A Proper Southern Girl

Self Shot

Chapter 1 – Samantha and Jack Meet

Samantha Jones was a proper southern girl born of god-fearing Baptist parents in a small town in Mississippi. She was an only child and got a lot of unnecessary attention from her mother. Martha Jones, nee Thompson, had studied library science in school and met her future husband at a church social. Roy was the youngest son in a large farm family. He grew up being bullied by almost everyone. His burning desire was to get as far away from the family farm in Kentucky as he could. He found an office job in Jackson and made it his career. He wasn’t entirely sure why Martha liked him, but he decided that he would find a way to win her heart and marry her, which he did after several years of courting.

Samantha was an above average student, and to her mother’s surprise, won a scholarship to a girl’s college in a small town in rural Tennessee. Her mother looked up the school librarian in her professional directory and called her to inquire about the quality of teaching and the respectability of the housing for young women. Assured that both were of a high standard, she reluctantly agreed that Samantha could attend the school, subject to frequent visits home.

In the summer after sophomore year, chafing under her mother’s short leash and a subtle tyranny exercised through control of a small but necessary allowance, Samantha found a summer job as a tour guide at the Civil War history center in Chattanooga, and was very pleased when her great aunt Ophelia invited her to stay at her home for the ten weeks of the job. Martha was dubious about her young daughter staying in the home of a divorced woman, but Roy convinced her that these were modern times, and nothing untoward could happen in a short ten week stay.

Ophelia was also my great aunt, which makes Samantha and me distant cousins. Which is why we were invited to a 4th of July pool party at our aunt’s house, along with more than fifty other relatives of one kind or another. Ophelia and her husband parted, without children, when she was in her late twenties. There didn’t seem to be any particular reason, but some rumors circulated about sexual incompatibility, which is definitely not party conversation in the genteel south. I did notice that my aunt lived a very active lifestyle, and wasn’t shy about revealing her assets, which were considerable. My friend Jack commented, “What a package!” Everything about Ophelia seemed to fit together nicely. Impressive front, lovely butt, long, muscular legs. In other words, a body to die for, especially if you thought you had a chance at experiencing it up close.

Ophelia excelled at making her guests feel comfortable. Refreshments and snacks were arranged around the perimeter of the pool area so that people could meet, greet and mingle. There were sun loungers, along with shady nooks for those worried about exposure. She made sure that both men and women could find an appropriate bathing suit if they happened not to arrive with one. Water play and contests were held every hour, while a giant barbeque grill was smoking away at the edge of the yard, covered with southern delicacies.

You would have to be totally anti-social not to enjoy the party, but I did notice that one young woman seemed lonely and sad. I admit that I am a six foot, blond haired extrovert, to whom warming up an attractive girl is a natural challenge.

“Hello, I’m Jack Smith, one of the relatives, but I don’t believe I’ve seen you at Ophelia’s pool party before?”

“Well, I’ve not been able to come until now. It certainly is a great crush of people isn’t it? Are all these folks relatives of ours?”

“Ophelia is such a great party person, you really don’t know. But her mother was into genealogy, and had contacts all over the country with generations of the Alexander clan. Where do you fit in?”

“Gosh, I’ve never worked it out. I guess it is on my mother’s side. Her grandfather was an Alexander.”

Samantha was already warming and smiling. I was noticing how trim and neat she looked, even under too much clothing for such a warm day.

“Are you up for a swim? I’m actually supposed to be at the pool in my suit because I’m on lifeguard duty today.”

“Are you a real lifeguard, or a pretend one?”

I gave her a belligerent look. “Plueeze! I paid my way through college lifeguarding. Do you need mouth to mouth resuscitation? Are you feeling faint?”

She blushed and said, “I’m sorry for doubting you. But I forgot to bring a suit, so you won’t have a chance to rescue me.” She was actually smiling and laughing.

“Come with me.” I led her into the laundry room at the back of the house and showed her a large stack of suits. “Ophelia keeps these laundered and ready for emergencies. Find one you like and change in the bathroom over there. I’ll get into my suit and meet you at the pool. Oh, and don’t pick the frumpiest one in the pile. I only rescue girls in bikinis.”

It took a while, but Samantha looked great in a skimpy suit when she came out to the pool. I was refereeing a dunking kolej escort contest and didn’t see her until she stood by my side. No tan but everything else was perfect.

