A Letter from Thailand


More Ticks In My Bucket List.

A Letter From Thailand.

My name is Heather Macfarlane, I am a Senior Partner in a Law Firm in Glasgow called Macfarlane, Macfarlane and Macfarlane, I am the last Macfarlane, my specialist field is Corporate and Taxation Law. I have a number of high profile business clients, mainly women, they seem to trust me more than my male counterparts.

My private assistant James-Henry is male, quite a bit younger than me very camp and dresses accordingly, but you can’t help liking him he seems to live life to the full, always seems happy and relaxed and always goes that extra mile for me. He is also my unofficial dress advisor and dressing confidant. My Courtroom style is quite dashing as a result and seems to brighten up the Judges day to my client’s benefit.

I have long straight brown hair, or sometimes blond, as the mood takes me, my hair is always neatly cut which I suit very well. Have hazel blue eyes, five foot eight in height, slim built with my weight just about right for my build and body size, good bust size too there but not exploding out.

I have a personal trainer at the gym which I see at least twice a week, he has all the physical attributes in a man that I like, six pack and highly toned and tanned body, only problem is, he is gay and not available. I love it when he puts his arms around me from the back showing me where I should tone up next and how, he is defiantly the hands on type and has a really sexy French accent. Sometimes by the time I finish my routine with him I really have the hots for sex with him; unfortunately passes all too quick.

In my private life I am very outward going, know what I want and what I want to do and I always get my way. I met my husband when he came back from Hong Kong after several years there as Police Inspector in charge of one of the prostitution task forces. My gym personal trainer reminds me of him, we had fantastic sex in bed and elsewhere; don’t ask.

His name was Jim Smyth-Jones we were married for about three years, when I was told I could not have any children, left it too late. I was ok about it I had my career but Jim took it badly, I think he was actually missing his Hong Kong days. One day he went out to work in the morning as usual and never returned, I never saw or heard from him again. I did the usual checks of course to see what happened, all I could find out was that he had returned to Hong Kong, all that they would tell me was that he was ok. A couple of years later to move on with my life, I instigated our separation papers and it went through the Courts without any problems. That chapter in my life was now closed now I can move on.

Five years later I received via a colleague of mine in the police a letter that he had received from his opposite number in Chiengmal in Thailand. Jim’s four by four left the road after colliding with an overloaded truck they both plunged several hundred feet into a gully; no survivors. It was one of those roads that were carved out of the side of a mountain with a rock face on one side and a terrifying drop on the other, accidents like this were common. There were no suspicious circumstances, although they investigated didn’t know why Jim was in the area as he now lived in Australia from his passport, but no address on it. The British Consul found my name on some of their old documents. Case closed next of kin notified.

The letter had taken six weeks to get to me, not the closure I expected or wanted, I felt a great loss as I read it’s ten lines. Although I tried to find out about what happened to Jim over the past seven years was unable to find anything. It was as though he didn’t exist or if he did it was as a different person.

I took a few days off after that and started to think about my life and all the things I hadn’t done, bucket list items not yet ticked, no family or real friends to speak off, just lots of business colleagues and clients. Also it was my fiftieth birthday in two months time and I was starting to reminise on how my life was passing me bye.

Being a lawyer I was quite detached and clinical about what I wanted to put into my bucket list of things still to do. As I started my Bucket List one lonely night the television was on in the background a program on about how to look good naked. First item I wrote down, swim and go naked in public.

Then I remembered a client who wanted to invest money in a swimming pool in the west end of Glasgow, we went there to view it, the Arlington Baths. On arrival I saw a poster advertising, a clothes free (nude) night swim every Sunday, it stuck in my mind for some reason. On the spur of the moment I phoned them, it was on this Sunday, a club evening, being overly decisive my mind was made up, became an introductory member across the phone.

As I drove over there the following Sunday night with only a track suit and trainers on, no nickers nothing, other than having a towel in my gym bag. It was tantalisingly erotic and invigorating as I keçiören escort drove there, I could feel my adrenalin start to build and give me a high, then I started to get aroused as I drove through Glasgow, by the time I got there I could feel warm and damp in places. I managed to get parked near the baths.

