A Night of Debauchery Ch. 02


Well the night had finally arrived and as I put on my costume I felt the familiar stirrings in my groin. I always got a pre-party hardon just thinking of the debauchery that lay ahead. I called my cab and when it arrived I climbed in. The taxi driver’s eyes almost bulged out of his head when he saw what I was wearing.

He coughed and said, “Party tonight?”

“Sure do, gonna be quite the fuckfest! No holes barred if ya know what I mean!” I replied.

“Well that is an interesting outfit you have on there.” He said and I could see him concentrating on me more than the road.

“You like?” I asked.

Once again he coughed, I could tell this older gent was definitely into guy to guy action but was probably married and never experienced the real thing.

“Mmmm yes I do.” He said shyly. I leaned over the seat and looked into his lap and could see the tent in his pants that had formed so I thought I would have a little fun with my chauffeur.

“Tell ya what, why don’t you pull behind these buildings and let me take care of that problem in your pants?” I said. I artemisbet yeni giriş thought for a minute the guy was going to faint when I made my offer. The inside of the car got deathly quiet and all you could hear was the noise of the motor and the tires traveling on the pavement. He did however make the turn and pulled into the darkest corner of the lot.

“You have never had another guy suck your cock have you?” I asked.

“Mmmm no.” He said.

“But it is something you think you might like, I can tell by the bulge in your pants. Heck if you were any harder you’d be tearing a hole right in them.” I joked trying to put the newbie at ease. I told him to get out of the car and I also got out. Without any more chat I went over to the shy cabbie and dropped to my knees.

Running my hand over his hardness I gently rubbed his cock through his pants. He was definitely excited as a wet spot began to form right where his cock head was. I couldn’t wait any longer and had to have a taste. Let me tell you there is just something about taking a cock in your mouth artemisbet giriş that has never been sucked by a guy before. It is probably how guys feel when they get to fuck a virgin pussy.

I wasn’t disappointed when I unzipped his pants right in the parking lot and pulled out his throbbing member. He was huge and it was going to be a chore to get it into my throat. I opened as wide as I could and started to swallow him up. As I took in inch after inch I felt my throat get full until finally I felt his pubic hair scraping at my chin and forehead. He was so thick if you took a picture you would see an actual lump in my throat where his cock was.

I could hear him moaning as I pulled up and worked my way to the head of his heavy cock. I swirled my tongue all along the underside of his rod and this caused him to twitch. To my surprise the shy cabbie started getting vocal and that spurred me on even more.


I artemisbet güvenilirmi grabbed his ass cheeks in my hands and thrust him deeper into my throat. Faster and faster I sucked his cock. As I guided his ass in my hands he started to get the picture and soon I didn’t have to guide him and he was fucking my face as if it were a pussy. Faster and faster he drove his hips choking me with his big fat cock. My own twitched as I felt my throat get full then empty then full then empty.

With my hands I could feel his ass muscles tighten and knew he was starting to shoot his hot seed in my mouth.

“OOOHHH FUUUUCCCKK CCUUUUMMMMIIINGG DOOOWWNN YYYOOUURR SWWWEEET THHHRROOAAT… CUUUMMMIINNG SOOO FFFUCCKKIIINGG MMMUCCCHH!” He cried as jet after jet of his hot spunk sprayed down my skilled throat. I drank every drop and continued to suck him until his cock went limp in my mouth. He stood there still shaking when I placed his flaccid member back into his pants and did him up. Without a word I just climbed back into the cab and waited to get taken to my destination.

The cabbie climbed in and drove to the spot I needed to be. When I reached into my wallet to pay him he said not to bother that the ride was on him. I handed him one of my cards and told him if he really wanted the ride to be on him to give me a call sometime.

To be continued…

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