A sad tale


Am an Indian girl and this is my story . It could very easily be the most cherishing story of my life and it didn’t turn out that ways . I have not , nor I can ever , tell it to anyone.

I was working in a big company in Delhi at that time . He was my colleague , in different department . From the very beginning I loved his looks , his simplicity and his aura . We discussed office matters initially , then general things , then went to lunch , planned a movie and suddenly we were dating .

He proposed me for marriage on one of our evening chats . It was wonderful to get this straight . My family , anyways , was looking for a match . We kissed on a park bench for 15 minutes , last 5 odd minutes he fondled my boobs . It was my first kiss , I have never been even touched before . Since I studied in girls school and college it was my first on every count . Am extremely fair complexioned and his hard press would leave red marks on my body.

I went to his room , he lived alone there . We cooked together . He then told me that he has a desire to see my boobs and that he loved so much the feel of it. Then he took off the top , cuddled me , caress and suckle them for long . He blindfolded me , I felt a soft and hard , warm touch on my breast . He took my hand there and guided me to do up-down motion. I didn’t know what exactly is going on but liked the sensations in my body . It was unimaginable hormonal rush . He ejaculated on my breast .I didn’t know what was that starchy liquid . I was madly in love .

We then went out . He asked me what all do I know about sex . I told him that my knowledge is limited , only one of my friend who got married told me that how do girls become pregnant after marriage . He then told me what was that liquid ( semen ) that came out from his dick . He said , this is the most precious thing a women can have and for rest of days ( to not get pregnant) , it is meant to be consumed by females directly . He told me it’s health benefits , natural vitamins and happy hormones that it generates.

Next day , at his room , I was totally naked doing fellatio . His taste was like a disgusting medicine , I swallowed it whole as he insisted . He showed me videos on doing it the right way . I thought its a very important thing to learn london escort agency , all women know it and I must catch up fast .

He won my trust by not asking for intercourse . He took me to parlor , got full – body waxing , wore short skirt and a skimpy tops for first time. I switched my job , even then We would meet everyday , twice a week in his room , once a week movie , once in a park , twice coffee or lunch and once in week some creative tours .

He didn’t talk to my family as I asked him to do saying that he has the responsibility of his sister’s marriage . His father had passed away few years back.

I loved him so much that could never say no . It didn’t ever crossed my mind that he can do anything wrong. It went to such an extent that I would sit with him on bike , he would place his bag in front and I will then i will hold his organ covering the sides with my Chunni . I would satisfy him with movement of just one finger on the right nerve . We got so used to it that we can pull it off on a moving bike in middle of Delhi’s traffic . Movie halls and public parks were easy ones. At times , he would do facial with his cum and smear it all over my face with a cream so that it doesn’t become sticky . He told me it will make my skin healthy and glowing . We will come back to his room , satisfy his erection one more time before changing my dress to head back home . I had a full wardrobe of western and party wears at his room.

He showed me videos of Anal sex . Told me that it is little painful to do it but he will bear that pain for me . His cum will nourish my butts and put they will be perfectly toned and shaped up for short dresses . He also told me that all models get this done . It’s the secret that women or men don’t generally share . I cried out in pain as he entered me . He had a lube , gel and a sex toy to make it easier on me. I got him agreed that I won’t suck after anal penetration. I pushed him for proper intercourse but he denied . Told me it’s for marriage. All that he wants me to look even more beautiful now.

All Saturday’s and Sundays I would be with him citing work pressure at home. 2 years passed like this , I sensed something is wrong . His sister was getting married , I was so happy for that . He didn’t invite independent escort girls me to his home town . Made excuses , remained silent on our marriage . The frequency of our dates in his room were once a fortnight now . Howsoever I may resolve to not do it I would end up with sucking him dry . His kiss , his embrace and what I called ‘ My Joystick ‘ was my lifeline .

I told him loud and clear that I will not marry anyone except you , neither will allow you to marry anyone else. 3 years passed by , he bought a car , a flat but kept postponing for marriage saying it will spoil the good time . I wanted to do a proper intercourse but he denied it Every time.

We stopped talking to each other over differences on marriage . One day he offered to drop me to home . Just before I was getting out , he held my hand and Drew me close . I just melted . He licked me hard and I gave him a passionate blowjob . It was such an intense moment that we didn’t care an iota on ‘ what if ‘ !

At times I didn’t believe it’s me . I used to be a shy , diffident kind of girl who is doing all hardcore things . I allowed it all in the name of my love for him.

My family had many marriage proposal in between . My relatives kept on insisting on it , some really good options came.For me it was never an option

The same routine continued for another 6 months . I went to another city on tour for 2 weeks . When I came back I asked him to meet . His response was very cold . He texted me in night that he got engaged to some other girl and i shall forget him. I didn’t believe him , went to his office next day , he told me the same thing and said that its all over between us .

He continued his verbal assault on me . Thoroughly insulting and demeaning me . Called me a bitch who has no self – respect and despite so much of rebuttal refuses to lick it’s owner. He said that he can still offer me his Cum once a month after his marriage if am so much keen to have it . Marriage , in any case , is not possible.

I broke down . I got numb . It all looked dizzying horrid . I can’t believe him as I moved out of his sight. It must be his prank , I thought . I can’t be mad after such a disrespectful guy. It wasn’t him , I cried out loud.

I cried cried and cried Escort in dubai for the entire night . I knew what am going to do . Will go his home in morning , will suck him and then things will be normal. I reached there at 7 am . He came out and said what do you want ? I held him , trying to kiss him , thrusting my breast on his chest . He shoved me away as I touched his crotch . Pulled me , showed the pics of his engagement and closed the door pushing me out.

I have very faint memory what happened afterwards , how I came back home. On that day I ate rat poison , vomited it , cried non stop . Had it not been for my parents and my big brother , I wouldn’t be here writing this .

For gullible girls like me , I have few thoughts to share ,

Never give yourself up fully to your man . Say no , you will be valued .

Watch the sexual behavior of you guy , if he is too much into it , asking for unnatural things , then he may not be the right one.

Be strict , put conditions. Love is ok , but for getting him to do what you want , you need to be tactful.

If he insults you , put a full stop there . Don’t pursue that relationship.

Get yourself educated on sex . No one shall be able to fool you with irrational stories.

Finally , no relationship is absolute . It’s all conditional. If we want it to be with our conditions we need to keep a tab on our emotional outlets.

I got married 2 years after him. Am so emotionally torn that when my husband asks me for fellatio or Anal sex , I decline.

Joy of yesteryear is a pain for today .

I hope pouring my heart out here will lighten my burden .

Edit – I did Meet his wife and told her what he did ( not in this much detail ) . I guess , he had already anticipated it and had taken her into conference . She told me that she is aware of the physical part but he isn’t a Cheat . Whatever happened happen with my consent and also instigation. Even she has a past and she has started a new life with him . She suggested me to get away from this and start anew.

Edit – I have been graphic and deive because I have learned that by detailing it once somewhere and sharing the minute things will help me in catharsis .or else it keeps on coming back to me.

Edit – I want to create a distance from my past and by not telling it anywhere I will keep it burning in my heart.

Even the porn stories are based on realities somewhere . What we don’t see is where it eventually leads to !!

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