A New Beginning

3D Comix

A New BeginningI looked around my empty room. It was the last day in our old house, as we hit the road to a whole new state. I was set to start hîgh schôol with no friends, not that I had lots at my old schôol anyway. I was a short, skinny, nerd. I was only 5’3” and 100 pounds, soaking wet, when I got out of 8th gràde. Just turning thîrteen during summer, I finally hit my growth spurt. I had been a summer bàby so I was always the yôungest in my clàss. But too bad no one at my old schôol saw it. Now I stood 6’1” and filled out, weighing 170 pounds. I had been working out with dàds weights in the garage all summer long. I had dark brown hair, brown eyes, and my braces had finally come off. I was feeling rather confident about myself.Môm called up from downstairs “Benjy are you ready? Your sîster and I are waiting for you!”“Yeah môm. I’m coming.” With that I ran down the stairs and met my môm and sîster at the front door.“You’re looking more and more like your fàther these days,” môm said. Dàd was a good looking guy. Tall, standing at 6’3” and an athletic build. He definitely didn’t have the body he had when he had first met my môm. He was more onto his dàd bod phase. Dàd is Latino. He has nice tan, brown skin, jet black hair and dark brown eyes. I could see how I resembled him, honestly. “Y’all ready to go?” Môm said, playfully since we were leaving California to move to Texas. “I reckon” my lîttle sîster Emma said with a southern accent and giggled. I just smirked at môm as she shut the door and locked it for the final time. Môm was quite the looker. Fit but curvy. She was 5’4” 120 pounds, strawberry blonde, almost red hair, pale white skin, and the brightest green eyes. Nice DD titties and ass that would swallow up a g-string. I would always stare at môm, hoping she wouldn’t catch me looking at her in her robe during mornings, or when she was lounging around the house with no bra on and short booty shorts. My sîster Emma was your typical lîttle sîster. Annoying, but I definitely loved her. We had a great relationship for the most part and she always thought I was cool even if no ones else seemed to think so. She was just 2 years younger than me and at èleven was filling out nicely. Definitely taking after môm, as you could start to see her transforming from a lîttle gîrl to a woman. She was 4’9” and 100 pounds, light brown hair and light brown eyes. She was always a thicker gîrl as a kîd, but her legs had taken shape from her gymnastics and dancing. Emma’s budding breast began to develop, as môm had to take her to get some training bras from the store recently. Her ass definitely grew some too. Her dance shorts barely covered the bottom of her cheeks anymore. I guess if you hadn’t notice, I was definitely a horny tèenager, noticing anything of the opposite sex. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have much experience with gîrls. For me it was internet porn and my left hand. Showers had began to get longer as I figured out the art of jacking off. These days everything pretty much set off an erection. I was jacking off multiple times a day during summer. My dick had also grown during summer too. Standing at a solid 8” full erect, with nice fat girth. Like any tèenaged boy I found a ruler and measured it. After a few days on the road and stopping off at a few hotels, we had finally arrived about mid afternoon, at our new house. It was in a small rural town outside of Dallas. It was a bahis siteleri big house. Very impressive to say the least. Dàd worked hard and was the reason we had to move. With a new promotion and relocation, more work lie ahead for him. He was always away on out of town on business trips, but môm didn’t seem to mind, she had me and my sîster to take care of. We got out of the car to take a look around. The street seemed quiet with a few other nice homes around. We walked in to the front door and right away my sîster darted through the house. “Which room is mine, môm?” My sîster’s voice disappeared into the back of the house. “Your fàther and I already designated your guy’s rooms.” she said to me. “Yours is the bigger one up the stairs and your sîsters is right next to it. You guys will be sharing a Jack and Jill bathroom.” Môm looked over at me to see the disgust I had in my face. “Ugh, I gotta share a bathroom with that messy thing?” I said as I rolled my eyes. “You got the second biggest bedroom in the house so no complaining!” Môm said pinching my cheek as if I was a little bôy. “Fine. I’ll go check it out” And to my surprise it was huge! Way bigger than my last room for sure. Okay maybe môm had a point. It wasn’t so bad. Emma made her way into her room. And as I was checking out the bathroom she bursted through the door.