A Night I’ll Never Forget_(1)


He always admired her, but thought she didn’t even know he existed. but she seceretly loved him. He had watched her for months now. He knew her daily routine by heart. When she went to bed one night, being the only one home, he took his chance.He walked up the path to the door, and took out the copy of her key he had made. He slowly opened the door, hoping it would not make too much noise, so he wouldn’t get caught. He walked down the hall to her bedroom. When he stopped, he took a deep breath and put his hand on the door knob. He carefully turned it, and pushed the door open. She was sleeping-naked! He had never seen anyone so beautiful in his life. Her long black wavy hair was sprawled across the pillows from tossing and turning. Her perfect tan skin to her rosy, hard pink nipples. Down her stomach to her neatly shaven pink virgin pussy. he trembled and became rock hard at the sight and thought of it. He walked to her bedside and started pulling ties from his pockets. He was too busy to realize that had awakened and was staring at him. “What are you doing?” He was caught. What should he say? What could he say? “If you’re doing what I think you’re izmit escort bayan doing, I’ll help you.” She sat up, grabbed his hard dick, squeezed once, and kissed him. She forced him to part his lips by slidding her tongue in his mouth. He shivered with pleasure. She pulled away and took off his shirt. She kissed him again passionately, this time. She went to his ear and began to nibble. She nibbled down his neck to his nipples, where she stopped long enough to nibble eah one only once. Nibbling like that made his dick throb. She followed his happy trail to the top of his pants. She stopped there and unbuttoned them. She pulled his throbbing, rock hard, ten inch cock out and started to stroke it. She moved her hands to his balls. She was teasing him! She stopped everything she was doing and pushed him down on the bed. She straddled him eith her wet pussy over his mouth, making him eat her while she tied his hands up and blindfolded him. She moved down to his dick and slowly took in all ten inches. His dick was wet and beginning to swell. She knew what was coming. She reached up and took off the blindfold while still sucking on him. When he seen her izmit eve gelen escort giving him head, he began to moan. As he came, she swallowed some and pulled his dick out of her mouth. He came all over her face. It landed on her lips, and she licked it off slowly and teasingly. “Now it’s my turn.” She said as she untied him. “Tie me down.” She demanded. He tied her to the bed and she moaned in approval. He nibbled and licked her ear lobes, and down to her neck he went. She shuddered with pleasure as he gave her te chills. He got to her hard, cold, rosy pink nibbles and flicked his tongue across them. Then he started to suck on the libble nubs. She began to moan. “NO! I”m not finishing this way! Go down to my pussy and eat it!” He ran his tongue from her nipples down to her smoothly shaven pussy. He began to lick it, then went to sucking it. He shoved his tongue in her tight, virgin pussy hole, and she lost it. “Untie my one hand.” He done so, and continued to eat her. She reached down and touched her pussy for the first time in her life. It was so wet! She began to rub. Her breathing became shallower and faster. She izmit otele gelen escort started to scream. It felt so good! She orgasmed. “I want you! I want to feel your dick inside me! I want you to fuck me!” He tied her hand back up and plunged into her all at once He started thrusting in and out. “Harder! Harder!” She screamed out. He grabbed the headboard and used it to pull himself deeper and harder into her. It wasn’t long before he was moaning in pleasure. “My god! It’s coming! I’m going to come!” “I want to wear your come. I want to feel it sll over my tits!” He thrusted one last time, grabbed his dick, pulled out, and exploded all over her DD sized tits. “Now lick it up.” She instructed. “But untie me first.” When she was untied, one hand went down to rub her pussy and one hand held his his head to to her nipple. He may have been done, ut she was not. She moaned with pleasure as he cleaned her warm, soft, fleshy, tan body with his tongue. Her breathing began to pick up again. “Get back down there and taste my come, bitch!” She moved her hand away from her throbbing, wet pussy and shoved him back down there. He began to eat her and she shoved his head into her. She began to scream with pure pleasure once again. “I’m coming!” She came and released his head. “It’s getting late.”She said. “That was fun, but come back tomorrow night and we’ll finish where we left off.

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