A Photographer Dream


It was a beautiful day for a walk in the park around the lake. Dorothy loves taking walks through the woods.I enjoy taking pictures. Today was the photographer dream, nude pictures by the lake in the woods.The lake was busy with fishermen. Some in boats fishing the edges of the lake, and others by the shore.My goal today was to get Dorothy in the mood of removing her clothes. Hopefully, she would be seen by other males fishing.We come to a spot where there was tall grass, would be a great place to start bahis siteleri with pictures. It was secluded in the trees, close to the water.I asked Dorothy to start posing for me. She was a great model. Dorothy listened to my every desire. Now that she was comfortable, I asked her to unbutton her blouse enough to draw attention. I continued to take pictures of her.Dorothy was into it now, taking her bra off. I could see her hard nipples. She started to rub them. Off came her blouse. Her 36B breast shone canlı bahis siteleri in the sun. She became more into playing with herself.I asked her to take the rest of her clothes off. She undressed like a stripper in the nightclub. I was busy taking pictures. Two fishermen in a boat came by quietly. They saw her and began to watch her as I took pictures.She was sexually aroused, wanting to be filled with my rock-hard cock. I stopped taking pictures of her.The fishermen were watching. I walked canlı bahis over, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock-hard cock. Her hot breath I could feel as her lips began to slide on my cock.Intensely, she worked on it. I was ready to come in her mouth. Now she was ready, she turned towards the fishermen. Bending over, I came up behind her. I slowly entered in her pussy. It was soaking wet from her playing with herself.I began to go in and out slowly, hearing her moan. I began to increase my speed as it went deep inside of her.The fishermen enjoyed the show and waved as they continued fishing. We got dressed and headed back to the truck.What a way to enjoy the beautiful day, inspiring fishermen with a show to remember.

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