A fascination or did she get the dirty?


A fascination or did she get the dirty?Background information: My wife is from Western Europe, visited the US while on vacation, and that’s how we got together. She had always be sexual and willing to try things, such as watching simple porn, anal, dp, and foreplay. She never shown any interest in BBC and once it was mentioned, but she said that was “just weird”. This all started 10 years ago when we were still dating. She had moved to the US and had been living with me for about five years. A job opportunity came up and we moved to Tennessee. While there, things got interesting… Several months after moving, she told me she recieved an email from a stranger claiming to have her email from another girl and included a picture of his BBC. She said it was big, but she deleted it and that was the end of the conversation. A few weeks later she said she got another email from the same guy and he sent several pictures of his BBC. She asked me if I wanted to see it, but I said no. A day or two after that, we had been out having fun with friends and enjoying drinks. We went home and were having sex in the missionary position. Her eyes were closed and she looked to be enjoying the feeling. Then just randomly she said “Fuck me with your black dick”. Needless to say this was a bit of a surprise. I replied “Is that what you want” but all she did was smile. She got really wet and came quickly.Everything went on as normal for several weeks, until she said she wanted to watch porn. I said “Okay what do you want to watch?” and she said “I kaçak iddaa want to watch black guys fucking white girls”. I said okay and noted that it was a bit of a surprise. She did not reply. Again, we had sex and she brought up black dicks. I did not question it because she was definitely turned on and she was a lot more fun sexually, with more enthusiasm. Up to this point any time she ever spoke about black dicks, she had been drinking. It never came out when she was sober.I had to go on a business trip for almost a week and when I got back she was horny as hell lol. She also said she had spoken with one of her black co-workers asking if black guys like white girls. She said her co-worker just laughed. She told me this sober. So obviously something was going on that had piqued her interest or curiosity. Then she told me her co-worker told her that her ex-husband, who is also black, was about 9 inches long. I responded that it sounds like he was big and she showed me roughly that length with her hands. She must have gotten a tape measure LOL…definitely curious. Now she was wanting to watch more porn and it had evolved into interracial mmf threesomes and hard pounding. I knew that with this going on for months, she had developed a strong interest or fetish. But she was also wanting sex more often and was way more into it. Not long after this, she said she got hit on by a black guy at Walmart. I asked her if anything happened and she said no, that she politely declined his advances. She wanted to fuck that night, and kaçak bahis needless to say it was quite intense!Shortly after this, during the day, she asked me if I thought she is a slut. I asked her why she would think that and she said “because I like black men. I am afraid that you’re going to call me a slut for liking them”. Not wanting to stop the sex, I said that everybody’s into different things and if that’s something that turns her on I’m okay with it. So at this point she is admitting it and she’s not drinking. So we are having sex quite often and now she is constantly using the name Jerome. Every time it was the same name. Most times she was blowing him while she was fucking me. “Mmm, Jerome your dick is so big. Jerome, cum on my tits”. But sometimes she would have me use a dildo on her pussy or ass, as she sucked me off. She would just moan and sometimes growl or yell. She suddenly wanted to get her head fucked…that was random. I asked about the name once and she said it was just a name and not a big deal. It sounded to me like it was more than just a name? Everything came to a point when she said she was hit on days before by three black guys at Walmart…the same Walmart as before. I was like oh really and she said they said “hey cute white girl”. Is that a pickup line black men use? I asked her what happened and she said “nothing, I got in my car and left”. I asked her what she thought they wanted and she said “they wanted to fuck me” and she laughed and smiled. I asked her did they and she nodded yes, but illegal bahis then quickly said no. From that point on, she has never directly answered any questions about that incident. She did want to watch group sex though, like 3-5 BBC’s and 1 girl.We ended up moving away from Tennessee and back up north. Her interest in BBC slowly weaned off. We had k**s. But about a year ago, she got a random text message from a black guy who was looking for some girl that resembled her closely…big boobs, big ass, brunette, so on…Big surprise lol. Some sort of theme right?!? He sent her a picture of his dick…supposedly. With having k**s, she did not want to be all that sexual anymore, but that night she wanted sex. I mean badly. That was the first time I’d ever seen her completely soaked her panties and she came within 1 minute of riding me. She said the shot of 99 peaches turned her on, and I said “or a BBC text message”. She said “Dont you say that!” as she was blowing me and making moaning noises. She even told me to blow my cum all over her face and then she sucked the rest out. For her, that’s unheard of. She was all into it. That kept up for about a month and she would just giggle if BBC or the mystery texter was brought up. Im not sure it was a mystery texter. She definitely got back into it for a little bit.Now at this point we’re back to limited sex. If ever I try to bring the BBC stuff up to rile her, she doesnt want to talk about it. It’s like a hidden fantasy or something. I think that if she was to get another message she would jump back into it again. I never caught a guy jumping out the bedroom window or found a BBC dildo lol. So, do you think…is it lasting fantasy or did she get some BBC at some point and it drives her crazy?

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