A New Play thing at the party


Well, where to begin? At the start is probably a good place.

My name is Dan and my wife is called Linzi. We have 2 girls 1 is a teenager (Miley) and the other is still a daddies little princess type (Mia).

My wife and I have been together for about 18 years now and still have a fantastic sex life. We live out almost every fantasy either of us has, we visit swinging clubs to watch and to play and we also host ‘parties’ every so often. This story takes place during and after our last party (2 weeks prior to me writing this).

It was a weird Saturday afternoon as myself and Linzi were setting everything for our party later with a few friends we had met in our swinging circle. The party was to be a classier version of the old favourite keys in a bowl type of thing. The girls were staying at friends houses for the night, so the house was being transformed for the evenings entertainment. We had hired serving staff who were to dish out entrees as our guests arrived and cocktails to help everyone relax. They were either to be nude or underwear only which the agency said wouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately the group that turned up were either very old or very overweight. This somehow didn’t fit with the theme for the night which was a masquerade ball and no one wants to see saggy flesh and beer bellies so we refused to use the group and decided to do it all ourselves.

Before Mikey left for her friends we had her help us cut fruit and plate entrees. When asked we said it was for a book club we had joined and were reading Phantom of the Opera so dress up was required to get into the spirit.

‘Dad, your party is gonna be so lame. Honestly book clubs are for geeks’

‘You don’t know what you’re missing, books fill the imagination and let you explore a new world’

‘So does the Tv’

Now it was hard to argue her logic, also I was kind of bluffing since I wasn’t really into books myself. The last book I read was the Karma Sutra which was very condensed and was pretty much to spice up our sex life a little… that was some years back.

‘So what time is everyone getting here Mum? Asked Miley.

‘Around 8pm I would think. It’s 5.30pm now and your sister still needs dropped off at her friends house. Go see if she is ready to leave please. I can drop you off at Chloe’s if you like’.

‘Nah, it’s only around the corner and to be honest I’d rather walk. It’s so sad when your parents drop you off’

‘Fair enough, saves me a journey’ replied Linzi.

With that Miley disappeared upstairs to grab her sister, Linzi threw on her coat and grabbed the car keys. It was at this point I realised we had forgotten to buy some protection for the evenings fun. Every party organiser is supposed to supply condoms and lube plus a factory load of wet wipes. I said I’d pop out and grab them whilst she dropped the kids off.

A couple of hours later we’d set up everything, the girls were out for the night, and we were just sipping on the first pornstar Martini of the night. Not my favourite but it fit the evening. The doorbell rang and there stood the first couple we met a couple of years ago. Katherine and David. Both 39 and very sporty meaning both bodies were still in their peak. Next was a new couple Heidi and Gary. A fairly young couple at the ripe old age if 21. I was very happy Heidi turned up as she was stunning. Linzi gave me a cheeky smile seeing what Heidi was wearing. Gary wasn’t the best looking lad at all but according to a mutual friend he has a 10 inch cock and goes like a jack hammer. More and more guests arrived and by 9pm all 16 had turned up. The music played, people were chatting and the alcohol was flowing. Around 10.30pm we started to play our games for the evening, all of which were designed to get everyone naked and very horny.

By 11.20pm the majority of couples were either pairing up with another couple of a free for all was happening in the living room. Linzi was in the middle of it all as usual. She was bent over Heidi licking her pussy as Gary slammed every inch into her. I was sat on the armchair with Michelle riding me like there was no tomorrow. Now Michelle was a rather skinny girl with small boobs but one of the tightest arses I’ve even seen. I was determined to slide my 7.5” cock into it and was working her into a frenzy. I could feel london escort agency her clench and start to shake then all of a sudden the waterworks opened and she came all over my legs, my cock and balls were soaked and the armchair would need re-upholstering. This turned me on as Linzi has never squirted on my cock before. I’ve seen her do it once when a female friend of ours ate her pussy whilst almost fisting her and she erupted. The first and last time that happened.

I bent Michelle over, rubbed some of her pussy juice onto her bud and licked her Asshole for what must have been 5 minutes, slowing inserting a digit and she came hard again. As I stood up she let me know her ass was still virgin territory so I took my time entering her. Inch by inch until I felt my balls slap against her pussy. She was insanely tight that I almost came deep into her bowels right then. But slowly I pulled out and gripped my cock at the base to delay the inevitable release. As my orgasm rescinded I pushed back into Michelle. As I was sliding in again I looked up to see Linzi laying on the couch, Gary slamming into her arse whilst Heidi rode her face. I knew Linzi would be loving this as she prefers to play with females at our parties since it makes her cum harder and we also we had set up a few cameras ( this was against the rules but they were well hidden and for our pleasure later) meaning that we could both masturbate alone or together watching the recording back.

