A New Beginning Pt. 02

Classroom Sex

Feeling very relaxed, lying next to Mike, my penis- flaccid, sticky with my orgasm. I nudge Mike- hey don’t fall asleep.

I could right about now,

Yea me too.

Sitting up, looking at him, that was pretty incredible! Yea I’ll say.

Sliding my hand down his stomach, picking up his soft penis and holding it between my fingers… ready for that shower? Yes, but I also like where your hand is.

Mmmmmm I like where my hand is too.

Feeling his penis twitch a bit as I play… Wow, getting hard already?

A bit, didn’t think I could that fast.

Well I didn’t think either one of us would cum that fast either but I guess I was wrong.

Very true, hopefully the 2nd time we make each other cum tonight it won’t be so quick and we can enjoy it longer.

I like how you think… Kissing your chest and feeling your hair tickle my nose. Looking up at you–let’s see how long you can last this time as I smile.

Kissing my way down your chest to your belt line, seeing your flaccid penis only inches from my face. I take it, pointing it towards me and opening my mouth wide.

Shifting my body next to you I lean in and slowly take you in my mouth, pressing my lips together as I run my tongue on the underside. Slowly sliding my mouth down your shaft getting you nice and wet. The sensation of sucking my first cock begins to make my own cock stir.

I feel your cock coming to life as my saliva dribbles out of my mouth and all over your balls. I feel you take a deep breath and your hand running across my back. Taking long slow strokes with my mouth your entire penis is slick and slippery.

A slight moan escapes you…God you’re an incredible cock sucker.

My mouth popping off your cock…you like Mike?

Yes- I love it, now slide your hips over here so I can suck you at the same time.

Sliding my hips closer to him we line up perfectly. I return to sucking his magnificent penis as I now feel his gentle kisses and warm breath on my hips. The kisses getting closer and closer until I feel my penis engulfed by Mike’s warm wet mouth. My stomach contracting as the sensation overtakes my entire body, trying to concentrate on his penis as I bury my nose in his thick pubic hair, taking all of him in my mouth.

My mind racing, picturing the scene, a cock in my mouth, 69ing with my best friend. Suddenly I feel Mike’s mouth dive all the way down my cock and a hand slide across my ass, a finger gently parting my cheeks and seeking my hole.

With Mike’s cock buried in my mouth his finger finds my rectum, moaning as I feel it slide in. Pulling my mouth off his cock-

Jesus Mike you’re going to make me explode if you keep that up. Isn’t that the idea??

Returning to Mike’s cock, I begin running my tongue up and down, licking his slit and getting his sweet pre cum.

Mike’s finger slowly sliding deeper in my ass and curling- hitting that spot. The pressure of his lips on my cock becomes unbearable my legs begin twitching uncontrollably as I feel my balls swell, suddenly the contractions begin as I start shooting my load.

Mike’s mouth stays connected to me as he takes my entire load in his mouth- swallowing every drop. Trying to stay focused on his penis I begin adiosbet yeni giriş to bob my head up and down, faster and faster. Sliding my hand between his thighs as Mike lifts his leg, realizing what he wants I press my finger to his anus, sliding in I hear him moan.

MMMMMMM that’s it fuck my ass with your finger.

Pushing in deeper I continue to slide my mouth up and down- drooling

MMM that’s it buddy – keep going- you have me right there!!

Hearing Mike moan, his thighs tighten. I feel the tip of his spongy penis swell then erupt with hot streams of salty cum. Hitting the back of my throat I swallow shot after shot.

I move my mouth up to the tip, my left hand working his shaft, milking every last drop.

Rolling to my side, I wipe a drop of Mikes cum off my cheek and lick my finger.

Holy shit was that good.

Laughing, Steve, I think I’m numb.

Ha Ha yea me too, looking at Mikes penis, slowly deflating and sticky with all his cum.

I can’t believe this is happening- I mean I’ve fantasized about this for a long time but to actually be sucking a cock and have you cum in my mouth is unbelievable.

I know what you mean so erotic but dirty at the same time

Yea, just think what it will be like when I fuck you in the ass.

Seriously?? After the last two orgasms I don’t think I could get hard if I wanted to.

You never know what can happen after we rest a bit.

Well, let’s see what the night brings. Really? So you’re ok with letting me fuck you?

Yea, I mean why not? If we’re going to do this I’m not about to stop now… are you going to let me fuck you in the ass?

Absolutely, which do you prefer, being a top or bottom?

To be honest, I think both, guess it depends on my mood the time.

That’s good, the best of both worlds,

So Steve what kind of mood are you in tonight? Slow and easy or a hard pounding?

Well given the size of that cock of yours and considering I’ve never had a cock in my ass I better opt for slow and easy tonight… that is if you can get hard again.

I can manage slow and easy, no promises on getting hard again but we can see what happens.

I’ll make that deal, how about that shower we came up here for 2 hrs. ago.

Yea I really need one.

Standing up, walking naked towards Mike and Kim’s master bathroom, Entering I see a magnificent tile master bath, complete with a full walk in shower that could easily fit 4 people.

Holy shit Mike this is incredible, that shower is huge. Yea, it comes in handy when we are running late, Kim and I can both shower at the same time, kind of like a locker room with all the nozzles.

Stepping in and walking towards he controls

And the good part… on demand hot water- so it never runs out

That’s good, I think we might be in here a while

Oh? What do you have planned???

Turning to Mike and wrapping my hands around his waist, pulling him close as I grab his ass cheeks and kiss him full on the mouth, feeling our penis’s pressing against each other’s. Let’s just say if the soap drops I”ll volunteer to get it.

Mmmmmm I like that idea, you really what this don’t you.

Yes I do!