Went in and paid at reception, was pointed in the direction of the ladies changing room. It was only then it occurred to me it might be mixed; turned out it was. I still carried on regardless but by now I was getting totally aroused, my nipples were now rock hard and rubbing on the fabric of my tracksuit which added to the rush and I was now starting to feel wet in places.

Nobody was in the changing room when I arrive, I found my locker, took off my trainers first, then my top put them in my locker, looked around the changing room, nobody there, then remove my tracksuit pants, put them in and quickly shut my locker. I was now standing there bare footed and naked, nervous but still committed.

Suddenly a voice from behind me said first time here, by the way my name is Cass. I turned round and I was facing her she was naked too and had a very friendly and welcoming smile, possibly mid to late twenties with long flowing blond hair. She said follow me and I will show you the ropes.

She looked down at me, I could now feel wetness run down the inside of my leg, and said don’t worry that happened to me the first time too. We walked into the pool area, it was very grand and set as it was in the Victorian era, my client’s money had been well spent.

Fortunately it wasn’t very busy, it was a holiday weekend. Cass said we better get you to the showers before someone notices. I looked down I think I must have had a mini orgasm without feeling it, I quickly followed her and stood under the shower. My embarrassment washed away, we then went directly to the pool, Cass dived in I quickly followed her.

We swam a few lengths of the pool together, Cass was a proficient swimmer as was I. She stopped at the deep end and started to tread water, I joined her. Nobody was paying any particular attention to us which made me relax. Cass said ok now, I nodded in agreement, she said let’s do another few lengths and can sit at the side of the pool or at one of the tables. Ok off we went.

As we sat at the table with a low partition screening us from the other swimmers, apart from being wet and dripping we were visually topless, for some reason I felt quite comfortable. I gave Cass a quick precis of who and what I was. Then Cass told me about herself, she trained as a photographer and then went to work on the cruise ships as a photographer.

Cass said she liked the job but the money, as most of it was on a commission basis was not very good and like many of the crew on cruise ships, looked for other avenues to make money. On her ship the Purser Alex and his assistant Jason had a side line, providing sexual services for guests. I got roped in more by choice than being pressurised, it was the money that enticed me. Believe it or not it was for sexual services for younger and older women, must admit I really enjoyed it too and still do. Some of the parties in the beauty treatment and spa area were fun, some guests took enhancements to give them that little bit extra thrill. Now she worked in a large well known exclusive Glasgow but expensive boutique.

Cass said she came here on a Sunday for the sexual buzz she gets from the place, sitting there naked with other naked people really turns her on. She then said you too I think. I said I never thought of it that way. Cass said ok, I will show you what I mean; I was more than lost for words at this point. Lift your legs up and put them across my legs, don’t worry nobody can see us. I was so intrigued with what she was saying that I did it without thought. I sat there listening as she started to caress my legs, then the inside of my legs.

Cass started a commentary on who was there that night and why. See Harold over there, the older guy with the white hair and goatee beard photographing that young guy in the café area, relaxing and in and out of the water, swimming etc. The other club swimmers who were looking on were encouragement him to pose and providing advice on which way he should pose.

Well that’s how Harold picks up young guys, he advertises for photographic models, usually art student’s reply. He gets them along here for a photoshoot then they go back to his apartment, he has a very nice posh apartment. Then make them an offer they can’t and very seldom do refuse, they usually need the money to pay their rent for the following week. That’s why I went back with him a few times, he really is a crap photographer. I can set up a photo shoot for you or both of us if you like?

Between imagining what Harold was planning and Cass caressing my leg, I was really starting to get the hots like when I received the hands on treatment from my personal trainer. I could feel kızılay escort myself start to enjoy and respond to Cass’s caressing and I could feel an orgasm slowly start to build and twitched a little bit in enjoyment. Cass noticed.

