A Memorable Flight


Darla and I have been childhood friends since the fifth grade. We attended the same high school and even the same university where we are now both teaching. We are not a couple, just best friends. Neither of us are married or for that matter, have boyfriends at the moment. It is summer break and this is a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It has been a hectic year at the university, with a new president, teaching assignments rearranged with additional classes. The endless amount of paper work both in the class and within our departments.Darla teaches English literature I teach calculus with analytic geometryWe rarely saw each other during the school year. We would talk on the phone as much as possible. On the rare occasions we did get together, it was not for very long.Arriving at the airport two hours before our scheduled time of departure. Checking in our bags and going through security was a breeze, which was a surprise to us. As we walk to our gate, I reach behind Darla and squeeze her ass firmly. Darla takes my hand from her ass, giving it a quick kiss almanbahis şikayet as people pass by, watching.We reach our gate, walking hand in hand. Checking in, Darla reaches back and squeezes my ass. I knew then, that on this trip we are taking our friendship to the next level. I could feel my nipples stiffen under my pink buttoned down blouse. Looking over at Darla, I can see her nipples stiffen under her yellow buttoned down blouse. Both of us have the first three buttons open, revealing our cleavage.While waiting to board, Darla and I talk about the things we are going to do in Hawaii.When it is time to board the plane, I let Darla go before me. We make our way to first class and notice that there are only two other couples there. I let Darla have the window seat. She already has her shoes off as I sit next to her. I let my skirt slide higher up on my leg and remove my shoes. My eyes wonder from her sexy feet, up her long supple legs. I quickly note that her mid-thigh skirt is resting higher up on her leg.Darla openly ogles my legs as the stewardess announces almanbahis canlı casino that we are about to taxi to the runway. The seat belt sign comes on and I secure mine, but Darla is struggling with hers.”Karen, could you help me with mine?”I reach over and buckle it with ease, making sure it is secure on her lap. Slipping my hand from her waist and across her bare thigh, Darla lets out a soft sigh.We takeoff and several minutes after reaching cruising altitude, the stewardess announces that we may unbuckle our seat belts. She then announced that we may move about the cabin.The stewardess comes by as we were holding hands, looking out the window.”Ladies, here is some champagne. I will see to it that you are not bothered.” Giving us a smile as she moves on.Darla tilts her seat back after we toast to our vacation. I decide to read my book as Darla chooses a movie to watch. The other two couples are watching movies and having drinks.Twenty minutes later, I hear soft moaning. Looking over at Darla, she has her blouse open to her slim waist and her breasts almanbahis casino are bared for all to see. She is rolling and pinching her stiff nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.I put my book down and drag my fingernails gently from her knee to the top of her inner thigh. Darla lets out a soft gasp when she feels my touch. Her fingers continue to tease her nipples, as my fingers move closer to her pussy. There is no panty in my way and when I touch her pussy, I am happy to feel that she is shaved.Whispering, “Oh God Karen do it, fuck my pussy,” Darla raises her hips as my fingers slide over her slit.Two fingers slip easily into her pussy, she gasps as my thumb rubs her clit at the same time. Her body begins to tremble as she reaches her orgasm. Leaning down, I suck her nipple between my lips, swirling my tongue over it.”Oooooohhhh.”My fingers move faster in her pussy as I bite her stiff nipple.”Umph…Umph…UUUUMMMMPPPPHHHH!” Darla raises her hips one last time as she cums.I kiss my way up the top of her breast to her long neck as the palm of my hand presses against her pussy. Kissing Darla’s chin, I move to her full lips. Darla moans in my mouth as we kiss at long last. We continue kissing and I bring up my nectar covered fingers to our mouths. We lick my fingers clean, sharing her sweet taste in a kiss.

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