Stepping adiosbet giriş into the shower I turn the nozzles on and the water heats up quickly, mmmmmm that feels good as the hot water cascades down on me.

Mike walks over and starts turning more knobs and the water seems to be coming from all directions. Not hard jets but soothing flows that seem to warm the entire body.

Holy Shit- man I could stay in here forever

Well Kim and I have been known to take some pretty long showers when the kids are away.

You know we’ve been so busy on making each other cum I haven’t been able to really check you out. You really have a hot body!!

Thanks Steve, so do you!

Looking down, I hate to say this but I’m kind of glad you’re not that big.

Gee thanks -I think

That didn’t come out right, what I mean is that you’re a good size, perfect to suck on and fit in me. Some of the movies I’ve watched had guys that were huge and to be honest the idea of a huge penis was more of a turn off than a turn on.

Laughing, I know what you meant and I agree, we seem to be about the same size.

I see Mike grabbing the scrubbie and soap. Step out of the water and let me wash you.

Moving away from the spray Mike begins to wash my upper body, the lather building as he turns me and begins my back. Feel the soapy water cascade down my back and between my ass cheeks I suddenly feel Mike’s slick body pressing against me, his hands rubbing my chest and moving down. As I feel his soft penis nestled between my cheeks mmmmmm that feels good Mike.

Yes is does.

You know Steve, this has always been one of my fantasies- to shower with you, washing our bodies together.

Mmmmmm I’m glad I’ve been able to fulfill it Mike. Tell me more about your fantasies, I’d love to know them.

Ummmm, I don’t know if I can Steve.

Seriously? Why not?

I just don’t know if I could tell you.

Mike, you told me your bi curious… ok well at least used to be bi curious, you came in my mouth and now were in the middle of an erotic shower. I think it’s safe to say you can tell me anything and won’t scare me off.

Well I guess when you put it that way you do have a point. There is two that are my favorite after the showering with a sexy man. Kim and I have been experimenting a bit with golden showers and I thought it would be fun to try with you.

I reach my hand behind me and search for Steve’s penis, Hm, interesting, and the other?

Well this is my secret but I’ve always loved wearing Kim’s panties and would love to find someone who enjoyed the same, especially when we make love, I guess that’s my submissive feminine side coming out.

Really, well we may have do something about those.

And what about you Steve, I’m sure you must have some secret fantasies.

I do- a few. For starters I’ve always wanted Jill and I to have a 4-some with you and Kim. Originally it was to fuck in the same room and watch the girls play but I think we have a whole new dimension after today, and the other involves some very sexy panties or panty hose.

MMMM I think we have some fun things to try.

I think your right as I grab the scrubbie and add some more soap, your adiosbet güvenilirmi turn, as I start washing your chest. Working my way down your stomach to your hips. Sliding next to your penis I slip both hands on either side cupping your slippery balls and shaft- slowly dragging my hand over you.

Slowly massaging your penis I look at you,… so when I get you nice and hard I want you to slide this inside me.

Mmmmmm Steve I like that idea.

Rinsing the soap off your body, getting your nice and clean. I kneel down in front of you. Taking your cock in my hand I direct it to my mouth, teasing the tip with my tongue I engulf your manhood and press my face all the way down.

Looking up at you I begin to bob my mouth up and down your soft cock. My mouth pops off – this may take some work.

Maybe-if you keep working me with that mouth of yours it won’t take that much effort.

Leaning back in I swallow you whole, my hands reaching around and cupping your ass, squeezing your cheeks.

MMMM that’s it- feels so good, god you’re such a good cock sucker Steve as I feel Mike running his hands through my hair.

Moaning a bit my mouth vibrates on your shaft I begin to feel mike’s cock swell. I slide my mouth off and replace it with my hand as I stroke your hardening shaft, turning my head sideways I begin tonging your balls. Taking one in my mouth, gently sucking and toying with it.

Feeling your legs begin to shake I back off so you don’t cum. Looking up… ready I ask?

Grabbing the conditioner I squirt a big glob in my hand and wrap it around your shaft, getting you nice and slick.

Standing up I lean against the built in seat, bending over and spreading my legs. Without even saying a word I feel you move in behind me, your hands on my hips gripping me tightly, feeling the tip of your penis slide down the crack of my ass until it centers on my hole, gently pressing against me my hole begins to spread and accept your cock.

Jesus you feel huge Mike

His pressure continues as he slowly sinks deeper in to me, stopping to let me adjust to his cock. Finally I feel his hairy balls pressing against me. Gently sliding out and pressing back in.

Wincing a bit as my body adjusts to Mikes cock in me but I can’t get over the feeling of being bent over, totally exposed and taken.

Hearing Mike groan brings be back to reality…God Steve your ass is so tight.

Mmmmmm that’s it Mike, fuck me with that hard dick of yours.

My lower body is totally relaxed and I give Mike the ok to move freely as he begins long strokes. I feel his hands grabbing my hips as he quickens the pace.

God your cock feels so good

Yea Steve, you like that? You like being fucked in the ass?

Mm yes Mike fuck me, I love feeling your dick so deep in me. Fill me with your cum.

Hearing Mike groaning and his body slamming against mine

Yes Steve, get ready

I feel his hands really grab on my hips, one last thrust as he buries his cock in my ass and his balls pressed tight against my cheeks. I feel him swell inside me as his cock erupts spewing what little cum he has left deep in me. My virgin ass is so tight I sense every spasm as Mike’s body shudders and slowly relaxes.

His breathing heavy and his weight on me as he comes down from his orgasm. His body pressed against mine, both of us quiet. Slowly feeling his penis contract and slide out of my ass- I turn around and sit on the seat, Mike sitting next to me…wow what a day.

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