As I moved my leg Cass said wait and see, a few minutes passed, maybe more, as it built up I was so enjoying it, the twitching stopped and a sexual rush started to take over. I closed my eyes and started to relish and enjoy the moment I wasn’t going to let this one pass, as I climaxed and froze like a statue I could feel it drain out of me and heard it splash onto the floor tiles. I sat back and gathered my thoughts did I just do what I did in a public place. I lifted my legs down off Cass’s legs.

Cass said my turn and put her legs across mine, lifting my hand under the table she placed it intimately on her pressing my fingers inside her. I had never done that since my first year at the University halls of residence. Once done never forgotten, I started to intimately caress her, couldn’t find her G-spot or whatever but carried on. It didn’t take long until I felt her first twitch then again as moisture ran out. Although an awkward angle, to anyone looking on we were just leaning over to each other having a discreet conservation discussing something private; probably Harrold and his new friend.

It wasn’t long before I felt her climax and squirt, it was warm with a very distinctive but pleasant smell to those who enjoy it. We sat back and put our feet on the cold floor and could feel the aftermath of our enjoyment, which we smeared to hide. As we stood up to go for a refreshing shower we could feel our feet slip and had to steady ourselves. We walked to the showers, discreetly placing furnishings or partitioning, between us and the other swimmers to hide any tell tail signs of what we had just enjoyed.

After we showered we walked pass Harold who introduced us to Steve, his photographic model and companion to be for the night; that he had still to find out about. We then headed back to the changing rooms, by now we were both very relaxed with each other and I was relaxed about my naked body in public and my naked swim.

Like me Cass only had a track suit and trainers to put on. As she pulled out her train pass I asked her where she lived, she said Kilmaurs. I piped up that’s on my way back to Symington if you want a lift. She said yes that’s great the trains on a Sunday are not reliable. We went out to my red Porsche Boxster, her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw it. As we headed out of Glasgow I enjoyed revving the car engine up between lights then gunning it and spinning its wheels for her.

On the motorway down to Kilmaurs I could feel the same buzz build that I got on my way up to the Arlington Baths, with my now partially unzipped, by Cass, tracksuit top showing my breasts which was also rubbing at my nipples, seductively. As I looked over to Cass, even in the semi darkness I could see she was getting aroused and had let her breasts show too. I could also see her hand down her tracksuit pants, she was seductively rubbing herself between her legs which made me start to feel it too as I became wet in places.

Cass directed me to her apartment block, when we arrived she said want to come up for a coffee. By now I was so high with adrenalin or whatever I said entheausticly yes. We climbed the stairs to her top floor apartment as though we were in a race, with each other as a prise. I had never felt so alive or aroused for years.

Inside without saying anything to each other, we kicked off our trainers then she took off her tracksuit top and pants and dropped them. It was then that I noticed that she had such well formed firm breasts with now bulging, almost pulsating, nipples. She reached over to me fully unzipped my tracksuit top and removed it, then reached down and slipped down my tracksuit pants. I could feel her warm hands slide over my buttocks as we came together touching each other’s breasts, It was then that I started to feel an orgasm start to build. I was so alive and responsive it was electrifying.

Cass led me by the hand over to her couch where we sat down embracing each other. Although I was waiting in anticipation when she reached over and kissed me it still took me by surprise. As out our tongues touched I felt so contented, electrified too as we explored each other’s mouths seductively. Then I felt her warm hand move down now between my legs and rub me. I was so high by then I could feel my juices start to flow not in fear but in anticipation. Slowly as she intimately entered me with her fingers I separated my legs in invitation.

I could feel her reach in and slowly explore for my sensual area’s, our tongues touched and seemed to intertwine each time she found one and caressed it. I think she found my G-spot, if not found something as I exploded with desire for more and more. The rush I got was unbelievable like all my previous orgasm’s coming kocatepe escort together as one. I could feel my juices run out of me as she tried to hold them back with her fingers, suddenly I fully climaxed, more exploded.

