Subject: A Neglected Boy Chapter 68 Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html This is my first story at Nifty. Thanks Nifty staff for all your help. Please remember this is fiction and all the characters names are simply fabricated. **Note** All locations are accurate including mileage, did you hear what I said? 90 minutes, I thought clarinet was a rather soft instrument. Now the house has a number of small spaces and I now know what one of them will be converted to; a soundproof practice room. I’m not complaining! Liam was looking at me with one of his smiles and asked . . . “Jake I still get to take Flute lessons right?” . . . I hugged Liam and said . . . “Of course rug rat just practice in the barn.” Liam gave me a hug and said . . . “maybe it’s time for bursa escort a bath?” Ahhhhh he’s a smart boy. Off I went to tell Kori how good he sounds and that maybe we should have a bath, a real nice fun bath. Kori was all smiles and said he would clean the clarinet and be right up for a bath. ………… Now Kori interpreted “a real nice fun bath” to mean one thing, naughty little boy, and I was talking about just a “fun” bath with Liam and no more. Liam and I started the bath and turned on the tub heater added lots of bubble bath and music. Sorry I didn’t hear who asked what kind of music, was that Ron, Mark or David that asked? (all devoted readers) Well anyway it was Liam’s favorite the music from Howl’s Moving Castle, by Joe Hisaishi and the orchestra was huge about 225 bursa escort bayan total musicians. Liam and I were already in the tub when Kori, stud muffin, arrived with a big smile. Before Kori got in the tub he stepped closer to me and Liam. He was so proud and had to show us he had a few more hairs, thin, blond short but they were there just above his p___s. Then he asked Liam and me to check under his arms to see if there were any there. Sorry Kori not yet. Kori looked so sweet tonight, innocent and handsome. It was the smile, the dirty blond hair, the bright white teeth and the twinkle in his eye. This kid gets more gorgeous every day and he will have girls chasing him all through high school. As Kori sat in the warm water Liam had to ask a question. He asked not escort bursa in a whisper but very softly . . . “Jake how come Kori always has a stiffy when he gets in the tub?” Kori turned red and giggled and I just outright laughed. Liam had asked a great question so I said . . . “Good question Liam let’s ask Kori.” (I told you this was going to be a fun bath) Kori was now almost purple but giggling. He tried to explain and was looking to me for help but I thought it was best to just let him continue. The thing is this is the second time Liam has paid attention to someone’s “thing”. The other morning it was Liam who thought Riku’s “thing” was cute. In all honesty I was having the best night of the week and it was with my two boys. Finally Kori just said . . . “Liam it’s my age you’ll get there too and your little “thing” . . . . then Kori stopped and looked at me and said . . . “Jake it’s a penis, a dick, a prick not a “thing” it’s mine and I like it!” I guess Kori has set things straight

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