I yelled at one of the boys, “Hey Greg, catch this!” and tossed Sam into his wet arms. She screeched and looked daggers at me. I dove in and pulled her to my side. “You looked so delectable, I knew I would do something naughty if you stayed that close to me.”

I put my arms around her and kissed her cheek lightly.

She squirmed and said, “I hardly know you and you’re attacking me!” But her hip slid into mine and her arm went around my waist. “When does the rescue start, now that you’ve dunked me?”

“Right away. Can I bring you one of Ophelia’s juleps?” What Ophelia and I knew, but Samantha didn’t, was that these were mai tai’s in disguise, intended to break down a girl’s inhibitions.

We climbed out of the shallow end and I went to get the drinks while she dried and found two chairs in the shade.

The conversation between us was easy. I discovered she was staying in Ophelia’s house, in the tiny attic room with chintz decorations. She discovered I was finishing my second year of law school here in Chattanooga. She finished her first julep quickly, saying, “These are really good.” She had big brown eyes that just looked right through you, especially since she knew how to hold your gaze without blinking.

“How do you do that?”

Do what?”

“Stare right through me without blinking. You must be hypnotizing me.”

“My roommate Sarah taught me. She said that if you want to get a guy’s attention, just give him the unblinking stare. You’re the first person I’ve tried it on.”

I leaned forward and kissed her gently, whispering, “You’ve sure got my attention. Do you suppose I could get a date sometime?”

She ran her fingers through my hair, kissed me lightly, and pushed me back to my seat.

Her eyes were dancing and she said, “My overprotective mother would say, ‘Samantha, you can’t agree to a date sitting there with nothing on!’ “

I stood up, took her hand, and said, “Why don’t we go find your little diary book and pick a day when you are free, and not naked?”

She reached up and pinched my ear. “You are entirely too forward. If we go out, it must be a secret from my mom.”

In all the noise and games of the afternoon, no one noticed us slipping into the house. Nor climbing up the three flights of stairs to the chintz bedroom.

Samantha said, “I really love this room, it makes me feel like a little girl again. The only things missing are my bears and my flannel nighty.” She smiled up at me, the eyes holding both promise and vulnerability.

I stood behind her at the small window, arms around but not grabbing at anything I shouldn’t.

She relaxed against me and said, “I feel really close and warm with you, but I shouldn’t, I guess. I don’t know you and we haven’t even had a date yet. Maybe you just got me up here to put the make on me.”

I kissed her ear and licked her neck. “I’d like to think I’m not the type of guy to force myself on you.”

I continued in a light tone, “I suppose your mother gave you rules about what can be done on a first date?”

Sam turned around and surprised me with a hot kiss, then pulled me over to the small single bed.

“She did, she gave me detailed instructions about that and everything else. How do I ever get out from under all that protection? My god, my roommate Sarah gets laid twice a week, and I haven’t ever had a guy make out with me!”

She was hugging me, crying and shaking. I held her tight. She pushed me over on my back, climbed on top and pounded on my chest. “Damn her, damn her, I’m missing out on the best part of my life!”

The shudders went away and the sobs subsided. She lifted her head and kissed me again.

“God, you must think me the stupidest girl you’ve ever met!”

She nestled into me. There was a lot of bare skin rubbing my front and making me hard.

She noticed and reached down between us, feeling the top of me poking up at her hand.

“Hmmm. I have an idea. If I agree to go out with you, you have to promise to take my virginity.”

Silence. I ran my hands up and down her back. She pushed her pelvis into me again, making my problem bigger and harder.

“Are you sure I’m the guy you want to do that with?”

She sat up and undid the top of her suit. Her fingers massaged her breasts and pulled on the erect nipples. “What do you think? Could I interest a guy into playing with these?” The brown eyes stared unblinking at me.

I pulled her down for a kiss, and whispered into her ear, holding her close, “Do you know what happens to girls with perfect tits who rub themselves on a guy and give him the no blink treatment?”

She pushed up and looked at me, unblinking.

“They get fucked!”

More silence, then a rush of breath being let out. “Hallelujah! When?”

She jumped up and danced around the room. Peeled out of her kurtuluş escort bottoms and danced around again before throwing herself on me. My hands were soon roaming everywhere. Fingers between her legs came away wet, very wet.

