A Kitty Comes to Visit


I was nervous like hell. We had chatted endlessly about it, and what I had felt when she had proposed a visit at my place had been astonishment at her trust in me and growing excitement. I had pictured the moment and planned all kinds of things to entertain her, but now that the time of her arrival came closer, I found myself running a trench into the carpet and sweating my hands off. My nervousness, you see, wasn’t about her, it was all about me and about the questions if I could match with her expectations, and if the things I had planned were too tame, or too over-the-top. It was funny, because I was supposed to be the one in control, the one with the detailed plan who steered every moment of our encounter – let there be no doubt that this was going to be more than just a visit for coffee – and the one to make any demands. When the doorbell rang a little after nine in the evening, I needed a few seconds to fight my way out of this panic spiral and get my bearings, but then I hollered, “Coming!” and shot through the living room and entry hall and pulled open the door to the brightly lit porch. She was nothing like I had expected – but then, I didn’t really know what to expect – and everything I had expected at the same time, because when our eyes met, I found the same nervous excitement that bubbled inside me reflected tenfold in hers. There was a warmth in her eyes too, and it wrapped me in a blanket of closeness and choked me up. I silently held out both arms and saw her struggle with herself for a short moment, but then her sports bag dropped to the ground and she flew into my arms. “You’re here,” I whispered, somehow afraid that the moment might shatter if I talked too loudly. “I am,” she replied, just as quiet and short of breath. “You’re trembling!” She was, shaking like leaf, and I gripped her shoulders and held on tight, looking deep into her eyes. “If you’re afraid, we don’t have to do any…” She didn’t let me finish. Instead, she pushed my hands from her shoulders, encircled me with her arms and pressed a soft, chaste kiss onto my lips. My heart soared, and a tremble shot through me. The way her eyelids fluttered shyly before she looked expectantly up at me was just too cute. Like soft, warm glove, the role I had promised to play slipped over me. I gripped her cheeks and pulled her close, forcing her lips apart with mine, pushing my tongue into her mouth and kissing her with all the greed that been building up in me for days. She melted against my body. Little whimpers escaped through her nose, and by god, I thought I might faint from that intimate cuteness that radiated from her. We were both breathing hard by the time I ended the kiss. I looked her up and down and smiled. She was wearing a creamy-white t-shirt with the word “Pretty” in big letters and the word “hungry” quite smaller underneath, a stylish, worn pair of jeans and lovely pink sneakers. Her long, blonde hair almost reached her bum and featured a playful, bright blue strand. “Come in, Rachel,” I told her, gesturing inside and stepping to the side. She took a hesitant step forward, but my words halted her. “Your bag?” “Oh. Oh!” She quickly picked it up and walked inside. I couldn’t stop myself from commenting though. “You look pretty when you blush.” She halted, and when she turned to me, her cheeks turned even darker. She answered me with a soft, quiet, “Thank you.” Definitely the cutest thing I had ever seen! “We have to make you blush a lot then,” I told her and put my hand on her firm, round bum, pushing gently to steer her into the living room. All worries dissolved into dust when I felt the shape of her body under my fingers, felt the muscles work there and, most of all, felt a little tremble race through her at my touch. I guided her to the middle of the room and gave her time to turn fully around and take everything in. I had spent hours with tidying up, dusting and cleaning to make everything shine, yet I was still nervous somehow. I didn’t need to. “Wow,” she gasped, “this is great. I mean, really, really great. I love the colors, and the couch is… wow.” I radiated pride. The couch had been my most expensive indulgence when I moved in, a huge ‘L’ of dark brown, almost black leather, each part wide and long enough so two people could comfortably sleep on them – or do other things. The backrests were mounted ingeniously, and you could move them back and forth and up and down and tilt them almost any way you wanted, held in place by a curved chrome metal pipe each that vanished in its back. I had planned to make it one of the centers of events tonight. I watched her open her pretty mouth a few times, only to close it again. She was awfully almanbahis