A secluded resort.


A secluded resort.I had meet Mr. Conners while working a landscaping job, while on summer break from school. Much older, but nice and as I found out later, apparently very well off, money wise. Many afternoons in those first few weeks were spent swimming in his very private pool and laying in the sun, drinking wine and having sex. At first it was very one sided, almost all of the attention was on me, massaging, stroking and sucking me. At that age, that was fine with me! I could easily cum three times a day and nothing made Jim happier. He could expertly edge me to orgasm, over and over, bringing me to the point of begging him to make me cum. As with most boys I assume, I was curious. That’s how I even got to this point in the first place. I began to get bolder and want more. Within a few afternoons, I was touching his leg or arm in appreciation as he pleasured me. Then, as if by instinct, I nervously moved my hand to his hanging cock and balls. That’s all it took, I was hooked. He felt so amazing in my hand, his veiny shaft hardening to my touch, his balls tightening. Feeling another man’s manhood, giving him pleasure like he had been giving me, I loved it. It felt so natural, so right and I wanted more, so much more. Jim stood before me as I sat up from the lounge chair next to the pool. Both of us nude, the warm sun on our bare skin just maybe it all the more erotic. Almost at eye level with his cock for the first time, it seemed so unexpectedly beautiful and sensual. Hard and thick, he was clearly as turned on as I was and almost trembled and sighed as I brought my lips to his engorged cock’s head. I cannot described the feeling, it felt all at once incredible, pleasurable and natural. I could feel the firmness of it on my lips as I kissed the underside of his head. My tongue could feel the firm ridges and pulses as he began to throb, my tongue traced the outline of his swollen cock’s head. I think Jim shook, it was such a turn on to know how I could make another man feel. I now knew how Jim felt pleasuring me, how content he could be just in giving and not receiving.I can still remember the sensation of sliding my lips over his head, the fullness of it, the warmth and taste, the addictive joy of it. The way kaçak iddaa it filled my mouth, the way I wanted more and more, deeper and deeper. Back and forth, pausing on occasion to look at his glistening shaft, the object of my lust, before sliding my lips back over him and experiencing that same pleasure over again. When he began to shake, the thought of pulling away occurred to me for a second. Oh, how I would love to see him shoot his hot, sticking load on me, but I knew I wanted to taste it. To make and feel a man’s cock explode in pleasure and orgasm inside my mouth. To feel and taste his cum as it filled my mouth and his body shaked. I don’t know what I was expecting, but his cum tasted so good as it flooded in. The thick texture all at once odd, amazing and addictive. After a couple sun soaked, cum filled weeks, he invited me to go away with him for the weekend to a very private resort in the desert. On the premise of going camping with friends, we were off. The hotel was lavish and beautiful, but what struck me first were the people inside. An all male staff attended to their all male guests of all ages and races. Older with older, older with younger, older with much younger and young with young couples alike. An all gay, all the time resort, I was alittle nervous. Jim and I in his backyard was very different, very private, this was not. I think he could tell I was uncomfortable, so he suggested we check out the grounds and pools before we headed up to our room. He knew what I was about to see.I was taken back by the openess of it all. Mostly nude men swimming, sunbathing and having sex out in the open. I had to admit it was a huge turn on, seeing all those beautiful cocks, hard and soft, all over. I glanced around, trying to take it all in but also be discrete at the same time. Then my eyes met the gaze of a young man’s, maybe even younger than me. He was sitting under the shade of a palm tree and before him, on his knees was a much older man sucking his cock! I looked away embarrassed, but of course I had to look back, how could I not? His eyes locked on mine and without looking away, pulled his massive cock from his lover’s greedy mouth and slapped his face with it. I think I gasped, the sight took my breath kaçak bahis away and frankly made me nervous. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen, not that I had seen that many, but to be honest I didn’t know they could be so huge. So thick, so long, he slapped it again on the man’s face before guiding his mouth back down on him. I felt my knees weaken.It was sensory overload. Then a nude man, probably in his 50’s walked by and smiled at me. Jim noticed and assured me, saying “anything goes here.”He was big and burly, hairy and muscular and had a thick, vein covered, uncut dick swinging between his legs as he walked. He was clearly confident and had every reason to be. I made a mental note to look for him later. Jim clearly had a type I found out. So did his friends who were also there, young, fit and handsome. After some drinks, it became obvious what this evening had in store. Everyone seemed to know each other quite well and when an older gentleman suggested the younger guys start kissing, everyone agreed. Jim looked at me and smiled as the guys kissed eachother passionately on the bed and started taking their clothes off. Soon naked bodies were rolling on the bed and moaning. The mood in the room had changed, it was a free for all. An older man walked towards me and moved to his knees before me. His hands stroked my thighs before moving to my waistband and lowered my pants. I was already hard and I could tell the man clearly loved it. He began sucking me as I watched other older men join the younger ones, already with each other’s cocks in their mouths, on the bed. When the man sucking me stood, I knew what he wanted, I knew what I wanted. I had for sure developed a love for sucking cock and wanted more. It was only the second cock I had had in my mouth, but I pleasured it like an expert. Licking and tonguing, holding and stroking until I felt that wonderful sensation of warm sperm fill my mouth. The rest of the night was more of the same before Jim and I returned to our room, spent. The next morning, I went down to the pool as he slept. As if it was meant to be, that burly, hairy guy was there also, totally nude as before. With a new found easiness, maybe even confidence, I walked towards him and he watched illegal bahis me and smiled. He surprised me by standing, taking me by the hand and leading me to his room. I didn’t even hesitate. He wrapped me in his in his arms and kissed me. Somehow, I felt powerless, but loved it. He picked me up while still kissing me, open mouthed and passionately. I gripped onto his back and neck and pressed my lips to his as he lowered me onto the bed. Within seconds, he had removed my swim trunks and had my cock in his mouth. I could feel my eyes roll back in my head, lost in the pleasure as he sucked me and his hands massaged my chest and nipples. Suddenly and without warning, he flipped me onto my stomach and I felt his big hands spreading my ass cheeks and his tongue diving inside me. The sensation surprised me, both erotic and lustfull, as he licked my hole. His grunts turned me on, his passion was intoxicating. So when he moved forward and rubbed his now rock hard cock along my ass crack I knew what he wanted. I had never been fucked, but I so wanted it too. I wanted him to take me. To take me and use me… and he did.My eyes widened feeling the head of his dick at my opening and began to think it a mistake, but it was to late. It all happened so fast and with a manly grunt, he was inside me. A searing pain seemed to take over my whole body as he slowly pushed more of himself inside. I clawed at the bedding and begged him to stop, I felt powerless and he only seemed more determined. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, my ass began to open up for him, wanting him and he pushed even deeper. All that pain was subsiding and turning into pleasure. Soon his big hairy hands were gripping my hips and he was pounding into me. His big, hairy balls hanging and slapping against me. I could hear his breathing, I could feel it on my neck. I heard him grunt, “I’m gonna cum” but all I could manage was to whisper, “Yes, yes” between his thrusts. Then it happened, his cock exploded, his hot cum shot inside me, forever changing me. I layed there almost quivering. With his cock still inside me, he softly kissed my neck. Very differently now, softly, lovingly. I rolled over and felt his arms around me. My stomach and hard cock covered in my own sticky precum. He looked down and said, “That’s so fucking hot!” then kissed his way down, tasting my precum before engulfing my cock with his mouth and almost instantly bringing me to earth shattering orgasm.

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