Her hands were pulling down my suit and working hard on my cock.

She giggled. “This is such fun. I’ve never been naked with a guy before. I’ve never had his hard thing in my hands. I’ve never had his fingers getting all wet with my juice.”

I sat up and pulled her into my lap, straddling me. Her pussy was dangerously close to my hard cock.

I parroted back to her, “This is such fun, I’ve never had a naked, beautiful virgin throwing herself at me, getting me all hot and bothered.”

She hugged me and whispered, “You could pop my cherry right now, couldn’t you? Should we do it? Should I just throw all my careful southern upbringing out the window and go down for you like a common slut?”

She lay back and looked serious.

I lay next to her and took a breast into my mouth. Luscious mouthful. I was tempted. But there was something in the air that was more than horny girl and horny guy. I had a sudden thought. Save the best for later, but give her something to remember.

I licked the other breast, and put my hand back between her legs, rubbing gently. Then not so gently. She moaned and gushed on me again.

“That’s feels so nice. Don’t stop. Can we ignore the party for a while longer?”

My tongue shifted to her lips. She opened her mouth and I filled it. Her clit was out in the open and I was working it carefully. Her hips were going up and down.

“Oh yes. More, more.” She clutched me hard and came, shaking.

I was kissing her all over, mumbling soothing words about how perfect her body was, how much I wanted her, how I was going to take her away and ravish her completely.

She tugged on my hair, getting my face back so she could look at me. “Is it true that you can fall in love really quickly?” She smiled but that look of vulnerability was back in the brown eyes.

I sat up and pulled her into my lap. “I was thinking of a smart ass reply, but you’ve wrecked my usual guy talk.”

She leaned forward and pushed me back down. “What if I blinked my eyes at you and said I wanted you to take me somewhere and ravish me?”

There was some prolonged kissing after that while we both fantasized about ravishing her. I sat back up and put her over my lap, face down, and kneaded the muscular ass in front of me. Then I said, “My family has a cabin in the woods up near Pikeville. Do you think you could steal away for a weekend?”

She stood up and pulled me up into a tight embrace. “Guess what? You’ve just liberated me from a domineering mother and I want you to teach me all the things I’ve been missing. Going to a cabin in the woods sounds like a nice educational experience!”

She punched me in the arm and said, “Do we have a deal?”

I swatted her butt and said, “Deal.”

Chapter 2 – Pikeville Cabin

Ophelia thought that that Jack and Sam going away to a mountain cabin for the weekend was a fantastic idea, and promised to cover for Samantha with her mother. Before we left, she pulled me into a corner and said, “That’s an awfully nice girl you are dating. Treat her right or I’ll bust your chops.”

I pulled her into a tight clinch, nipped her ear and kissed her hard on the mouth. She was fighting me going in but whimpering on the way out. My hand was down the front of her dress, clasped around a very fine boob. “I could stay here and attack you instead of Sam?”

“You awful brute,” she pushed me away, smiling. I kissed her again, gently, and said, “Are you ever going to let me in your bed, auntie?”

“We’ll talk about that after you come back with Sam still smiling.” She pushed me out the door.

As we drove away, Sam said, “I can’t believe you have this car. I’ve never been in a car with a bench seat!” She flipped herself around on her back across the seat, head in my lap. Her skirt was around her waist and yellow panties were showing.

“My cousin Jerry sold me this car because he found another one to restore and needed the money. Ten grand put me into this baby. It’s been completely done over underneath. Essentially new.”

“So, do you pick up a lot of girls in this? Do they put out for you?” She smiled up at me and wiggled her pelvis on the seat.

“You know, for a girl that’s looking forward to her first sex, you seem to know your way around on that seat.” I reached over and pinched the soft flesh between her legs.

Sam sat up and tumbled herself into the back seat. “Don’t look back here. I have to change. You can see when I’m done. And no fair looking in the rear view mirror.” She reached forward and tilted it away.

I could hear the zipper on her duffle opening and then a lot of rustling. “Ok, just a few minutes more. I have to fix my hair.”

“Almost there,” she said. There was a sudden rush of scent in the car. The kind of cheap maltepe escort scent you smelled on girls you picked up at bars.

Her body came tumbling back over the seat and landed next to me. I looked at her, astonished. She had an unbuttoned blouse on with tits overflowing from the top of a shelf bra. Then a bare midriff leading to skin tight daisy dukes. Her hair was in braids and her lips were covered in blazing red lipstick.