shy despite all the times we had chatted and exchanged mails, that much was evident. I decided not to keep her waiting any longer and start the game. I picked up her sports bag and carried it to the coffee table, then turned sidewards so I could watch her from the corner of my eye. The moment I reached for the zipper, she bit her lip. I took my time and opened it as slowly as I could. The soft, whirring sound of its teeth unlocking from each other filled the air, and her cheeks once more darkened. Her lips formed into a lovely, nervous pout. “Let’s see what we have here,” I said to fill the silence, pulled the bag open and looked inside. She began to wiggle on the spot, and I watched her hands clench. It was hard to look stern when I turned my face towards her and told her, “Be a good girl and stand still. We can’t have you hopping all over the place, can we?” I almost giggled when I noticed the little shudder that went through her at the words “good girl.” Her eyes widened, and she stiffened, her face looking straight ahead. The first thing I pulled from her bag was a hairband with a fluffy pair of pink cat ears. I ran a finger over the tips and smiled, already able to imagine how cute they would look. A thick pair of completely fingerless pink mittens followed, and I took my time to study them. The nervousness in her eyes intensified. Next came two pink wool leggings, footless thigh-high socks that had a thick cushion over the knee and a small ring attached at each end. So simple and clever. I felt a grin tug at the corner of my mouth. I thought a bit about which of the two items left I should pick next, when a devious little thought appeared in my head. I pulled out the pink, more than two feet long tail with the bulbous black rubber end and looked at her. She started to tremble, and her breathing sped up. I approached her with slow, measured steps, making sure that my high heels filled the air with their rhythmic, loud clicks. Her eyes were riveted to the hand that held the tail, and her blush spread down her neck when I stopped an arm’s length in front of her and held it up for her inspection. “This your tail, isn’t it?” She nodded, and the urge to kiss her became almost overwhelming when she bit her lip and couldn’t meet my eyes. “And where does it go?” Another shudder raced through her. “My… my bum,” she confessed quietly. A strange feeling began to fill my heart. It was warm and loving, but also powerful. There was something else – it took me a moment to put my finger on it – trust. It was intimate and exhilarating, and suddenly I wanted – no, now I needed – to make her squirm. So I just looked into her eyes and waited, curious what she would do. She started to lift her hands but let them drop again. Her eyes grew questioning, searching, but when they found no answer forthcoming, filled with almost panicked nervosity. Just when I decided to have mercy on her, they suddenly lit up. “In… Inside,” she whispered, “Inside my bum.” God, this was cute! I tilted my head. Suddenly, wicked ideas seemed to grow in my head like weeds in a flower bed, ten more every time I blinked. “Show me,” I ordered. I could see that she felt utterly silly when she pointed to the center of her bum and mumbled, “There.” I shook my head. “Show me.” That moment of recognition in her eyes would forever stay locked in my head. The quick widening, the disbelief turning into embarrassment, and then that ashamed expression morphing into something unexplainably sweet, a mix of submission, adoration and shy excitement. Her fingers shook, and it took her a number of tries to open all the buttons of her jeans. They shook even more when she hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slowly pushed them down. I felt her eyes watching me avidly, but my own followed the fabric down her tummy, exposing smooth, tanned skin, then a soft mound. Her slit became visible as just a dark line between the shadowed, full lips of her pussy, until finally her sex was in full view. For a short moment, realization that she wasn’t wearing panties hit me, quickly followed by the decision to file away that detail for later use. And use it I would. I forced myself to breathe evenly. By god, she was so beautiful, and all I wanted at this moment was to fall to my knees and worship that pretty pussy with my lips and tongue. But now wasn’t the time for that. I waited a little longer until the jeans were halfway down her thighs. “Stop.” She stood back up, trembling slightly, her breath flying. I could only imagine what it must feel for her to stand there, fully clothed but her bum and pussy exposed to my eyes. almanbahis yeni giriş I gave her time to savor the moment and walked around her in a circle. Her