After 6 or 7 minutes of hard anal sex with Michelle I could feel my orgasm start again. I pulled out, turned Michelle around and came all over her B cup tits. We kissed and cleaned each other off before resting and watching the others. Michelle’s husband was over in the other corner licking a redheads pussy whilst the redheads husband sucked on his cock. I was a little shocked but Michelle seemed relaxed so maybe he swung both ways. I myself had been In many a three ways with other guys but didn’t fancy one blowing me. But each to their own I suppose.

Gary had finished all over both mine and his missus and sat on the chair as the 2 ladies cleaned each other off using only their tongues.

I said my goodbye to Michelle and headed over to Linzi who by now was laying on the floor spent. After 30 or so minutes with Gary’s 10 inches smashing into every hole she had I wasn’t surprised she looked beat. Seeing Heidi’s smooth pussy splayed open like a little flower I got the urge to lick each petal. Gary didn’t seem to mind (not that he really could as he had destroyed my wife).

Now this had been on my ‘to do list’ since the moment I seen Heidi at the club a few weeks ago and the sole reason she got an invite. As I was on all fours eating out one of the prettiest pussies I’ve ever seen I felt my ass get wet and looked around to see Linzi apply some lube to my Asshole. Now we have done this on occasion but never in front of anyone but she pushed a couple of fingers into my ass and stroked my male G Spot. My cock sprang back to full mast and then I felt another hand start to stroke me. The angle I knew it couldn’t be Linzi or Heidi. So when looking up I seen it was Michelle’s husband who was pulling my cock. There wasn’t really anything I could do about it right now as Heidi had started to cum and had gripped my head between her legs. I felt my own orgasm coming on like a freight train and within seconds my cock erupted spewing a serious amount of cum onto the floor below me.

‘Did you enjoy that’ Linzi said with a wink.

Michelle had at some point arrived and was sat on Gary’s face,

‘My husband knows his way around a cock and a pussy’.

Again I wasn’t really into guys at all. I could say when 1 was attractive and such but that was the first time any male had touched me sexually and I came. I was very confused since Linzi also had 3 fingers pistoning into my ass whilst it happened. (We later talked about it and agreed that should it ever happen again she would stop it as not comfortable with it either).

As the party drew to a close the guests were leaving and I was upstairs putting away some blankets when I noticed Miley’s door slightly open. There she was laying in her bed. Not at her friends house like planned but in her fucking bed. What had she seen?? My mind was racing. Get Linzi… she’ll know how to independent escort girls handle this .. well maybe not but hey best it’s not me.

Part 2

Linzi had been in Miley’s room for about 40 minutes, I’d been quickly cleaning up the house leaving Linzi to sort things with Miley. I decided to pop up and see how things were going. What I seen next will stay with me for the rest of my life. Linzi had her face between Miley’s legs and was licking her pussy. Miley’s face was screwed up and there right in my view was her teenage tits. Small brown nubs sitting on top of the most perfect tits i’d ever seen. My cock was rock hard. This was the weirdest and sexiest thing i’d ever seen. At no point before had I really thought of incest. I’d watched my daughter grow up from a little baby to a perfectly formed teenager. I was worried about boys coming round and instead here is Linzi sucking on her clit instead.

Honestly the sight was seriously hot. I pulled my cock from my boxer shorts and slowing started to pull. Miley’s eyes opened and stared at me. My daughter was watching me pull my cock whilst I watched her and her mother.

‘Mum, Dad is here’

Linzi pulled her face from Miley’s groin and turned around.

‘hey babe. Miley is all good with everything now. She said she had watched most of the evening from outside as she and Chloe had an argument. It got cold so she came in and hid in her room.

All the time Linzi was talking her hand was stroking Miley’s side and I now had a perfect view of my daughter’s freshly shaved pussy. My cock somehow got harder and Linzi spotted this. Her 34D tits were being pinched with her other hand. I knew this look where the orgasm is the most important thing now. Miley didn’t seem to mind what her mother was doing to her and deep down I knew she was really enjoying it. I moved towards them both and kissed Linzi deep. I opened my eyes to see Miley slowly stroking her pussy with 1 hand whilst the other reached out and grabbed my cock. Her touch was like fire. My cock was burning and as she slowing pulled backwards the cool sensation felt incredible. I disconnected the kiss from Linzi and bent down to suck on my daughter’s A cup tit. The sensation was amazing. Flicking her nipple with my tongue was possibly the best feeling in the world. Linzi continued her assault on Miley’s pussy and as she picked up her pace so did Miley on my cock.

‘Oh Fuck, I’m cumming mum… I’m cummmmmiinnnggggggg’ miley screamed as she hit her climax. Never in my life have I been so happy to see someone arrive at orgasm than my daughter at that moment. Miley’s grip on my cock relaxed as she continued to breathe hard and I just didn’t care. Linzi removed her head and enveloped my cock completely with her mouth.

‘Fucking hell mum, that’s awesome, how can you do that?’