“With schôol starting in three weeks, you better not be taking long showers like you have been.” She said snickering to me. If she noticed my longer showers, I wonder if mom had too.“Shut up!” I said embarrassedly. We looked around the rest of the house and finally made it to the backyard. The yard was huge and had a big in-ground pool. There was a pool house in the back and trampoline that the previous owner left. Not bad, I thought. While looking around in the backyard, I noticed our neighbor to the left. It was a gîrl. She looked to be around my age. She was outside washing her dog. She was wearing cheer shorts and a red bikini top. She was a redhead about 5’2” and probably 85 pounds. A tiny lîttle thing. Cute lîttle B cup breasts and a lîttle but definitely noticeable ass. Her dog caught notice of me and came barking. “Bear! Get over here! Stop barking at the neighbor!”Once Bear got up to the fence he quickly went from scary bèast to friendly, hyper, attention loving dog. I never had a dog because our place was so small in California, but had definitely always wanted one. Bear got to the fence and you could quickly tell he was harmless and just wanted to play. “Sorry about that. He’s just a big ol teddy bear. Hi, I’m McKenzie,” she said cheerfully and bubbly. “Hi, uh, I’m Benjamin or Benjy,” I said awkwardly. “We just moved here from California.” Holy crap I sounded lame, I thought to myself.“Nice to meet ya!” “Nice to meet you too. Umm, I’m gonna head inside now. Bye” I waved like an idiot and quickly hurried inside. “Who was that?” Môm asked in a teasing voice.“McKenzie,” I said quickly hoping mom wouldn’t ask me anything else. “So is she in your grade?” “I don’t know môm. I didn’t ask. I just said hi and that was it.” I was bright red from being embarrassed. “Well she’s a pretty gîrl, hopefully you get to know her better.” The rest of the day was uneventful, but since our furniture still hadn’t arrived môm had gotten us some air mattresses to sleep on until they arrived tomorrow. I went to bed thinking about McKenzie and her tight lîttle body. My cock canlı bahis siteleri grew in a matter of seconds and without even realizing my hand began to reach for it. Kicking off my blanket, I slowly started rubbing my cock up and down. Picking up the pace with my eyes closed, imagining McKenzie naked, wetting herself down with her hose. I had reached the point where I needed to release. I stroked my prick a few more times and felt my hot, gooey cum run down my hand. One thick rope landed on my chest and another on my stomach. Feeling better after my release I opened my eyes and came to. I thought I heard something shuffle away in the bathroom but didn’t really pay attention to it. I quickly searched for my underwear I was wearing so I could wipe off my cum and try to hide it in my laundry for later. I hoped môm would just skip over it and throw it straight into the wash. The next morning was a typical morning, with no pots or pans mom had just gotten us some cereal and Pop-tarts for breakfast. I had come downstairs like I normally do with no shirt on. Normally I’d have underwear on under my shorts, but since I used them to clean my jizz up last night, I decided that no one would be looking at my crotch anyway. It’s just my sîster and my môm, right? Sporting half chub from my early morning wood, I walked into the kitchen where môm and Emma were already standing around the kitchen island eating. “Good morning” I said to them. “Mornin” they both said back, staring at their phones. I noticed môm take a double glance at me before staring back at her phone. That was odd I thought. “Oh well” I shrugged. Probably just my imagination. I grabbed some cereal and joined them at the island. They were just about finished with breakfast when môm told Emma to hurry up.“Hurry up Emma so you can shower and get ready for the day.” “Ok môm. Sheesh I’m hurrying” I asked, “where are you gîrls headed?” “To get you and your sîster signed up for schôol and maybe do some shopping. The furniture should be here today as well” “Oh ok,” I said eating the rest of my cereal “Ok, I’m going to get in the shower now. Emma, you get in there too.”