breathing slowly settled while I admired her pretty bum. It was perfect. Firm, round, slightly bubbly and with two lovely smiling lines at the tops of her thighs. Her cleft was a clear division, and if there hadn’t been the dark shadow protecting it, I might have been able to spot the rosy circle of her pucker. I reached her front again, breathing harder than I should have and feeling my skin prickle all over. Yet, I had a role to play tonight. “Good girl,” I praised her and earned another poorly hidden shudder of delight. Winking at her, I held up the rubber end of the tail again. It was completely spotless and shimmered in the light. I brushed it over her lips and heard her breath hitch. “So, this goes inside your bum?” I asked. She nodded. “Inside your dirty little bum hole?” “Yes,” she gasped. A spark of eagerness lit in her eyes. I decided to be wicked. “And it has already been in that dirty little hole before?” Once more, she could only nod. There was another shade of dark her cheeks could reach. This time, I didn’t need to hide my grin. “Open up, so I can put this rubber end, this end which has been inside your dirty bum hole, into your mouth.” She whimpered, but then she dutifully opened her mouth, and I slowly pushed the dildo end inside. It wasn’t long, just bulbous, so she didn’t have any trouble. When it was all the way in, I gently tapped her chin and signaled her to close her lips around it. “Make it good and wet,” I whispered in her ear. She nodded as good as she could. I could see how she sucked and licked eagerly. I brushed her cheek with one hand and added to her predicament. “I was just thinking,” I told her, “if I should go really slowly; widen your pucker with a finger, you know. Or, perhaps, I could just push this big, round rubber dildo inside your bum in one go.” I trailed my fingernails over her cheek and felt her skin tremble. Wide eyes looked up at me. “Good girls should get the soft treatment. Bad girls…” I let my voice trail off and shrugged sympathetically. I had never expected this to be so much fun, and I went in for the kill. “Are you a good girl, Rachel?” I asked, to which, of course, she nodded eagerly. But I wasn’t finished. “Do good girls let other people stick things up their bum?” I could see the struggle behind her eyes. The renewed flush on her cheeks answered before she could do so herself, and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. She imperceptibly shook her head. “No?” I asked and didn’t wait for an answer. “Then you’re not a good girl?” Her face took on a pained expression, but after a another short moment of inner struggle, she slowly shook her head. I kissed her softly on her forehead. “Then we can’t help it,” I whispered, and I thought I heard a soft moan. We didn’t need words. I pulled the glistening, now saliva-coated plug from her mouth and stepped behind her once again, and when my fingers touched the lovely, soft half-orbs of her bum, she bent forward without being prompted. Her skin tightened under my hands, and I couldn’t help myself. I took my time caressing her trembling, warm, incredibly sexy buttocks, ran my hands all over them in appreciation and finally parted them to run my thumbs softly through that naughty cleft. I drank her shuddering breaths like the finest wine and wickedly tickled the soft, rosy, wrinkled ring of muscle with my fingernails, watching it clench tightly with each touch. When I pushed the plug against her pucker, her breath hitched. I slowly increased the pressure and listened to her breath speeding up. It was a moment to savor. Her bum cheeks tightened and relaxed, as if dancing to a tune only she could hear, and her pucker clenched against the intruder in a futile but sexy little tug of war. When I rotated it left and right to spread her saliva evenly on her naughty entrance, she answered with a soft hiss through clenched teeth. “Relax,” I whispered softly, felt another tremble run through her and, to my astonishment, the plug slid inside. I watcher her ring of muscle dip, then spread arounds it, and a second later and accompanied by a deep moan, it was in, its base tightly engulfed, the pink tailing sticking out and hanging down in a soft curve like a real appendage. “Lovely,” I told her, wrapped one hand in her long hair while I wiggled the end of the tail inside her, then pulled her back up until her back was arched and she looked straight up at me with breathless excitement. Her mouth was open and her eyes had this intense glow of arousal that went directly between almanbahis giriş my thighs and tried to make my breath stutter. Always do the unexpected. I gently let go of her, and she was taken off balance. She teetered on the spot, and it took her a few