A Nice Young Lady


During a visit to a particular country in north Africa, staying in a good hotel, immediately started to look around for this and that, some things where missing from the room. I called the housekeeper and to my surprise a guy came to the door. I explained what was missing and soon this guy returned with the right things. I offered him a tip and soon became friends. ‘What about a nice lady’. I asked.

‘No problem’ he said. ‘She is very, very beautiful, perfect and very, very hot.’

‘How much,’ I asked.

‘Don’t worry….. she is fantastic.’

‘Sure?’ I asked.

‘The most beautiful lady in the hotel’, he said.

‘OK’. I said.

He gave me a telephone number, which I called up that evening. The girl called me later and after I gave her the room number, I told her that I am leaving the door slightly open. Twenty minutes later she just walked in the room wearing a beautiful dress covering her from head to toe. We introduced ourselves, she lowered her head and I said wow, her face was so beautiful I could not believe myself. We said down, made deal. She asked for a lot of dollars. We settled easily and ten we started making small talk, kurtköy escort name age (22) etc. We kissed a few times and some touches, I knew she was there for good sex and not for the money although they were important….. she was hot.

She stood, was quite tall, removed the cap ( her long coat and cap) let it fall to the floor and there was her whole beautiful body in just her underwear. Wow…. she’s young and very, very beautiful. Unbelievable, her skin white and with the red embroidered bra, overflowing with a pair of beautiful pomegranates, very natural and not too big when I undone her bra from behind. They were just the right size, nipples hard, light brown earoles and they in the centre ready to be rolled between my fingers while lips were on hers. she had already started moaning. She took by little friend in her hand and started to wank it a little bit until she knelt down and took it in her mouth. Wow….. she knew how to do that for sure.

The only hassle was that she was not happy to touching her pussy, not even let me have a look. I was a little bit annoyed as I love to get down there and have a taste, a look as also a finger in.

To bayan kurtköy escort my surprise, she walked to the television set, switched it on and opened the sound to maximum. I wondered what is the problem, sure she did not come hereto watch tv. She moved towards the bed, pulled down her panties and lied down on the bed. I followed suite, there she was in her beauty, naked, lying on her back with her legs wide open and ready to be fucked. I went down for her pussy, but immediately closed her legs. Then she took me in her hands moved over to kiss her, when I felt her opening her legs again, Relaxing on top of her, she searched for my hard cock and slowly guided it towards her hot volcano. As it touched, and before it even started entering she went through a stunning orgasm as her body stared shaking as I pushed the rest of my hardness all the way she started crying so loud that then I wondered why she put the sound of the tv sound to maximum. It was only to camouflage her own terrific orgasm. And I must say it was astonishing. I have never been with a woman who shouted so much and so loud. Unfortunately it did not take escort bayanlar long before I filled her with a huge load and a stunning orgasm. She did not stop shouting and moaning until I pulled my wilting little brother out of her vagina. When I looked at her she was lying beautifully with her legs closed relaxing, with a very satisfying smile from the pleasures she just savoured.

Switched off the tv, we just chatted for a few more minutes while watching her dressing all up. She was beautiful. We talked about doing unprotected sex and she told me she is just in her safe period. She knew her ways, but I was not happy. Before she left, we agreed to do it again the next day. Then I checked if there was any body walking the corridor, she just perished. I was left with a smile and the satisfaction of making love to a very beautiful lady. I must say, during the night I only dreamed about her beauty. I could have easily spent a week with her somewhere, enjoying her incredible orgasms.

The following night was nearly the same. It was fantastic. Same shouting and moaning. The only difference was that I insisted to use protection. When we finished we talked a lot and discussed many things although It was not easy to communicate as her English was very bad.

After she left, which was the last night for me I thought about her for many months after that, but I have never met her again. I would have loved to spend some nights with her.

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