“Now I go with the car!”

She put her arm around my shoulder and leaned in. “There’s only one problem, if I kiss you with this stuff on, there’s going to be red everywhere.”

She leaned in closer and whispered in my ear, “Is it true that if a girl sucks you off with a lot of lipstick on, you have to show all your friends the evidence?”

She fell back on the seat with her head in my lap again, laughing and sighing.

“Where on earth did a good Christian girl like you learn to act like a tramp?” I grinned down at her and tweaked one of those exposed stiff nipples.

“Oh gosh, I feel like I’ve been finally liberated. I got this outfit at a second hand store after I knew we were going to the cabin. If I’m going to be ravished, I have to play the part, don’t I?”

“What’s your tramp name?”

“Sadie. Doesn’t Sadie fit the new me?”

“Yes.” I reached over and rubbed between her legs again.

“I want you to promise me something.”

“Is this Sadie asking or Samantha?”

“Sadie. I want you to promise that after we’ve made me a woman in your bed at the cabin, that you’ll take me for ride in this car, park in the woods, and fuck my brains out on this seat.”

“You sound like something out of ‘Girls Gone Wild.’ “

“I am. I am. I’m totally gone wild, for the first time in my life.”

After all that activity, she lay down with her head in my lap again and fell asleep. I grabbed some tissue and blotted her lips before she got that red all over me and my car.

Sam woke up when we turned off on the dirt road beyond Pikeville that lead to the cabin. We wound up a shallow draw with a creek in the middle of it and came out on the shoulder of the mountain with a view in all directions. The ancient family cabin, part of it going back more than a hundred years, was in the open, with some neglected fruit trees beyond. We climbed stiffly out of the car and leaned against it, taking in the late afternoon sun and the quiet. Sam squeezed my hand and said, “Thank you for bringing me here, it’s wonderful.”

While Sam carried things in, I got a bucket of water from the stream to prime the well and had a good flow going before I turned the valve that sent water to the tank on the second floor of the cabin. I pumped it about half full and then went in to start the wood cook stove. My cousins had done a good job of stacking dry wood under the porch last fall, so the fire caught right away.

Sam looked a little uncomfortable, with little to do, so I pressed a beer into her hands and said, “Come upstairs and I’ll show you how the hot water works.”

In the back room on the second floor were two tanks. One I had just pumped water into. Next to it was a copper tank about two feet on a side.

“The way this works is you pump this handle here to get cold water from the main tank into this tank. When it’s full, you go downstairs and pump a few strokes on the handle next to the stove, which puts the water through the coil in the stove.”

I grinned at her, “After a while, you get enough hot water for washing important parts.”

She grinned back and wiggled her butt at me again. “Hmmm, all the comforts of home. I guess I’m in charge of hot water, is that it?”

I hugged her. “Well, you asked for something to do. I assume that means other than sex.”

She tugged at my hair and asked, “If I was with your cousin Jerry, the hot rod fan, would he have already had me in the back seat of that fancy car.”

“Probably. You’re a mighty fine piece of ass, and Jerry really likes loving his girlfriends in his car.”

“So if I’m mighty fine, and Jerry would have done me by now, what’s wrong with you?” Her dark eyes challenged me.

“Hey, cousin, I was just trying to give you some space. But if…” I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her over my knee. The muscular butt was too delicious to avoid. A couple of hard swats got Sam squirming all over. I turned her front side up and unbuttoned those crazy shorts. As they slid off, the yellow panties came with. Right in front of my face was nicely trimmed pussy. Wet, squirming pussy. I plunged hard into it, licking and biting. My fingers worked their way up her belly and under the bra.

I was nice and hard and part of me wanted to plunge into that wet and ready pussy. I turned her back over and caressed the best little ass in Tennessee. I ran my thumbs hard up along her spine, drawing a complaint.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I’m very sorry, M’am, but you are not ready to lose your virginity yet. I have strict instructions from your aunt about how to prepare you.”

She was quickly on her feet. “Prepare me! What are you talking about?” The eyes were outraged.

I unfolded a piece of paper from my pocket and read to her. “After opening the cabin, serve Samantha cocktails with cheese and crackers on the swing on the front porch.”

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