“Yes môther,” my sîster said as she rolled her eyes. She went over to throw her bowl in the sink and as she did she caught a glance at my crotch. “What the hell?” I said in my head. “Is something going on here? Is my cock that noticeable?” She smirked as she walked passed me. I stared at her ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts as she made her way up the stairs. I could hear môms shower going already as I was left alone in the empty kitchen. “Fuck it” I thought. I’ll have the whole house to watch some porn and jack off while they’re gone. I cleaned up and headed towards my room. I could hear the shower going from the hallway. As I got into my room and closed my door. I noticed right away that my sîster didn’t close my side of the Jack and Jill bathroom all the way. There was a small crack, and I could see the light coming from the bathroom. I did what any horny tèenager would do. I snuck up to the door to take a peek inside. Just the thought alone of spying on my sîster was sending blood to my growing dick. I knew it was wrong but I had never seen a gîrl naked in person. I peeked in quietly. Since we had just moved in there was no shower curtains over the glass surround of the shower. I could see right in! There she was standing under the water eyes closed butt canlı bahis naked. I could see her lîttle puffy, skin toned nipples. She looked so sexy standing there with her long brown hair wet from the shower. I looked lower and could see a small patch of brown hair right above her pussy mound. It was the most incredible sight I had ever seen. I was frozen from the sight of her beauty. I had never really noticed how sexy she actually was until then. I always thought of her just as my bàby sîster. She began to wash her body now. Grabbing the bar of soap she started with her tits. Paying close attention to them, you could see she liked the sensation of the soap bar running across them. She encircled her puffy nipples multiple times. I must’ve been hearing things cuz it sounded like she had let out a lîttle moan as she kept going over her tits. Finally she moved on to the rest of her torso. By this time I was rock hard and my hand had slipped into my pants, yanking my dick. She moved down to her pussy and started rubbing the soap up and down her lîttle slit. The tuff of pubes above her crevice had started to collect some suds. She again let out another moan. My head was a cloudy mud puddle of thoughts. Did she always wash herself like this? Did she leave the door open on purpose? Was she putting on a show for me? I didn’t know what to think. She began to rub soap all over her body now. She turned to face the wall of the shower, which gave me full view of her perfect ass. She had cute tan lines from her bathing suit. The white lines were a stark contrast from her olive skin. She definitely got the best of both pàrents. A body like môm and dàds golden skin. She had leaned over some and spread her legs a lîttle wider giving me a view of her lîttle gîrl pussy from behind. It was a perfect looking pussy. Very tight with everything tucked in. It’s what you’d call an “innie” pussy. She soaped her ass displaying her brown butthole. The combination of her spread ass and lîttle pussy was too much for me to handle. I came so hard. It felt like nothing I have ever felt before. I grunted as softly as I could but I made a mess all in my shorts and on my hand. Seeing my sîsters lîttle asshole and pussy bent over like that was heaven and now I wanted to see more of it. I looked around to quickly find something to clean my cum. At that very moment I heard môm knock on my sîsters door.“Emma are you done in there? What’s taking so long?”Emma quickly straightened up in the shower and answered back, “almost done môm!” With that I quickly and quietly moved away from the door and changed out of my shorts into a different pair. Môm came over and tapped on my door just as I was pulling up my shorts. “Hey, were about to leave. You ok here by yourself?”“Yeah môm. I’m fine”She opened the door and walked in. I shot straight up and threw my soiled shorts in a pile next to my other dirty clothes. Still with some cum dripping out of my dick hole, I know môm could see the wet spot growing. She looked down at it then quickly back up to me. “Well if you need anything just send me a text or call us. We’ll be out for a while. Looks like you got some things to take care of here” she said with a wink.Turning red, I quickly said “ok môm. See you later.”She turned and headed out my room, shutting my door. I turned to the bathroom and noticed the light was off already. “Meet you in the car Emma” môm shouted to Emma through her door. “Coming!!” Emma shouted back. Within a few second I heard her room door open and her running down the stairs. “What the fuck?” I whispered to myself. I gathered myself and decided that a nice long shower was needed.

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