seconds to get her equilibrium and, after a shy look from her and a smile and nod from me in return, she straightened up. I stepped to her front again. “I want to see your tits.” Soft and crude, carrots and sticks, that’s what she had once told me while we chatted, and I remembered it well. “Lift up your t-shirt so I can see them, but make it slow.” Always go slow, that was one of the other things she said. Tease, seduce, get the thoughts flying only to dangle the reward just out of reach. Oh, how I planned to do just that. I licked my lips when the hem of her t-shirt slid upwards, pulled by trembling fingers. Her tummy invited me to lick it, to feel its softness with my tongue and leave a trail of glistening appreciation, but I resisted. The curved shapes of her breasts came into view and I held my breath, only to breathe out in what was almost a moan when I saw her nipples, rosy and stiff, emerge from under the fabric. It was hard, but I waited until all of their artistic beauty was laid bare to my greedy eyes before I whispered, “Stop. Stay like this.” It was awkward for her to stand like this, with both elbows lifted far above her shoulders, but I doubted she was conscious of that at the moment. Her eyes were fixed on me and glazed over with arousal. I leaned forward until my lips were just an inch from her left nipple, and I blew gently over it. She trembled so cutely, and her breath hitched. I stood upright again and looked her up and down. She was still blushing like mad, but she met my eyes. I could see arousal and embarrassment fight inside. It was perfect. “Stay,” I told her softly, then turned around and walked slowly into the kitchen, leaving her alone to ponder all the shame and need I had seen and to savor her exposed display. While I had already put a glass on the counter, I had deliberately not chosen the wine. So I took my time, weighing the spicy, earthy taste of the South African Zinfandel against the capricious yet seductive Tempranillo from Spain. Capricious, I thought and smiled. Yes, that matched her perfectly. It was an easy choice. I filled my glass and took a sip. The wine was young, and it immediately unfolded its aroma on my tongue, bringing memories of lovely summer evenings and unburdened times. I walked back, gently swirling the wine in the glass. She hadn’t moved an inch, but I could see her elbows already begin to tremble. So I moved to the table, took another sip and put the glass down next to the bag. I reached inside and saw impatience flutter through her face. She quickly schooled it, but I had seen it. Impatience was never to be met with wish fulfillment. So I picked up the cat ears hair band instead and approached, grinning softly. I brushed all the hair from her face and set the hair band on top her head, determined not to let on just how cute she looked with the fluffy pink adornments. “You can take off your t-shirt.” Oh, how I wanted to chuckle at her antics. The moment the words had left my throat, her elbows had shot upwards, only to freeze after an inch. Guilt was plastered all over her face when she slowly pulled it over her head, careful not to get it stuck on the hair band. I took it from her and went back to the table, pondering my next move. Her hands were by her sides, fingers wiggling as if she couldn’t wait for whatever came next. I smirked. Her eyes widened when I picked up the thick, fluffy mittens, but once I was in front of her, she dutifully held out her hands and let me pull the mittens over them and tie them up. She had to make a fist to fit her hand inside, and I noticed goosebumps on her arms. Her helplessness was already getting to her. Perfect! “You can take off the jeans yourself,” I told her while I turned around and walked back to the table. I picked up my wine and sat back on the couch, folding one leg over the other and watching her. I was curious how she would manage that feat without much help from her mitten-encased fingers. Her jeans were tight. She had apparently done this before, because she skillfully got down onto her knees, then laid on her side to avoid aggravating the tail sticking from her bum. I sipped from the wine and smiled. I had pictured so many things in advance, but this hadn’t been among them. I couldn’t, in my wildest dreams, have imagined how exciting watching her like this could be, how sexy and delicious her body looked when her muscles worked to her into the right position, when her lips formed into a determined pout and – once she had finally managed to turn herself onto her back with her bum slightly in the air – how it would arouse me to watch her half-naked body wiggle on the floor. She knew what she was doing.

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