Before I could relax and enjoy the fruits of a long awaited climax, she started to revisit all my sensitive area again as though she remembered their order of ever increasing ecstasy. I was fighting to contain myself, my legs were now locked open and straining, my knees and legs then started opening and closing like butterflies wings, as I rose up to meet her. It was then that she started to increase the rate of caressing each one of my sexual sensitivity points, pausing gently on my G-spot each time with more tender caressing pressure.

My eyes were closed by now my head bent back against the couch my mouth fully open letting out a silent scream that only I could hear; I think. Suddenly I let go I could feel the warm rush as Cass pulled out her fingers, like that little Dutch boy did in the dam. At that point she kissed me her tongue reaching into mines as she held my head steady with her hands, one hand very wet. I couldn’t breathe I was hyperventilating or something, whatever it was called. I never experienced that intensity with Jim and we were intense often; I think that was truly all we had in common.

I lay back on the couch exhausted as Cass lay over my breasts holding me. I could still feel myself drain being replaced with Cass’s warmth. I don’t know how long we lay there together but it was a fantastic experience. Cass brought me out of my sexually induced trance saying stay the night with me as you are not working tomorrow. I remember saying ok, as she led me to her bedroom, when I lay down I felt totally spent, Cass draped herself over me and pulled the sheets over both of us.

We must have slept soundly all night embraced together as when we awoke together it was morning. We could hear the rain drum loudly against the bedroom window as we kept each other warm by embracing each other, with our collective body heat. We could feel the encrusted salt and other by now dried fluids from last night on our bodies.

As we lay there we talked intimately about our lives as though we were confessing to each other our past sins and seeking each other’s absolution, what we did, what we enjoyed, what we regretted and what we still felt guilty about. Sometime later we decided to wash off our sins. As Cass got up and walked naked over to the bedroom door, I admired her body, walk and posture, no I desired her body again was a better description. We had so little in common but we were made to be as one.

Cass called me through she had run a bath for both of us filling it with bubbles and fragrant perfume. I lay with my back on the bath as Cass lay back on me as we soaked away our pasts and confessions. I slowly washed Cass with a soft sponge as she lay there, then she turned round and kneeled in front of me, as she washed me. Together we helped each other out of the bath then slowly and seductively dried each other off.

We didn’t bother getting dressed we were both relaxed and contented walking about her apartment naked. From time to time intimately touching or brushing past each other. Cass showed me round the apartment that she rented, more looked after for a friend of a friend who was on a photographic safari in Thailand for some geographic magazine. Given what happened to Jim in Thailand, I thought this must be preordained fate or something.

We went into the spare room, it was set up as a photographic studio, it looked like a bordello you see in those sleazy films or magazines. Cass said how about we do a film shoot this afternoon, that horny guilty feeling you get came back which inspired me to say yes lets. At that point we embraced each other and went into the kitchen, stepping over our discarded track suits from last night for the umpteenth time.

After a slow intimate and touching lunch, we returned to the photographic studio, first I had to sit in one of those high stool like makeup chairs. Cass then started to dust me then herself with what looked like a pinkish talcum powder, it enhanced your skin tone, then we fixed each other’s hair and makeup. I hadn’t had so much fun for years. Then came the camera shoot, the camera was coupled up to a large screen on the studio wall. First shot was legs crossed arms folded sitting on the stool looking over my shoulder, then same for Cass.

We spent the next two hours posing and shooting which was all remote Bluetooth technology, gone are the days off press the button and dash into position. Cass had me lay out on the love couch then draped a sheer silk see-through cover over me, took for ever to get right then click went the camera, actually it took three overlaid photographs to give it a three dimensional depth. The back lighting added a nice seedy erotic look to it, then various still shots as I posed.

The one’s I really liked doing was when Cass came over and embraced me and when we only had our tracksuit bottoms on, or tracksuit tops discreetly pulled down with us giving a seductive smile. Or the one I liked posing for was a butt shot with only a pulled up tracksuit top on, but sliding precariously off my shoulders as I looked back at the camera lens.

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