A Shocking Sight -Part 1

Big Dicks

Our family adopted Lia when she was just a baby. We grew up together, thinking of ourselves as brother, sister. She was from northern Saskatchewan, on an Indian reservation, and was given up for adoption by her mother who couldn’t take care of her. Fast forward a bunch of years, she was sixteen and I was eighteen when I stumbled upon a scene that would ignite feelings of lust and the forbidden.I came home early from high school one day and headed to my bedroom, which was in the basement, next to the games room. Lia was asleep on the sofa, wearing nothing but a t-shirt. Her skinny legs were wide open, and I mean as wide open as you can get! The soles of almanbahis both of her feet were together, with her legs splayed apart, with her naked pussy bared. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I just froze, afraid to make a noise, unsure whether she was actually sleeping or not. I watched her chest rising and falling gently, assuring me that she was indeed asleep. Our parents were both at work and I knew I had lots of time to take in this amazing sight.As I crept closer, it became apparent that she had fallen asleep while masturbating. Lia must have dosed off within the last ten minutes or so because her inner pussy lips were still wet. What an erotic almanbahis yeni giriş sight! Native people are not hairy, to say the least, and my step sister had barely any pubic hair, just a few dark whispy strands above the lips. Her tiny inner lips were a dark brown color, gradually turning pink leading down towards her small slit. Those wet lips reminded me of delicate butterfly wings. She was baring her naked wet pussy to me, and she didn’t even know it. My face was flushed with excitement and my cock was straining so hard against my jeans that I had to reach in and reposition it, so it was sticking up towards my belly. I felt a little almanbahis giriş shame at first. Why was I so hard? This wasn’t my biological sister, I reasoned. This was a naked teenaged girl with a gorgeous pussy, opened up for my viewing pleasure. Even though her pussy was spread wide open, her slit was still tightly closed, except for a faint crack of an opening. Beside the sofa was a small lamp, the light was hitting the juices that covered her inner lips. I couldn’t believe how small her slit was! How could her pussy ever accept a cock? I was absolutely mesmerised and I bravely knelt closer with my face barely six inches away. I could now smell a faint musky odor that drew me ever closer. I wanted so badly to move my tongue on her wet lips and to get her aroused without waking, but I was so scared. If she suddenly woke up, she would run away screaming and I would be mortified. 

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