I personally didn’t care how she could do it but just very happy she could. I then motioned Linzi to move over so I could lay down on the bed. Linzi then mounted my cock and started to ride me. I grabbed Miley by the ass and pulled over her leg so I could myself taste her virgin pussy. The smell and taste was something unlike anything I’d ever had before. And I NEEDED to have more. I could taste her cum and it was incredible. Miley slipped forward a little and this meant I could also lick her Asshole. I went in hard and she seemed to enjoy it more than the assault on her pussy. Just like her mother she loved getting her backside rimmed. As she relaxed I could slide my tongue inside ever so slightly. I took this as an invitation and slide a finger into her Asshole. Once my finger had slide in past the first bend Miley sat bolt upright which tightened her ass almost breaking my finger and then slammed her pussy into my face so I could barely breathe. Then an eruption. Her pussy flooded and she squirted easily a litre of pussy juice all over me. This drove me over the edge and I lifted my cock and drove it into my loving wife harder than I ever have before. Linzi seemed to have lost all focus and was smashing her pelvis into my groin and her release came just as quick.

The next thing that happened shocked me more than anything so far this evening, my daughter moved between her mother’s legs and started to lick her pussy. Cleaning the mixture of cum within her mother, I was instantly Escort in dubai hard again and Linzi looked me straight in the eyes, silently saying fuck this is good. Although Miley was clearly new to this her eagerness was more than enough to make up for the lack of experience.

‘Dad, please make love to me; please break my cherry’

‘What? Baby you’re still a little young for that. And I’m not sure you really want me too’

‘I’ve fantasized about you making love to me for the last year when I seen you and mum fucking and I really want you to be my first’. Stated Miley very sheepishly.

‘How could you say no to your princess? If she really wants you too and to be honest huni I think it’s so hot. I kinda wanna see you two screwing’.

With that Miley shook her ass at me and her smooth wet pussy looked so inviting that my cock decided before my head did. I grabbed my cock by the base and guided myself towards the most appealing pussy I’d ever seen.

‘Ok baby, this may hurt a little but just let me know and I’ll stop’.

Linzi pulled away from Miley at this point, grabbed her camera as she wanted record her baby being broken in.

As my tip made contact it twitched hard and brushed the entire length of her lips. This seemed to make Miley’s lust just hit fever pitch. She pushed her ass backwards and my cock started to drive forward. It was incredibly tight, so tight in fact that I was certain I would only get the head in.

‘relax baby, daddy will go slow but you need to relax’ coached Linzi.

She set the camera down and made sure it was recording from a great angle, then reached under Miley and started to strike her pussy. Partly I’m guessing was to help her relax and half so she wasn’t missing out on the experience. Either way this helped and I managed to slide in another inch before hitting the hymen. I pulled out almost entirely and then back in. I did this quite a few times, scared to break it and cause her pain, and also it made my baby a woman.

‘Faster please Dad. It feels amazing’.

As instructed I started to increase my pace and in doing so pushed a little harder than I had anticipated. My cock broke through her barrier and a loud scream erupted from Miley. I froze exactly where I was and out poured blood. Linzi started to increase her speed stroking Miley’s clit and this seemed to relax her. I started to pull out but Linzi shook her head and with her other hand pushed my arse the opposite way and I went deeper into Miley. This seemed to work and out came a guttural sound of pure lustful enjoyment.

Seeing the change I grabbed hold of her waist and started to push into my teenage girl once again. Looking down to see her ass with my cock hanging out the back of her looked insanely good and made me need to cum. But this one was for Miley and I wanted her to cum on my cock before I let my own release happen. Slowly I upped my pace and so did Linzi. Within a few minutes Miley started to breathe heavily and I felt her pussy tighten, she let out a scream of pure joy and then collapsed. This only made her pussy and ass all the more inviting for me so I decided now was the time to fuck my girl hard and faster than she knew would be possible. Just as I felt my orgasm peak I pulled out and sprayed my cum all over her ass and back. It felt incredible and maybe it was the most I’ve ever cum in my life. Baring in mind I’d cum several times in the last few hours that was amazing.

‘Ok Dan, maybe time to let Miley calm down and get showered. I gave my daughter a deep and passionate kiss then left the room. Linzi followed suit a few minutes later. I’d asked what was said when I left and Linzi asked if Miley was ok to be told that it was the best feeling in the world and asked when she could do it all again. Linzi kissed her and laughed. Then left the room.

Once back in our room we chatted about what had just happened and Linzi was still horny. I couldn’t get hard again due to the overuse from the night. So Linzi pulled out her trusted Rabbit and slid it into her soaking wet pussy, and fucked that toy so hard her pussy juice started working into a lather. As she came she pulled the toy from inside of her and a single squirt if ejaculate flew out and landed and the bottom of our bed. She was shaking hard for at least a full minute before cuddling up to me and we both passed out.

The last thought that went through my mind was how amazing my new little fuck buddy could be. The fact my wife and I could share her made it all the better.

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