down her throat.

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